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Kathleen Sebelius Was My Choice For Vice President

Barackface: Running Mate January 2008
Barackface: An Obama Administration January 2007
Barackface: A Woman For Running Mate, Perhaps A Governor November 2006

Governor Of Kansas Tapped to Lead HHS Washington Post
Obama picks Sebelius as health secretary -official Reuters
White House: Obama asks Sebelius to be HHS secretary CNN
Sebelius 'to take US health post' BBC News
Sebelius to become Health and Human Services secretary Kansas City Star
Kathleen Sebelius a good pick for Obama Kansas City Star
Gates: Thrilled for Sebelius, confident in Parkinson Kansas City Star
FACTBOX: Kansas governor tapped for health post Reuters
Biograghical info on Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius The Associated Press
Kansas Governor Accepts Offer as Health Secretary New York Times
Kansas officials react to Sebelius’ departure Lawrence Journal World
Kansas Democrats ponder when Sebelius isn't governor
Report: Sebelius Accepts HHS Nomination KWCH
Obama taps Kansas governor for health secretary AFP
Mrs. Sebelius goes to Washington Kansas City Star
Sebelius Named by Obama to Chief US Health Role Bloomberg
49 News political expert responds to Sebelius as the new HHS
Report: Sebelius Accepts Nomination to HHS Secretary WIBW
Obama picks Kansas governor as Health secretary: source
44, Day 40: Behold, the Populist President Conde Nast Portfolio
Secretary Sebelius ScienceBlogs
Report: Obama picks Kansas governor as health secretary Xinhua
Catholics gird for Sebelius fight Politico
Sebelius is pick for HHS secretary Scientific American
BREAKING: Obama picks Sebelius for HHS Kansas City Star
Obama to Announce Kathleen Sebelius as Health Secretary Monday: Report HULIQ
Kathleen Sebelius: HHS secretary The Swamp - Tribune's Washington Bureau
Abortion foes vow to fight a Sebelius nomination The Associated Press

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Union According To Barack

The State Of The Union Will Be Strong

In The News

Obama ready to pull all US troops out of Iraq by 2010 Scotsman Parroting GOP talking points when the national spotlight was on him was not effective, and did not gain Jindal any memorable place in speech-making history.
The morning after: What did Obama and Jindal really tell us? Los Angeles Times It wasn't technically a State of the Union speech, more of a Fate of the Union speech...... all the familiar dramatic elements: someone suffering from cancer, an unknown but earnest regular person plucked from obscurity to sit with the First Lady ...... The smooth, convincing delivery conveying empathy, connection, sincerity. ....... And certainly no recipe provided for how in this known world one country's government can pay for tax cuts for 95% of Americans, completely reform the entire health care system to cover everyone, develop an entire new energy system and technology, save the U.S. automobile industry, rebuild the country's crumbling transportation infrastructure as well as the entire educational system, stop high school dropouts, conquer cancer, save one-million-plus homeowners from foreclosure while bolstering the entire banking industry, protect national security by paying the military more, create "or save" 3.5 million new jobs, cut the trillion-dollar deficit in half in 46 months and one week, plus fight (and, who knows, maybe even not lose) a guerrilla war in a desolate mountainous region where no foreigners have "won" since Alexander. ........ poor, not-so-old Bobby Jindal was toast before he walked down that lonely hallway in the governor's residence in Baton Rouge ....... It was a hopeless assignment even if the personable, popular 37-year-old wasn't a rookie on the national stage. ....... coming from an historic, effusive, applauding Capitol Hill gang to one guy/gal talking alone to a staring camera and a gaggle of bored TV technicians earning evening overtime .......... (The texts of both, btw, are here for Obama and over here for Jindal.) ...... The son of an immigrant of color who brought his family from an impoverished far-away land to America awed by the openness, opportunity and abundance of the famous place. And the son went to school and worked hard and got elected to Congress and has two cute children and then returned home to right his chronically corrupt state as a reformer in public service. ....... "Americans can do anything!" Jindal's father told him one day in the grocery store.

