Monday, September 26, 2022

पुतिन एक तानाशाह है

मैं तो चाहुँगा ऐसी दुनिया जहाँ नेटो की जरूरत ही न पड़े। लेकिन फ़िनलैंड और स्वीडन को नेटो की जरूरत महसुस हुवी और क्युं हुई ये मैं बखुबी जानता हुँ। 

जब सोवियत संघ का विगठन हुवा तो रूस ने युक्रेन के साथ सन्धि की। युक्रेन के भुमि पर आक्रमण न करने की। क्राइमिया लेकिन ले लिया २०१४ में। संधि का उल्लंघन हुवा। २०२२ में भी सालों सालों तक युक्रेन की नेटो सदस्य बनने की कोइ संभावना थी ही नहीं। ये तो ऐसा हुवा कि दुर्योधन ने कहा कि द्रौपदी ने कहा अंधे का बेटा अंधा, मेरे पिताजी का अपमान किया। इसिलिए इसका चीर हरण करो। 

युक्रेन के भितर रह रहे रूसी अल्पसंख्यक के राजनीतिक समस्या हो सकते हैं। लेकिन रूस के भितर रहे बहुसंख्यक रूसी के उससे भी ज्यादा विकराल समस्याएं हैं। युक्रेन के भितर रह रहे रूसी अल्पसंख्यक के राजनीतिक समस्या का समाधान ये युद्ध नहीं है। जहाँ वे रुसी अल्पसंख्यक रहते हैं उस भुमि का तो तहसनहस कर के रख दिया पुतिन ने। 

युक्रेन के पुनर्निर्माण का खर्चा पुतिन का। 

युद्ध किया लेकिन युद्ध के सारे नियम तोड़ के। उन वार क्राइम्स के लिए पुतिन को अदालत में हाजिर करो। 

चीन और ताइवान का एकीकरण हो। लेकिन सिर्फ शांतिपुर्ण रास्ता उपलब्ध है। कभी भविष्य में ताइवान के लोग स्वेच्छा से शांतिपुर्ण एकीकरण का निर्णय लेंगे। उस वक़्त तक चीन को इंतजार करना होगा। 

युक्रेन रूस का वियतनाम। सदाम के कुवैत पैस जाने से क्या फरक है पुतिन का युक्रेन में घुस जाना? 

पुतिन एक तानाशाह है। दुनिया भर के रुसी पुतिन के विरुद्ध एक हो जाएं। 

पुतिन दुनिया का नंबर दो देश बनने के लिए नहीं लड़ रहा है। नंबर १० भी नहीं आज। दो क्या? 

चीन और भारत का कर्तव्य बनता है कि पुतिन को चेतावनी दे। अगर आप ने आणविक या केमिकल हतियार का प्रयोग किया तो आप से सम्बन्ध विच्छेद। व्यापार पुर्ण रूप से ठप्प। उस अवस्था में पुतिन को दुनिया में बिलकुल अकेला खड़ा होना होगा। 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

14: Ukraine

5/8/23 Update: Goshen (NY) puts Third World corruption to shame, thanks to greedy, corrupt, unethical lawyers like Andra Dumais. ..... I toppled a Third World dictator and German Radio called me Robin Hood On The Internet. I am not going to get intimidated by some small-town racist. Andrea Dumais is a small-town racist. ....... You are treating me worse than the people 2,000 years ago..... The Soviet bureaucracy of a judicial process.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

13: Morgan Freeman

Joe Biden’s suggestion of summit with Xi Jinping falls on deaf ears US president proposed face-to-face meeting in call last week but Chinese leader did not respond ....... Biden has taken a harsh line on China, criticising its treatment of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, its crackdown on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and its military activity around Taiwan. Beijing has responded by accusing the Biden administration of interfering in China’s core strategic interests. ...... Xi has not left China since he went to Myanmar in early 2020 before the outbreak of the pandemic. ...... .it was possible that the two sides could agree to a video call — a step up from a phone call — around the time of the G20. But three people said the US was disappointed with Xi’s apparent lack of interest in a summit.....

quoted Xi as saying that US policies had caused “serious difficulties”

U.S. moves to prevent shortage of therapy as hospitalizing unvaccinated costs billions treating the nation’s hospitalized, unvaccinated population topped an estimated $5.7 billion. ......... Pfizer to seek FDA authorization for children ages 5 and older in early October ........ Pfizer expects to seek emergency use authorization for its coronavirus vaccine from federal regulators to immunize children ages 5 to 11 in early October and ages 6 months to 5 the following month

Larry Ellison, Netanyahu Trial Witness, Offers ex-PM Seat on Oracle's Board Offer by billionaire Ellison is estimated at some $450,000 ■ The former prime minister would have to quit Knesset to accept a job in the private sector ■ Netanyahu, who recently stayed on Oracle founder's Hawaiian island, denies the report ....... . The average for the other board members is roughly $450,000 a year, but there are directors who earn $800,000. Most of the directors also receive corporate shares, which could boost the compensation considerably.

