Thursday, November 30, 2006

Obama's Weapon On Clinton: Iraq

The mood was different back then. 9/11 was recent. The country wanted to hit back so hard, the vast majority of Republicans believed the Dick Cheney lie that Saddam was behind 9/11.

Even since entering the Senate, Hillary has been under pressure to boost her defense credentials. She might have an idea or two on health care, but can she be imagined in the role of Commander In Chief? That is an unfair gender question, but it was/is there. She countered by going hawkish in more ways than one. She might have taken one step too far.

The Iraq War is no longer popular: it might have singlehandedly cost Bush the Congress. Hillary has never taken a stand against that war. Her stand during the election was that Rumsfeld should be fired. Message: the war was right, just its execution got messed up.

Obama, on the other hand, is the original anti-war candidate. He opposed the war back in the days. That is how he became a Deaniac. Dean was anti-war.

Obama and Hillary are my two favorite people in the US Senate. They are both super talented. Both represent the better possibilities despite the constraints of race and gender. Both are left of center pols taking easy strides to the center to win elections. Both are or are going to be strong on money and organization. Both are going to come up with many good ideas.

But Hillary can't wish away her tracks on Iraq. Iraq is also going to loom large for 2008 like it did for 2006. And that is where Obama is going to have to hit hard. There must be too much footage of Hillary speaking for the war option, too much footage of Hillary supporting Bush even after the deliberately faulty intelligence was all over the papers. Therein lies Hillary's weakness.

Obama was not only anti-war ("dumb war") but he has been careful not to take the Murtha position of immediate withdrawal. He wants the troops out, sure, but before that he wants a political solution to the problem. How about engaging the adversaries in dialogue? The fallback countries for the insurgents in Iraq have been Iran and Syria.

Many say a larger regional conference is also the right thing to do for the Israel-Palestine thing.

So Obama comes to you with a solution. The guy has a plan. It happens not to be cut and run. It happens to be solve and get the hell outa there.

Perhaps the Iraq War will be over before Obama gets into the White House, but that is not the point. This is a judgment issue.

