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Google Video: Bill Clinton

Charlie Rose - Rahm Emanuel / Bill Clinton / Roger Rosenblatt

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Hands Off Brooke Ellison

Brooke Ellison has the cutest smile.

The other day there was a DL21C event where Brooke Ellison was to introduce Claire McCaskill. And I showed up a few minutes early, and McCaskill was still on her way. There were few people in the room. I naturally walked over to Ellison to introduce myself. She took one quick glance at me and just broke into this disarming smile. I joined in. It was a naughty, prankish smile.

Usually I introduce myself saying, "Hi, I am Paramendra, I am from Nepal." If you say India, people think outsourcing and are alarmed, first thing.

It felt like I had seen her at some other event before. I had recently visited her website.

Then I wandered off onto the floor. When you do that, you usually bump into at least a few young, white males who are huddled into each other, talking perhaps baseball. You read the Do Not Enter sign and let them be. I don't much care for baseball, or football, or basketball. I care, but not enough to know the scores. And I am fine with that. Politics is my sports, politics and soccer, world cup soccer.

After her speech, McCaskill worked the room. I walked over to her and told her I hope she wins because we need more women in the Senate. Then I asked her who she thinks is going to be president. I guess I am a little too early, too excited about Hillary. I don't hear the clear echo. She gave me a long list of hopefuls, which was perhaps the diplomatic thing to do.

"Here, I just touched a Senator," I said, and touched her shoulder. She grinned.

This guy David who runs the show at DL21C, I don't know if he knows me or not, but we have talked at least once. I am not too eager to get on his rolodex. I am not yet rolodex material. Although I ended up talking to this guy who works at the same company as David. The guy had worked for Bobby Kennedy. I was impressed.

Leila Noor showed. Dana Northcraft was in tow. They make quite a pair. I guess they are good friends. I have seen them together so many times. Leila told me Brooke is running near her part of Long Island. I did not know. She noticed I looked dressy.

"I am discovering I actually like the rest of it, I just dislike the tie."

Dana took me to task for drinking Coors beer. "Did you know that they fund anti-choice positions?"

I did not know.

"I'd rather be drinking tea right now," I said.

Dana is a midwesterner. I am a refugee into New York City from the great states of Kentucky and Indiana.

Right now Drinking Liberally is my organization of choice in town. I like the structurelessness of the whole thing. You just show up. You don't even talk politics half the time. There are no guest speakers. There is no center. There is no top. There is occasionally free beer, although it is perfectly okay to not drink, my first choice option.

And Justin Krebs and I have gotten a little jokey. There is that comfort level. Only last Thursday I learned for the first time that David, one of the cofounders of Drinking Liberally, works at Google in town. I was so impressed. And I did not know during all these months of knowing him.

This is such a commercial town. People are constantly trying to figure out how much money you have. As in, where do you live? What do you do? The idea of making money fascinates me, although I don't enjoy the process of spending all that much, although you will have to try me after big bucks. But money is a privacy issue, no? As in what you make and spend is your thing. And classist comments are no different from racist comments, sexist comments.

Getting people to talk about their work is great. But skip the money part. Just talk to me the craft of what you do. Are you a carpenter? How do you work the wood?

So I cornered David. He said yes, he has been with Google five years now. I told him I think Google is the sexiest company alive. ("I read your blog regulary," he said months ago.)

Leila knows David, but at the Brooke event Leila and Justin introduced themselves to each other. I was so surprised they did not know each other.

At the last Drinking Liberally Justin talked up some attack ads Brooke was facing. One says, "I don't play golf, I have a handicap." That made me so angry.

"That will backfire," I said.

"And there is another in California. The Dem in question has no legs. The ad there is, the Democrats want to cut and run in Iraq," Justin informed.

That is so low. For the electorate such attack ads should be dead on arrival.

I also met this guy who makes political documentaries. He apparently has won some Emmy Awards for his work. And his beautiful Russian wife.

"The largest electronics shop in Moscow is owned by someone from my country."

"I read War and Peace at high school."

"What do you think of Putin?"

"Moscow in the most expensive city on earth."

She said she had met some "weirdos" at the Drinking Liberally in San Francisco where she was recently. Justin was on defense.

"That is a smaller town. The weirdos have fewer things to do there." I was chuckling.

The guy expressed interest in making a documentary on the Maoists of Nepal. When I got back home, I introduced him to a few people over email, including the editor of what is perhaps the largest, definitely the first Nepali newspaper in America, a Li Onesto who has interviewed the top Maoists in the past, a local Julie who has made two movies in Nepal, and the star video blogger of the April Revolution who I worked closely with.

Adam and Stephanie were just done working on a campaign. And one guy whose name I forget. He is headed next to Ohio for election work. He said he can't drive.

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It was at the Brooke event, I was one of the last to leave, as was Justin. And Elizabeth, who is one of the DL21C leaders, and Hilary with the Spitzer campaign. We talked shop. Justin said he knew Brooke from college.

