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Friday, November 04, 2016

The Tarmac Incident

There is something about Bill Clinton and tarmacs. The tarmac appears to be one of Bill Clinton's political blind spots. In 1992 he decided to have a haircut on a tarmac.

This year he kept Barack Obama waiting. And it perhaps is a non event between the two of them. I am sure they are the best of friends. And Obama has made comedy hay out of it too.

But I can't think of a better way to depress millennial support for Hillary Clinton. It was a public incident involving two of the most visible men.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

The FBI Is A Mindless, Unthinking White Male Club

The FBI Wants to Make America Great Again
the extraordinary Wall Street Journal coverage this week that revealed frustrations in the bureau over alleged Justice Department pressure to slow-walk an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. ..... The cherry on this banana-republic split is a tweet published Monday from a long-dormant Twitter account called @FBIRecordsVault. It disclosed that new records of the bureau’s probe into Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich had been released because of a Freedom of Information Act request. ..... “The Marc Rich tweet is evidence of open warfare between the Justice Department and the FBI.” ...... The move certainly appeared political. After all, former Attorney General Eric Holder was one of the first former officials to criticize Comey’s decision to update Congress on the e-mail investigation. ....... Perhaps the tweet was a shot across the bow to Holder, who recommended the Rich pardon in 2000 as deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton. ..... many rank-and-file FBI officials are frustrated about the investigation into the Clinton Foundation and the way the e-mail probe was handled ..... As he announced his decision to close the investigation, he also excoriated Clinton, calling her decision to use a private e-mail server for official business reckless and speculating that foreign powers accessed her e-mails (although he said the bureau could not prove that). Comey then promised Congress he would keep them abreast of new developments. He did just that less than two weeks before the election. ....... Through leaks and tweets, people in his bureau appear to be helping Donald Trump -- a man who has called for Clinton to be jailed. Ironic that Trump is the one who keeps saying the election will be rigged.

Yes, it does law enforcement. But the number one thing it does is it protects white male sexism. This naked attempt to influence the election is outrageous. The FBI is guilty of sexism, racism, and classism.

Comey is doing to Hillary what Mitch McConnell has been doing to Barack Obama. The office you hold does not matter, what matters is the color of your skin, and your gender. Otherwise Comey's boss is a black woman, and the guy is in open defiance. This is outrageous.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

FBI Institutional Hatred Of Clintons: Why?

FBI releases docs from 2001 Marc Rich probe days before election -

By now this has become bizarre. The top law enforcement institution in the country is expressing open hatred for a particular last name in a naked attempt to influence a presidential election and is succeeding at it. Hillary is getting hammered at the polls with this FBI antic. What explains this bizarre behavior?

This is a naked attempt to give the election to Trump. This is a naked attempt to hijack an election.

Is the idea of the first female president so abhorrent?

Comey seems to think it is a sure shot. Either Hillary loses or she wins and is illegitimate from day one.

Lucifer himself is working extra time on this.

This is not just sexism. The idea of nakedly playing foul. This is also racism. The black woman boss will not be obeyed. This is also classism. Bill Clinton never had class to be president. Before him even Democratic presidents came from dynasties.

It is amazing how desperately America wants to be a Third World country.

Hillary’s Male Tormentors

Obama Criticizes F.B.I. Director: ‘We Don’t Operate on Leaks’

Friday, October 28, 2016

Arkansas 1980

“I cannot tell you the number of times they would say to me, ‘If your husband wins, are you going to keep his last name?’ ” she told me. “I heard it over and over and over.”


The Road Trip That Changed Hillary Clinton's Life 

After they made their way deeper into Arkansas, bypassing Little Rock and curving through the Ozarks, the women stopped at a ramshackle restaurant for lunch. Mrs. Ehrman was growing more alarmed as she took in the surroundings.

“I said to her, ‘Hillary, you’re never going to get French bread here. You’re never going to get Brie,’ ” she recalled in a final plea, but by then Mrs. Clinton had made up her mind. “She wasn’t even listening to me at that point,” Mrs. Ehrman said.

