Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rocky Barack Obama Won In Philly

Look at that first video at the top. My guy won. What can I say!

I Am So Proud Of The Democratic Field

In The News

Lowry: Obama's losing run could make for a winning book Salt Lake Tribune The insular, self-obsessed campaign of her chief rival is one of the reasons Hillary Clinton has had as good a 90-day run as anyone in presidential politics in recent memory. She still has a race on her hands in Iowa, but she leads there after trailing most of the year, and more than doubles Obama's support in national polls, where he has slipped as low as 17 percent. ......... Obama discoursing on his favorite campaign topic: the ethics and processes of his own campaign. ...... Maybe he'll yet revive. No path to the nomination is ever as smooth as Hillary Clinton's looks to be right now. But Obama likely will go the way of that other earnest liberal, Bill Bradley, who high-mindedly let himself be run over by Al Gore in 2000. Oh, well. It'll be a great book.
Obama, Edwards go after Clinton during debate CNN the Democratic presidential debate Tuesday at times took on the feel of a heavyweight fight. ...... Clinton has solidified her status as front-runner ...... Clinton defended her "record of 35 years fighting for women and children and people who feel invisible and left out in this country." ........ "Part of the reason that Republicans, I think, are obsessed with you, Hillary, is because that's a fight they're very comfortable having," Obama said. ........ "Change is just a word if you don't have the strength and experience to actually make it happen," she said. ........ we would bring out combat troops, but we would pursue a mission against al Qaeda in Iraq, if they remained a threat." ....... Dennis Kucinich ...... "More people in this country have seen UFOs than I think approve of George Bush's presidency," he said.
War on king boomerangs on Nepal government, Maoists Hindustan Times if defeated, they would start a new "people's revolt" that, though peaceful, would have a crippling effect. ...... a defeat could snap their alliance with the ruling parties, which had ended the civil war. ...... the delay in holding the polls has stoked fresh public resentment against the parties, who have a nearly two decade-old record of corruption and incompetence, and made people begin to forget the atrocities of the royal regime.
Democratic Presidential Debate Targets Clinton NPR Clinton has changed her position on issues such as trade, the definition of torture and the Iraq war. ....... Clinton, standing between Obama and Edwards, largely shrugged off the remarks and defended her positions. ...... Edwards jumped on the same vote, suggesting that if the president were to invade Iran, Clinton may offer the same explanation she gave for authorizing force in Iraq. ...... "Are we going to hear, 'If I only I had known then what I know now?'" he asked. ......... Few of the punches landed on the front-runner, however, until co-moderator Tim Russert of NBC brought up a decision by New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer to offer a type of driver's license to illegal residents. Clinton offered up a confusing answer that suggested she reluctantly supported the measure. ......... "Unless I missed something, Sen. Clinton said two different things in the course of about two minutes just a few minutes ago, and I think this is a real issue for the country," Edwards said.
DEM DEBATE: Edwards, Not Obama, Hits Clinton Hardest, Smartest Yahoo! News It was supposed to be the night Barack Obama took Hillary Clinton down. ...... his support for "big meaningful change." ....... Clinton had flip-flopped on trade, torture and Iraq -- moving in each case from bad positions to better ones ...... delivered a classic debate one-liner: "I don't think the Republicans got the message that I'm voting and sounding like them." Touche! ........ Where Obama was unfocused and ineffectual, John Edwards landed plenty of blows. ........ "What you didn't learn by 2002, you should have learned by now" ..... Edwards was identifying himself "as the clear, sharp alternative ....... "This is wedging going on. (Edwards) might be elbowing Obama out of the way on this issue. (Obama's), albeit reasonable, but tepid answer on this, just wasn't grabbing the spotlight." ....... Edwards hit hard, and effectively, on every front. After detailing the front-runner's contributions from defense contractors and other corporate interests, he said. "If people want the status quo, Senator Clinton's your candidate." ....... That's tough talk. Blunt talk. The sort of talk that Barack Obama seemed to suggest that he was going to deliver Tuesday night. But it came from John Edwards, who ended the night as the candidate who had done the best job of defining himself as the alternative to Hillary Clinton.
Clinton Fends Off Debate Attacks on Iran and Iraq (Update1) Bloomberg She stuck to her campaign lines, focusing on President George W. Bush or saying her positions were being misrepresented. ....... The assaults came with almost every question. ...... ``If you believe that combat troops should remain stationed in Iraq, and if you believe there should be no actual timetable for withdrawal, then Senator Clinton is your candidate,'' he said. ....... Clinton responded to the attacks on her foreign policy stances by saying that she supports ending the war in Iraq and would only leave enough troops there for missions to fight al- Qaeda. ``I don't know how you pursue al-Qaeda without engaging them in combat,'' she said. ......... Her vote on the Revolutionary Guard Corps was designed to strengthen the ``carrots and sticks'' for U.S. negotiators to engage in diplomacy with Iran, she said. ``The Republicans are waving their sabers and talking about going after Iran,'' she said. ``I want to prevent a rush to war.'' ......... Clinton said she has been consistent that the way to fix Social Security is to pursue ``fiscal responsibility.'' She said what she discussed with the voter is one of the possibilities that ``everybody knows'' and said, ``I do not advocate it.'' ........ Clinton has raised more money from ``Washington lobbyists,'' and the health-care, insurance and defense industries than any other candidate. ......... ``I'm going to take $10 billion away from a lot of these industries,'' she said. ....... ``Save the ammunition for the Republicans,'' said Richardson, 59. ``We need to stay positive.'' ..... Clinton's most uncomfortable moment in the debate, broadcast by MSNBC, may have come on a non-federal issue, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's plan to make driver's licenses available to illegal immigrants. She said Spitzer is ``trying to fill the vacuum'' left by the Bush administration's failure to enact its immigration overhaul plan. .......... ``I just want to add, I did not say that it should be done, but I certainly recognize why Governor Spitzer is trying to do'' it, she said. Questioned further by the moderator, Clinton said the plan ``makes a lot of sense.'' ....... Obama pounced as well, saying he was ``confused'' by Clinton's answer. ``I can't tell whether she was for it or against it.''
Clinton foes score new YouTube hit Boston Globe a stinging 13-minute video by a bitter Clinton foe ....... more than 1.4 million hits on Google Video ...... Paul is a Hollywood entrepreneur, former partner of Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, and a convicted felon who has sued the Clintons in connection with a celebrity-packed fund-raiser he helped organize for her 2000 Senate race. A California appeals court earlier this month ruled that Clinton should be dismissed from the suit. ......... His effort is getting help from two producers who set up the website for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ....... "Peter Paul is a professional liar who has four separate criminal convictions, two for fraud. His video repackages a series of seven-year-old false claims about Senator Clinton that have already been rejected by the California state courts, the Justice Department, the Federal Election Commission, and the Senate Ethics Committee," the Clinton campaign said in a statement.
Fund-Raiser Reappears as Critic New York Times The video has registered at least 350,000 hits on YouTube and 1.5 million on Google Video. ...... Mr. Paul has a criminal past that includes a guilty plea for cocaine possession and trying to defraud the Cuban government of millions of dollars in 1979.
Uganda: The Clintons Might Go Back to White House I think Hillary Clinton, who turned 60 the other day, is going to become the first female president of the United States of America instead of Barack Obama becoming the first black president. ......... Foremost, Clinton brings to the presidential race something I call the fun-factor. She may have her moments of doubts, insecurity or whatever, but for the most part, she exudes fun. She seems to relish being in the crowd, pumping hands or supporters, smiling broadly, kissing babies, and just having a great old time on the campaign trail. She is smooth like silk, purring along like a well-oiled Cadillac. ........ Now, contrast that with my candidate of choice, Barack Obama for whom I say silent prayers every night, and who currently trails Clinton by at least 30 percentage points in the popular polls. Smart like a whip, personable, positive and likeable, Obama has become too serious for his own good. He looks too solemn, too earnest, too keen, and too uptight that he makes the folks who flock to hear him speak a bit too nervous. ....... The problem for Obama is that America is not a very serious nation. .... Americans love serious ideas, but do not want to think too much, they love to be taken seriously, but they do not want to take themselves too seriously. ..... Clinton, meanwhile, talks about serious issues, but coats them well in bite-size one-liners ...... Obama will say exactly the same thing except he sounds like a Harvard professor pontificating on some point of law. That's the difference, where Clinton is zippy like a butterfly, Obama plods along like a pugilist looking for a knock-out punch. ........ Retired, relaxed and rich, the former leader is soaring now, a study in motion as he works the crowd on his wife's behalf. ....... Indeed, had Al Gore allowed Clinton to campaign on his behalf when he ran against George Bush back in 2000, he would have won the election. ....... the factor of "better the devil you know" ..... they do not have to think too hard to send Hillary to the White House-Obama makes them think too hard
Obama Campaigns In Conservative Virginia CBS News, NY
Obama Rally in South Carolina
New York Times, United States The Obama campaign, by contrast, held a sign-waving rally at the state Capitol building with about 50 supporters. They were backed up by a high school marching band, trumpets blaring and drums beating.