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Church Is Urged to Disinvite Obama Washington Post Antiabortion groups are assailing one of the nation's most influential evangelicals, the Rev. Rick Warren, for inviting Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to speak at a conference on HIV/AIDS at his Southern California megachurch this weekend. ..... Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, Judie Brown of the American Life League and Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association. ..... the HIV/AIDS pandemic cannot be fought by Evangelicals alone. It will take the cooperation of all -- government, business, NGOs and the church .... A spokesman for Obama said he has no intention of withdrawing from the conference ..... "While we will never see eye-to-eye on all issues, surely we can come together with one voice to honor the entirety of Christ's teachings by working to eradicate the scourge of AIDS, poverty and other challenges we all can agree must be met," a statement from the senator said.
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Senator, rapper Ludacris meet to talk about young people WQAD
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Zune has shot at iPod market share, survey says
US moving up to 2,700 troops into Baghdad CNN International
Now, Paris and Britney party in matching Tees! Zee News
Activists urge boycott of the `N-word' Los Angeles Times
UN to send monitors to Nepal to support peace deal Reuters AlertNet
Charges to be dropped against 2 top Nepal Maoists in Bengal jail
Indian Express
Depute ex-Gurkha soldiers in Nepal: Prachanda
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Nepal Peace Pact an Example to the World OhmyNews International "Dramatic" could be the word to describe the way that Nepali politics have turned in recent times. The entire credit goes to the massive people's uprising in April this year ........ the decade-long insurgency now abruptly comes to an end on the mere basis of popular demand, negotiation, and mutual trust, rather than through forceful or violent tactics, unlike in other parts of the world where rebels and the authorities have several times failed to achieve a lasting and reciprocally granted peace accord. ..... The war crimes committed during the conflict should be addressed properly, and the perpetrators, be it from the rebels or the government security forces, should be brought to justice. ..... other conflict-ridden countries, those bearing similar instances of insurgency and political upheaval, could also learn and follow this outstanding achievement in Nepal, an achievement that was brought about by the people for the people.
Democracy Lacking in Muslim World It is hard to find a purely democratic country in the Muslim world, one that is governed by the people directly or through elected representatives. ...... Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Oman are ruled by kings or emirs. Last year, the first local elections were held in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi people showed that they were hungry for unconditional democracy: 700 candidates competed for only seven seats in Riyadh, the capital. Women, however, were not allowed to vote. ....... After the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime and the withdrawal of Syrian solders from Lebanon, Iraq and Lebanon moved to establish democracy. In Iraq, Shia Muslims are busy establishing a religious democracy. ...... Iran is a religious democracy where, except for the spiritual leader, every person, member of parliament, member of local government, speaker and president has to be elected. All of the mechanisms of the state, however, are ruled by a guardian council, which is led by the spiritual leader, who is known as the ayatollah. No one can stand in an election without his permission. .......... Egypt and Libya are ruled in the style of "the one-man show." ...... Sudan and Algeria, known as dictator-based democracies. Democracy in Morocco, Tunisia and Tanzania is not doing well, but is stronger than in other states. ....... Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco have banned religious parties. ...... Turkey's democracy is doing well, but religious parties are not allowed. .... Indonesia, democracy is unstable. .... In Malaysia, democracy is also limited. Pakistan is ruled by its president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who took power from an elected government through a bloodless coup. .... Family-based democracy remains in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where major parties are organized by family members. .... Brunei is controlled by a sultan. Dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayoom rules the Maldives. Although elected leaders rule in Bangladesh, there is little room for an opposition party. Afghanistan is a warlord or tribal leader democracy. ..... the "mayor of Kabul." ..... a "puppet democracy." ..... The six central Asian Muslim countries -- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan -- are ruled in the style of empire. ..... Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Bangladesh, which have abundant natural resources, are mired in poverty.
More efforts surfacing to draft Obama as presidential candidate CNN fellow Illinois Senator Dick Durbin sent a letter to political supporters encouraging them to sign a "Run, Barack, Run" petition.
WiMAX Gaining Momentum, But Unlikely to Threaten 3G in Asia ... Government Technology
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Iraq Panel to Recommend Pullback of Combat Troops
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Clinton versus Obama: Is there any difference? MSNBC Right now the two most prominent names in speculation about the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination are Illinois senator and best-selling author Barack Obama, and New York senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. ..... a “Draft Obama” web site was launched on Wednesday. ..... would an Obama-Clinton contest largely be determined by intangibles: image, charisma, and personality? ...... Rauh met Sen. Clinton in her state back in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running for president. “She was a bright and dynamic woman, very engaging ...... “Every Democrat I talk to — and even independents — say they really have read a lot about Obama. People are pretty excited about him,” said Fitzgibbons, who works in Spencer, Iowa ...... Iraq as a dividing line. .... “Obama campaigned against the Iraq War when he ran for the Senate, while Sen. Clinton pushed the war”
Obama reaching out to key state leaders United Press International
China bishop ordained without Vatican OK
Houston Chronicle
China ordains non-Vatican bishopCNN
China Quietly Executes Sect Leaders CBS News
China to OK Goldman's Shuanghui buy soon: report MarketWatch
China, Chile to start FTA talks on service trade/investment next ...
Shah Rukh Khan to replace Amitabh Bachchan as 'KBC' host
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GM Pledges to Make Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle
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Oil Is Little Changed Near 2-Month High on Colder US Weather
Senate GOP Leader Adapts to an Unexpected Role
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Panel Reaches Deal on US Iraq Policy
Forbes Defense officials, meantime, said the Pentagon is developing plans to send four more battalions to Iraq early next year, including some to Baghdad. ..... Bush said Tuesday he would not withdraw American forces "until the mission is complete." ..... The study group is expected to recommend regional talks involving Syria and Iran. The administration has been reluctant to engage those two countries, which it says have abetted the violence in Iraq. ..... There are currently about 139,000 U.S. troops in Iraq; some 20,000 are in and around Baghdad, the capital.
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NC county gets Google restraining order
Google CEO says Internet is key to campaign win
Reuters the Internet, especially video file-sharing sites .... changed the political landscape by enabling anyone to disseminate information widely and instantly. Google chief sees Arab net users doubling Trade Arabia 'Today, this region of 290 million people has only 26 million Internet users. These are expected to grow to 50 million by 2009 making the Arab world a sizeable market,' said Dr Schmidt....... challenged by a severe lack of content in the native language, we expect this to change in the near future, bringing the Internet closer to the general non-English speaking population ..... need for advanced IT capabilities to 'leap frog' into the modern era
Google gunning for Microsoft Blogging Stocks If Google's calendaring, email, spreadsheets, word processing, and possibly presentation software can integrate into a seamless infrastructure, the battle lines will be so obvious
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Nuke talks end without deals
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Get out of nuclear business, US tells North Korea Reuters
Castro's no-show increases doubt about future Washington Post
India Set for Record Wheat Harvest as Farmers Boost Planting
Threat of Fiji coup has faded
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Powerful Typhoon Batters the Philippines
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Obama Will Announce In January

I am just joining the guessing game here. I think Obama is going to announce some time in January, perhaps towards the end. That he is running. He will likely announce at least a few days before the new Congress convenes. That way you get to hog more of the limelight.

