Monday, July 29, 2019

America Is Ready For A Race Pendulum Swing: Kamala Devi Harris

In 2008 a lot of people were like, we did it, we washed our sins. This race thing is behind us now. Not so fast. Enter Donald Trump in 2016. The guy wears racism on his sleeves. The racists might think like they might think. But there are a lot of moderate whites who are like, you know what, we did not do in 2008 what we thought we did. Let's give this thing another shot.

Hillary lost in 2016 because the young people stayed home, and the white women voted for Trump for precisely racist reasons. But the soccer moms in the suburbs have had it with Donald. They try to teach manners to their kids, and then somebody turns on the TV, and the whole lesson goes down the kitchen sink. Trump is on TV.

Kamala Devi Harris is three in one. She is black. Black is the new black. She is a woman. About time. And she is Indian. This country of immigrants needs to acknowledge its most successful ethnic group. It's Indians. Right behind are the Jews like Kamala's husband. If Kamala wins, there will be Diwali all across India. The celebrations are going to be bigger in India than in America. Just you wait and watch.

Europe lays claim to the United States. Why can't India? It also is a continent.

Kamala Devi Harris is more muscular on race than Obama ever was. I really like her stance on gender, on equal pay. Fine the companies that don't pay equal. A woman could be doing the same job and getting paid less. In what universe? In the United States.

A US version of the National Health Service might sell well on the left, but you have to sell health care in America. If you have people fearing they might lose health care, you are toast. Kamala Harris understands that. She is a centrist by instinct. She is aware of what will sell.

Kamala Harris will take money from small donors as she should, as Elizabeth Warren does. But she is not exclusive about it. Harris has been smart not to let the big money folks think Biden is the only option. The big donors are not untouchables in Harrisland. That is a smart political move.

Harris is a natural politician. Her instincts are in the right place. She is a fighter who will throw Trump off balance. Harris will definitely win South Carolina. If she can win just one out of two in Iowa and New Hampshire, she will already be the nominee by the third contest. If she loses the first two and wins South Carolina, she might finally be able to stitch it together in her home state of California.

It is time a woman became president. It is time another black person became president. It is time an Indian became president. There are plenty of Indian immigrants in this country of immigrants.

Churchill was born in the US, and he made a big deal out of it in British politics. Kamala should take pride in her Indian mother, as she does. Donald Trump does talk about his "Scottish" mother, but then Donald is no Churchill.

Right now it is looking like a Kamala-Pete ticket. The generation change that was supposed to have happened with Obama did not actually happen. Donald Trump did not reverse only the progress on race. He also reversed the generation change. So 2020 will see the biggest jump in generation change among presidents. Every other earlier time it was a shift to one generation newer. This time it might be three. Something like that.

Kamala Harris has the Barack Obama confidence, and the Jim Carrey cheerfulness. Go figure.

Her slicing and dicing of Joe Biden in the last debate was pure action.

Women winning the World Cup was supposed to be a cause for celebration. Hey, learn from Brazil. Instead, it has been this slow-motion tragedy where you are like, wait, T-H-E-S-E women are having equal pay problems? The US men's soccer team is the biggest joke in all of sports history.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Shithole Country Is Now Baltimore

January 2018: Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as 'shithole' countries

Better to have a few rats than to be one
People who refuse to see or hear Trump's racism in attack on Baltimore are beyond reach, but here goes
Trump doubles down on attacks against Cummings and Baltimore district
Trump's Twitter attack on Cummings and Baltimore: undiluted racism and hate
Trump calls Baltimore ‘disgusting ... rodent infested mess,’ rips Rep. Elijah Cummings over border criticism

Kamala Harris Has To Win Without A Recession

Barack Obama gets credit for eight of the 10 years. So it's not like Trump gets all of the credit. He does not get even 20% of the credit. Because who launched this spaceship?

But Dems can't count on a recession to see them through.

Recession? Really? This 10-year economic expansion won't just die of old age Australia finished its 27th year of uninterrupted growth in 2018. It’s still running strong. Britain grew from 1992–2008 – a 16-year-long streak.

Here's to Kamala Devi Harris. If there is no recession in 2020, Kamala Devi gets to remind voters of how wonderful Obama was.