They arrived in Fayetteville, home of the University of Arkansas, on one of the rowdiest weekends of the year. The hilltop town, with its canopy of oak trees, had become a swarm of drunken football fans, their faces painted red and their heads covered with hats shaped like the university’s hog mascot. The Razorbacks were playing a major rival at the time, the Longhorns of the University of Texas.

“It was then that I broke down and cried when I thought, ‘She’s going to live here?’ ” Mrs. Ehrman said. “I just cried. I just absolutely cried.”

Mrs. Ehrman took a plane back to Washington and paid someone to drive her Buick home. “I thought, ‘I’m getting out of here tomorrow morning. I don’t belong here,’ ” she said.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Michelle Obama For President 2024

I just read somewhere earlier that Republicans are scared Michelle Obama might run for the Senate and I was like, dang, how did they beat me to such a good idea!

That would be an excellent outcome. Hillary Clinton has not had a better surrogate this year. Michelle Obama is such a natural. Michelle took the gender issue by the horns. I think that partly explains Hillary's great confidence in the third debate.

And then I don't see why Michelle Obama can then not run for president in 2024.

People with last name Obama have been known to do that. Enter the Senate, then enter the White House.

I am on record from years ago right at this blog suggesting let's just declare Michelle queen and be done with this First Lady business. And since Bill Clinton can't be First Lady I think my idea has new relevance. It's still not too late. Where is an executive order when you need one?

After 44 men in there, what's two women? Besides black women find themselves at the intersection of both race and gender. It is a unique sociopolitical position to be in.

Send guys named Bill and Barack off to the golf courses. Let the women run the show.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Hillary Is Winning And Winning Big

The gender pressure has been building. Every time America has not elected a woman president that has added to the pressure. After 44 men that is a lot of pressure. That is why this is going to be a gigantic volcanic eruption. Women are being strategic about coming out only in the final few weeks.

She is a cat with two lives. She gave one life to making Bill Clinton president, with another life she is making herself president. What every top caliber politician has done one time she has done two times. That is a lot of preparation. Donald Trump is a feather weight boxer who is seeing both Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in the ring, and it is not just because he is seeing stars. There really are two boxers in the ring, Hillary times two. And I am not talking Bill Clinton. More on that later.

She has the brains. Someone of middle class background who went to top schools on merit and was top student there.

Thomas Edison said genius is 99% perspiration. Discipline and hard work are perhaps Hillary Clinton's defining qualities and that aspiring girls and women would most benefit from emulating. She puts in the hours. No short cuts there. She has all the qualities of a good student.

She has sound political instincts. I believe you could compare her in that department with any contemporary politician anywhere, or any in history. She is as good as they come. And I am not talking policy wonkiness. That is different. Paul Krugman is quite a policy wonk but I would not send him into the boxing ring.

She is a policy wonk, and not every successful politician is. She could have happily worked at some think tank her entire working life.

It does not hurt to be married to Bill Clinton, a world class political talent in his own right.

Getting beat by Barack Obama in 2008 makes her a cat with three lives.

2016. After 5,000 years of men running the show it had to happen in 2016. Being in the right place at the right time, Hillary got lucky.

And God gave her the most unqualified candidate in history to run against. Mother Mary obviously desires gender equality on earth.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Single Payer System?

market-based solutions would not solve the country's problems with insurance costs and coverage

Bill Clinton calls Obamacare 'the craziest thing in the world' -

The media likes drama. They want a fight. So they focus on just the phrase.

Bill Clinton could not have taken the Republican position that the whole thing needs to be dismantled, should never have happened.

Perhaps the ACA was an expensive way to educate the country to tell them what you really need is single payer.

Bill Clinton goes way off message on ObamaCare | TheHill

Hillary Clinton and the White House struggled on Tuesday to explain Bill Clinton’s blistering critique of ­ObamaCare, which exposed divisions in the Democratic Party over the healthcare law.