I hope he announces before the State Of The Union. Obama that way is going to suck the Bush oxygen. Already lameduck, Bush gets to become even more lameduck. The country is plain tired of Bush. It is so obvious Bush lacks strategic thinking.

He can't do it this year. 2006 is for the Congress. Do not compete.

I am sure he will run. And I am sure he will win. To me it is not if he will run. To me it is more like what will be his platform when he runs? To me it is not if he will win. To me it how great a president he will be.

January is not too early as long as you do not repeat the Howard Dean mistake: conserve the money.

He could spend much of the first year listening. It will allow him to travel far and wide. It will allow him to build a strong network. House party time all over again.

But of course, by December 1, you better have camped in Iowa and have a strong, ready base in New Hampshire. Good thing South Carolina comes soon after, and I think Nevada. Dean got it changed so two more diverse states come up pretty soon.

Obama will win all four of them.

Obama competes with himself. You can win and be good, or you can win and be great. Be great.

I think the grassroots response to Obama will be electric. Much of his money and organization will come that way.

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Obama to Join Democrats in New Hampshire ABC News
Obama heads to New Hampshire to celebrate Dems' victories CNN Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, will have key Granite State Democrats all to himself December 10 when he appears at the state party's election victory celebration...... The freshman senator was the only potential White House hopeful invited to the event. ..... because Obama accepted the invitation, no other White House hopefuls were invited to the celebratory event. .... Obama has said he will make an announcement on his political future early next year.
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Barack Obama 10 to 1 Odds of Becoming Next US President: Speaks to ... The paper also reported that shortly after the Nov. 7 election, Obama telephoned John Norris, the Des Moines Democrat who ran John Kerry's winning campaign in the 2004 Iowa caucuses. .... Obama still sits with 10 to 1 odds of becoming the next US President. Democrat Hillary Clinton remains the 3 to 1 favorite followed closely by Republican John McCain at 6 to 1 odds. ..... Democrat Al Gore, meanwhile, has become a big favorite as well with 9 to 2 odds.

