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Monday, November 15, 2021

Bernie: The Elon Musk Of Politics

That designation is not to be taken at face value. He might have been if he had gotten himself elected president. But the execution part of him has been mush. Maybe AOC? She could be the Elon Musk of politics. But spare me the exactitude. I am only reacting to Elon Musk's disrespect of Bernie. Do not respect old people. That does not sound right.

I just finished reading Eizabeth Warren's book Persist a few weeks ago. I am all for the wealth tax. Without the wealth tax America as a country will kill itself. The inequality in America is civilization ending.

I would propose a 10% wealth tax on all billionaires.

That will not take away from innovation. That will not mean Elon Musk will have less money to invest in Tesla, or SpaceX. When was the last time Elon sold his shares in Tesla to put money back in Tesla? Instead I have seen him and Jeff Bezos do the my thing is bigger than yours thing. Give them marbles. Take the money to the homeless, and the hungry.

Knowing God Named by Christianity Today as one of the top fifty books that have shaped evangelicals, Knowing God is now among the iconic books featured in the IVP Signature Collection. ....... "A hundred years from now only a handful of books written today will still be widely read and accepted as Christian classics. Dr. James I. Packer's Knowing God may well prove to be one of them. A gifted theologian and writer, Dr. Packer has the rare ability to deal with profound and basic spiritual truths in a practical and highly readable way. This book will help every reader grasp in a fuller way one of the Bible's greatest truths: that we can know God personally because God wants us to know him." ..... Billy Graham .......... As it would be cruel to an Amazonian tribesman to fly him to London, put him down without explanation in Trafalgar Square and leave him, as one who knew nothing of English or England, to fend for himself, so we are cruel to ourselves if we try to live in this world without knowing about the God whose world it is and who runs it. The world becomes a strange, mad, painful place, and life in it a disappointing and unpleasant business, for those who do not know about God. ............. “God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.” .........

Why You Need to Read ‘Knowing God’ by JI Packer Christians have become confused as a result of their dealings with modern skepticism. Lacking a strong Biblical understanding of God, believers have become less certain about both God and His Word. The truth of Scripture is routinely questioned, and even the very concept of truth is itself been put up for debate. ........ there is an important distinction between knowing about God and knowing God. Whereas we can know a lot about God by reading Scripture and studying what theologians have to say on the topic, we can only know God by entering into a right relationship with Him ........ “Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problems fall into place of their own accord.” ........ God is “immutable,” which is a fancy seminary word for “doesn’t change” or “unchangeable.” This is a very helpful reminder for the Christian. There is not a discontinuity between God as He is revealed in the Old Testament and how He is revealed in the New. He is unchanging in His truth, in His ways, and His purposes ......... being more diligent in our spiritual duties of prayer and reading His Word, of course, but we also must be more aware of the blessings which come from His hand. .......... how inward trials can be used by God to chastise us for sin, to guide us, and to draw us to fuller reliance on Him .........

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Berning Question

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Taiwan's Medicare For All

In the 1990s, Taiwan did what has long been considered impossible in the US: The island of 24 million people took a fractured and inequitable health care system and transformed it into something as close to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s vision of Medicare-for-all as anything in the world......... No health care system is perfect. But most of America’s economic peers have figured out a way to deliver truly universal coverage and quality care. The United States has not.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

A Glass Of Water Can Be A Lot Of Water

Hello Nancy
A glass of water
Can be 
A lot of
Depends on
The Glass is
Or Half Empty
Half full
That is 
A lot of water
At the 
That is
Lot of

Could It Be Bernie?

Monday, January 06, 2020

Could It Be Bernie?

If Bernie wins both Iowa and New Hampshire, he will be the nominee. And it will be a watershed moment for US politics. I do think he stands a chance to win in November. His thoughts are no longer considered fringe.

Bernie Sanders will emerge like a Ronald Reagan for the left and left of center. He will realign US politics for a generation. The Republican Party could spend a generation being defensive about the climate crisis.

I think the turning point for Bernie 2020 was when AOC basically became his running mate. That changed things. AOC 2028?

Bernie has moral clarity, and his time perhaps has come.

It is interesting that America wants to become more like China, and China wants to become more like America. That is a reference to the Hong Kong protests. That middle ground exists in Finland.

Where does it say in Marxist thought that the president of a country can not be directly elected by the people? Where does it say that free speech is a problem? The Chinese Communist Party needs to look at the data out in the streets of Hong Kong.

Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need

Bernie, Cybersecurity, Pete, TV, Warren
Trump: Morally Lost And Confused?
Impeachment Maneuvers Expose America
"Extreme Inequality Is Like Economic Pollution"
Finland: Capitalist Paradise?
History In Fast Forward Motion Right Now

President: Bernie Sanders
Vice President: Elizabeth Warren
Shadow Vice President: AOC
Attorney General: Kamala Devi Harris
Secretary Of Urban Affairs (and 2028 AOC running mate): Pete Buttigieg
Secretary Of Labor: Andrew Yang
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard

Inequality And Climate Change Are Existential: A Blueprint For Survival
Towards A World Government
AOC 2028  

One Year in Washington Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reshaped her party’s agenda, resuscitated Bernie Sanders’s campaign, and hardly has a friend in town. ...... The corridors of Capitol Hill are a marbled monotony, with Oxford heels clacking around corners indistinguishable from one another, white walls, oaken doors, and a steady rhythm of rectangular congressional nameplates. ........ Except for one. At the very end of a hallway in Cannon Office Building is an explosion of affirmation cribbed onto thousands of Post-it notes, a neon-green-and-pastel-pink flower bursting outward. Go there at the right time, Hill aides say, and you can see groups of people, usually women, often young, weeping at the sight of it........ “I love you from Maine! Keep on with your fierce, informed queen of a self!,” wrote Mikala from Bangor on a pink Post-it. “AOC! Seeing you is seeing me! I live in Michigan, but you are my representative. Adelante!,” says one on white signed (with a heart) from Kristen on August 1. “Dear AOC. Continue to scare old white men,” adds another.......

She was recently ranked the fourth-most-tweeted-about politician in the world, beating out every Democrat running for president.

It’s not that there is already a children’s book about her, The ABCs of AOC. It’s that there is already a comic-book series about her, a young-adult biography of her, a wall calendar of her, a book of her quotes, a collection of essays about her, and even, this holiday season, a Christmas sweater with her face on it........ Ocasio-Cortez’s staff didn’t know what to do with the Post-its when they first started appearing after she was inaugurated in January 2019. It seemed possible they broke a House rule — and if not an official violation, it was a practice that, at the least, would mark her as different from the rest of the incoming class. Staff took the first batch and framed them in her office, but the notes kept coming. If anyone writes something negative or nasty, one of the myriad devotees who make the pilgrimage takes the errant note down before it can spoil the mood........ Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the first politician to become a cultural sensation, but she may be the first to do so at the very beginning of her career, when she is occupying the lowest rung of political power........... Congressman Joe Crowley’s polling had him up by more than 30 points. The weekend before the election, when typically campaigns go all-out with volunteers and visibility, Ocasio-Cortez skipped town — not something somebody who hopes to win an election does. She went to the border, where news was just emerging that the Trump administration was locking up migrant children and separating them from their parents. The visuals of the candidate, dressed in all white, pleading with border guards through a fence to remember their humanity, were striking. Two mornings later, Ocasio-Cortez woke up anonymous for the last morning in her life. ...... “I can’t go outside anymore. I miss being able to go out to dinner. I miss anonymity. I have to send my boyfriend out to get groceries. There has been a shift in chores.” ........ The Congressional Black Caucus, in particular, was put off by her association with Justice Democrats, the young campaign operatives — co-founded by Ocasio-Cortez’s then chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti — who powered her win and have made it their mission to replace the Democratic Party’s moderates with a younger and more liberal group of lawmakers. Black lawmakers believed (not entirely incorrectly) that this meant the group was coming for some of them. In the press, CBC members accused Justice Democrats of being privileged gentrifiers with little respect for what it had taken them to gain political power. ...... She said that her colleagues consider her an unseen force in every primary this cycle, when in fact she has made endorsements in just two races. Meanwhile, it is the moderates who have put up more challengers to liberal incumbents than the other way around. “As a consequence of my victory, many people are inspired to run for office, and in a body where 70 percent of the seats are safe red or safe blue, that de facto means a lot more primaries. A lot of members think I’m like a Koch brother.” ....... House leadership sees the past summer as having been a turning point and believes that Ocasio-Cortez is now sufficiently chastened. She’s showed up for the job she was elected to do — coming prepared to committee meetings and hearings (like when she cornered Mark Zuckerberg on running misleading ads on Facebook), sponsoring 15 pieces of legislation (most notably the Green New Deal), and missing only two of 701 roll-call votes. ........ I spoke with dozens of House and New York City governmental officials, some of whom disagree with her politics and have reason to dislike her personally, and they all said that she shows up to meetings unusually attentive, taking notes and asking detailed questions and writing personal follow-up emails. That even in House caucus meetings, as members call one another “Congressman this” or “Congresswoman that” but casually call her “Alexandria,” she gets to know her ideological enemies’ home lives and interests...... I think people are surprised at how not-strident she comes off.” ...... The Green New Deal, for all its vagueness — it was a resolution and a statement of principles and not a piece of legislation — set up a new tentpole in the debate. More than a hundred Democrats signed on as co-sponsors, including a handful of moderates whom House progressives have been trying to push left for years, as did every major contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, including Joe Biden...... a statewide run, probably for the Senate, is likelier. That would mean challenging Chuck Schumer in 2022 or Kirsten Gillibrand in 2024........ She and her advisers are aware of her almost unprecedented situation: a wildly popular woman of color with the confidence of Pete Buttigieg, if not his demographic advantages. If she ran for president, they say, she would run to win ...... 80 percent of young people think the federal government should address climate change, that over 70 percent say the wealthy should pay higher taxes, and that some of the highest percentages ever recorded call their politics far left or liberal ...... Post-millennials are majority nonwhite in 13 states and in nearly 40 percent of the nation’s largest metro areas; they are close to majority nonwhite nationwide....... And Ocasio-Cortez is all of these things: Latina, liberal, “authentic,” fluent in social media and popular culture. Outspoken lefties have come and gone before, but often they were like Bernie or, before him, Ralph Nader: rumpled, grouchy, hectoring. For leftists, politics used to be something to avoid, a corrupting drag on the purity of activism. Ocasio-Cortez has changed that. ...... Ocasio-Cortez is still in regular contact with leaders of the Democratic Socialists of America, and she has quiet dinners with the volunteers who worked on her campaign, the people who called her Alex until they were told, after the election, that it would be better if they stuck to Alexandria — dinners in which they promise to not Instagram anything with her. So far, no one has.......