The blunt criticism of ­ObamaCare comes in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s careful embrace of the law throughout the campaign. She describedthe Affordable Care Act earlier this year as “one of the greatest accomplishments” in the nation’s history, and frequently touts the law’s coverage gains in her stump speeches.

Bill Clinton’s calls for Medicare for all, also known as a “single-payer” system, echo some of the former first lady’s own comments, after she stepped to the left on healthcare during this year’s Democratic primaries. 

She has proposed big changes like a government-run public option as well as the power for Medicare to negotiate with drug companies. Democrats in Congress have also signaled a new push for the public option, with 33 senators signing on to legislation to create one.

“The change we need is not to wreck this thing and repeal it. It’s done too much good,” Clinton said. “The change we need is to create an affordable option for the small-business people and the working people who are not covered — that’s what the public option is about.”

Bill Clinton: 'I strongly supported' ObamaCare | TheHill

Friday, August 05, 2016

Not Socialism, But Hypercapitalism

I have talked of the Age Of Abundance, I have talked of a Universal Basic Income. To the untrained especially the latter might smack of "socialism." That would be misleading.

This is talk of a new reality that asks for a new grammar. A lot of old rules are going to get junked.

Socialism has had two strains, one absolutely appalling, the one where there is no human rights. There has been another, the left of center variety that has been ridiculed for not knowing the fundamentals of wealth creation. I am not talking about that.

I am a small d democrat, which basically means taking the one person one vote one voice to all its logical local, state, national and global conclusions.

I am a free marketeer. Economics to me is like physics. Just like physics can come up with astounding technology, I believe economics as an academic discipline is capable of coming up with intellectual frameworks for massive wealth creation. If I am a capitalist I am one likely to speak of human capital in the same breath as financial and technological capital.

It is said in physics if you go to a high enough energy level all four basic forces are the same. The physics of liquid water is fundamentally different from the physics of steam.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time. It is about this point in time, this point in history, lucky you, lucky me.

The productivity gains driven almost entirely by technological innovation are about to be so astoundingly astronomical that many of the old rules will no longer apply. But there is a need for accompanying political innovation, and accompanying advances in economic theory. I lost a lot of respect for the discipline in 2008. They were royally surprised.

The most obvious thing to do is create a world government. That is knowledge we already have. Europe has suffered for attempting an economic union without a political union. Globalization is unstoppable but you go off the wheels if you don't create a world government.

The 2008 meltdown happened because politicians had stayed light years behind globalization. Banks go global but the governments are all still only national.

In a democracy everyone gets to vote, everyone matters. In a market there is free competition, there are no monopolies.

America is uniquely positioned to take the lead. It is the oldest modern democracy with mature institutions. It has a young about to be ex president. It is the most diverse country. Just in New York City you could find at least one person from every town on earth.

These are exciting times, even though Planet Earth right now is Titanic, on course to hit the iceberg in terms of Climate Catastrophe. But the same collective will that will steer humanity away from the iceberg will also usher the Age Of Abundance. It will be like a new birth to humanity. There is no parallel in history to what is about to happen. I am wildly optimistic.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

Bill Clinton, My Man! Sharp As Ever

Bill Clinton is badass! Sharp as ever.

Bill Clinton Urges Immigrants To Vote

Speaking directly to illegal aliens, Clinton stated to an applauding audience of delegates that “if you love this country, you’re working hard, you’re paying taxes and you’re obeying the law and you’d like to become a citizen, you should choose immigration reform over somebody that wants to send you back.” 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary Should Collect A 10 Point Bounce

Hillary Clinton Speech

Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton: such uplifting, wonderful speeches. Such a contrast to the Republican arsonists. I think Hillary will see a 10 point bounce from this convention. This election is going to be won in a landslide. And by now I am so glad the Bernie crowd is all sewed up, and she did it herself. That crowd needs to know, how much you get of all you want is in direct proportion to the size of the mandate. I should write that in the form of a mathematical equation. Give her the House!

