Thursday, November 10, 2016

Grand White Coalition (2)

but i had breakfast with my dad at a denny’s this summer that concerned me. he is a deeply principled man. a very good person with strong values. he is rust belt middle class. he went to the seminary for years to be a priest but ultimately felt it wasn’t for him. he cares deeply about people, is the kindest person i know, and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. he coached me and my 3 siblings in basketball and soccer and more. he’s that dad. at that breakfast he told me was voting for trump and he was certain trump would win. this was weeks before the conventions.

it was about bringing down the establishment.

he said there were millions like him who were so angry at the path we were on that they would put anyone in the office to blow it all up.

trump only won because he struck a chord with the mainstream. he got people like my dad to vote for him — good people who believed they did the right thing by voting for him.

my wife was crying tonight over this election. it felt like the biggest failure of america we’ve ever experienced.

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