a political supernova

..... her effort to abolish ICE is central in a district where half the population was born in another country. ...... “Here’s this guy in a then-Republican state, a quite conservative state, and he wins by a handful of votes to become mayor of Burlington. And by the time he becomes senator, Vermont is crazy-blue. And a lot of that has to do with his time there. And I said, ‘So how’d you do this?’ And he said that he and different grassroots movements in Vermont spent decades doing political education. And they took on the long-term project of turning a red state blue.” ..... I think if a state like Tennessee or West Virginia can go from blue to red in our lifetime, I think it can go back,” she told me

Monday, December 30, 2019

Bernie, Cybersecurity, Pete, TV, Warren

What Would the Bernie Presidency Really Look Like? It could happen, really. Vice President Warren is being considered, and plans are in the works to de-Trumpify immigration and climate. Much less likely: Medicare for All....... He is first in New Hampshire, and second in both Iowa and delegate-rich California ...... In terms of style, they envision a government driven by impatience, one that sees itself with a mandate to confront climate change vigorously, to shore up the nation’s labor unions and defend its immigrant populations. ..... Moderate Democrats would join Republicans in Washington to obstruct many of his initiatives, complicating his ability to use the full power of the party. So would much of corporate America. But Sanders’ supporters would start making noise, too, perhaps creating a newly potent political constituency of the working class and disaffected young people.....

“People will be demonstrating all over the world.”

...... Rep. Ro Khanna, Sanders’ campaign co-chairman and his partner in an effort to cut off U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, is frequently mentioned by Sanders supporters as a potential secretary of Defense. ..... He has praised Joseph Stiglitz, the economist and Nobel laureate. ...... Matt Duss, Sanders’ top foreign policy adviser and a progressive critic of much of Washington’s foreign policy apparatus, could be national security adviser. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, whose short-lived presidential campaign was built entirely around climate change, could helm Energy........ Cornel West, whom Sanders has called “one of the most important philosophers of our time,” put it, the Cabinet would be “much more relaxed. It’d be less dogmatic, it’d be more flexible, and it would respect the life of the mind.” ..... “On our first day in office, through executive order, we will overturn all of Trump’s racist executive orders.” ...... he would convene a “hemispheric summit” to address migration. .....

Sanders says his attorney general would open a criminal investigation into the fossil fuel industry, litigating over climate change as the government once did to the tobacco industry over smoking.

