Wednesday, November 02, 2016

FBI Institutional Hatred Of Clintons: Why?

FBI releases docs from 2001 Marc Rich probe days before election -

By now this has become bizarre. The top law enforcement institution in the country is expressing open hatred for a particular last name in a naked attempt to influence a presidential election and is succeeding at it. Hillary is getting hammered at the polls with this FBI antic. What explains this bizarre behavior?

This is a naked attempt to give the election to Trump. This is a naked attempt to hijack an election.

Is the idea of the first female president so abhorrent?

Comey seems to think it is a sure shot. Either Hillary loses or she wins and is illegitimate from day one.

Lucifer himself is working extra time on this.

This is not just sexism. The idea of nakedly playing foul. This is also racism. The black woman boss will not be obeyed. This is also classism. Bill Clinton never had class to be president. Before him even Democratic presidents came from dynasties.

It is amazing how desperately America wants to be a Third World country.

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