MSNBC Introduction for Gov. Jindal: 'Oh God' FOXNews
Aso gives Obama chopsticks crafted in Japanese town of 'Obama'
Jindal vs Obama: Style Over Substance? OpEdNews
Crist and Jindal’s Meet the Press showdown failed to materialize Creative Loafing Tampa
Paswan bid to tie up with Lalu faces revolt Times of India The LJP is demanding 16 of the 40 seats in Bihar. But according to sources, it is likely to agree on 13 seats. ..... Ranjan, once the "friend, philosopher and guide" of Lalu until he was expelled from RJD in 2003, aligned with Paswan after the 2004 Lok Sabha elections.
Bihar witnesses impressive growth in three sectors Times of India construction (21.53%), communications (16.01%) and trade, hotels and restaurants (12.03%). ..... agriculture has grown at just 1.38% .... the "improved law and order situation" in the state ..... Bihar stands 28th in the crime chart of the nation and there has been a sharp decline in murders, dacoities, robberies, kidnappings and crimes against scheduled castes in the state
"Slumdog" child actors to get new homes in India Reuters India
Iraq welcomes faster US withdrawal reports The Associated Press
HK pro-China politician condemns Tiananmen actions eTaiwan News
Japan exports nearly halve in deepening recession Reuters
Japan's crisis deepens as world stops buying Times Online
Japan's recession worsens as exports collapse AFP
Spectrum shortage pushes WiMAX's launch
Economic Times
Google Gmail service hit by ‘phishing’ scam
Google blames Gmail outage on data centre collapse Register
Google joins EU antitrust case against Microsoft
Google pledges to support EU's Microsoft case
Google Joins Europe Case Against Microsoft New York Times
Amitabh Bachchan can’t stop praising ‘Slumdog’ winners Bollywood Popat
Dell fills its 23-incher to the brim
CNET News its $329 price leaves an apoplectic taste in my mouth as I struggle to determine just how Dell was able to pack so much into such a low-priced package.
Apple Safari 4 Beta: First Look Techtree.comfaster than other browsers and also that it is the most 'innovative web browser.'....... Safari 4's looks are similar to Google's Chrome on Windows XP systems ..... eye-candy stuff

Analysis: Obama takes 'morning in America' mantle CNN
Obama, in speech to Congress, offers hope - and scorn San Francisco Chronicle
Obama reaffirms commitment to healthcare reform Reuters
Barack Obama shows (again) he can give a very good speech
Obama: US will rebuild, recover and emerge stronger San Jose Mercury News
Obama: 'Right direction,' expectations
The Swamp - Tribune's Washington Bureau
Obama Gets a Warm Reception on Capitol Hill Wall Street Journal Blogs
Republican Jindal says Americans will solve US problems Reuters
We know the GOP messed up, says Jindal. We'll make it up to you. Los Angeles Times
Louisiana’s Jindal Targets Obama’s Stimulus Plan for Criticism

As expected, 'Slumdog' sweeps to Oscar victory San Francisco Chronicle
Safari challenges Chrome on Web app speed
Several People Shot Along Mardi Gras Parade Route in New Orleans
Obama to Lay Out Plan for Economy in Speech
Washington Post
Obama aims for sober honesty, optimism in address The Associated Press
Obama to focus on economy in high-profile speech Reuters
Officials: US Troops to Leave Iraq by August 2010 ABC News
Hillary Clinton ends the charade over human rights in China
Bargaining among Bihar UPA allies The Statesman
Murdoch 'racist' cartoon apology BBC News
Obama approval rating dips below 60 per cent Press Trust of India
Bobby Jindal, Catholic, Draws the Same "Secret Muslim" Allegations ... U.S. News & World Report
Ex-Nepal King Gyanendra to visit India tomorrow Press Trust of India
Citizen Gyanendra for India Calcutta Telegraph
UCPN-M proposes federal presidential system in Nepal
Xinhua an executive president to be elected directly by the people. ..... The president can form the government from within or outside the parliament ...... proportional representation in the legislative ..... a three-tier system -- federal, state and local --of executive, legislative and judiciary
Splinter Maoist groups join hands to form a new party Zee News
Official Says Ex-Governor Is New Commerce Choice
New York Times
Obama to Name Locke for Commerce BusinessWeek
SCENARIOS: What's next for Sri Lanka's 25-year war?
Troops 'at last Tamil Tiger town' BBC News
Sri Lankan refugees face open-ended detention in camps
Christian Science Monitor
OutlookReport: Pakistan agrees fresh Taliban truce CNN International -
Hillary Clinton ends the charade over human rights in China
Obama's New Commerce Choice: Wonkish and Connected to China BusinessWeek former Washington governor Gary Locke, who has a reputation as a wonkish, bland straight-shooter. .... Since leaving public life in 2005, Locke, the nation’s first Chinese-American governor, has traveled to his ancestors’ homeland multiple times as a corporate lawyer, helping companies enter the Chinese market and developing connections in China’s hierarchy.
George Clooney to Obama: Seize the ‘opportunity’ for Darfur peace Christian Science Monitor
Clooney Holds Private Darfur Meeting With Obama Seattle Post Intelligencer
Google-Microsoft Next Skirmish: Netbooks? These two bitter rivals don't like each other. Period. ....... Four years ago, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer was saying things like: "Google might disappear in the next five years." Two years ago, Ballmer called Google a "one trick pony" because of its search-engine dominance........ a Google Netbook mini-computer that runs on the Android operating system. ....... Google's Android OS is based on open-source software. ....... if the final release version of Windows 7 is as good as the beta I've been using for nearly two months. ....... an open-source, Linux-based laptop running Google apps is different from an open-source Android-based device running Google apps.
Safari challenges Chrome on Web app speed CNET News