......... He would direct his administration to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, and he would end American support for the war in Yemen. ...... “Day One there would be a fundamental shift in foreign policy that emphasized restraint from intervention, that emphasized cooperation with other major powers on tackling climate change, that prioritized human rights and that aspired to make America a moral leader in the world and not just an economic leader,” Khanna said. ...... the full sweep of his legislative agenda can be felt plainly at any rally, where he paces in a sweater, railing against

“the oligarchy.”

...... he wants immigration reform, an “extreme wealth tax,” free college tuition at public colleges and universities and the elimination of $1.6 trillion in existing student loan debt. ...... “Right now, in New Hampshire your moose population, as I understand it, is suffering. You know why? Because with the warmer weather there are more ticks, and ticks are draining the blood out of moose.” .......

“Everything,” Sanders said, “is connected to everything.”

....... James Carville, the former Bill Clinton strategist, said a magazine article like this one about a Sanders presidency belongs in the “fiction section.” ..... said of McConnell, “I don’t know if his heart’s going to grow three sizes.” ...... He advocates not just for nonintervention, but also an international movement of workers. Reengaging the world on climate change, as Sanders would certainly do, would itself be significant. ..... on foreign policy, much of what has unnerved foreign governments is “the predictable unpredictability of the American president.” ...... Sanders’ own view of the Bernie era appears to be that of one long campaign, reliant less on his ability to work within Washington than to bend the capital to his will by rallying the forces outside it. ..... “The press was saying, ‘Bernie can’t win,’ ‘Bernie can’t win,’ ‘Bernie can’t win,’ and he wins and shocks the world,” Tulchin said of this scenario. “The grassroots movement that he has built to date just explodes exponentially.” ...... And once it does, said West, the intellectual and activist, the transformation Sanders is promising would resemble those brought about by Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. ..... “All three of them were thermostats, they were not thermometers. They didn’t just reflect opinion, they shaped opinion,” West said. “It’s going to be a beautiful thing.”

DHS Was Finally Getting Serious About Cybersecurity. Then Came Trump. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen came in with the potential to be the most effective cyber leader in agency history—only to be sideswiped by the president’s fixation on the Mexican border.

Is Pete Buttigieg the Next Emmanuel Macron? They’re both young, brainy, global in their thinking and determined to thwart Donald Trump.

How TV Predicted Politics in the 2010s This was the decade that idealism vanished from political TV. That might not be a coincidence.

The Key to Elizabeth Warren’s Crisis Moment? Outside the organized women’s movement, she cracked the walls of the boys’ club in her own way. Will it help or hurt her in 2020?

President: Bernie Sanders
Vice President: Elizabeth Warren
Shadow Vice President: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Secretary Of Urban Affairs: Pete Buttigieg
Attorney General: Kamala Devi Harris
Secretary Of Labor: Andrew Yang
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard

Sanders surges ahead of Iowa caucuses
Bernie Sanders Is Not Only Back, He Has The Best Shot At The Nomination Right Now
Despite Iowa poll average showing Sanders in solid 2nd, CNN uses old poll to show him in 4th

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Warren's Lead: Expected

ELIZABETH WARREN LEADS JOE BIDEN BY DOUBLE DIGITS IN LATEST 2020 POLL Warren tops the Democratic candidate field with 28 percent of the vote while Sanders comes in second with 21 percent. Biden, who has maintained his status as Democratic front-runner since entering the race in the spring, has fallen to just 18 percent....... Warren is holding steady as primary voters' second choice, meaning she is in good position to rise as other candidates drop out of the race...... Warren, 70, is the only top-three candidate who beats Trump on perceptions of how health impacts their ability to govern. Two-thirds of voters said they believe Warren's physical condition is good enough

Right now it is looking like:

President: Elizabeth Warren
Vice President: Bernie Sanders
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Secretary Of Urban Affairs: Pete
Secretary Of Labor: Andrew Yang
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard
Texas Governor: Beto
Chancellor, Obama Library: Joe Biden

Monday, September 23, 2019

Capitalism's Own Propaganda Machine

Look at this.

News: Hong Kong, Vancouver, Diaspora Nationalism

Over a hundred million Chinese travel outside China every year. And, out of their own seeming free will, they travel back. China, obviously, is no North Korea. A lot of them will tell you, they support their government. They will line up arguments in its defense. What is going on? It is conditioning. And it is so total.

There is a similar conditioning in America. It is capitalist conditioning. The corporations that so own the political process, that so own the media, have also similarly conditioned 300 million Americans.

China needs a heavy dose of democracy. China needs to open up. That is the only way it will avoid the middle income trap. The only way China can hope to become a high tech superpower that it aspires to be is if there is free speech in China.