The top speakers from Philly should now fan out to the 50 states in a coordinated fashion.

Did you get the news? Donald wants to punch people in the face! This dude can't come anywhere near the nuclear code. This is a simple one issue election now. People, be very afraid.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

12 To 5

Looks like Hillary went from leading Trump by 12 points to 5 points. How come?

It is one of Clinton's laws of politics. When you get hit, you hit back. Otherwise the public believes the lies.

Donald Trump gave a pretty agitated speech full of lies, full of tabloid "research"  and it worked because there was no counter punch.

The women of America don't need to see a woman take the punches. Heck, that much they do on their own most days of the week. The women of America need to see someone who fights back and wins.

Trump is not running on policy. He is running on misguided mumbo jumbo identity, KKK nationalism, and hot air. And "political correctness" grievances. Which basically means white guys should be allowed to say mean sexist things to women and mean racist things to blacks and Mexicans.

Looks like Hillary needs Warren who goes sucker punch for sucker punch against Donald.

That will give Hillary the luxury to keep to the high ground.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What To Do After Grabbing The House

As Mitch McConnell does the racist thing and puts the US constitution into the acid tank, democracy's resiliency is that Hillary will win both the White House and the Senate and a more liberal appointee than the one Obama has proposed will end up on the Supreme Court. Hillary is also on schedule to make two more appointments during her eight years, which clears the deck to 2050.

The White House part of the race is over. The Senate part of the race is over. And Hillary is set to also take the House. Right now the numbers are not officially there yet, but the momentum is unmistakable. I see a tsunami building up.

I have watched elections all my life in many different countries all over the world. I don't watch sports except for the World Cup.

I have never seen anything like this. Hillary just might win all 50 states. The battleground states are no more battling. The focus can now move to the South. And the South is caving in. Tennessee dollar numbers are in and Trump is getting beat by everyone who ran in either party this year.

Hillary is yet to get the Warren bump. And the Obama bump. And Bill Clinton is busy like a bee behind the scenes. This just might be the purest political work he ever got to do. All the craft, none of the tabloid nonsense.

Four is a team. And what a team. This is without precedent in American politics.

So what do you do in the aftermath? How do you run a one party state?

To quote a sentence from Bill Clinton's autobiography, one word: arithmetic.

Don't overplay your hand and lose the majority two years later. Stay in conversation with the grassroots. Stay focused on the future. Celebrate diversity in public ways. For one, that doesn't cost money. If you think diversity is America's past, you have not seen the future.

We are at the cusp of The Age Of Abundance. America (and the world) is about to get so rich that Donald Trump is right, America is Third World today.

But it won't happen automatically. There is some serious steering to do.

There is a world government to hatch. Barack Obama is George Washington. There is a global warming fire to douse, almost all of it through innovation. God gave you a brain.

The same effort that turns the tide on global warming and steers the ship away from the iceberg unleashes technological forces that gives America a Universal Basic Income in 10-12 years. Bernie's asks will be proven small.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

स्वामी का बाभनवाद

स्वामी बाभन है। सत्ताधारी कोई भी हो वो सता के नजदीक पहुंच ही जाता है। चाहे इन्दिरा गांधी हो या मोदी।

रघुराम राजन को तन्ग किया तो राजन आउट। राजन आउट तो जेटली पर हमला शुरू। लोगो ने प्रश्न किया तो स्वामी का पोस्चर था कि मैं मोदी का आदमी, मेरा मोदी और अमित शाह से सीधे बात होता है। तो लोगों को शन्का हुआ। मोदी से सीधा बात करने वाले तो जेटली, ये फिर मलाई में मक्खी कौन?