Obama talks with top advisers in Iowa
Fed Chair: Economy Slowing As Expected
Bihar's foreign investment bid snubbed
Wimax via Motorola sets soon Economic Times
China woos India to parry US containment strategy Asian Tribune
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Mr Bachchan wasn’t interested Hindustan Times
Israel, Arab neighbors upbeat about ME peace after EU Jerusalem Post
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Study: laid-back posture avoids back pain Xinhua
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Jesse Jackson & Others Seek "N-word" Ban in Entertainment
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Nepal govt, rebels sign agreement
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Lalu knocks on CCEA doors for new projects in Bihar, UP
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Wimax via Motorola sets soon
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Network-equipment makers eye mobile WiMAX products in 2007
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Dell Opts To Drop Most Rebates
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Sugar export ban in India may benefit Thailand
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Traders' forum oppose Wal-Mart entry into India
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Humpback whales share high-level 'human' brain cells
LTTE & Sri Lanka must end use of force: Burns
Florida boot camp staff charged in teen's death
Salem had feared Sanjay would be convicted
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Actor guilty of involvement in Mumbai terror case Ireland Online
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Michael Richards seeks psychiatric counseling after racial ... Actress Archives
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US could become soccer world power
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Relax - it's the safest way to sit
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AIDS Will Become Third Biggest Killer
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Nepal enters “new era” after Maoists, government end civil war Khaleej Times
Nepal signs accord with rebels BBC Bulgaria
Peace deal marks ends of Nepal civil war Sydney Morning Herald
Maoists Sign Peace Deal in Nepal New York Times
The insider's guide to Nepal CNN International
Nepal government, rebels sign peace deal to end decade-long ... International Herald Tribune
Nitish-Lalu spat on Bihar Govt's anniv Hindustan Times With the Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government’s first anniversary approaching this week, a savage war of words has broken out between the Chief Minister and his bitter opponent, Railway Minister Lalu Yadav. Lalu and his Cabinet colleague Ram Vilas Paswan have announced that their parties will bring out a list of the state government’s "failures" on Friday when Nitish releases a report card of its achievements during the past year.
More bad news for WiMAX hopefuls iTWire a new report "Beyond 3G: Looking for True Mobile Broadband," that new alternative technologies will contribute just six percent of an estimated 500 million mobile broadband users globally by 2010. ..... "Mobile WiMAX and UMTS TDD will stand out among the alternatives to traditional voice/data cellular networks, though in the medium these will both be eclipsed by the volume advantages of HSPA and EV-DO" ..... there may be very few situations in which WiMAX has a secure long-term business case."
China's "sorrow" river flows red from pollution Reuters
Goa court summons Amitabh Bachchan Apun Ka Choice
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Begin Honeymoon in the Maldives FOX News
Exact Cause of Ex-KGB Agent’s Illness Eludes Poison Experts New York Times
Britney and K-Fed Fighting Sex Tape Rumors Together
Google's dizzying climb above $500
Chicago Tribune Having gone public just two years ago at $85 a share, it's a remarkable run-up in price for an 8-year-old California firm that searches the Internet ..... an extraordinarily innovative company dominating its field ...... Where General Motors and Ford were once at the heart of the national economy and identity, companies like Google that specialize in technology applications have taken on that role. ...... legendary Wall Street darling Berkshire Hathaway Inc., whose Class A shares trade for more than $100,000. ...... Google's net income nearly doubled from the year-earlier period, to $733.4 million. Its earnings per share beat estimates by 20 cents as its revenue jumped by 70 percent, to $2.69 billion. ....... Google accounts for 61.6 percent of all U.S. searches ..... The next biggest competitor is Yahoo, with 22.4 percent of the market ..... The one thing that's going for them is that the amount of information on the Internet keeps growing at leaps and bounds ...... the market has gotten overly excited about a very hot company in a very hot industry ...... He thinks Google is a company that should have a market valuation of $80 billion or $90 billion, or $315 a share, and not the $156 billion it was valued at ...... Google is worth more than just about any American company, save Exxon Mobil Corp., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and a handful of others.
Murdoch cancels OJ Simpson plans BBC News
Civil war in Nepal ends formally
People's Daily Online
Obama’s not so bad after all
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Column: Illinoisans encouraging Obama to run
Cushing Daily Citizen
Barack Obama: A Radical Masquerading as a Moderate
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Report: 500m mobile broadband users by 2010 Mobile Tracker
Alternative mobile broadband technologies to take off after 2010 Mobile Tech News
Iraq Gets Wimax
China’s president pushes commercial ties with India
Khaleej Times
India, China to Boost Trade to $40B by '10Forbes
Report Says Spitzer Should Focus on Middle Class
Bachchan trumpets 'Bollywood Oscars' BBC News
Cash flowed in Clinton campaign
Times of India Clinton still spent more on her re-election upward of $30 million than any other candidate for Senate this year
Home Cookin' Favors Obama, Clinton
CBS News
Leading nations sign $12.8bn deal to develop fusion reactor
Irish Examiner
Pelosi team tries to steer Democrats to the center
Boston Globe
Google shares hit $500 as internet giant valued at $150bn
Border and trade main topics for Hu's visit
Sydney Morning Herald
Dell profit surges, but investigations cast pall
India and China 'to double trade'
BBC News
NASA Says Oldest Mars Satellite May be Dead
Voice of America
In chimp world, males find older females sexier
The US beggar can't be a chooser in the Middle East
Daily Star - Lebanon
Richards apology lifts Letterman over Leno Variety (subscription) the "Seinfeld" franchise, which remains one of the strongest in syndication and a strong seller on DVD. ...... "Letterman's" 5.3/13 rating in Nielsen's 55 metered markets on Monday night was its highest since Dec. 1, 2005, when Oprah Winfrey was a guest on the show. ..... "Letterman" beat NBC's "The Tonight Show" by nearly a ratings point, a rare achievement in a season where "Leno" outdraws "Letterman" by more than a million viewers, on average, per night. ..... Season-to-date, "Leno" has averaged 5.6 million viewers per night vs. 4.2 million for "Letterman."
Global HIV grows to nearly 40 million infections Irish Examiner
Afro-Pessimism Infects World Cup Soccer
Washington Post
Bush Denounces Lebanese Minister's Assassination