America also needs a fair dose of democracy. Right now it is not a democracy. America is corporate socialism. It is a corporate welfare state. It is a political system designed to work for the biggest corporation and its richest citizens. Not even the top 1% but 1% of that 1%.

The CCP has a political monopoly in China that needs to be broken. Similarly, the stranglehold of the 0.01% in America has to be broken. Then America will become a democracy.

There is need for triangulation. We want post-capitalism. We want post-communism. We want democracy. We want a market economy devoid of monopolies and oligarchies and one party ownerships.

Hong Kong should not try to imitate America. Hong Kong needs to show America the way.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Andrew Yang: Chicken?

Andrew Yang is just too apologetic about it.

Even if there were no robotics, no automation, no lost jobs, the freedom dividend would still make sense. The wealth inequality in this country and the world is plenty of reason to do the Universal Basic Income. That gap is unhealthy for democracy. It is unhealthy for capitalism. It is unhealthy for the market.

Elizabeth Warren is for a wealth tax. In simple terms, up to a wealth of 50 million, you don't pay. That is a high bar. But above that, you pay two cents on the dollar. So if you are Jeff Bezos, and your wealth is 100 billion, you pay two billion. Easy math. If you have to sell some of your shares in Amazon to do that, you sell.

But Warren is not (not yet) for the UBI. Warren: chicken?

Bernie Sanders: Big Chicken? The guy has this Soviet concept of work. Jobbing, is that you want?

Kamala Harris is finally like, 1K is too much. How about $500?

Kamala Harris: chicken.

The world does not stop at the Mexican border. Stop imitating Donald Trump. UBI will only work if it covers all humanity.

If you are going to lose a 50K trucking job, what are you going to do with 1K a month?

Andrew Yang: Chicken.

30-30-30-10: A More Thoughtful And Egalitarian Formula For Equity Distribution In Tech Startups For The Age Of Abundance
The Blockchain: Fundamental Like The Internet
The Blockchain Rumble
The Character Called The Tech Entrepreneur
Inequality And Climate Change Are Existential: A Blueprint For Survival
Towards A World Government
AOC 2028    

The Freedom Dividend, Republicans can love. Because this means, no bigger government. The money goes straight to the consumer to spend. And this is money that will be spent. It will be like a nonstop stimulus to the economy.

If you decide to take UBI to all humanity, you immediately come across basic problems. Not everyone has an official ID, not everyone has a bank account, not everyone has something like a social security number, not everyone has access to credit. These problems will have to be solved fast. And it can be. Well, looks like, when you solve these problems, nobody wants to come to America. Happy, Donald? Shitty president.

This also solves the tax haven problem. Now you can't hide your money anywhere. All wealth will pay wealth tax. No matter if you keep your money in London or the Bahamas, you are paying. Parking money will no longer be an option for anyone. That will create pressure on all wealth. The rich will invest. If you are paying a 2% wealth tax, chances are you want to make at least a 5% return. Because five minus two is three. If your wealth is not generating income, it will gradually go down towards zero, as it should. Maybe not tomorrow. But in 50 years?

Friday, September 06, 2019

2020: Current Lineup

President: Andrew Yang
Vice President: Elizabeth Warren
Attorney General: Kamala Devi Harris
Chancellor of the Obama Library: Joe Biden
Senate Lion, McCain of the Left: Bernie Sanders
Texas Governor: Beto
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard
Secretary Of Urban Affairs: Pete

How 2020 Presidential Candidates Can Raise Their Polling Numbers Andrew Yang: What do you have to lose? Bump it to 2K a month.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Bernie Picked The Wrong Fight With Andrew Yang

Obviously, the Democrats can't have both Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang. So who is it gonna be?

To Bernie's credit, the idea of a shorter work week is not that bad. How about you work four days a week, not five? But a reduced work week is not an argument against the UBI. They are apples and oranges.

Andrew keeps coming at Universal Basic Income from the technology angle, the artificial intelligence, and robotics angle. And I believe his projections are valid. But projections are projections. Many of those things have not happened yet. The retail jobs are mostly still here. Truck drivers are still driving their rigs.

But what is already here is inequality. I like Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax idea. Marry that to the UBI idea. The inequality that already exists and keeps getting wider every year is extremely harmful not only to democracy but also capitalism. And the best way to narrow the gap is by applying a wealth tax to fund a UBI.