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Hillary 2008: Enough White Men

George Washington was a white man. John Adams was a white man. Thomas Jefferson was a white man. James Madison was a white man. James Monroe was a white man. John Quincy Adams was a white man. Andrew Jackson was a white man. Martin Van Buren was a white man. William Henry Harrison was a white man. John Tyler was a white man. James Polk was a white man. Zachary Taylor was a white man. Millard Fillmore was a white man. Franklin Pierce was a white man. James Buchanan was a white man. Abraham Lincoln was a white man. Andrew Johnson was a white man. Ulysses Grant was a white man. Rutherford Hayes was a white man. James Garfield was a white man. Chester Arthur was a white man. Grover Cleveland was a white man. Benjamin Harrison was a white man. Grover Cleveland was a white man. William McKinley was a white man. Theodore Roosevelt was a white man. William Taft was a white man. Woodrow Wilson was a white man. Warren Harding was a white man. Calvin Coolidge was a white man. Herbert Hoover was a white man. Franklin Roosevelt was a white man. Harry Truman was a white man. Dwight Eisenhower was a white man. John Kennedy was a white man. Lyndon Johnson was a white man. Richard Nixon was a white man. Gerald Ford was a white man. Ronald Reagan was a white man.

Jimmy Carter is a white man. George H.W. Bush is a white man. Bill Clinton is a white man. George W. Bush is a white man.

Enough white men. High time for Hillary 2008.

Macaca is Virginian for Indian. (The South Dakota Event)

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YouTube: Bill Clinton

Movie: Iraq For Sale

Upper West Side Baby Boomers for Truth on Iraq October 9
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Indians, Indians

I think the Indians are the most successful ethnic group in America is nothing to do with any kind of racial superiority. There are over a billion Indians back there. A few million of the brightest, most educated come over. I am surprised the crowd is not more successful than it is. Why so few Indians in the top positions of government and business, academia and media?

The number one factor is education. These are cream of the crop people for the most part.

It is not fair to compare the top 0.1% of the Indians with the average American. As in, it is not fair to all those Indians who have been left behind. The average Indian has to be compared to the average American, and the relationship between the disparity in income and the differing political infrastructures in the two places has to be tallied.

Talent is evenly distributed, what is not evenly distributed is opportunity.

We have to take pride in our achievements. But we also have to face the fact that we are not doing as well as we should. The glass walls and ceilings are still there. And the political battle has to be waged for equality. And we have to see there is a direct relationship between the political empowerment of the Indians in America and the plight of the Indians in India. We have to take active interest to better the lot of those in India.

I think we have to move bravely towards a world of a billion college graduates. Textbooks and journal articles have to go online, ad based. It is not the geographical America, but the concept that is America. That concept can travel, it can be refined. It can be made better.


Are Indians The Model Immigrants? 2000 ...the median household income of Indians was $70,708—far above the national median of $50,046 .... Indians own 50% of all economy lodging and 37% of all hotels in the U.S. .... in the late 1990s, close to 10% of technology startups in Silicon Valley were headed by Indians. ....Indian physicians working in almost every hospital as well as running small-town practices .....Indian journalists hold senior positions at major publications, and Indian faculty have gained senior appointments at most universities. Last month, Indra Nooyi, an Indian woman, was named CEO of PepsiCo .... 81.8% of Indian immigrants arrived in the U.S. after 1980. .....63.9% of Indians over 25 hold at least a bachelor's degree, compared with the national average of 24.4%., 8/14/06, "PepsiCo Shakes It Up", 9/14/05, "Degrees of Achievement", 7/10/06, "Engineering Gap? Fact and Fiction", 1/23/06, "Business Prophet", 6/6/05, "Ask for Help and Offer It"

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Biography of Vivek Wadhwa he serves as an advisor to several local entrepreneurs looking to build companies from the ground up. ..... Mr. Wadhwa’s Relativity Technologies was named one of the 25 “coolest” companies in the world by Fortune Magazine for its vision in helping businesses “recycle” legacy systems. His company does what is called ‘legacy transformation.’ Essentially, his company makes software to ensure old computers are compatible with newer client-server and the Web. ..... called him a “Leader of Tomorrow.” ..... helped grow the nascent startup into a $118 million publicly traded company. ...... featured extensively in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News, Associated Press, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Investor’s Business Daily, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Red Herring, Fast Company, U.S. News, CIO, InfoWorld, Information Week, Network Computing, Federal Computer Week, and on CNET, ZDNet,, CNBC, and CNN...... was born in Delhi, India and came to the United States in 1980. He holds a B.A. degree in computer science from Canberra University in Australia and a Master's degree in Business Administration from New York University.
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I agree that they could be doing better, and that there is a screening mechanism so that many of the best get here. That doesn't devalue Indians as the most successful immigrant group in the U.S. From an American point of view, we want the best and brightest from all over the world.

To win the battle, we've got to start by highlighting our successes and changing the stereotypes. My goal with this article was to build on the momentum...



Don't get me wrong. As someone who is half Indian (half Nepali) and full Desi, I am mighty proud of the fact that we are number one in America. I talk about it as often as I can.

But just like you I was also pulling in another direction, pushing the envelope to do one better for the masses back there.

I am so glad you pushed that article into the mainstream.


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