I Am So Proud Of The Democratic Field

50 Days For Iowa

The debate actually started at nine. But the DFNYC website said six. I showed up a little late, a little after six. And the guy at the door asked for my ID.

How old do I look to you, I asked.

"25, maybe," he said.

The sign said eight, so I walked out. I made a few phone calls walking around the little park out there. I have been bugging everyone I can think of raising money for my startup.

I came back. The crowd was pretty big by then. But it was not upstairs as advertised. It was down.

Stephanie approched me. "Hey, you are my Facebook friend." So we had our first ever conversation. She is the national secretary of the Young Democrats of America.

Costa was sitting at a table. Costa goes by one name, like Cher, like Madonna. He is a major Obama guy in Queens. I have seen him at many, many events.

I could never bring myself to stand in the same room as Matt Romney, like never. F____ that guy. That guy thinks if he can talk racist that will make him less Mormon and more white.

Matt Al American Goebbels Romney Al Zawahari

Other than that, it was a great debate. Looks like Mike Gravel has been booted out. Joe Biden did pretty good. He went after Rudy Giuliani and that was good.

The three biggies gave quite a show. Edwards, Clinton and Barack. Edwards and Barack drew distinctions with Clinton without making it sound like they are making personal attacks. John Edwards was in spirit. No sweat. I am going to speak my mind kind of thing.

Barack did very well. He did what he was supposed to do. He drew distinctions.

Clinton stood her ground. She retained composure. At one point Bill Richardson defended her. Richardson thought Edwards and Barack were being too hard on her. I am not going to be president, so what the heck, at least her husband gave me a major lift.

It was a great debate.

I hope many of them end up in the eventual Democratic cabinet. They are going to make the progressive cause look strong.

There were a few different times when Clinton refused to take a clear stand. And Barack quickly did. The contrast was sharp and clear.

Like, so Spitzer is going to give drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants. Do you support the idea or what? Hillary could not bring herself to say yes, I am for it. Barack was very clear. He said he agrees with Spitzer totally.

I did not feel like Hillary was wrong in any of her answers. But she came across as cautious, not wanting to venture on to new ground. After the hell she went through in the 1990s, she might have learned a few wrong lessons.

Edwards pointed out Hillary has been getting more lobbyist money from every industry than any Democrat or Republican. He kept honing the point home. I can see why Justin Krebs might like John Edwards.

I have met Justin Krebs a few times. I have a feeling he might be a Liberal.

You could go to any city in America, like 300 of them, and there is a Drinking Liberally chapter in there, and you show up, and if you can say you are friends with Justin, you got it made. You are going to get VIP treatment.

Most everybody I have ever seen with Justin, they act like it is a status symbol to be knowing him.

Towards the end of the debate, I saw Heather Woodfield for like two seconds out of the corner of my eye. I shot an email to her after I got back home. Give me a conversation.

Hillary gave a good performance. She speaks good English.

The debate was two hours, with three breaks.

Good White People Living In The Asian Century

The good white people running the show at the political organizations in Manhattan.