“SHE’S DANGEROUS”: GOP INSIDERS FEAR KAMALA COULD BE THE NEXT OBAMA “She doesn’t come across as a nutjob,” worries one GOP operative. “Kamala is a nightmare,” says another. ...... With her surgical vivisection of Biden in the first debate, it seemed their fears had been realized. Now, as Democrats prepare for a second round of debates next week, these strategists are raising the alarm...... “She theoretically would do very well with African American turnout and end up being positioned as a Vienna Soccer Mom.” In case you’re wondering, that’s Vienna, Virginia, an upscale bedroom community just west of Washington, D.C., that has accelerated its drift from the Republican orbit since a certain former reality-television star secured the Republican nomination three years ago. Suburbs just like it in critical battlegrounds could hand the White House back to the Democratic Party in 2020....... She might have more natural political skill than any of her competitors for the Democratic nomination. She certainly checks more boxes—African American, woman, racially diverse, a legitimate strength in a party occasionally obsessed with identity politics....... Who else could they possibly nominate? ....... I think she has an appeal to the Scottsdale soccer mom who is a registered Republican. Between her appeal and Trump’s women problems, she has probably already won those voters ........ “Independents are just sick of everything, and her no-nonsense approach would have appeal broadly, and even to some white Independent and GOP men. She doesn’t have the Biden wimp factor, and that’s probably important in a place like Arizona.” ...... Harris, in her first pressure-packed presidential face-off, put on a clinic....... While most of my colleagues were in South Florida for the main event, I decided to hang out with a crowd of staunch Biden supporters at a debate watch party in suburban Des Moines that was organized by the Biden campaign. The Iowa caucuses will kick off the voting in the 2020 primary next February, and this group of likely voters knew they had just witnessed a massacre....

Imagine what Harris might be able to do against a real villain like Trump

.... ability to handle an asymmetrical pugilist like Trump

Dan Quayle: If Democrats 'put up some total left winger' Donald Trump will be re-elected

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Camille Claudel: A Film Review

The woman and her career is a contemporary theme in politics. That topic is more clearly seen with the distance of time. Here is a gifted woman whose mother was deeply hostile to her talent, and took the one available escape route to do justice to her talent. And the dude who was outshined did not take kindly to her talent either. You see the loneliness of a genius. You also see that the one man two woman thing does not work. It causes deep and lasting pain.

It is not easy to be a gifted artist. It is much harder as a woman. She was more gifted than the guy, as well her poet brother.

It is a great work of art, duly recognized. But it is also deeply contemporary.

2020 is that year of reckoning.

But then you also see pragmatic stuff like, this artist could have used a good agent.

Camille Claudel Camille Claudel, in full Camille-Rosalie Claudel, (born December 8, 1864, Villeneuve-sur-Fère, France—died October 19, 1943, Montdevergues asylum, Montfavet, near Avignon), French sculptor of whose work little remains and who for many years was best known as the mistress and muse of Auguste Rodin. She was also the sister of Paul Claudel, whose journals and memoirs provide much of the scant information available on his sister’s life...... She became obsessed with Rodin’s injustice to her and began to feel persecuted by him and his “gang.” .... On March 10, 1913, she was committed involuntarily to an asylum at Ville-Évrard. In September 1914 she was transferred to the asylum of Montdevergues, where she remained until her death.

Donald Trump, Uninterrupted

Unfiltered video is a good thing. Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone has a right to make their case. I don't think I have ever watched Donald Trump speak at this length. The credit goes to Imran.

I am actually for someone like Trump mediating between Modi and Imran. Like, why not? You will not even talk to each other at conferences where you meet.

Trump should mediate between Imran and Modi. Then Modi and Imran together should mediate between Iran and the United States. The idea of squeezing a people economically so they will maybe come out into the streets to throw a regime, I like the other alternative better. The alternative of maximal engagement. Maximal trade. 5G.

Iran and the United States should sit down for unconditional talks, possibly with Modi as mediator. Let the Ayatollah and Trump meet. Maybe Trump will work his charm on the Ayatollah also. North Korean Kim seems to enjoy the photoshoots.

I believe Donald Trump when he says US and Pakistan could be doing 10 times more in trade than what they are doing right now. That is the way to go. Peace is a good thing.

भारत पाकिस्तान वार्ता तीन तह पर करिए
भारतको चाहिए कि इमरान से वार्ता करें
Imran Khan Could Bring Peace
Narendra Modi And Imran Khan Should Solve Kashmir And Bag A Joint Nobel

Monday, July 22, 2019

Donald The Bullshitter

Trump isn’t lying, he’s bullshitting – and it’s far more dangerous Bullshitters, as philosopher Harry Frankfurt wrote in his 1986 essay “On Bullshit,” don’t care whether what they are saying is factually correct or not. Instead, bullshit is characterized by a “lack of connection to a concern with truth [and] indifference to how things really are.” Frankfurt explains that a bullshitter “does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose.” ...... bullshitters don’t really care whether their audience believes what they are saying ..... bullshitters say what they do in an effort to change how the audience sees them, “to convey a certain impression” of themselves..... In Trump’s case, much of his rhetoric and speech seems designed to inflate his own grand persona. ...... misinformation is notoriously hard to correct once it’s out there, and social media, in particular, has a reputation for spreading factually inaccurate statements and conspiracy theories....... examined five years of Facebook posts about conspiracy theories. The authors found that people tend to latch onto stories that fit their preexisting narratives about the world and share those stories with their social circle. The result is a “proliferation of biased narratives fomented by unsubstantiated rumors, mistrust, and paranoia.”..... because Trump’s communication style relies heavily on anger, people who are predisposed to his message may become even less critical of potential bunk.......... Journalists, scientists, experts and even government officials who disagree with him are subject to charges of ineptitude, partisanship or conspiracy. They’re then threatened with restrictions on funding, access and speech....... people can convince themselves of things that aren’t true. ...... There’s some evidence, for instance, that he avoided information that Muslims in New Jersey didn’t actually celebrate the terrorist attacks on September 11th, as he claimed.