राजन के विरुद्ध मीडिया क्याम्पेन करने की कोई जरूरत नहीं थी। राजनीतिक रूप से घटिया कदम था। जो स्वामी ने लिया। केंद्रीय बैंक के गवर्नर के कार्यकाल को और समय देना न देना प्रधानमंत्री के अधिकार की बात है और वो बात सब को मालूम है, राजन को भी मालूम है।

राजन मेरीट वाले लोग हैं। वो दुनिया के किसी भी देश का केंद्रीय बैंक या वित्त मंत्रालय चला सकते हैं। लेकिन प्रधानमंत्री बनने की काबिलियत नहीं। कान का डाक्टर हड्डियों के भी डाक्टर हो ये जरूरी नहीं।

राजन को लगा मोदी हिन्ट दे रहे हैं स्वामी के मार्फत। गलत लगा। स्वामी जैसे लोगों का कोई बौस नहीं होता। बगैर लगाम का घोड़ा।

इतना बड़ा देश, राजन के अलावे और कोई चला ही नहीं सकता ऐसी बात नहीं। लेकिन जो दो चार नाम सामने आए हैं वो राजन के लेवल के नहीं।

केन्द्रीय बैंक के गवर्नर का कोई पार्टी नहीं होता। अमेरिका में था बन्दा एलेन ग्रीनस्पान। रिपब्लिकन पार्टी ने पद पर लाया, डेमोक्रेटिक पार्टी के बिल क्लिंटन ने पद पर कायम रखा। मार्केट को अच्छा सन्देश गया।

राजन का कोई पार्टी नहीं है। राजन जैसे लोगों का कोई पार्टी नहीं होता। राजन को पद पर कायम रखना मोदी के हित में है।

राजन को भी इससे अच्छा मौका नहीं मिलेगा कहीं। विश्व इतिहास में नाम दर्ज कराने का और कोई मौका मिलेगा क्या? प्रोफेसर को कौन जानता है?

हमला बोल दिया स्वामी ने। राजन को लगा मोदी की आवाज है। इस लिए मैं बोला राजन प्रधानमंत्री बनने के काबिल नहीं है। इतना भी पता नहीं चला कि हमलावर कौन है।

स्वामी ही तो समस्या है मोदी का। सारे दुनिया में, अमेरिका में मोदी का डन्का बजता है लेकिन छोटा-सा देश नेपाल। मोदी के नाक में पानी कर के रखा है। आखिर क्यों?


मोदी तेली है, बाभन नहीं। बस। इतनी सी बात है काठमाण्डु में। देश तबाह हो जाए मन्जुर लेकिन मोदी को नीचा दिखाना है।

ओली रावण है, रावण के तरह बाभन है। रावण, स्वामी और ओली तीनों का नस्ल एक।

10 करोड़ बाभन परमेश्वर और आम जनता के बीच में बैठे हैं। कैसे आगे बढ़ेगा देश? घर में आते हैं, मुर्ति पुजा करते हैं, ऐसे किताब पढते हैं जो न खुद समझते हैं न जनता को समझ आती है। दक्षिणा में पैसा ले जाते हैं। दलित को मन्दिर में घुसने नहीं देते। आम जनता को परमेश्वर से अलग रखना शैतान का काम है।

राजनीति में पुराना नियम है Follow The Money.

भारत के अर्थतंत्र का जो सबसे महत्वपूर्ण सेक्टर है small business sector उसको डिसमिस कर दिया जाता है informal sector कह के। यही तो रोना है। बहुत सोची-समझी साजिश है। ताकि बैंक लोन सिर्फ बड़े बड़े उद्योगपति को मिले। लोन ले लेते हैं और पैसा वापस नहीं करते। जनता तबाह। हाइ लेवल की डकैती।

तो राजन हलवा टाइट करने में लगे थे। तो अखड गये होंगे दो चार। तो क्याम्पेन शुरू। मिडिया में बदनाम करो राजन को।

जिस तरह सबको आईडी दिया जा रहा है उसी तरह देश के प्रत्येक बिजनेस को रजिस्टर्ड करो। ताकि सब लोन ले सके।

I was open to extension to complete unfinished work: Rajan
I have never been an inflation nutter, says Rajan

Friday, June 24, 2016

Warren, Wall Street, And The VP Ticket

No The world will go mad before it succumbs to climate catastrophe. You could argue The Donald is already taking the lead on the going mad part.