In The News

Giuliani Still Working At Consulting Firm CBS News
Dems, Let's See a Real Debate on Medicare, Social Security She instead endorsed Reagan's solution: to appoint a bipartisan commission to solve the problem. ...... Medicare will blow up in our faces in 12 short years.
India's central bank keeps rates steady, moves to soak up liquidity International Herald Tribune ordered lenders to hold a larger share of their deposits in cash — a step aimed at soaking up excess liquidity in the banking system. ....... The Indian financial system is flush with funds because a surge in foreign capital into the country. ...... Foreign investors have bought more than US$22 billion (€15.27 billion) in Indian stocks to date this year, nearly three times what they invested last year. ....... The hike in cash reserve ratio, or CRR, would drain 160 billion rupees (US$4 billion; €3.3 billion) from the banking system .... This is the fourth time the central bank has increased the CRR this year.
News Analysis Bhutto’s Return Brings Pakistani Politics to a Boil New York Times Home for just over a week, the opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has raised the temperature in Pakistan a hundredfold, stirring friend and foe alike as she rallies supporters, courts the news media and plunges back into the muck of Pakistan’s politics. ........ quarter of a million loyal and enthusiastic supporters who went to Karachi to greet her ....... “remains an intensely polarizing figure ......... the murder of Benazir’s father through a contrived judicial verdict, the death of her two brothers in dubious circumstances, and the dismissal of her governments ....... Using the news media unabashedly, Ms. Bhutto has been outspoken in particular against terrorism, saying things that few local politicians dare to against the religious and jihadi groups. She is the only politician in Pakistan saying loudly and clearly that suicide bombing is against the teaching of Islam. .......... a virulent verbal exchange ....... The return attacks have been swift and nasty. The chief minister of Sindh Province, Ms. Bhutto’s home province, warned that the rule of a woman would be a curse for Pakistan. ....... suggested that Ms. Bhutto herself could be behind the bomb blasts, as a ploy for sympathy. ...... the image that Ms. Bhutto studiously cultivated in her years abroad: that of a pro-Western democrat who can bring the people of Pakistan on board in the fight against terrorism. ........ Many citizens are also disgusted by the ordinance, which seems to give free license to any corrupt politician. So are members of the military, who see the army being sullied by association, all so General Musharraf can stay in power. ........ The famous cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, and his ex-wife, the wealthy British socialite Jemima Khan, lambasted Ms. Bhutto in articles in the British press. Ms. Khan called Ms. Bhutto a “a kleptocrat in a Hermès scarf.” ......... the story of how Murtaza Bhutto, Benazir’s brother, was gunned down by the police, point out the spot where it happened just yards from his home, and recall how the police delayed taking him to a hospital and let him bleed in his seat. ......... Ms. Bhutto’s estranged niece, Fatima Bhutto, who holds Benazir Bhutto morally responsible for the death of Murtaza, her father. A 26-year-old newspaper columnist, Fatima
Clinton girds for Obama, Edwards attacks AFP Clinton, who has barely put a foot wrong in the 2008 Democratic race for president, has performed strongly in all previous encounters ....... Obama may be in danger of seeing his White House dream dissolve. ....... "John Edwards is trying to run from the left, Clinton has been resolutely been running from the center and Barack Obama is running from above -- against politics as usual" ...... her "road to the middle class takes a major detour right through the deep canyon of corporate lobbyists." ...... victory in Iowa would give Obama a boost which could allow him to challenge Clinton in other key states, while his defeat may effectively crown her as presumptive nominee. .......... A bad loss for Edwards in a state where he has invested heavily, and which leads a long list of primary and caucus nominating contests, would likely effectively end his campaign. ...... "This race in Iowa is more fluid than people give it credit for" ...... "The problem for Barack Obama is whether these younger people will go to caucus," said Redlawsk. "Should that happen, Obama has the potential to overtake Clinton."
Obama, Edwards get their chance with Clinton in person Baltimore Sun it's not hard to guess how the Clinton camp plans to respond.
Thompson, Obama get most positive coverage: study Reuters Obama has attained rock star status on the campaign trail even though he's behind Hillary Clinton in the voter polls. Obama received positive coverage in 47% of all stories about him. But the study also found that Obama seemed to be slipping after May, with more neutral and negative stories. Some 46% of the stories about Thompson had been positive with only 4% negative about his candidacy. ........ The nuts-and-bolts of campaigning accounted for 63% of all coverage, while the personalities and private life of the candidates and their families added another 17%. That left only 7% for domestic policy issues and 7% for foreign policy aspects.
Google plan sees phones by mid-2008: report the Google-powered phones are expected to meld several of its applications, including Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail.
Clinton's Preemptive Strike CBS News Both Barack Obama and John Edwards have signaled that they are set to launch an aggressive new phase in the campaign aimed at the front-runner. ....... Mark Penn asks if the senator's primary opponents are abandoning the "politics of hope."
