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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Brexit, Aexit, And Trump

Brexit is easier to look at for Americans because the distance the pond offers gives you perspective. The trade war is Donald Trump attempting Brexit for America. Is it possible for the British economy to disengage from the larger European economy? It is the largest market in the world. Is it possible for the American economy to disengage from the Chinese economy? Just like Brexit seemed to have bipartisan support in London, looks like Trump's moves enjoy bipartisan support in Washington DC.

I think the short answer is the attempted disengagement is not possible. You can try and create a lot of political drama. But the disengagement will not happen. The supply chains of the world have become so enormously complex. Country A exports item M to Country B, which uses item M to produce item N which it exports to Country A, and that back and forth goes five times, six times, 10 times. How do you disengage?

50 years ago the Chinese read the Chinese newspapers, the Americans read the American newspapers. Today Donald Trump's facial expressions are transmitted in real time to all world as he makes small talk with Abe or Xi. And they get archived for anyone else to see on their own time. In this information-rich environment, you can bluff but you will get seen.

I don't believe Trump cares for the cause of democracy. His relentless verbal attacks on media in the US is a hint. He has openly asked for violence in the streets.

I believe he is a demagogue who misleads his people. He taps into the anger from the lost manufacturing base and channels blame on the Mexican and the Chinese. He does not have a solution. The trade war is just a bigger version of the border wall theatrics. He promised he will get those manufacturing jobs back and he wants to be seen trying. Look, I did try to build the wall. Look, I did put the pressure on the Chinese.

The smart thing to do would be to face the facts of the massive transition that is underway. Evidence-based decision making will lead to a realization this transition need not be painful and it can be good news.

The smart thing to do is to face the facts of climate change and inequality. Both are existential.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Britain And America Are Trying To Readjust

The post World War II world order is over. But a new world order has not taken shape yet. The Brexit vote and the Trump victory are Britain and America admitting the leadership role they have had for 70 years is now too expensive. They simply can't afford it anymore.

And that is not a vacuum for China to fill. It is not for any one country to fill. China can't afford it either.

A new world order will be the one person one vote principle taken to its global conclusion. A world government is in the offing.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Impossible Situation

The day before the election Bill Clinton bemoaned "a great president who has been term limited."

Barack Obama said on the same stage, "The sun will shine tomorrow no matter what happens."

That is not a fighting spirit.

The Comey strike was quite a blow. Here were white men saying, it is not about collecting votes, it is about acceptance, and we simply will not accept you.

The FBI is a white male bastion, obviously.

Prominent liberal newspapers wrote Hillary Clinton saw this coming. She was expecting an October surprise.

The liberal media had its own October surprise. It talked about a Latino surge in early voting to create a white surge on Election Day.

White women across the board voted against the idea of a woman president.

The chosen liberated people harassed Moses in the desert. Why did you bring us here? We were better off in Egypt.

Hillary Clinton herself did not give a single gender speech. It was as if she was trying to become the first female president without anyone noticing she was female.

She won the convention and the aftermath and completely lost August by disengaging and disappearing. She won three debates and earned double digit leads and again disengaged and squandered it. Comey would not have attacked if he had not seen an opening.

Hillary Clinton has that Jeb Bush quality like she does not really want to be there.

Not picking Elizabeth Warren for running mate was such a waste. This would have been a 55% victory for Clinton.

But those are mechanics. The people have spoken. Americans just got themselves an Aexit. The post World War II and the post Cold War world order is now over. America has now exited the world stage by popular opinion. NATO and the dollar will go under a fundamental rethink.

There Is To Be A World Government

Brexit and Aexit are concrete steps in that direction. These developments were prophecied 2,000 years ago. The Lord God, the one true Living God, all seeing, all knowing, eternally just, all powerful, steers the plates of geopolitics as deftly as he defeated the armies that you read about in the Old Testament. God is the God of all peoples. God is the God of the entire cosmos.

America has become a modern day Roman Empire. It will go to the outer edges of the solar system but not to Africa. Those are not the ways of the just.

A world government of one person one vote from the local, to the state, to the national, to the global levels, that is what is in the offing. Brexit and Aexit are Britain and America stepping back to make way for that.

The American establishment is under siege because it will not reason its way to that world government but it will move if its hand is forced by a popular mandate, like now.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Brexit, Now An Aexit

America has exited the world stage by popular opinion. The plates of geopolitics grind on.

Aexit, or American Exit.

This is the American electorate admitting loud and clear America is no longer number one. America can't afford to be number one no more. There is no money.