Nations sign pact to make fusion reactor Houston Chronicle, United States Physicists have dreamt about it for decades: harnessing the fusion process that powers the sun to make clean, safe and limitless energy. A multinational pact signed Tuesday may bring that dream a step closer to reality. ..... Seven partners representing half the world's population have agreed to build an experimental fusion reactor in southern France that could revolutionize global energy use for future generations. .... it will be decades before scientists are even sure it works. ..... The ITER project by the United States, the European Union, China, India, Russia, Japan and South Korea will attempt to combat global warming by offering an alternative to fossil fuels. ..... Physicists have been trying for half a century to create fusion, which replicates the sun's power source, produces no greenhouse gases and generates relatively little radioactive waste. ....... International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project ....... no single country can afford the immense investment needed to move the science forward. ....... 10 percent to 20 percent of the world's energy could come from fusion by the end of the century. ..... At 180 million degrees, the gas undergoes nuclear fusion, releasing energy that can be used to generate electricity. ...... Unlike fossil fuels, which are expected to run short by the end of the century, the supply of the reactor's hydrogen fuel is essentially limitless.
Nations Sign Pact to Make Fusion Reactor Forbes
Nations sign pact to make fusion reactor


Michael Richards (Racist Kramer Scandal) Uncensored
Richards (AKA Kramer) on Letterman
Kramer looses his mind.
Kramer Best of

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kentucky Dude, November 29

On Wednesday November 29th,

DL21Cs Political Author Series continues with

The Honorable Jonathan Miller
Treasurer State of Kentucky
and author of
"The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America"

During the 2006 mid-term elections, Democrats won seats at the state, local and federal level – many in formerly Republican districts. Obviously, the key to governing and promoting a progressive agenda will be to find common ground with Red State voters.

In "The Compassionate Community", Jonathan shares his vision of a society where Americans of all faiths can build a stronger democracy. He argues that it is about time for us as a country to move beyond the polarized politics of self-interest; it is about time that we embrace the notion of a common good and take action to fulfill it.

Publishers' Weekly claims that "The Compassionate Community" is a "must-read for all Americans concerned about the future of their country".

The Nashville Scene observed that "Miller himself is as interesting as the book. A Native of Lexington, Ky., he is a devout, Sunday school-teaching Jew in an overwhelmingly Christian area. He has won two races for treasurer as a Democrat in a red state with a Republican governor and senate. He is also a rising star in the Democratic party; young (38), personable, Harvard educated, well connected (Al Gore contributed the afterword to this book) and experienced in legislation and administration on the state and federal levels. This book is his manifesto, announcing a hopeful new direction in government."

National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South

free admission

Please RSVP on our Website

For more information visit:

The reviews are in:

Courier-Journal (Louisville): THE COMPASSIONATE COMMUNITY "gives a new moral vision for America, a vision to replace the "politics of self-interest" that currently ravages us...[Jonathan Miller] is a deeply devout man. He also has broad knowledge of governmental and private human help programs. In this book, he brings the two together to show us, his people, a better way."

Blueprint magazine: Jonathan Miller "makes a convincing and comprehensive case about the roots of progressive policies in Judeo-Christian religious traditions."

Lexington Herald-Leader: THE COMPASSIONATE COMMUNITY is "a call that resonates...Anyone is welcome who believes in family, faith, freedom, work, respect, responsibility, opportunity, justice, life and peace."

LEO (Louisville): "Jonathan Miller, the Democratic state treasurer who's rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Kentucky's Republican-dominated politics of the last three years...has written precisely what the majority of Americans want to hear right now, and he's written it because he believes it, not because he wants to get elected: The politicians of self-interest have hijacked the political process."

Also, check out:

Publishers' Weekly

the Associated Press:


Wednesday, November 29th
6:00 pm
DL21C’s Political Author Series continues with
The Honorable Jonathan Miller
Treasurer – State of Kentucky and author of
"The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America"
National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South
Free admission
Please RSVP on our website
Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century
200 E. 10th Street #134
NY, NY 10003

For address removal please send reply with the word "remove" in the subject line.


