Friday, November 11, 2016

The Impossible Situation

The day before the election Bill Clinton bemoaned "a great president who has been term limited."

Barack Obama said on the same stage, "The sun will shine tomorrow no matter what happens."

That is not a fighting spirit.

The Comey strike was quite a blow. Here were white men saying, it is not about collecting votes, it is about acceptance, and we simply will not accept you.

The FBI is a white male bastion, obviously.

Prominent liberal newspapers wrote Hillary Clinton saw this coming. She was expecting an October surprise.

The liberal media had its own October surprise. It talked about a Latino surge in early voting to create a white surge on Election Day.

White women across the board voted against the idea of a woman president.

The chosen liberated people harassed Moses in the desert. Why did you bring us here? We were better off in Egypt.

Hillary Clinton herself did not give a single gender speech. It was as if she was trying to become the first female president without anyone noticing she was female.

She won the convention and the aftermath and completely lost August by disengaging and disappearing. She won three debates and earned double digit leads and again disengaged and squandered it. Comey would not have attacked if he had not seen an opening.

Hillary Clinton has that Jeb Bush quality like she does not really want to be there.

Not picking Elizabeth Warren for running mate was such a waste. This would have been a 55% victory for Clinton.

But those are mechanics. The people have spoken. Americans just got themselves an Aexit. The post World War II and the post Cold War world order is now over. America has now exited the world stage by popular opinion. NATO and the dollar will go under a fundamental rethink.

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