Five Things to Look For in Obama's Speech Time
What Makes a Bad Boyfriend?

Louisiana's Bobby Jindal The hope of the party Economistthe governor of one of America’s poorest and most troubled states ....... his interest in policy, which makes him an effective counterpart to Mr Obama, whom he openly admires ....... quick on his feet ..... his Indian-American ancestry helps inoculate Republicans against the charge that theirs has become a party of, and for, white people.
Obama's sky-high popularity dips in first month AFP
Jindal's Stimulus Stand: Won't Take Unemployment Benefits From Fed Atlantic Online
Stocks & Bonds Dow Industrials Plunge to a 6-Year Low New York Times
Amnesty Int'l 'shocked' over Clinton's human rights remarks USA Today
Clinton to Obama: Talk optimistically on economy
International Herald Tribune
Holder Speech Sparks Debate on Race Voice of America the United States was a nation of cowards because most Americans prefer to avoid candid talk about race. ....... there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation ......... while Americans have largely integrated the workplace during the week, blacks and whites still tend to segregate themselves on weekends........ an occasion for dialogue, tolerance and understanding on the issue of race relations. ..... the polite, restrained mixing that now passes as meaningful interaction but that accomplishes little ..... you have to examine its racial soul.
Commentary: Holder wants to tear down wall of race CNN
Attorney General's Remarks Ignite Debate Over Race Relations FOXNews
Amartya Sen to speak on Bihar tomorrow
Times of India
An India where anything is possible Rediff
Equal Rights For All Israel's Citizens Washington Post 20% of that state's citizens are non-Jewish Palestinian Arabs. ...... As Palestinian citizens of Israel have repeatedly said, they didn't come to Israel - Israel came to them. ...... the rights of the Arab minority in Israel and the undemocratic demands that are being forced upon them as part of the package of a two-state solution.
China sends more troops into Tibet as Hillary Clinton arrives for ... Times Online
China issues call to crush Tibetan 'separatists' AFP
India's 3G, WiMax rollout may be pushed to 2010
ZDNet Asia
OMG! Did Google Earth find Atlantis? CNET News
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 coming this month
Dell Starts Selling Mini 10 Netbook InformationWeek
First Look at Dell's Inspiron Mini 10 Laptop eWeek
Dell battles over 'Netbook' trademark CNET News
Dell Goes 'Nuclear' Over Netbook Trademark ChannelWeb
Health Care Industry in Talks to Shape Policy
New York Times
Oscar stunner? Close votes shake up some races Los Angeles Times the best picture Oscar would appear to be secured for "Slumdog Millionaire"
Critics Predict Oscar's Big Winners ABC News

Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions Washington Post Twenty-four days into his presidency, Barack Obama recorded last night a legislative achievement of the sort that few of his predecessors achieved at any point in their tenure. In size and scope, there is almost nothing in history to rival the economic stimulus legislation that Obama shepherded through Congress in just over three weeks. And the result -- produced largely without Republican participation -- was remarkably similar to the terms Obama's team outlined even before he was inaugurated: a package of tax cuts and spending totaling about $775 billion. ....... this is one remarkable president ...... The feat compares only with President Franklin D. Roosevelt's banking system overhaul in 1933, which cleared Congress within days of his inauguration.
Some Critics Blame Emanuel for Obama's Cabinet Troubles FOXNews Emanuel's combative style as political director in the early days of the Clinton administration earned him the nickname "Rahmbo," after the flame-throwing movie character Rambo. He was elected to Congress in 2002 and quickly became a major power. He wound up overseeing the party's House election efforts in 2006 and helped win a majority for Democrats through tireless fundraising and candidate recruitment.
Summers Says Obama Mortgage Plan to Focus on Lowering Payments Bloomberg gross domestic product will contract 2 percent this year, its biggest decline since 1946. ..... the stimulus will probably prevent the unemployment rate from going above 10 percent, after it reached 7.6 percent in January. ..... U.S. banks have sustained $758 billion in credit losses since the crisis began and have warned of more to come.