Kentucky State Treasury: Jonathan Miller, Treasurer
Kentucky State Treasury: Biography of Jonathan Miller Harvard College and Law School .... to bring to Kentucky a pre-paid college tuition savings program to help make it easier for parents to afford a college education for their children .... Commission on Personal Savings and Investment to determine how to best promote better financial literacy among Kentucky citizens. ..... under Miller's leadership, the Kentucky State Treasury has made great strides in streamlining its internal accounting procedures, modernizing office technology and improving customer service. ..... he loves to play guitar and sing country music
Jonathan Miller - Kentucky State Treasurer
The Kentucky Democrat: Jonathan Miller: A Kentucky Democrat
DLC: New Dem of the Week: Jonathan Miller most Kentucky families cite "lack of affordability" as the primary obstacle to their children attending college. .... Miller continues to seek a greater bang for every taxpayer's buck. The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite ...
Each chapter begins with a concept highlighted by a Hebrew Bible hero and then quickly turns to politics. For example, through Moses and his representation of freedom, Miller lays out a 10-point plan for giving our military and their families the respect, help and benefits he believes they deserve. Jacob's story provides the backdrop for a particularly intriguing chapter on finance, covering everything from predatory credit card companies to identity theft and a call for national financial education. Tempered with anecdotes from his own experiences, political and otherwise, Miller provides extensive examples of successful state programs across the country that he thinks can and should be implemented at the national level. He takes care to consider not just the followers of the Abrahamic religions but Eastern faiths as well as no particular faith at all .... Miller is a Jewish Democrat ..... Miller takes teaches from the Tanakh and applies them to modern day political ideas. He looks at Biblical heroes like Noach, Avraham, Ya'akov, Yosef, Moshe, Yehoshu'a, Yehonatan, Deborah, King David, and Queen Esther as he describes the values of opportunity, responsibility, work, family, freedom, faith, justice, peace, respect, and life.
The Compassionate Community
ScienceDaily Books : The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to ...
The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America by ...
Powell's Books - The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite ...
The compassionate community : ten values to unite America ... / Books / The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to ... - The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America ...

In The News

Bihar crawling out of `lantern` age Zee News
Redline Lands WiMAX Contract in Iraq Wireless Week
Report: Kremlin ordered ex-spy poisoned
Putin Critic and Ex-KGB Agent Poisoned in London Zaman Online
'Seinfeld's' Richard's racial fracas during set Monsters and After the three-minute tirade, the majority of the audience members got up and left in disgust.
The Three-Minute TomKat Kiss CBS News
Afraid of Nepal? Don’t be
Hindustan Times
Experts: Nepal King May Face Charges
US Senator Obama calls for Iraq troop shifts
Reuters AlertNet a "gradual and substantial" withdrawal. .... "I have long said that the only solution in Iraq is a political one ...... Obama repeated his call for a regional conference that would include "the Iraqis, Saudis, Iranians, Syrians, the Turks, Jordanians, the British and others ... to get foreign fighters out of Iraq, prevent a further descent into civil war and push the various Iraqi factions toward a political solution."
Obama continues to call for phased troop reduction in Iraq WJBC News
Senator Barack Obama to Outline Next Steps In Iraq U.S. Newswire
Edwards Says Barack Obama "Should Run" For President In 2008
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Poll: Obama leads Democratic pack Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Obama is the Democrat that Daily Report readers think would be the strongest presidential candidate in 2008. Thirty-nine percent of readers say Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, would be the best candidate, while 26% think former Vice President Al Gore, is the Democrat's best hope. Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina is thought to be the best candidate by a little more than 18% of readers, just ahead of U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who picked up just under 18%.
AP Interview: Edwards says Obama should run for president International Herald Tribune
Wind of Change Blowing in Bihar; Says Nitish Kumar
Patna Daily
Upwardly Mobile: That WiMax 3G phone tablet thing
RWDSU Leader Named to Spitzer Transition Group
Yahoo! News
Neighbors of Bill and Hillary Clinton shot WBIR-TV
Clinton speaks on Afghanistan, and Canada listens Globe and Mail While it's easy to be cynical toward the aging-rock-star whiff about his tour -- which, at $150,000 (U.S.) a speech, reportedly yields a not-too-shabby annual income of $7.5-million -- there's always value in hearing the wisdom and experience of a man twice democratically elected to the most powerful office in the world. ....... what's helped people forget the dismal end of his presidency is the deep unpopularity of his Republican successor. ..... , even left-wing Democrats, including the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, have argued for greater U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. Indeed, even on Iraq, the Democratic Party is not pressing for immediate withdrawal.
Cornell, Delaware College Presidents Have Highest Pay Packages Bloomberg
Yahoo Teams Up with 176 Newspapers for Ads, Classifieds Wired Blogs
Foreign Minister says Syria Ready to Help In Iraq
Bomber may try to infiltrate anti-Bush protests in Indonesia
Jerusalem Post
Hu hopes visit will boost ties with India
CBC News
China and India on verge of nuclear deal Boston Globe
Dell to Begin Manufacturing in India
Dell, Sprint Connect for Mobile Broadband
Houston Chronicle
Dell India launches new PCs for small businesses
Zee News
Prachanda admits India lent a hand
The Tribune
Prachanda calls for review of all treaties with India Hindustan Times
Let the console wars begin
Universal sues MySpace for copyright violations
German police foil plot to blow up airliner
Penguins beat Bond at US cinemas
BBC News
Michael Richards' racist outburst Actress Archives Michael Richards, better known as Kramer from the popular sitcom Seinfeld ..... the comedian's racist tirade after two black audience members heckled Richards. ..... After hearing the remarks from the men in the audience that he wasn't funny, the Associated Press reports that Richards retorted with "Shut up! Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f------ fork up your a--." After that outburst, Michael Richards began pacing the stage, sending volleys of racial taunts at the men. Richards screamed at the men, "You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now mother------. Throw his a-- out. He's a n-----!" After that profane reply, Richards began repeating the racial epithet over and over again. ..... As Michael Richards continued his expletive and racist diatribe, the video shows many members of the audience leaving the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, not impressed by Richards' "comedy". The Washington Post reports that Richards performed the following evening at the Laugh Factory without incident. ..... co-star, Jerry Seinfeld, weighed in on the situation. Seinfeld was quoted by the Associated Press as admitting he was "sick over this," adding, "I'm sure Michael is also sick over this horrible, horrible mistake. It is so extremely offensive. I feel terrible for all the people who have been hurt."
Michael Richards in hot water over racial rant USA Today
Nike ends orders with Pakistan soccer ball maker
Reuters India