Gerald Ford labelled 'sex addict' Clinton 'sick' The former US president Gerald Ford was so concerned about Bill Clinton's womanising that he thought he should seek help at a sex addiction clinic, according to a new book just published. ......... In a case of the dead speaking ill of the living, Ford thought that Hillary Clinton, now seeking to become president herself, "wore the pants [trousers]" in their relationship. ....... "He's sick – he's got an addiction. He needs treatment" ........ "You know, there's treatment for that kind of addiction" .... "He thought Bill Clinton had a serious addiction here and he needed help," DeFrank told CNN. "And Gerry Ford didn't have a vengeful bone in his body." ........ The Fords recalled entertaining the Clintons after Mr Clinton's inauguration in 1993, when his womanising was well known within political circles ....... "He didn't miss one good-looking skirt at any of the social occasions," Ford said later. Ford, said DeFrank, believed Mr Clinton was charismatic and the best politician he had ever seen – even better than John F Kennedy – but unable to learn from mistakes in his personal life. ....... of Mrs Clinton: "She's very bright. She's strong, and I think he defers to her. When she gets her dander up, she ain't gonna roll over."
Ford on 'sex-addict' Clinton, 'weak' Carter and more Baltimore Sun
Obama Stumbles
The Weekly Standard
Candidates Widely Split on Iran The Associated Press The top presidential contenders are offering markedly different ideas on how they would keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons, suddenly a central issue in the 2008 campaign. ........ Democrats say they favor multinational diplomacy, combined with economic incentives as well as sanctions. ... they would consider military action only after exhausting other options. ....... foreign policy experience, judgment and leadership. ....... "For Republicans, Iran represents a much more comfortable foreign policy subject to talk about than Iraq. It's a hard-nosed, hawkish credentialing and branding issue," Beers said. "On the Democratic side, there is far less saber rattling. They are trying to distinguish themselves from Bush and promote a dialogue and find common ground with Iran, which there may not be." ........ relations between Iran and the U.S. have reached a toxic and potentially dangerous level ....... it also has sponsored terrorism throughout the Middle East and continues to support Shiite militias in Iraq that have been involved in attacking American soldiers. ....... a nuclear Iran could lead to World War III. ....... a willingness to take pre-emptive military action against Iran if necessary. ...... Romney last month proposed indicting Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on a charge of inciting genocide. ....... That vote is expected to be a major point of contention Tuesday when the candidates meet in a two-hour debate in Philadelphia. ....... New York senator, has called for more direct diplomacy with Iran and countries such as North Korea, but has also said she would not commit to leader-to-leader meetings. ....... candidates on both sides could do a better job speaking responsibly about the complex problem of Iran. ....... "On the Democratic side, there has been too much silliness on the issue of engagement, and a candidate's particular choice of words for conditions for talking. The rhetoric on the Republican side ignores a bunch of important questions — the Iranian response, our standing in the region and around the world, and poisoning relations with Iran for generations to come."
India Says Activists Hyping Child Labor The Associated Press
US and India have a chance for a win-win energy solution
Nuevo Mundo
India Lacks Bond Market When It Is Most Needed: Andy Mukherjee Bloomberg Paulson happened to be in Mumbai on the day the Sensex rose above 20,000 for the first time. ...... India needs to invest $475 billion between now and 2012 to ease shortages in roads, ports, power stations and subway systems. At the existing levels of investment, the country will miss the target by a staggering $162 billion. ....... bringing overseas risk capital into Indian infrastructure projects. ....... About a third of the total annual savings of India's households, companies and the government routinely gets locked up in physical assets -- such as gold jewelry -- and isn't available to the financial industry. ........ The debt market, which could facilitate the flow of money from those who have tons of it -- such as insurers -- to where it's most needed, is practically non-existent. ....... the fast-growing economy had fallen behind in creating a functioning market for corporate borrowings. ...... Bank loans are six times bigger than the outstanding stock of Indian corporate bonds. ....... It's because the domestic bond market hasn't been allowed to prosper that corporate issuers have practically abandoned it over the past few years, choosing instead to borrow overseas.
Protesters Harass Saudi King Abdullah in Britain FOX News
Dalai Lama quotes Mao in face of China's attack
Globe and Mail
Why Iran is boasting about immunity from attack by US Chicago Sun-Times
Iran seeks to "confront" US banking sanctions: MP
Major powers expected to meet on Iran this week Reuters UK
Google shares drive near $700 mark
Germany to Host 2011 Women's World Cup
Deutsche Welle
Brazil again favored to win FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
International Herald Tribune
Dell gets lift from upbeat Goldman Sachs report
Oprah tears over school scandal BBC News
Meeting the king John Simpson on one of his most difficult interviews ever I have interviewed Prince Saud before. In fact, he gave me one of the best exclusives I have had, shortly before the US-led invasion of Iraq, when he showed how bitterly opposed the Saudis were to it. ...... I now realised he felt so strongly about what the US had done in Iraq, and the thought that they might soon bomb Iran, that he felt he might upset his relations with Washington if he spoke openly to me. ..... shrewd and pleasant and surprisingly frank, and at 82 still as sharp-minded as ever.