No Warren on the ticket and America ends up with not one but two fractured conventions. That will be like America went mad.

Sometimes I feel the Clintons think too much in terms of loyalty. Nobody is trying to be loyal to the Clintons. People are just trying to get the political work done.

You can get too good at building the political machine and end up the political IBM of the 1990s.

The people who tried and failed to draft Warren are the ones who voted for Bernie. Warren refused to be drafted in an obvious nod to Hillary. If Hillary had not been in the picture Warren would have run. And won.

That is not someone with rabble rousing intentions. That is someone with intentions to defer to Hillary's centrist instincts.

But what if Warren on the ticket gives Hillary the House? Then the center itself will have moved to the left.

About time.

The same voters who supported the Republican Party and prevented a three trillion stimulus in 2009 are complaining they are hurting and are siding with the Trump madness. Three trillion was what the best of economists wanted. A much bigger monetary stimulus was given and much of that money went to Wall Street. A three trillion financial stimulus would have gone primarily to Main Street. No, you were not misled by billionaires. You acted stupid.

Bill Clinton has a character flaw. It is that flaw that made him give in to Wall Street when Wall Street came knocking in 1998 wanting to do away with the firewall between traditional and investment banking. That snowballed into 2008.

There are media reports Bill Clinton yet again intends to cave in to Wall Street on Warren. How does this story end this time?

If Bill is going to decide on the VP, is Hillary but a Manchurian candidate? Will the real candidate please stand up?

Bill Clinton has a wonderful opportunity to play the politically gifted spouse. He is not the candidate. He is not going to be president.

The threat is if you put Warren on the ticket, we will not give you any more money. Ends up it might be a loss of 30 million dollars.

Talking just about money, that might be a loss of 30 million from Wall Street and a gain of 300 million from the grassroots. I say take the money.

The Blockchain will do to money what the Internet did to information. Too big to fail is not capitalism, it is monopoly. The market demands competition. The Wall Street firms are like the paper newspapers of 1990. They have no clue what is just round the corner. Nobody has heard of the Cisco, the Google, the Facebook, the Amazon of the Blockchain, because they have not even been incorporated yet.

This is not communism. This is not Bernie's socialism. This is technology and innovation. This is the market economy as it should be. This is common sense. This is being God loving.

You do not want to apply liquid water physics at 110 degrees. You want to do evidence based decision making. You want to take the temperature and you want to get into steam physics.

The world is at the cusp of the Age Of Abundance, made possible by technology. When the productivity gains are an unheard of 10,000%, you prepare the policy framework for a Universal Basic Income. In less than 10 years, America will have to do the sensible thing on Universal Basic Income. The Bernie/Warren crowd is not a throwback to another era. These are people who see what's around the corner.

And it is time Native Americans took over. I learned from The Donald Warren is part Native. It's about time.

The Native Americans had a much better score on the environment anyways.

Larry Ellison, the colorful founder of Oracle, was Bill Clinton's first and biggest donor in the 1992 cycle, a big move for a guy who had simply not cared about politics after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. But after Clinton put Al Gore on the ticket, he did not give "a dime," because Gore as Senator had sided with a tech rival of his who had been "good to me." That was before Larry discovered the art of funding politicians.

"Exactly what units of goodness are we talking about here, Senator? "

I have noticed in the recent months Zimbabwe and Venezuela have both ended up with similar predicaments. The only Mugabe I know is a dictator. I am not opposed to left leaning politics or even socialism as long human rights are not violated, but Hugo Chavez has never felt particularly inspiring to me.

