Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Many People Could Mubarak Kill?

The point is it is a finite number. There are only so many people Mubarak could kill. We did this in Nepal in 2006. The king of Nepal issued a shoot at sight order, and the people braved the bullets. About two dozen people were shot down before the regime collapsed.

There are only so many people Mubarak can kill. The brave people of Egypt have to not stop. This can be done. Democracy is not an American export. Liberty is an export of the human heart. It comes from inside. This is nothing to do with America.

You don't need no internet. You don't need no mobile phones. You don't need Twitter. All you need is air. You pack the energy into the air. All you have to do is be able to feel the ring of freedom. This is not about technology. This is about that which rings from every human heart. It comes from within.

We did this in Nepal in 2006. One third of the country poured out into the streets. The entire country was flat out shut down. It happened in the big cities, it happened in the remote villages. Women in some remote villages spontaneously came out into the streets banging pots and pans. No more cooking, no more cooking, they chanted. Nobody sent them a tweet. What happened was they breathed in the air. The revolution was in the air. They had always known deep inside their hearts that it is not true only women are supposed to cook. But they had not had the chance to bring that voice out. Finally they felt like they could, because freedom was ringing through the air.

Those women proved you don't need no technology, all you need is air. You have to pack the revolution into the air.

Next stop: Saudi Arabia.

Let Mubarak shoot and kill. How many will he kill? 100? 200? 500? It is a finite number. My guess is it will not cross the 100 mark. Let him kill. If he kills, he dies a Caecescu death himself. I will save my compassion for the tsunami victims.

All the rest of the world has to do is not betray the brave people of Egypt. The brave people of Egypt will do the hard work themselves.

Arab dictators are what stand in the way of genuine Middle East peace. No democracy, no peace.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arab Dictators Will Fall Like A House Of Cards

President George W. Bush and Egyptian Presiden...Image via Wikipedia
New York Times: Violent Clashes Mark Protests Against Mubarak’s Rule: Tens of thousands of people demanding an end to the nearly 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak filled the streets of several Egyptian cities on Tuesday, in an unusually large and sometimes violent burst of civil unrest .... Protests also flared in Alexandria, Suez, Mansura and Beni Suef. ..... the protests represented the largest display of popular dissatisfaction in recent memory, perhaps since 1977 ..... opposition to Mr. Mubarak’s rule spreads across ideological lines and includes average people angered by corruption and economic hardship as well as secular and Islamist opponents. ..... a spreading unease with Mr. Mubarak on issues from extension of an emergency law that allows arrests without charge, to his presiding over a stagnant bureaucracy that citizens say is incapable of handling even basic responsibilities. Their size seemed to represent a breakthrough for opposition groups ..... Twitter, the social networking tool that helped spread news of the protests. .... The organizers framed the protest as a stand against torture, poverty, corruption and unemployment....... Asked about their political affiliation, Ms. Khalil’s mother, Mona, said, “We’re just Egyptians.”
When the Soviet Union collapsed, it collapsed like a house of cards. Something similar is going to happen across the Arab world, and the world owes it to the Arab people to not betray. This is not the time to side with Arab dictators, be they in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. The masses deserve nothing less than liberation.

I thought it might start in Iran, but started in Tunisia. But once one house collapses, the domino effect takes over. Every successive collapse gets easier. The masses will rise. The world has to not betray. People and governments across the world have to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rising masses. That is the only way to genuine peace in the Middle East. Only liberated peoples are capable of governments that are capable of peace.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Barack Obama, My President

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...Image by jmtimages via FlickrAmerica is not my country - I am not evil but sure stateless like Bin Laden - but Barack is my president. I love the guy as much as ever. The only thing he ever needed to do for me was win in 2008, and win he did. All the good stuff he has done has been pure bonus.

I look forward to his State Of The Union speech. My mental machinations for his re-election bid have already begun.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inciting Violence: Beyond Wrong, It Is Criminal

Barack Obama just had his Oklahoma City moment. A Congresswoman got shot at in Arizona. It is good for him politically. Now the political pendulum will swing. His re-election begins now. That is the political reality. The political pendulum started swinging the way of Bill Clinton after the act of terror in Oklahoma City.

But is the violence worth the price?

There is a political responsibility to be taken. This act of violence was Palin inspired. When you talk in terms of "reloaded" from the podiums of the world, am I supposed to give you a pass just because you are white and not brown like a certain guy by the name of Osama Bin Laden? If you incite violence, you are no different from Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden does not command an army. He inspires people to engage in acts of violence. He is a sought after man. He is on the wanted lists of the world.

A politician in a democracy speaking from public podiums whose language can be construed as inciting violence is no different from Osama Bin Laden. There is a direct connection between the language the Palins of the world used over the past two years and what ended up happening in Arizona.

The Tea Party Is Getting America Talibanized

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Hitting The Road

I hit the road.

I hit the road a long time ago.

I hit the road and saw all of America. When I see a map of the US I see what you see when you look at a NYC subway map if you have been everywhere in New York City like I have been, on foot.

I have seen more of America than anyone who ever ran for President Of The United States.

I hit the road because it is a good idea to survey a country before you take it over.

I did take over.

Barack did it on my behalf.

Map of the New York City SubwayImage via Wikipedia
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