Monday, February 23, 2009

MumbaiSlumDog TopDog

In The News

India Celebrates a Hollywood Victory New York Times Its depictions of filth and brutality fueled angry blogging and stray street protests. It drew unusually intense scrutiny, for everything from how much its child actors were paid to what the composer A. R. Rahman would wear to the Oscars. But on Monday, as India woke up to news of the spectacular wins by “Slumdog Millionaire” at the Academy Awards, this movie-mad country went “Jai Ho.” ...... The story dominated television news throughout the day. News of a hepatitis B outbreak in western Gujarat State and a southern politician’s threatened hunger strike seemed minor by comparison. ....... “We rocked the world” ....... India seized on its Oscar wins as a sign of its arrival on the world stage. ........ In his small town in south India, neighbors and kin were shown passing a big plate of sweets and crying tears of joy. ....... even the prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, congratulated the “Slumdog” team, along with the makers of another winning film, “Smile Pinki,” a short documentary about a village girl with a cleft palate. “The winners have done India proud” ....... (In 1992 the Indian director Satyajit Ray was awarded the Oscar for lifetime achievement.) ....... It was shot on the streets of Mumbai, unlike most Indian films. And about a third of the dialogue is in Hindi. ........ Mr. Rahman, whose compositions weave sounds from all over the world with a deeply Indian sensibility. ....... “Even when ‘Gandhi’ won the Oscar for best picture all those years ago, we never felt that it was India’s victory,” he wrote. “I don’t know if this is a breakthrough for India, or whether we will be able to follow it up. But some things seem clear. Anil Kapoor is now the world’s most famous Bollywood actor — and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Nobody will be able to talk about world music without including Rahman as its leading star.” ......... two of the film’s youngest stars, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, and Rubina Ali Qureshi, 9, are enrolled. The children still live in a sprawling shantytown whose name, Garib Nagar, literally means the enclave of the poor. The filmmakers pay their school fees. ........ the story of “Slumdog” echoed the stories of hundreds of Indian children she had met. “This is the way it really is,” she said. “We can’t ignore it. We have to face it. I mean Indians as a whole.” ..... the people of Garib Nagar had stayed up much of the night in anticipation, then greeted the victory on Monday morning with firecrackers and boisterous handmade drums ..... “She has crossed the ocean,” Mrs. Qureishi said. “With God’s blessing she will return.”
GOP rising star Jindal's speech a 'coming-out party' CNN
Bobby Jindal's moment in the spotlight
Jindal the wonk
The Moderate Voice
Drive-Bys Try to Marginalize Jindal
Gov. Bobby Jindal takes stimulus plan opposition to NBC's "Meet ... The Times-Picayune -
Lalu-Paswan bonhomie worries Cong in Bihar Economic Times “Prasad’s sudden closeness to Paswan is aimed at pressurising the Congress into accepting to contest only on four seats, which we were forced to accept last time,” a senior party leader from Bihar, who declined to be named, said.
Oscars Boost India Film Industry BusinessWeek Until this year, Indians never took much interest in the Oscars— ........ The country may have the world's most prolific film industry, but Bollywood has long had a dismal showing at the Oscars. ...... Lagaan, a colonial tale with cricket as a backdrop, was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 2002 ...... a rich haul of eight Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. ...... Allah Rakha Rahman—known as the Mozart of Madras—getting the Oscar for Best Music Score and sharing the Oscar with countryman Gulzar for Best Original Song, and Resul Pookutty winning for Best Sound Mixing. The Slumdog victory is the top story on Indian news channels ....... unlike most foreign films made in India, Slumdog is like a typical Bollywood film, complete with the local industry's favorite seasonings of survival, love, and triumph. ....... people working in the local film industry say they suddenly are getting more calls from Hollywood producers ...... Hollywood has consistently "ridiculed our song-and-dance sequences, but when the same is done by a British filmmaker, the world laps it up," he says...... "Four of Slumdog's Oscars were won by Indian technicians," says Palekar. ..... the Pune-based Film & Television Institute of India, which churns out excellent technicians, could be in the limelight. professionals looking for low-cost outsourcing possibilities.
Clinton to visit Israel, West Bank Reuters
Slumdog is ok, Delhi 6 not?' Bachchan criticises film critics Hindustan TimesBachchan noted that one critic exulted Delhi 6, starring his son Abhishek Bachchan, as "the greatest piece of cinema seen in a long time"
