Friday, March 31, 2006

Critiquing A Critique Of The Iraq War Critiques

When Cynicism Meets Fanaticism: Critiquing The Critique Of The War In Iraq by Victor Davis Hanson

I just bumped into a blog post where Hanson of the Hoover Institution takes the war critiques to task. He summarizes the main points of the critiques and then proceeds to demolish them. These are the eight empty vessel arguments of the anti-war people, he claims:
1. Saddam was never connected to al Qaeda, the perpetrators of 9/11.
2. There was no real threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
3. The United Nations and our allies were justifiably opposed on principle to the invasion.

4. A small cabal of neoconservative (and mostly Jewish) intellectuals bullied the administration into a war that served Israel’s interest more than our own.

5. Saddam could not be easily deposed, or at least he could not be successfully replaced with a democratic government.
6. The architects of this war and the subsequent occupation are mostly inept (“dangerously incompetent”) — and are exposed daily as clueless by a professional cadre of disinterested journalists.

7. In realist terms, the benefits to be gained from the war will never justify the costs incurred.

8. We cannot win.
Then he offers his counter arguments. They can be summarized as follows:
    1. Saddam might not have behind 9/11, but he was connected to Al Qaeda, like Germany and Japan, so different from each other otherwise, were part of an alliance.
    2. The WMD worries were real. It does not matter that they were not found, but more than one intelligence agency, including Iraq's own, claimed they were there. They were not there, but Iraq could quickly have produced them: Saddam had the resources and the intent.
    3. The UN opposition to the war lacks ground since the UN was embroiled in the food for oil corruption scandal. Europe also had business interests in Iraq. So they too had little moral ground from which to speak.
    4. Some say it was Israeli security that was the number one reason. But Bush, Cheney, Rumsfelf, Rice, Powell, none of them are Jewish, and our ambassador in Iraq and a top Commander are both Arab.
    5. Instead of a quick victory, things could have started much uglier. And the sacrifice has been worth it for the tens of millions that have now voted there.
    6. There has not been another 9/11. The Arab world is witnessing a democracy tsunami across the region. Europe is finally waking up to the Iran threat. If there has been ineptitude, it has been on the part of the western media.
    7. Leaving Iraq now would be like walking out of World War II in 1943.
    8. As to we can't win, that is still in the future. But we have a strong military, we will win for sure.
I must say I appreciate the attempt at comprehensivity on the part of Hanson. Other than that the work reads like so much propaganda, rather than a disinterested academic analysis.

Saddam, 9/11, Osama

Saddam and Osama never were allies. Actually Saddam was a secularist, Osama dreamt of a theocracy in Iraq like everywhere else. It is not possible Saddam might have liked the idea. If anything they were competitors to the same land, though never directly.

40% of Republicans believe Saddam was behind 9/11. That is mindboggling. Republicans like Cheney have cynically used 9/11 to great effects.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

You have to start at the end. None were found. The intelligence agencies were so far off the mark, they intended to go to the moon, and ended up on Mars. The error was huge. But the error was that the agencies did not come up with a categorical statement that the WMDs did not exist.

What is worth noting though is there was tremendous White House pressure upon the agencies to cut the corners to show certainty where none existed so as to bolster the war cause. The decision to go to war preceded the marshalling of the intelligence.

A Small Neocon Cabal

It is so obvious a handul of neocons proved decisive. There might not have been a Jewish lobby, and I don't hear many anti-war folks suggest as much, but there sure was a neocon lobby, too married to their strong on defense ideology, too addicted to campaign contributions from the military-industrial complex that stands to make money every time there is war.

The process by which the decision to go to war was reached sure was faulty. War got seen as the weapon not of last resort, but first. Intelligence was marshalled with a clear intent to make a particular case. The congressional vote was to exhaust the non-war options first, but Bush misread it on purpose.


Toppling a dictator was not the stated goal. That came much later, after the dictator had already been toppled, and no WMDs were found.

This is important to point out.

And if the idea is to spread democracy, the Iraq way would be a ridiculous way to do it elsewhere: $240 billion, 2300 American lives, 30,000 Iraqi lives and counting. This model can not be replicated. The US would go bankrupt, many more Americans would die, the draft will have to be reinstated, and you will end up killing larger numbers of people with the pretext of coming to their aid.


This part is so true. Katrina proved it beyond doubt.


It is good Saddam is gone. But has the cost been worth it? And what about the other Saddams of the world? Why did the Iraqi Saddam deserve the favor?