But the ground reality in both countries have become identical. Ordinary people are suffering. Basically there seems to be a currency collapse. Not only that the media narrative on both seems to be identical. Well respected media brands have been peddling identical stories on both countries. It is their fault.

But it feels like the mighty dollar has been used to demolish the economies of two countries whose leaders challenged the wrong powers. But the punishment has to be meted out without being seen. And hence the orchestrated media campaigns of planted stories.

This were all good and dandy except I have seen a repeat of the same on the Elizabeth Warren meme. After the first story came out suggesting some Wall Street honchos were not only unhappy about the idea of Warren as veep, which is fine, you have the democratic right to be happy or unhappy, I am happy, but that they think Hillary really does not have the option to even consider the Warren name, for they are going to turn off the money tap, as if it is not for the Democratic nominee to decide who her running mate is going to be. For one that suggestion is grossly sexist.

Elizabeth Warren is no Robert Mugabe. Elizabeth Warren is no Hugo Chavez. I am absolutely clear on that.

And stop punishing the people of Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Don't blame the people for their leaders.

The Devil is capable of infiltrating institutions of law enforcement. The Devil is capable of infiltrating Wall Street institutions. You have to watch out.

Wall Street honchos should stoop down and do the citizen thing. If you don't like Hillary don't vote for Hillary. If you don't like Hillary don't make campaign contributions to her. But don't suggest the power to pick her running mate rests with anyone except her.

I am looking for a press release, frankly. Put your name down. We the here signed finance geniuses think Warren would be disastrous for the American economy for the following reasons.

And let the debate begin.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Biggest Fallacy In American Democracy

The biggest fallacy in American democracy is that America is going to wait until every country on earth has become a democracy, and since that might not happen for a while, America is going to fight the idea of a world government tooth and nail.

Except now America's hand is being forced. The world's hand is being forced. Planet earth is Titanic, headed straight for an iceberg right now.

On a phenomenon as complex as climate and weather, there is remarkable agreement among scientists on where we stand today, and where we are headed in the near future. A hurricane like Sandy was never supposed to hit a city like New York, but it did.

Right now the planet is headed on a path to more and more extreme weather conditions. That going out of hand is a scenario where weather conditions in all parts of the world are extreme, volatile, and completely unpredictable. The fastest computers will have no clue. That is a bye bye agriculture scenario. Six billion people die. To get there all humanity has to do is stay on course. And The Devil's dream scenario gets realized. Kill Them All is The Devil's mantra.

But six billion don't fast to death. The kinds of human conflicts can't even be imagined. Humanity ends up in the stone age.

But the planet is not on an autopilot. It does not have to be this way. There's still time. There are still good options. There is a bend in the road the likes of which humanity has never seen. If the right moves are made, the worst case scenario is not only avoided, the world ends up in an Age Of Abundance. It is quite a bend in the road. Imagine a thousand trillion dollar global economy. Imagine a global Universal Basic Income, because the productivity gains from new technology are so out of the pale.

What is to be done? Step one is the formation of a world government. America as the leading nation has to lead. Barack Obama would be perfect for the George Washington role.

While the political trinity of Hillary, Warren and Bill Clinton run the show in DC. The President, the Vice President, and the Political Spirit.

Just like the League Of Nations became the United Nations, the UN can morph to become the world government.

Only a world government could steer humanity away from the impending climate catastrophe.

A year after Hillary has become president would be a good time to get started.

I believe the formula is fairly simple. A lower house where each country's weight is in proportion to its population, and an upper house where each country's weight is in proportion to its GDP, and 1% of GDP as each country's membership fee.

The President Of The World has to be able to collect over 50% of the votes in both chambers for a five year term.

But that is now. Eventually you want a directly elected POW, with people casting votes on their phones through their biometric IDs over a period of a week. You are hoping over 80% of the votes get cast.

The world government would have three branches, and a constitution. Something short and simple like the US constitution would work.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Warren?

A campaign has to go through its motions and considering someone for Veep is a great way to reach out to an important constituency, but I don't see how anyone except Elizabeth Warren can be it.