Big B fumes over 'Delhi-6' reviews Hindu On the eve of the release of 'Slumdog Millionaire' in India, Bachchan wrote that the film had received global recognition because it was made by a Westerner.
Bachchan hails Rahman, Resul on golden win Business Standard
Too much being made of a British movie: Jaya Bachchan Times of India Amitabh Bachchan, writing in his blog, had made strong remarks against the movie to the effect that it was an exhibition of Mumbai's underbelly when such squalor was a reality even in developed countries. It was taken as criticism of the movie for selling the poverty of India, and had triggered a controversy.
Oscars Telecast Attracted More Viewers Than Last Year Washington Post
More than 36 million US viewers watch Oscar telecast Reuters
Jai Ho echoes in State prisons Hindu, India
A country-wide toast to Oscar winners Hindu, India
“A total Indian evening with Americans watching it” Hindu, India
Rahman an amazing innovator, says Gulzar Hindu, India
‘In reality, it is a British film’ Times of India, India
Do you dare hate Slumdog hoopla? Times of India, India
It's a bridge for Indian cinema: AR Rahman Economic Times, India
Aren't our slum people the world's best? Times Online, UK
Jackman, Miley and those cute Slumdog kids — Oscar winners or losers? Reuters
Oscars 2009: the biggest victory ever for British films Times Online, UKOnce upon a time a British film director called Danny Boyle had the brilliant idea of shooting a fairytale in the slums of Mumbai. He was awarded a budget of two shillings and told to sober up. Max Clifford couldn't have crafted a happier ending. On Sunday night in Los Angeles, Slumdog Millionaire lifted eight out of a possible nine Oscars (it was nominated for ten - twice for Original Song). ........ the two biggest prizes in showbusiness: Best Picture, and Best Director ...... David Fincher's tedious fantasy about an octogenarian who grows into a young Brad Pitt won just three awards out of a possible 13 for things such as Best Wrinkles and Receding Hairlines. ..... Slumdog Millionaire is the first film in Oscar history to win Best Picture without a Hollywood star in the cast. It made the heart sing to see the cast of orphans, who were airlifted from Mumbai, tripping up the red carpet. But what's unsettled the Americans is not the Slumdog landslide, which has been gathering an unstoppable momentum since the Golden Globes. It's the painful admission that Hollywood is no longer making the best independent films in the world. ........ He's not just a great director. He's a great human being. He may be useless with big budgets (The Beach). But his guerrilla attitude to film has defined the 2009 awards..... a bitter-sweet feeling for the Slumdog family. This is the last time that they will ever gather together under one roof. For most of them the awfully big adventure is now over. But for a lucky few it might have just begun.
'Slumdog didn't deserved so many Oscars' Times of India, IndiaNow, perhaps Indian artists will be taken more seriously. ...... `Jai Ho!' has become an anthem the world over and it's great for us Indians. It's a celebration of India.
Slumdog scripting brand new history Economic Times, IndiaSome call it the Inflection Point in the history of Indian cinema. Some slam it as Poverty Porn. But in the wee hours of Monday, India’s Cinema
Inc took a giant leap into global markets with Slumdog Millionaire bagging a whopping eight Oscars........ Slumdog’s leading lady Freida Pinto gave away one of the Oscars ..... Smile Pinki, a heart-rending piece of work set in UP’s Mirzapur, romped home as the best short documentary, making it an all-India affair. ...... “Mere paas maa hai,” said Rahman in his acceptance speech, thanking his mother by quoting the immortal line from Salim-Javed’s Deewar. ..... Resul too added to the India rhetoric, “I come from a country and civilisation that have given the universal word... That word is preceded by silence, followed by more silence... That word is Om. So I dedicate this award to my country.” ......Danny Boyle on Aamchi Mumbai, “Just to say to Mumbai, unending, inseparable, unborn, all of you who helped us make the film and all of you who didn’t... Thank you so much. You dwarf even the sky.” ......Slumdog Millionaire may have done for India what Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon did for China nine years ago..... China’s economy was already soaring when Taiwanese-born American director Ang Lee walked away with the best foreign-film Oscar for the Chinese martial arts epic. That was in 2000. ...... A year later, China would join the World Trade Organisation and forever change the global economic order. The Oscar for Lee’s tale of flying monks and magical warriors became a symbol of the surge in West’s admiration for the rise of modern China. .... Other Indian cultural exports such as yoga, herbal cosmetics, the two-minute Rajma curry and Indian fiction in English may also benefit. ....... India’s moment on the world stage