And if the technology arguments come to be, we will also use that Value Added Tax (VAT) to expand the UBI. I can see the UBI going up to $2,000 a month down the line. Technology could give economic growth rates of 50% in future years. You don't want all of that to end up with the top 1%. They will just end up fat and lazy.

This is a fight Andrew must relish. That is the only way for him to go into the double digits.

Unless he wins either Iowa or New Hampshire, he is toast. He is perhaps Secretary of Labor and not the president. More likely speaker and author and CNN talking head in 2021.

Universal basic income, and universal health care are two ideas that belong together. Andrew Yang does need to own Medicare For All if he has a fighting chance.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Biden's Resilience: Health Care?

Joe Biden has been surprisingly resilient in the polls over the months. That might explain the senior citizen grip on the poll outcome. Young people don't vote. The seniors are the greatest beneficiary of the US federal government. They want to retain the gift that keeps giving.

I think there is unaddressed anxiety about Medicare For All. When Bernie and Warren say Medicare For All, they don't connect the dots. You describe a finished product. You don't explain how it will work and if it will work. You don't explain how you will go from the current arrangement to Medicare For All. What will happen during the transition?

People associate Biden with Obamacare, which by now is status quo. They like the status quo. That is how they get health insurance. Instead of thinking Medicare For All will take health insurance to everyone, most people think, Medicare For All means I will lose mine.

The political work has not been done. The explaining has not been done. So far Medicare For All has been a slogan, not a fleshed-out program.

I believe that explains Biden's resilient numbers in the polls. Biden does not shake the boat too much. You get one old white guy to replace another old white guy. If old white guy is your thing. For a lot of seniors, that seems to be make or break. There are seniors who say they "suffered" while Obama was president. The suffering came from merely having to watch him on TV. Not having an old white guy in the Oval Office caused discomfort. Or at least that seems to be the suggestion.

That "suffering" is a strange kind of suffering, if you ask me. Some call it white nationalism. By now white nationalist terrorism is officially in the Oxford Dictionary.

Whether America is ready to jump from Trump/Biden to an Andrew Yang is hard to tell right now. It is amazing how young people don't vote.

How Much Of A Threat Is Elizabeth Warren To Joe Biden’s Front-Runner Status? the pollster found him, at 19 percent support, in a three-way tie for first with Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, both at 20 percent. ..... with Biden on the decline and Warren and Sanders on the upswing.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Andrew Yang Clocking At 4% And Fifth Position

If you go back into this blog's archives, I have consistently talked of Andrew Yang as the Secretary Of Labor. But now I have started to talk of him as a possible president. For a guy who has never been Mayor, Senator, Governor, Billionaire, for him to clock at 4% is mind-blowing. The dude has gone viral. I don't think anything like this has happened in a US presidential campaign.

The guy has the greatest momentum. He is polling at 4% nationally, he is in the fifth position. But measured by Google Search he is in the second position on his way to first.

It is amazing to me how the UBI idea falls into the blind spot of even the "socialists." Because the UBI idea truly is post-capitalism, post-socialism.

Andrew Yang represents a generational change. He also represents the 21st century. He represents the knowledge economy.

Friday, August 02, 2019

The US Health Care Mess

And when I say mess, don't get me wrong, I am not saying there is an ebola epidemic in the US. I mean that in an organizational chart sense. When it comes to health care in the US as a whole, I think it is a scenario of the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

Describe to me how the system works right now. You can't. It is not like the curry on the plate was made with this one recipe, and now you are going to use a different recipe tomorrow.

You can't just throw more money at the problem. You can't just 100% privatize. You can't just 100% nationalize.

It is the biggest chunk of the economy. If you think about it, social security and medicare are such big parts of the US economy, as is defense, and you have health care, and is America not already a socialist country? The government in the US is bigger than it is acknowledged.

Good luck figuring it out.

Bernie: Reagan Or McCain?

Ronald Reagan lost in 1976, ran again and won in 1980. Is that Bernie? Or McCain lost two times running for president. Is that Bernie? I am not counting out Bernie. He brings brute force to some basic progressive ideas. He might as well cross the line. It could be a Bernie-Warren ticket, with Kamala Harris as Secretary of State, or something, or Attorney General.

President: Bernie Sanders
Vice President: Elizabeth Warren
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard
Secretary of Labor: Andrew Yang
Secretary of Urban Affairs: Pete
Texas Governor: Beto

Who did I leave?

Corey Booker: Senator from New Jersey (you stay right where you are!)

Bernie jogs. Elizabeth drinks green tea. That would be their secrets.