Giuliani: Clinton, Edwards, will change minds on Iraq war again Boston Globe Giuliani said Monday that two of the Democratic candidates will change their minds again about the Iraq war and agree that it was the right decision. ........ had the U.S. not invaded Iraq, it would now be facing two dangerous countries trying to become nuclear powers -- Iraq and Iran. ..... "This is the world we live in. It's not this happy, romantic-like world where we'll negotiate with this one, or we'll negotiate with that one and there will be no preconditions, and we'll invite (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad to the White House, we'll invite Osama (bin Laden) to the White House," Giuliani said. ....... Giuliani said the U.S. should be ready to negotiate, but "you can't negotiate with people unless they want to negotiate with you." ....... Obama's spokesman, said Giuliani's "cheap applause lines, unfounded political smears, and shoot-first-think-later politics are irresponsible in a campaign, and would be catastrophic in a presidency." ...... "Mayor Giuliani has stooped to a disgraceful new low that embraces the very worst legacy of George Bush and Dick Cheney's cynicism and divisiveness. We must be united in our determination to hunt down Osama bin Laden, something that George Bush and Rudy Giulianis disastrous Iraq War has prevented," he said. ........ the $15,000 tax breaks he says he would give families to buy private health insurance.
Paulson in India With a Wish List for Economic Changes New York Times a long list of advice, requests, predictions and recommendations for India, which has the world’s second-fastest-growing major economy after China. ....... to urge a successful conclusion of the deadlocked world trade talks, to push for expansion of India’s capital markets and to urge regulators to open the financial sector to foreigners. ........ Foreigners are prohibited from majority ownership in many sectors of the Indian economy, including finance, power and railroads, and are not allowed to participate in markets like commodities exchanges. There are limits on the money that Indian individuals and companies can invest overseas. ....... Indian banks, for example, avoided problems from the United States subprime mortgage market in part because of restrictions on investing in complicated financial instruments that hold risky loans. .......... Mr. Paulson, a former chairman of the investment bank Goldman Sachs ........ The country needs to spend an estimated building $500 billionroads, power grids and ports, or risk stifling growth, which has averaged nearly 9 percent annually in the last three years. American banks and financial companies have been studying the market closely, hoping to finance the investment by expanding India’s nascent bond market.
Laloo flexes RJD muscles in Bihar News Locale Addressing an impressive gathering, Laloo tried to woo the Muslim electorate as well as appease a section of the upper castes. He demanded that the government ensure 10 percent reservation for the poor upper castes in the state. At the same time, he urged the people to give him another opportunity to run the state and promised them to do to Bihar what he has done to the Indian railways. ...... Nevertheless, a large part of his speech concentrated on the Gujarat riots and Narendra Modi bashing. ...... train services through Bihar remained disrupted owing to the rally.
RJD no more a 'sasural party' Times of India, India "sasural" stood for the combine of "Sadhu, Subhash, Rabri Devi and Lalu Prasad" .... If the hoardings on display for the Sunday's Chetawani Rally of the RJD are any indictor, the two brothers of Rabri have been tamed, or relegated to the background. .... It reflected during the two 2005 elections, when the party's tally came down to 75 MLAs during the February elections, and to 55 in November the same year.
Lalu launches his political dynasty Times, India At a massive rally, Lalu Prasad launched his two sons Tejasvi and Tej Pratap by formally introducing them to the people of Bihar. ........ Tejasvi is Lalu's elder son and plays for Delhi's Under-19 cricket team. Though Tejasvi is trying to pursue a career in sport, Tej Pratap has shown an inclination towards politics, even accompanying his father to various rallies around the state.