There has to be a non-violent, progressive way of spreading democracy in the rest of the Arab world, a war with communications technology way, one that organizes the Arab Americans in places like New York City to be cutting edge soldiers for democracy rather than demonizes them.

Deciding On Withdrawal, Defining Victory

Mission Accomplished was not victory, we came to learn that rather fast. But the American troops do have to come home. So what is victory? A stable, democratic Iraq? An Iraqi army that can fend for itself?

The withdrawal has to happen sooner rather than later.

It is not about if Americans can win in Iraq. It is about if Iraqis can. That is extra true in the rest of the Arab world.

Is it possible to design a $10 billion war with communications technology method to "invade" another Arab country, say Egypt or Saudi Arabia, the Arab Americans taking the lead? I think yes.

The point being the Iraqi misadventure can not be replicated. There has to be a better model.

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Obama Votes Nay

“Ironically, after learning today that Jack Abramoff will spend nearly six years in prison, the Senate passed a lobbying reform bill that does little to change the culture that allowed him to abuse the system in the first place. The Senate has missed a once-in-a-decade opportunity to clean up the way we do business in Washington. This bill fails to create an independent enforcement mechanism to investigate misconduct by members of Congress. It fails to stop lobbyists from currying influence by flying lawmakers on private jets. And it does nothing to prevent members of Congress from negotiating for jobs with the very industries they’re supposed to regulate.”
So it goes the way of Washington. Obama's first major effort in the Senate did not carry the day. It is like health care and the Senate. It is a big issue for the Americans across the country, but the Senate never talks about it. There is this democracy disconnect between the people and the rulers. The kings on Capitol Hill don't like the idea of oversight, if it is an oversight over them.

They don't vote it down, they water it down, give it a good name and then vote yes. So it was yes to lobbying reform if you read the surface. It is like Bush and the No Child Left Behind Act. He names it no child left behind, and then leaves most children behind. Bush weakens regulations for industry and calls it a Clearn Air Act. Some thing like that. Dems be learning the game.

Obviously Obama is more popular in the country at large than in the Senate. Call it a democracy disconnect. But it is more the bill than Obama.

Maybe the Dem bosses who got Obama take the lead on this one knew this is how it will end up. Let Obama taste some humble cake.

Let the Senators vote the way they do, and let the people know.

Maybe Obama can learn from McCain's efforts for Campaign Finance Reform. McCain did not succeed on first attempt.

Cleaning up democracy is an ongoing business. Beyond lobbying reform is the bigger issue of public financing of elections. Private financing creates many distortions.

It took an Enron to get campaign finance reform passed. Abramoff is not enough, it seems. Wait for a bigger scandal.

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Flubbing Lobbying Reform
Washington Post, United States The leading advocates of reform, including the parties' two designated point men on the issue, Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.), all voted against it.... If the Senate bill is disappointing, though, the House is poised to do even worse.
Victory For K Street The Senate measure, which passed on a 90-8 vote, bans lobbyists’ gifts and meals and tightens some rules for special legislative projects called earmarks. It faces an uncertain future in the House, where new Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, has been busily downplaying prospects for significant changes....... there might be a silver lining in the continuing scandals, which was shared with a laugh by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who joined Obama in opposing the bill: “The good news is there will be more indictments, and we will be revisiting this issue,” predicted McCain........ comprehensive public financing of elections based on working models in Maine and Arizona
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Houston Chronicle, United States
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hate Speech, Free Speech: Europe Needs To Learn The Difference

EU leaders want all immigrants to take an entry exam Times Online, UK could eventually be extended to all 25 EU members ..... aims to ensure that immigrants accept Western values ...... a new integration contract that the ministers from Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland proposed ..... contract would test their knowledge of Western values, and of the host country’s language and main institutions ...... was first raised by Nicolas Sarkozy ........ possibility of introducing English language tests for any immigrant wanting permanent residence in Britain ...... the growth of parallel communities that feel alienated from the West...... This month the Netherlands began applying some of the world’s toughest entry laws, requiring potential immigrants to take language and culture exams and study up to 375 hours in their home country before emigrating....... To prepare them for Dutch liberal values, they will also have to watch a film with scenes of a topless woman and featuring gay men kissing.
The Jyllands Posten Muhammad Cartoons Controversy
French Society: No Easy Solutions
Sick Sarkozy
Riots In France

These Europeans are going berserk.

There should be designed a course or many courses that all leaders at all levels of government in all of Europe, as well as all journalists at all levels of media, especially in editorial rooms, will be required to take that will teach them the difference between hate speech and free speech, to teach that hate speech might not be illegal, but it sure is wrong, and not something to be protected and be proud of. Those who practice and protect and express pride in hate speech are inherently inferior as human beings. That should be taught.

