Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Pete Buttigieg: Making A Case

  • The guy has already run for president. He has been through the wringer. It is an experience. He has been vetted.
  • He is smart, and articulate.
  • He has executive experience, as Mayor, and as a member of the cabinet.
  • Kamala has already worked with him. Is currently working with him. They have been in the same cabinet for the past three and a half years. She already knows what it is like to work with him. It is good chemistry. They are in sync. NSync.
  • He is from Indiana, America's crossroads.
  • The Midwest is where several swing states are.
  • Number one: he is ready to switch to the top job at a moment's notice, which is the true mark of a VP candidate.
  • He is a rare Democrat who shows up on Fox, and gets applause.
  • He has offered the best takedown of Vance that I have heard. The VP debate will not happen.
  • A Kamala-Pete ticket will sink Trump. That is before the Democratic Convention.
  • He is a white guy. Balances the Indian woman. Kamala is not Black. That is an Indian name. :)
  • A Kamala-Pete ticket turns Trump into a candidate with an age issue.
  • He will give America bullet trains.
  • Trump be like, "Where are all the TV cameras at?" The attention has shifted.

Monday, July 22, 2024

Kamala AOC Would Be A Landslide Ticket

The thing about executive experience is, running an election campaign is precisely that. The fact that you keep winning election after election is executive experience. AOC was competing with Donald Trump in wattage, when Trump was president. AOC represents that wing of the Democratic Party that in a democracy with many parties would have been a separate party altogether.

AOC was a political startup that blew up on the national scene when she won her first primary in The Bronx. She is one of the few people on Capitol Hill who is not a millionaire. She was a waitress when she first ran. Her political instincts are outstanding. She is articulate. She can build coalitions.

A California-New York ticket is not a bad idea.

One woman on the ticket can make gender an issue. Two women will give a landslide victory. I am saying more than 40 states.

AOC is a political unicorn. Now Kamala Harris should take her IPO.

AOC represents the new generation. The unrepresented generation. AOC on the ticket would electrify the country. A Kamala-AOC ticket would turn Trump into a candidate with an age issue.