Junta: U.S. a 'loudmouthed bully' CNN Myanmar's military government stepped up its propaganda campaign against the United States, accusing Washington of inciting last month's pro-democracy demonstrations in hopes of installing a puppet government. ...... "Recent protests in the country were created by the loudmouthed bully, using the exiled dissidents and traitors together with communists, internal and external anti-government destructionists," said a commentary Sunday in the Myanmar-language Myanma Ahlin daily.

Monday, October 29, 2007

50 Days For Iowa

50 Days For Iowa

You hit a point after which you basically camp out in Iowa. The previous cycle for John Kerry it was the beginning of December. And that was a good decision. But this time the caucuses are on January 3. November 10 or 15, perhaps 15 is a good point for this cycle, I would think.

You camp out in Iowa. Then you go to Nevada, and camp out there. And then New Hampshire. You camp out. And then South Carolina.

After South Carolina, you go into all the big media markets. New York and LA and a few others.

Fluid Race

I feel the race to be fluid. A lot of ground could shift. Just look at the numbers in Iowa.

Harlem Rally

Obama organized a rally in New York City. Hillary organized a rally in Harlem. There was an anti war rally in downtown Manhattan at the same time as the Hillary rally.

The Edwards Energy

He has come back swinging. He has come with fighting words recently.

Tuesday Debate In Philly

It might end up everyone versus Hillary. Hillary as usual will try to make it her versus Bush. Her Iran vote will be a major issue. Hillary's strategy will be to not engage, but ignore the Dems. She will keep wanting to fire at Bush.

I believe this will end up the most dramatic Democratic debate this year.

I hope Obama uses it to draw distinctions on all the big issues.

Being Fair To Hillary

I have always felt if she is the nominee, she will be president. I have never felt she will drag the rest of the Dems down if she is the nominee. It is just that to me the policy positions between Obama and her are glaring and I am rooting for Obama. I like it that Obama 2008 is not a negative campaign. But differences have to be made clear for the voters.

There are women who like it that Hillary is a viable candidate. There are ethnic minorities who like it that Obama is a viable candidate. I don't begrudge the women. If there are women who will vote for Hillary because she is a woman, all the glory to them. I am rooting for Obama.

An Obama Victory In Iowa

That will change everything.

Ah, the good white people in Iowa.

Which Debate Watch Party

I might go to this one.
Democratic Primary Debate Halloween Eve

Join DFNYC and the Manhattan Young Dems as we gather to watch the Democratic Primary Debate on Halloween Eve.

When: 6:00PM, Tuesday, October 30

Where: Dewey's Flatiron, 210 5th Avenue (btwn. 25th & 26th), Upstairs Room

Costumes optional.

No costumes for me. If you want to get scared, just think of the impending war on Iran.

Barack Obama picked up where Howard Dean left.

The other day I met Lewis Cohen at an event with the Washington Governor. It just felt different. I feel like I am a different, healthier, more relaxed person after having written my online autobiography, very much work in progress. I came into the city carrying baggage from KY and IN. A refugee from KY/IN, as I liked to call myself. And I paid a social price for the intense two year work into Nepal done almost completely in a web 2.0 environment: atrophied social muscles.

I sent Cohen a teaser email after I got back home. KFC, LFC, Lewis f_____g Cohen. Important guy. Was nice to see you earlier.

I wonder where the DFNYC crowd is on 2008 right now. I know they are very anti-war. Like very. Like unforgivingly very. All the DFNYC honchos are on close, first name basis with Dean. One of my earliest emails to Heather was, I can't believe you have a photo with Dean. Then I got a photo with Dean.

I wonder what a freewheeling conversation with someone like Cohen would be like. No time pressure, who are you, no topic too taboo. Bring it on, ask. Let me ask. What do you do? Where do you live? How long have you been in the city? Have you traveled much?

Deaniacs bond like people who have fought together.

Final Dates

I still don't know when the states are voting.