The cultural fault lines between the West and the Muslim world are being further exacerbated by these ignorant Europeans.

The topic is not that the Arab world does not have democracy, and it needs to get it. Of course democracy is good for all countries in the Arab world. But instead of seeing lack of democracy as a happenstance of socio-economic development, or lack thereof, rather, these Euros see it as an entire group of people being inherently inferior.

Long War

The Dutch example is obscene. Is that "movie" out to suggest that there is not a single Dutch who is homophobic? I can't imagine that being true. So why single out Arabs? Forcing people to watch movies is an expression of a supposition that perhaps that entire crowd is inferior.

There are obvious racist suggestions being made.

The western democracies are inherently inadequate. They need to expand. And that task is as acute as the task of spreading democracy in the Arab world. The west's reluctance/inability/hardships when having to become more accepting of cultural diversity should help the west understand why spreading democracy and the associated values is not easy for Arabs either. If free people can not do it, what chances have the people under the thumb of oppressive regimes often suppoted by the west?

Europe has sinned. These tests are designed to humiliate a people who took offense at humiliating cartoons that were clearly offensive and overtly racist.

This is precisely the wrong way to be waging the so-called War On Terror. White Europeans are out exhibiting their ignorance, if not outright prejudice, which obviously is deep and widespread and infects the highest levels of power.

And this twist only further exacerbates the Middle East conflict. The wounds are real. They need to heal. But instead these people are adding fuel to the fire.

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Bill Frist's Ancestors Came From The Moon

"I've Been To Europe Once, And That's Enough"

My ancestors are from India, they stayed there, I came to America. Bill Frist's ancestors, on the other hand, came from the moon. That immigration was so thorough noone lives on the moon no more. But memories be fleeting. Frist does not remember. He has now come forth with a highly hostile bill that would make immigration a crime. This guy is nuts. It is like making your own birth a crime, if you could only go back.

Bill Frist is part of the crowd that fantasizes every day to turn abortion into a crime. Now they have turned their guns on immigration.

This is reason for the pro-choice and the pro-diversity forces to seek common ground so as to scuttle Frist's presidential aspirations. The guy had no chance in the first place. His future now only got dimmer.

The anti-choice and the anti-diversity people are one and the same.
Kiss Me, I'm Illegal New York Times "terrorists." ... "illegal aliens." .... "economic refugees." ... "illegal immigrants" .... "undocumented immigrants." ..... To give a person, an act or a group its name is to define it, assert a measure of control over how it is perceived....... Guest workers ..... Willing workers ..... Permanent temporary residents..... a contest for the public mind...... felon ..... in the most restrictive version, it is perhaps a little like the homey status of the political prisoners in Frank O'Connor's short story "Guests of the Nation." The prisoners are treated like friends of the family until one is ordered executed in the national interest....... Guillermo Gómez-Peña, a performance artist and writer born in Mexico known for his observations about the cultural life of the border, has coined his own term for the movement of people, legally or illegally, temporarily or permanently, willingly or not, from south of the border to the north. In a recent performance, he mordantly referred to it all as "original sin."
QUICK HIT Immigration reform: whose bill says what McCain .. Kennedy Illegal immigrants who pay a $1,000 fine and pass a criminal background check could apply for a six-year work visa allowing them travel in and out of the country. They later could apply for permanent residence.
Los Angeles sees second day of proimmigration rallies Boston Globe, United States
500,000 Cram Streets to Protest Immigration Bills Los Angeles Times
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Workers, growers concerned about immigration Yakima Herald-Republic, WA
As Senators Debate Immigration Bill, Frist Offers His Own
New York Times, United States
Bill Frist's Double
Washington Post, United States
Frist Immigration Bill Would Target Bosses
CBS News
Frist Immigration Bill Would Target Bosses
San Francisco Chronicle, USA

McCain, Feingold, Iraq
McCain, Feingold Air Views In Iraq Washington Post ..... said they had come not to air their divergent views but to urge Iraqi politicians to speed up the process of forming a government...... Several visiting politicians, including McCain, have warned that the American public was turning against the war and urged Iraqi leaders to move more quickly in building a coalition government...... Feingold .. said he was dismayed not to hear any of the military commanders he met with mention al-Qaeda as a source of the problems in Iraq
McCain sounds good on campaign finance reform, on lobbying reform, on broadband, on immigration. If these two can at least agree on a future course for Iraq, their past differences might not get in the way. Could McCain be thinking McCain-Feingold for 2008?