Pelosi lauds Taiwan, says China's fury cannot stop visits by world leaders China demonstrated its outrage over the highest-level U.S. visit to the island in 25 years with a burst of military activity in surrounding waters, summoning the U.S. ambassador in Beijing and halting several agricultural imports from Taiwan. ..... Some of China's planned military exercises were to take place within Taiwan's 12 nautical mile sea and air territory, according to Taiwan's defence ministry, an unprecedented move that a senior defence official described to reporters as "amounting to a sea and air blockade of Taiwan". ......... Taiwan scrambled jets on Wednesday to warn away 27 Chinese aircraft in its air defence zone, the island's defence ministry said, adding that 22 of them crossed the median line separating the island from China. ....... Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, who Beijing suspects of pushing for formal independence - a red line for China ....... The last U.S. House speaker to go to Taiwan was Newt Gingrich in 1997. Pelosi's visit comes amid sharply deteriorating Sino-U.S. relations. During the past quarter century, China has become a far more powerful economic, military and geopolitical force. ........ In retaliation for her visit, China's customs department announced a suspension of imports of citrus fruits and certain fish - chilled white striped hairtail and frozen horse mackerel - from Taiwan, while its commerce ministry banned export of natural sand to Taiwan. ......... Fury on the mainland over Pelosi's defiance of Beijing was evident in Chinese social media, with one blogger railing: "this old she-devil, she actually dares to come!" Pelosi is 82. ........... The Chinese military said it was on high alert and would launch "targeted military operations" in response.

Taiwan rejects China's sovereignty claims, saying only the Taiwanese people can decide the island's future.

......... "We can see China's ambition: to make the Taiwan Strait non-international waters, as well as making the entire area west of the first island chain in the western pacific its sphere of influence"

13: Nepal

Russia faces ‘economic oblivion’ despite claims of short-term resilience, economists say
Sanctions against Russia are not backfiring
Xi Jinping’s $920 Billion Venture Capital Push Has a Dark Side China is having second thoughts about its state-sponsored industrial policy.
World’s Food Supply Faces New Threat From Lack of Rain in India Total rice planted area has shrunk 13% due to lack of rainfall .... Traders are concerned that India may restrict rice exports
Philippine SEC cautions the public not to invest with Binance
Growing disconnects between citizens and legislators endanger US democracy
Mr. President, take the winning shot in Ukraine already
Biden and US pundits must stop legitimizing Russian and Chinese threats
Elon Musk on Housing Bubble: ‘They Dug Their Own Graves'
Men’s Silence in Relationships Men's fear of conflict in relationships may lead to unhealthy withholding.
Why India could single-handedly shape the future of e-commerce this summer
How dollar became global reserve currency
Opinion: Life hacks from India on how to stay cool (without an air conditioner)
The OnePlus 10T 5G is The Fastest Charging Smartphone Ever
China launches military exercises around Taiwan after Pelosi visit
Parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef show highest coral cover in 36 years The report comes as UNESCO considers whether to list the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger.” .
China fires missiles into sea near Taiwan during drills around island
The housing market correction takes an unexpected turn
Inside a 700-year-old ‘groom market’ in India’s Bihar state In an annual event in Madhubani district, grooms stand in public display and male guardians of the brides select them for marriage. .
Former T-Mobile store owner netted $25 million from 5-year scheme which included tricking employees into resetting passwords

Russia Routed

सरकार ढल्‍ने डरैडरमा पाँच वर्ष काटेका मुख्‍यमन्त्री (भिडियो विश्लेषण)
पूर्वन्यायाधीशबारे चोलेन्द्रको आपत्तिजनक टिप्पणी, एक एकको नाम लिँदै भने–मण्डले, घनघोर मण्डले
चोलेन्द्रको बयानमा श्रृङ्खलावद्ध लाञ्छना र आरोप
नेपालीभाषी बहुल सात भारतीय सहरमा ‘प्रेमगीत ३’ को प्रचार तीव्र
चोलेन्द्रले गरे ओली र पौडेलको प्रशंसा