Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump, Trade, Climate, The Wall, And Tax Cuts

The massive Ukraine like protests are a first in US presidential politics. The protestors are not even saying votes got stolen or anything like that. They are saying, this is not my president, I refuse to get on his time machine and go back in time.

But this guy is in for four years. The only good option is to abolish the electoral college, which I don't see happening, because you will need the cooperation of states that currently benefit from the current system.

Hillary did not go on a counter attack when the Comey attack came. But she is protesting now. That might be said of many Democrats who sat out the election. Many are getting riled up now.

The Democrats have been beat so badly there is nowhere to go but up. The Democratic Party is currently a big city municipal party.

The Wall was always a scam. It is not going to be built. It is a 25 billion dollar promise that reminds people of a certain university.

White women would rather be racist than have gender equality and liberals are deliriously happy in opposition. Those are two takeaways from this election. A country that was founded racist continues to be so.

But if Trump makes the move on trade he said he would, this country is looking at a recession in less than two years. Trade wars are the textbook pathway to a Great Depression. Only right now the Federal Reserve has literally zero room for maneuver. This is not the China of 30 years ago. Now the Chinese economy is larger than the American economy. American consumers depend on cheap Chinese stuff.

Just the dollar figure on the Trump Deportation Program is huuuge. It would be a logistical nightmare. And it is a bigger political nightmare than logistical.

But nothing will announce to the world that America is no longer the leader of the world, it is China now, like Trump walking away from the climate deal. The planet hardly has 10 years if it is not to hit the point of no return. The dangers of climate change are existential. New York City can expect many more dates with Sandy.

"The poorly educated" have done more than rob themselves of health insurance, and give the top 1%, the true establishment, massive tax cuts at their own expense. China is also losing large numbers of low paying factory jobs. It is like when handlooms got replaced by textile factories.

These are precarious times for the American democracy. And, no, the pollsters were not wrong. Hillary did get millions more votes than Trump.

The industrial Midwest feels the pain of change. But America should be looking at the fourth industrial revolution knocking on the door. Going back in time is not an option.

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