Monday, April 08, 2024

He Is Here

That who you long for
Is here
That who you pray for
Is here
The path forward is not war
Because He is here

And yet the scriptures talk of war
The birth pangs of a new age
Seems to go through war

That is what happened
The last two times
One age ended
And another began
There was war

Despite all divine attempts
To avert war
There was war
Despite the pleadings
And concessions
And persuasions
There was war

For such is the dance of
Free will
You have to choose
You have to decide
You have to own
Your decisions

The path to peace is here
The path to a new age is a book
Out in the open
Open to debates and discussions
Votes and resolutions
And peaceful political action
And yet the world marches towards war

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Andrea Dumais: A Greedy, Unethical, Cruel, Manipulative Lawyer Who Needs To Be Disbarred

Andrea Dumais of Goshen (New York) is a greedy, unethical lawyer who needs to be disbarred by the NY State Bar Association. She forgot her oath the moment she took it. This lawyer reeks of moral corruption. I took a survey of 40 lawyers in Orange County (New York) and the vicinity. Five of them said she is a cruel lawyer whose specialty is to snatch away children from innocent mothers. 30 had never heard of her. Five said, no comment. Mothers beware!

Corrupt lawyers like Andrea Dumais are the reason America is in such a state of disrepair. They are the reason why America is so incapable of building a bullet train. They are the reason why there are potholes all across this country. They are the reason America has a housing crisis. There are enough empty houses all across America that all of Australia could simply move in, and yet there is a housing crisis, thanks to greedy, corrupt lawyers like Andrea Dumais. 

NY State Bar Association, take note. This is a monster posing as a lawyer.