Russ Feingold And 2008

Talk Of The Moon
US Planning Base On Moon To Prepare For Trip To Mars Washington Post ..... Bush in 2004 announced to great fanfare plans to build a new spaceship, get back to the moon by 2020 and travel on to Mars after that..... moon ... is a lethal place, without atmosphere, pelted constantly by cosmic rays and micrometeorites, plagued by temperature swings of hundreds of degrees, and swathed in a blanket of dust that can ruin space suits, pollute the air supply and bring machinery to a screeching halt..... moon .. 250,000 miles away, while Mars is 34 million miles from Earth ...... if the United States does not return to the moon, others will..... Could we bypass the moon and go to Mars while India and China are going to the moon?
Looks like Bill Frist's ancestors' desendants want to go back to the moon where they came from.

I think the idea is Bush' poor attempt to imitate Kennedy. This idea has not been thought through, it is too expensive.

If and when a mission to Mars happens, it will be a global and not an American effort. Only makes sense.

Universal broadband, and universal spread of democracy are more worthy goals than a trip to Mars, and both are technological challenges, just like a trip to the moon.


25 March14:29Telecommunication Company of Iran, Iran
25 March19:03@Home, Tilburg, Netherlands, The

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can't Take Back Congress Without Strong On Defense

The Dems are within striking distance of taking back both the House and the Senate. The momenutm is there. It is definite. But 2006 will be yet another lost opportunity if foreign policy is neglected.

(1) Recognize that this War On Terror is genuine, it exists. Think of it as the Long War.
(2) The only way to win it is by spreading democracy into every country in the Arab world.
(3) Spread democracy the progressive way. Come up with a Hexagon (Pentagon, Hexagon). Come up with a concrete $10 billion program to spread democracy through a war with communications technology. Yes, that is 10 billion dollars in spending, but then it is $190 billion saved.
(4) Counter the insurgency, not like they were a traditional, standing army, but like the guerrillas they are.

So far this vision has not entered the Democratic mainstream. The Dems have been like Labor in Britain during the Cold War, for unilateral disarmament, and constantly losing elections.

Rahm Emanuel: Big Ideas For America
Long War
Iraq Intel: The Spy Who Failed Me
The Larger WMD Question And Iran
Complicated Iraq
Nepal Message To Top Democrats
Bush Shows Strategy for Keeping Hill Majorities: Democrats Assailed On National Security, As Well as the Economy Washington Post ...... his two-front strategy for protecting the Republican congressional majority ...... hammer Democrats on national security and the economy, and raise millions of dollars for embattled GOP candidates ......... this is a nation at war" against terrorists intent on striking America again ...... Democrats will raise taxes and harm the economy ...... Republicans paid $1,000 for the buffet lunch and presidential speech; $10,000 if they wanted a picture snapped at a private reception afterward....... fundraiser that was expected to net half a million dollars for Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) ....... president dogged by sagging poll numbers and an unpopular war ....... Republicans could lose seats, if not their House and Senate majorities ....... "The Democrats' plan for 2006? Take the House and Senate, and impeach the president," Ken Mehlman ....... Bush remains popular with the Republican base ........ Cheney portrayed the entire Democratic leadership as wobbly in the fight against terrorism .... If they're competent to fight this war, then I ought to be singing on 'American Idol.' ........

Attacks On Hillary

There are sexists among us. Will Hillary run in 2008? I don't know. But the prospect of her running exposes sexists among us. And several of them are people who call themselves liberals, Dems, progressives. This is obscene.
Loving To Hate Hillary Richard Cohen Washington Post In order to understand what's going on with Hillary Clinton, it helps to recall a woman who lost her head and therefore her life in 1793: Marie Antoinette........ More than 30 books have been written about Clinton ...... They have questioned Hillary's honesty, sexuality, parenting, wifing and just about everything else....... Hillary has come to personify all that is wrong with Bill, the Democrats, liberals, working women, independent women and women of a certain kind -- which is any kind you don't happen to like....... Since we do not know our own marriages, we cannot know anyone else's. This engenders endless speculation about the distribution of power and the importance of pillow talk......... now that she is a public official in her own right, even more mystery attaches to her. Who is she? ...... In the last month alone, though, The New York Times has mentioned her about 60 times compared to 45 for her more senior colleague, Sen. Charles Schumer ....... Some of the Times' stories are merely about her existence ... and in this they are similar to those in other papers....... for one person to be so loved, so hated, and of such compelling interest -- so much more a celebrity than, say, John McCain -- suggests that more than politics is involved ........ Hillary has emerged as the repository of so many fears, so much dread, such aspirations -- so much good and bad ..... something deeply Freudian is at work....... "What do women want?" Now -- some fear, others hope -- we may finally have the answer. The White House.
This Post article touches upon some elements to do with how Hillary gets treated.