NATO and the dollar itself will come under question. A new world order is not in place yet, but the old world order in place since the end of World War II has now collapsed.

China and India will play leading roles in the shaping of the new world order. The king of the north, the king of the south, those would be China and India respectively. Those prophecies are 2,000 years old. God can read time like weather scientists try to read weather, only God does not have computer power issues.

Global security and not just American and European security can be forged along a fully democratic framework in which every human being is a vote. The dollar is in short supply everywhere because America can't afford to print more dollars without negative domestic consequences but the global economy does not have as much currency as it needs to keep the wheels greased.

Europe and America are just two among the continents and neither are the largest.

God created the human being in His own image, every human being, that includes Asians and Africans and, yes, Mexicans.

Son Of God: Jesus Is Back

Monday, July 11, 2016

Women To Lead Both Parties In The UK

Angela Eagle launches leader bid 'to heal Labour' 

One of the pleasant surprises of the Brexit vote was not the guy with Donald Trump hair and temper but a woman is going to be Prime Minister. Now looks like the opposition might also go to a woman. Men have created enough mess.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Best Way To Understand Brexit

If you can create a world government then there is no Brexit. A country like the UK could become four different countries, but keep the pound. If sovereignty rests with people everywhere then only the people may decide national boundaries.

Currency stability should not be the responsibility of a national government. The world government could take responsibility for that.

A world government could provide every human being a biometric ID, and through that database conduct elections at all levels everywhere.

The nation state itself needs to be fundamentally challenged. People ask, whose century is this? China's? India's? Asia's? Or still America's? All world will have become one country long before 2050. The question is moot. And this is not the Internet century either. The Blockchain will be bigger than the Internet, and the Blockchain will not be the final big technology wave. With Universal Spiritual Centeredness the world will see many such waves, each bigger than the last one.

Kumar : Wake Up To God

The nation state that we know today has only been around a few hundred years, and it has overstayed its welcome.

All nation states have to dissolve into one world government. The nation state does not go away, but it takes its rightful place in a full spectrum of government from local to state to national to global.

That is what Brexit is pointing towards. It's not bad news. It's not going backwards in time. As usual the British are on the cutting edge.

You want currency zones, not tied to countries. But for now immigration is for each country to decide. You can't bring everyone to America but you can take America to everybody.

It is better to take democracy and human rights and the Internet and the Blockchain and the biometric ID everywhere. There will come a time faster than most people realize when all world will be one country in every way. The standard of living is more or less the same everywhere, and it is high everywhere. Then nobody rails about immigration.

The per capita income can go up in every country and the annual income can go up for everyone everywhere. The poor don't grow rich at the expense of the rich. The rich who don't understand it probably inherited their wealth. They didn't work for it. They don't seem to understand the wealth creation mechanism.

People think Bill Clinton was amazing with the economy but some of the same people give him a hard time about NAFTA. NAFTA is how he gave you that good economy. You need advances in technology. Heck, you paid for the basic research that fuels it. You need the Trans Pacific Partnership.

I say, Barack Obama for George Washington. That is the writing on the Brexit wall.

The Brexit is also a revolt against the bankers of the world who know not what they do and know not that they know not. The common people everywhere have been watching breath abated at what the bankers have done to Greece. They might not care about Greece, but they sure don't want to be next.

The UK can be four countries within one world government and no part of the UK will suffer for it. Currency stability is for the world government to make sure. The Blockchain entrepreneurs are not moving fast enough. I myself shall make moves in the space. It is an exciting future you are looking at.

The most exciting part is, if the productivity can go up by 10,000% then there is no stopping a Universal Basic Income. The past is not the hint to the future. Some very exciting things are about to happen.

The most important step is Universal Spiritual Centeredness which makes everything else possible. Pray. How hard is it? And you need a world government just to make sure the Titanic does not hit the iceberg. The beautiful part is if you manage to stay away from the iceberg the world is looking at cheap, clean, abundant energy. After that the sky is the limit. The Age Of Abundance is right round the corner. Water becomes abundant like air. With near free energy, you distill a tiny bit of the ocean.

Without Universal Spiritual Centeredness though, something like Artificial Intelligence can be a two edged sword. Sound mental health for everyone who flies planes, top notch spiritual health for anyone who handles Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering, that's not too much to ask for, especially if it's existential.

So don't give the British a hard time on Brexit. See this as the first big step taken to a world government that needs to materialize within three years from now. Make that two.