In The News

Taking Aim at Clinton Washington Post Hillary Clinton should be prepared for a long night at Tuesday's Democratic debate. Having been the favorite target at the Republican debate in Orlando a week ago, the New York senator now faces up-close-and-personal criticism from her leading Democratic rivals in Philadelphia. ...... the Iowa caucuses are now just nine weeks away. ...... Clinton is deliberately concealing her views on important issues ...... "Down one path, we trade corporate Democrats for corporate Republicans; our cronies for their cronies; one political dynasty for another dynasty; and all we are left with is a Democratic version of the Republican corruption machine." ..... The challenge for Obama and Edwards -- as for the other Democrats chasing Clinton -- is how best to force her to engage. ..... is reluctant "to kneecap the frontrunner" ...... Edwards appears less concerned about perceived negativity, although he too has been respectful in his face-to-face encounters with Clinton. ....... Clinton remains in a highly competitive race in Iowa. But in their tone and language, Edwards and Obama appear to sense that time is now their enemy, that they must change the dynamic soon. That could make Tuesday's a debate worth watching.
Clinton, Obama in Statistical Tie in Iowa, Poll Finds (Update1)Bloomberg Clinton of New York received 28.9 percent support compared with 26.6 percent for Obama of Illinois. The gap is within the poll's 5.5 percent margin of error for Democrats. ...... Obama received 19.3 percent support in August.
In Iowa, 3-way race for Dems as Romney leads big Baltimore Sun
Romney Says Giuliani's Support Will Fade The Associated Press
Gap Threatens India's Clothing Boom TIME the garments were stitched by children in a Delhi sweatshop. ...... children between 10 and 13 worked in conditions "close to slavery" in the factory producing blouses bearing Gap labels. Gap, which has 200 of its 2,000 suppliers in India ......... for most Indians child labour is a well-known reality ...... between 75 and 90 million children continue to be part of the labour force in India. ....... grimy, dimly-lit sweatshops behind plush, high-end boutiques. ...... trained embroiderers and tailors are paid between $110 and $150 a month, whereas "children can be employed for less than half of this, sometimes for no money at all if their parents have sold them off." ........ growth is prioritized over social equity ...... In 2008, clothing and textile production in India for foreign brands is projected to be worth between $22 billion and $25 billion, as Western producers come in search of lower production costs that enable lower retail prices in the boutiques of the industrialized world.
Somalian prime minister resigns Los Angeles Times
Somalia: Prime Minister Quits; Violence Rocks Mogadishu
Red Sox Have the World at Their Feet
Washington Post
Obama Lashes Out at Clinton The Associated Press accusing her of dodging tough questions about Social Security. ....... Obama, campaigning at a senior center in Des Moines ..... Obama's campaign arranged for him to be introduced at the event by Tod Bowman, a teacher from Maquoketa, Iowa, who tried to pin down Clinton during a debate in Iowa earlier this month on whether the government should tax workers' earnings above the present cap of $97,500 to help pay for Social Security benefits. ...... Clinton sidestepped the question in public, telling Bowman privately afterward that she didn't want to put an additional tax burden on the middle class, but would consider a "gap," with no Social Security taxes on income from $97,500 to around $200,000. Anything above that could be taxed. Her answer was overheard by an Associated Press reporter. ..... you're not ready to lead if you can't tell us where you're going ...... hedge, and dodge, and spin, but at all costs, don't answer ....... As president, her first priority will be restoring fiscal responsibility and fair tax policies, and then will work in a bipartisan process to address Social Security's long term challenges. ..... she is against changing benefits, against raising the retirement age, against privatization, so what is she going to do? ........ "Did I miss something? Did you all have the Iowa caucus and I was back in North Carolina asleep?
Obama in Spotlight at Today's MySpace/MTV Forum Washington Post
The Early Word: Obama Strategies New York Times why the Illinois senator draws big crowds but not big polling numbers ....... a cerebral approach that leaves some voters wanting more. While Clinton is running “from the center” and former Edwards is running “from the left,” he said, Obama is “running from above.” ....... Obama’s campaign could certainly use reenergizing. ...... seems to have withered beneath the supernova that is the Clinton campaign. ........ the early date—in the middle of college winter break — will affect youth turnout rates. ....... the growing Latino population in the mostly racially homogeneous state. ...... Most Democratic candidates supported the failed Kennedy-McCain bill in Congress, which would have provided a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Yet they talk tough on border security. ........ John Edwards called for a two-year ban on advertisements for new prescription drugs. ...... the Mike Huckabee train is gaining steam ...... the likelihood that conservative evangelicals would break off from the future G.O.P. candidate and endorse the former Arkansas governor as a third party. ...... Ron Paul’s campaign has a new strategy: chase what few conservative voters live in heavily Democratic San Francisco. Winning the Republican primary in a Democratic district would give Mr. Paul the same amount of delegates at the party nominating convention as if he had won a Republican-dominated (and much more difficult to woo) district. ....... the growing clout of the Arab-American community, which not too long ago was avoided by presidential candidates: In 1988, Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis rejected the endorsement of a major Arab-American group. ........ in 2004, former President Ford said Mrs. Clinton is “tougher and stronger” than her husband, Bill Clinton. ....... Barack Obama participates in a presidential dialogue hosted by MySpace and MTV at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He then travels to Charlottesville, Va., for a fund-raiser with Gov. Tim Kaine.