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush at The Washington Post The weekend after the statue of Saddam Hussein fell, Kenneth Adelman and a couple of other promoters of the Iraq war gathered at Vice President Cheney's residence to celebrate. The invasion had been the "cakewalk" Adelman predicted. ....... Forty-three months later, the cakewalk looks more like a death march, and Adelman has broken with the Bush team. He had an angry falling-out with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld this fall. He and Cheney are no longer on speaking terms. And he believes that "the president is ultimately responsible" for what Adelman now calls "the debacle that was Iraq." ...... Bush finds himself with fewer and fewer friends. ..... "People expect a level of performance they are not getting," former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said in a speech. ..... The arc of Bush's second term has shown that the most powerful criticism originates from the inside. ..... took public the policy debates they lost on the inside ...... Military and CIA officials unloaded after leaving government ...... Perle said the administration's big mistake was occupying the country rather than creating an interim Iraqi government led by a coalition of exile groups to take over after Hussein was toppled ..... neocons turning on Bush ...... Adelman has been close to Cheney and Rumsfeld for decades ....... All told, he said, the Bush national security team has proved to be "the most incompetent" of the past half-century. But, he added, "Obviously, the president is ultimately responsible." ....... a foreign policy that is really value-based instead of balanced-power-based
In Vietnam, Bush doesn't look back at The Los Angeles Times Bill Clinton's visit to Vietnam six years ago was the first by a U.S. president. His welcome was effusive from young and old on Hanoi's streets. He worked the crowds as though he were running for office.
New Phase, New Test For Bush at The Washington Post the beginning of the fourth phase of his tenure. ...... in the summer of 2001, some people inside the White House -- and many outside -- were realizing that the new president lacked a clear sense of direction and was beginning to lose traction. ....... Bush II began -- on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 ...... a sense of national unity and purpose not seen since World War II. ....... Bush III .. the decision to send American forces into Iraq ...... Bush IV .. Democratic majorities in the Capitol. ...... The "firewalls" that Republicans thought they had built to protect their congressional majorities did not hold. Republicans had the advantage in money and in campaign organization, and they had all those districts that had been gerrymandered to "guarantee" Republican wins. ..... "the base" developed serious splinters. One in five self-described conservatives said they voted for the Democratic congressional candidate. ..... Democrats led by 18 points among independents and by 22 points among moderates.
In City Symbolizing U.S. Defeat in Vietnam, Bush Stresses the Prosperous Present at The New York Times