No woman has ever been president. Why do you think that is? Sexism.

Sexism is wrong. Sexism is unnatural. Sexism was never God's intention. It drags everybody down.

You can not rectify the situation with just one woman. You need two women on the ticket.

The stars have aligned.

Barack Obama, in his endorsement, called Hillary "the most qualified person ever to hold the office." I thought he was being objective.

This woman was Co-Governor for go count how many years. This was not some pretty woman standing by the side cutting ribbons. She basically architected Bill Clinton's reelection when he lost a term. This woman was Co-President for eight years. Not only that she will bring in Bill Clinton in a large role, possibly creating a political trinity. (First Lad?) Bill Clinton has sound political instincts, outstanding emotional intelligence, outstanding economic credentials, and possibly the largest personal network of anyone alive today. This woman was Senator. This woman was a presidential candidate who only narrowly lost to someone as gifted as Barack Obama. She was Secretary Of State. And she was outstanding. I am still trying to understand how she solved Burma. So, yes, she is very, very qualified. But the next woman after her should not have to be this qualified. I am hoping the next woman president only will have been Governor before assuming the big office.

Warren is also very qualified. She is so qualified I think if she had run instead of Bernie, there is no telling what might have happened. But that she did not run is testimony to the fact that she is a team player who prizes Hillary's centrist instincts. For it is not about making the right noise. It is about getting things done. Bernie, on the other hand, can come across as unrealistic. He seems to think if he can only convince one person Hillary. That is not how it works. If it were only about convincing one person Hillary, much bigger things than anything Bernie has proposed would materialize.

Which is why Bernie has to do all he can to bring all his supporters to Hillary. The bigger the mandate, more gets done.

As I am seeing right now, this is going to be the most uncontested presidential election in US history. The White House part of the race is over. The Senate part of the race is over. Now it is about the House. Hillary could win the House. Hillary could win Texas. Hillary could win the South with abortion.

But for that you need Warren. Warren is the original flag bearer, the original leader, the first choice of the crowd that went for Bernie. You add that crowd to your crowd, and you are already at 55%.

Two strong, smart women on the ticket, and a lot of Republican women will ditch the party. Now you are at 60%.

Blacks were already with Hillary. By now Hispanics are also as staunchly with Hillary. Thank you, Donald.

I just read a news report where some men on Wall Street are warning against Warren. These are sexist men who know nothing about politics and very little about banking. Don't listen to them.

One word: Blockchain.

This election is as existential as Climate Change. No mandate will be too big.

The next three Supreme Court judges going progressive, America will get the campaign finance reform and electoral reform it deserves.

This is not just about one country. This is about all humanity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bill Clinton: Amigo?

Bill Clinton used to be black. Now he is Mexican!? Trump just called Bill Clinton a rapist like he calls Mexicans.

I guess this is Trump's idea of being unpredictable! You flummox your opponent by being unpredictable.

Bill Clinton does not know what to do. He is flummoxed. He did not see this coming.

Hillary, on the other hand. She has an attack ad ready.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why Stop At Bill Clinton!

Why stop at Bill Clinton, I'd like to also go ahead and blame Hillary Clinton for some of the things Boris Yeltsin might have done. I can't pit it down right now, but I am sure that guy did something or the other.

Jesus. Donald Trump will have you believe Hillary Clinton had lesbian sex with Monica Lewinsky. Kevin Spacey and his wife have sex with this dude aide, at the same time, but that was on Netflix. I guess we all have our sources of news and information, and enlightenment.

Trump's top weapon is Benghazi II. Facts-free sexism, completely unhinged from facts and logic. At least on Benghazi no one is accusing Hillary of having pulled the trigger. But give Trump some time. With Trump, many things are possible.

Note: it is the Department Of Defense (not State) that protects embassies. But I guess if you can name only one Obama cabinet member, you are going to be tempted to use your limited vocabulary.