Jab at Clinton Hidden in ‘Wind’ New York Times protect the system from privatization and to end the Social Security tax exemption for the wealthy ........ “I don’t want to just put my finger out to the wind and see what the polls say – I want to bring the country together to solve a problem.”
Taking Aim at Clinton Washington Post
Harlem Homecoming for Clinton The Associated Press
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Bill Clinton says he is thinking about SC following beach fire Myrtle Beach Sun News
Real ID That Spitzer Now Embraces Has Been Widely Criticized New York Times
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Iowa Democrats Set Earlier Caucus Date Washington Post New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner has said only that he would schedule that primary no later than Jan. 8. ...... a historically early White House competition that has defied precedent in terms of jockeying for position, campaign debates, large campaign expenditures, broadcast advertisements and hundreds of candidate appearances. ........ Florida set its primary for Jan. 29, and Michigan is planning a Jan. 15 primary. Those decisions forced South Carolina to move up its date as well.
India Activists Decry Gap Child Labor The Associated Press
European libraries face enormous problems in digitalizing International Herald Tribune
Merrill Lynch Set To Oust O'Neal Forbes
O'Neal Ouster Makes Mess of Maternal Merrill Lynch (Update3) Bloomberg the worst news in the firm's 93-year history. ...... a credit market shakeout that triggered a run on a British bank and caused Switzerland's largest financial institution to fire its CEO, was the biggest quarterly debacle in the history of the securities industry. ........ the board of 11, nine of whom were handpicked by O'Neal during his five years as CEO, to make it clear the 56- year-old grandson of a former slave is leaving, possibly as early as today ........ Merrill, a firm that over nine decades built a corporate culture that promoted from within and gently nudged its chiefs into distinguished retirement ...... Merrill has risen 52 percent in New York trading since O'Neal took over on Dec. 2, 2002, while the 12-member Amex Broker/Dealer Index has surged 159 percent and shares of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the biggest securities firm, has tripled. ....... Merrill risked becoming `` ...... a snake pit with political infighting.. The world's largest banks and securities firms announced more than $30 billion of third-quarter losses from writedowns or bad debt. ....... ``He got rid of people with hundreds and hundreds of years of experience,'' said Winthrop Smith, who left as head of Merrill's international brokerage after O'Neal became president in 2001. ``When you get rid of people who have gone through problems in the past, you increase the probability that a mistake is going to happen again.'' ....... O'Neal put more of the firm's capital at risk by investing it directly in leveraged buyouts ........ His strategy transformed Merrill into a firm that looked less like the one Tully, now 75, bequeathed and more like Goldman Sachs. ...... Net income rose 47 percent last year to a record $7.5 billion, and O'Neal took home $48 million in compensation -- $20 million more than in 2003. ........ Mother Merrill, a term sometimes used to describe the firm as more forgiving and loyal than its Wall Street rivals, rankled O'Neal. He said a business should be driven more by performance than by tenure and relationships. ......... O'Neal was born in nearby Roanoke, Alabama, in October 1951. His education began at a one-room school with an outhouse ....... Next came a scholarship from GM to study at Harvard Business School. ...... whetted his appetite for investment banking and complex financial transactions. ........ It was exciting; it was innovative; there was a sense of urgency ....... At 35, older than most new investment bankers, he joined Merrill's high-yield-bond department. Within three years, he was running the group ........ O'Neal was an investment banker turned CFO who had never served among Merrill's 15,000 brokers. ...... Almost immediately, O'Neal quit advertising Merrill's Internet trading service. He accelerated an effort to have Merrill's army of brokers focus on getting more millionaires as clients. ........ O'Neal said he spent his first six weeks as president meeting with executives throughout the firm and thinking about new jobs for some of them, just as he had when moving into previous roles. ....... After the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, O'Neal accelerated his timetable for change. He eliminated 14,800 jobs and closed 266 offices around the world, dismantling the international empire that Komansky built during the previous five years. ........ ``The worst thing you can do is take talented people and put them up against a problem or market opportunity that has changed dramatically and tell them to keep doing it in the same way,'' O'Neal said in 2002. ``You wind up frustrating and demoralizing people.'' ........ Merrill, which paid a $100 million fine ....... Komansky, receiving the treatment reserved for retiring Merrill chiefs, was given an office on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.
Another World Cup for Germany? Soccer studies the female factor International Herald Tribune Dell gets lift from upbeat Goldman Sachs report MarketWatch
Michael Dell Hints at Bigger Acquisitions
PC World the pace of consolidation will increase ...... particularly as the growth is skewed towards emerging countries ..... In the last two years Dell has acquired five companies, two related to the consumer business, one related to software and two related to services. .......... 70 percent of IT spending at Japanese companies over the next year will be related to maintenance of old systems and management and only 30 percent on new hardware.
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First lady stakes out own issues Houston Chronicle
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