Andrew Yang At 5%

I must not have been paying close attention. So is this the snapshot as of today? Hmm.

Right now it is looking like:

Kamala Harris: President
Andrew Yang: Vice President
Bernie Sanders: John McCain of the Left, Senate Lion
Elizabeth Warren: Senate Majority Leader
Pete Buttigieg: Secretary Of Urban Affairs
Tulsi Gabbard: UN Ambassador
Joe Biden: Chancellor at the Barack Obama Library

The most impressive number here is for Andrew Yang. The guy is at 5%? Wow. I am impressed. It is not like he said much at the debates. (Full disclosure: I did not watch the debates.)

Biden is sinking faster than I had anticipated. Looks like one more debate and his number one status might be gone. 

There is No Policy Proposal by Any 2020 Presidential Candidate More Progressive than Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend When it comes to reducing inequality, America’s Gini index score would fall by 15%. We would be 15% more equal than we are now. No other policy being offered by any other candidate achieves that level of inequality reversal.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

This Orange-Utang Of A President

This orange-utang of a president ("Orange is the new black!") who wants to send Ilhan "back," and Alex and Tlaib and Pressley "back," well, I have bad news for him. The mayor of the town in Germany from which his grandfather came to America has put out notice saying, "We don't want him back!" Looks like there is no place for Donald in Germany.

Video: Mayor says Trump will have to 'go back to hell'

Friday, July 19, 2019

Sanders: Good For The Economy

if Sanders became president -- and was able to push his plan through Congress -- median household income would be $82,200 by 2026, far higher than the $59,300 projected by the Congressional Budget Office ...... poverty would plummet to a record low 6%, as opposed to the CBO's forecast of 13.9%. The U.S. economy would grow by 5.3% per year, instead of 2.1%, and the nation's $1.3 trillion deficit would turn into a large surplus by Sanders' second term. .... the share of the population with jobs could be restored to its 1999 level of more than 64%, up from its current 59.6% rate.

These Are Concentration Camps On The Border

The US President is on record telling the top immigration law enforcement officer, if you break the law, I will pardon you. As in, break the law as much as you want. When you create such an environment, you will see the sociopaths and the sadists in such organizations gravitating towards the scenes of action. Obviously, the policy is break the families, traumatize the too young, torture as necessary. So as to send the message. Don't be coming over to the US border.

Then you bar journalists from getting anywhere near. Unless you are doing the illegal and the inhumane, why will you feel the need to deprive US journalists of their lawful rights? And how is it being possible to deny those rights? Of the journalists.

What are concentration camps?

These people are fleeing gang violence. They are fleeing other forms of violence. They are fleeing acute destitution due to things like hyperinflation brought about by US policies like economic sanctions.

This is cruelty. America is losing its character, slowly but surely.

The definition of a concentration camp is, are they being dehumanized before they are being eliminated? You don't need copycat gas chambers. Elimination by gang violence can also be counted. Dehumanization through the mouth of the President Of The United States counts. Filthy, racist talk, whether or not it be supported by polls counts. Racism is not okay, poll-tested or not.

The world is watching. God is watching.

Concentration camps are places where you keep people against their will (and, in this case, against the law) to dehumanize them so that when you later eliminate them there is little outcry. So the question is, are these people being dehumanized. They are. By the dude holding the biggest microphone in the country.

If the likes of them stay away from the border, might they be eliminated? Yes. Most of them are fleeing violence.

The Statue Of Liberty has become unnecessary in the New York harbor. It is an anachronism. Take it to the southern border. That land is the new ocean.

To call these camps concentration camps is not disrespect for the Holocaust victims. The only true way to honor them is to act so such acts are not repeated. Standing against border racism is honoring the Holocaust victims.

This country needs to protect itself first and foremost. Right now it is busy eating itself from the inside. It is fast losing its character, at least the official version of it.

Before Germany became officially a fascist country, it was a vibrant democracy of very well educated people. Before Hitler became a dictator, he was thought of a clown.

The time to speak up is now.

A lot of Americans opposed Jewish immigration in the 1930s. How is that for a comparison? There were organized efforts.

Anne Frank: USA Edition

(Source: Allan Hoving)