Marc Sandalow: What was Pelosi thinking? San Francisco Chronicle Democrats had just overwhelmingly endorsed Steny Hoyer to be their new majority leader over Pelosi's objections. ..... Loyalty to Murtha, a concern that Hoyer had not been loyal enough, and Pelosi's interest in promoting Murtha's get-out-of-Iraq ideas ...... Insecurity,paranoia, and vindictiveness ...... genuine confusion over why she involved herself in a fight which she could have avoided. ..... Hoyer had been less than loyal behind-the-scenes, and that by backing Murtha, even in losing, Pelosi had sent a message that disloyalty would be punished. ...... a 24/7 news media, which turned the spectacle into a critical test of Pelosi's leadership. ...... Pelosi had talked to some members about committee assignments in the same conversation as the Murtha-Hoyer vote, which hardly seems a strong arm tactic in a town where two members of the current congress are in prison for accepting bribes, and another is explaining how $90,000 in bribe money ended up in his freezer.
Polio in UP, Bihar: Blame crowding, poor sanitation Indian Express
US Senate Vote on Nuclear Deal Draws Guarded Praise by India
New York Times
New media to play role in French poll
MSN Money A furious row that erupted this week over the posting of an unauthorised video of Ségolène Royal on the internet ...... the use – and abuse – of new, and largely unregulated, means of communication could play a crucial role in determining who wins the Elysée next year. ...... showed Ms Royal criticising some teachers for moonlighting in the private sector instead of spending a full 35 hours a week in their own schools ...... France's active, and increasingly numerous, bloggers picked up her comments, fanning them into a national controversy. ....... the pirate video ...... Ms Royal has been among the most innovative of French politicians in using the web to connect with voters. Early in the campaign, she established a site entitled Désirs d'Avenir (Desires for the Future) encouraging readers to contribute to her political programme in a mass exercise in "participative democracy". ...... The power of the internet to shape the political debate in France was highlighted last year when thousands of sites and blogs were created to support the No campaign in the referendum on Europe's constitutional treaty. These so-called "political insurgents" helped sway opinion against the treaty leading to its rejection in spite of overwhelming support for the Yes campaign among France's mainstream political parties. ....... there were 26.9m people in France with an internet connection, 4.5m of whom had created their own blog.
Casino Royale gets license to thrill Monsters and
OJ publisher defends decision
Times Online
EU ready to support Nepal peace deal
Peninsula On-line
Obama Land Deal Clouds Senator's Image
AT&T launches first US Mobile WiMAX network
Bihar to form anti-terror squad
Telugu Portal
Clearwire, Sprint Nextel settle Seattle WiMAX spectrum squabble
Yahoo China hires by raiding local rivals
Financial Express
Clinton Library Celebrates Second Anniversary
Milton Friedman, 1912-2006: Economist was an 'intellectual freedom ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Ban on silicone breast implants lifted
Google's Enemy Abroad
Forbes Google is: (a) the world's most popular search engine; (b) the highest-valued Internet company in the U.S.; (c) a stock that has more than quadrupled since its initial offering; (d) an unstoppable pop-culture zeitgeist. ...... 15 million books online by 2010 ..... How does Google rank search results? The algorithm for the Book Search is essentially the same as for the main search function, according to the company. Google says "thousands of factors" are taken into account, like the number of times the search term appears in a book. ...... secret sauce ..... Who can explain, for example, why a search for Albert Camus's most famous book, The Stranger, returns an American study guide for the novel as the first result? ..... Google's search algorithm remains as closely guarded as the recipe of another American empire, Coca-Cola ....... the book is what you might expect from an EU bureaucrat--long on gassy generalities and light on specifics
Echoing JFK, Royal challenges France to change Reuters
Dell to hike India investments
Daily News & Analysis
Nairobi climate talks end in deal
BBC News
British man back home after 18 years on Pakistan's death row
International Herald Tribune
Nations Reach Deal to Cut Emissions San Francisco Chronicle
Climate Change Meeting Ends Without Pact New York Times
Holland to ban burqa as 'terror threat'
Studio claims 007 box office coup
BBC News
Crime and profit: Murder most lucrative
Red Wine Protects Mice from Obesity, Diabetes
Washington Post
Old People Dying From Falls More Often
Washington Post