Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hillary Speaks Up For NYC

Hillary The Olympian

She is working to get the Olympics into the city for 2012. "Living in New York is like living in an Olympic village: every language from every corner of the globe, people who are striving every day to do their best." Well, Senator, I am so glad I am finally a New Yorker.

And look at this other piece of news, a Senate "hopeful" is still trying to throw the carpetbagger mud onto her. I had never heard of the word before Hillary ran for Senate. So in my own small world, that word does stick on her. But politically? I guess you could claim she does spend a lot of time in DC! Dang!

GOP Toyota

There is an interesting article here comparing the Democrats to General Motors and the Republicans to Toyota. "The Republicans have thrived for the same reason as Toyota — they have been better at producing new products and going after new customers..... flexibility and innovation — skills that neither GM nor the Democratic Party have cultivated." Ditch the term liberal, adopt the term progressive. And act it. It is the progressives that are top on flexibility ahnd innovation.

Listen Dean

Howard Dean will talk. That is good. He will not run away from the fight. Too bad his progressivism does not encompass what I might call economic literacy. Some of the political progressives act out economic regressives. Leave regression to the other camp. When you blanket demonize the corporations, you also lose the right to go after those who indulge in corporate welfare and overlook corporate corruption.

Third Party Bid In 2008

Carville thinks so. The majority thinks the country is on the wrong track. The Republicans have lost ground, the Democrats even more so: "...voters' perceptions that Democrats have "no core set of convictions or point of view.""

Hillary 2008

July 19