If you dislike the idea of a Hillary 2008, then disagree with her on policy, analyze and criticize her leadership style. Try to show she has been a failure in the Senate, if you can. Bring up when she tried to reform health care, and the whole effort bombed because Newt said of the president, "His wife should not be making policy."

But instead people make overtly sexist comments. Like Karl Rove claiming Hillary is brittle. But then Rove is on the other side. It sucks big when people from our own camp start sounding like Rove.

Karl Rove, Hands Off Hillary
Hillary In Person
Primitive Liberals Need To Stop Attacking Hillary
Race, Gender, Progressive, Conservative Divides
The Spectrum On Gender

One thing is for sure, if Hillary runs, she can not talk about the weather and expect to make progress on gender relations, and there is no avoiding gender relations, and one great way would be to beat the boys on the substance, on style, and of sheer execution.

Impeach Bush
Impeachment Whispers Getting Louder Washington Post Three of this state's 10 House members have called for the investigation and possible impeachment of President Bush. ..... residents in four Vermont villages voted earlier this month at annual town meetings to buy more rock salt, approve school budgets, and impeach the president for lying about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and for sanctioning torture..... "I was really upset about 9/11 -- so don't lie to me." ...... there are just 33 House co-sponsors of a motion .. to investigate and perhaps impeach Bush, and a large majority of elected Democrats think it is a bad idea . ...... "The value of a powerful idea, like impeachment of the president for criminal acts, is that it has a long shelf life and opens a debate" .... A Zogby International poll showed that 51 percent of respondents agreed that Bush should be impeached if he lied about Iraq, a far greater percentage than believed President Bill Clinton should be impeached during the Monica S. Lewinsky scandal...... if he lied to get America into a war, I can't imagine anything more impeachable ...... ..... .....Bush's approval ratings in polls are lower than for any president in recent history. With midterm elections in the offing, Republican leaders view impeachment as kerosene poured on the bonfires of their party base...... The argument for an impeachment inquiry -- which draws support from prominent constitutional scholars such as Harvard's Laurence H. Tribe and former Reagan deputy attorney general Bruce Fein -- centers on Bush's conduct before and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003...... "Downing Street memo" that Bush officials were intent on fixing "the intelligence and the facts . . . around the policy.""Bush is saying 'I'm the president' and, on a range of issues -- from war to torture to illegal surveillance -- 'I can do as I like' " ....... "The Clinton impeachment was plainly unconstitutional, and a Bush impeachment would be nearly as bad""He picks and chooses his information and can't admit it's erroneous, and he annoys me" .... This is far more serious than Clinton and Monica. This is about life and death.
Taking back the House and the Senate and then the White House is a better idea, perhaps. On the other hand, the country does need to know if Bush deliberately lied about WMDs. I know Cheney did.

The "I" Word: Monica And Saddam

Another "I" Word: Immigration

Immigration Debate Is Shaped By 2008 Election Washington Post Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), whom Bush helped elect as party leader, is threatening to bring a new immigration bill ..... would tighten control of the nation's borders without creating the guest-worker program ....... John McCain ... is promoting Bush's call for tougher border security and the guest-worker program ....... Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) is garnering support for a long-shot presidential bid with his fierce anti-immigration rhetoric ...... Hillary Rodham Clinton ..jumped into the immigration debate Wednesday ...... For Republican presidential candidates, immigration offers up a difficult choice: Appeal to conservatives eager to clamp down on illegal immigration who could buoy your position in the primaries, or take a moderate stand to win independents and the growing Latino vote, which could be vital to winning the general election. ........ 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States........ Harry M. Reid .. promised this week to filibuster Frist's enforcement-only bill........ In recent months, under pressure from GOP lawmakers, Bush has retreated from focusing mostly on the guest-worker program to giving equal billing to border security........ a bill co-sponsored by McCain and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy... breaks with Specter's proposal by offering an easier road to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country.......

Immigration is about slowly moving towards citizenship. What is this guest worker program? If the immigrants are working and paying taxes, they should logically move on to be able to vote. No taxation without representation.

"I've Been To Europe Once, And That's Enough"


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