Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Abortion: Extremely Rare

My position is that abortions should be extremely rare. But that is like saying I want to see an end to poverty. You can't make poverty illegal and thus end it. But poverty can be ended through economic growth, and public policy. Abortion is just like that. And I think Hillary has the best set of policies that, if implemented, would make abortions rare. It might be to do with the fact that she is a woman. A woman knows a woman's body best. Women across party lines should give her a majority in the House so she may show results in the first two years of making history as a woman president.

I personally know very little about the policies that will drive the abortion rate down. I mean, I have some idea. It is not like I know nothing. More the reason to support Hillary. She knows.  

Mesmerizing Solution By Hillary

When Clinton rolled out a progressive set of policies for families at her May events in Lexington and Louisville, her explanation went something like this: We need a national system of paid family leave because too many women don’t even get a paid day off to give birth; workers don’t have a federal requirement for paid sick days; meanwhile, many dads and parents of adopted children don’t get any time off at all, and sons and daughters don’t get time to take care of aging parents. We also need to establish voluntary home-visiting programs, where new parents, especially those facing economic adversity, can get assistance in learning how to care for their children and prepare them to succeed in school, thus taking aim at unequal outcomes in the earliest years. Relatedly, we need to raise wages, because two-thirds of minimum-wage workers are women, which has an impact on single-parent and dual-earning homes and, when combined with high child-care costs, inhibits women’s ability to earn equal benefits, save for college, and put away for retirement. Minimum-wage workers currently spend between 20 and 40 percent of their income on child care; Clinton has a plan whereby no family would pay more than 10 percent on child care, but she also believes we need to increase pay for child-care providers and early educators, who in some places are paid less than dog trainers and who have their own families to take care of. All of this is tied to the need to strengthen unions and make health care more affordable through revisions to the Affordable Care Act as well.

The Pus That Is Donald's Racism/Sexism/Xenophobia

When Donald Trump went all the way to New Mexico to berate the top Latina in his party, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was being racist with a clinical precision. And it was a double whammy, because she is also a woman. He was able to be racist and sexist at the same time. And it worked. His poll numbers went up a little.

That sums up the next few months. This election will not be fought on policy, or ability to deliver. There is a cultural nationalism - if it can be called that - that is being peddled in the most naked way in the history of the republic. Granted it was always there, but now it is out in the open for all world to see. As I see it, it is bleeding pus. The Donald is bleeding out the pus. Hillary is going to heal the wound.

Racism, sexism and xenophobia have to be countered with clinical precision. That would be all.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Spiritual Ladder And Democracy

Humanity is a chain, only as strong as its weakest link. To you personally every single human being matters. Heaven On Earth is not possible unless every single human being is on board.

The big picture is, I am for a total spread of democracy, and I am for using every possible weapon of nonviolence to that end.

God is the one authority. And since the only place a human being can connect with God is in his/her personal space, the people collectively are the only legitimate source of earthly power.

That political proposition is urgent and global. If that means Arab countries need to switch to constitutional monarchies, then so be it. If that means the Chinese Communist Party needs to offer the people two candidates for president, governor and mayor, then so be it.

Every human being has a right to free speech. Free will is a gift from God to people. Every human being has a right to religious freedom. You can pray to God the way you choose to. Peaceful practice of religion is a political right.

Violence is not allowed. A legitimate state curbs possibilities of violence through threat of force.

This global political infrastructure with the right to free speech, and the right to peaceful religious practice firmly in place makes room for advanced spiritual undertakings. Advanced spiritual undertakings, as well as advanced economic and social processes.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

FBI's Sexism

The FBI's relentless harassments of MLK are well documented, and the dude was nothing less than a prophet. It is not like the institution ever apologized. The reality really is black and white there. MLK was doing God's work. The FBI was with The Devil.

In recent years I have noted the FBI basically ended the possibility of John Liu becoming New York City mayor. Otherwise the guy had collected more votes citywide than Bloomberg only a year before the institutional attacks started coming. That John Liu was born and raised in NYC did not seem to matter. That his origin was Taiwanese (not Chinese) did not seem to matter.

When 13 trillion dollars evaporated like water on Mars, the fall guys were a black guy, a Hispanic, an Asian, two Indians, a Jewish guy. And that 13 is not even counting the three trillion lost to foreign misadventures. The real culprits did not even get so much as a speeding ticket.

Law enforcement is not above the law. Institutions paid for by the taxpayers, the voters have to be seen making their very best attempts to do right, and stay away from evil impulses.

You are lovely as long as you don't covet seats of power is not the message the next generation of women are eager to hear.

The timing of the FBI's recent "release" on Hillary Clinton's email thing is suspect. There seems to be a faceless clique inside the FBI trying to do maximum political damage to this person who shows every sign of becoming the first female president. The merits or lack thereof of the case aside, my political instincts are hugely suspicious of the timing and pace of the investigation process. The goal seems to be political damage.

What, the white guys running the FBI are suddenly feeling the hots for Donald Trump now? What do you see in him?

The FBI's ethnic and gender composition is suspect, and needs to be rectified. The FBI needs to look more like America. Perhaps the next president will do something about it.

Rule of law is important. And that is why it is super important that law enforcement has to be seen not propagating racism and sexism.

America is still doing seven times better than China on per capita income. Anti racism, anti sexism is not anti white male. Anti racism, anti sexism is about taking the world to an era of currently unimaginable riches. Racism is the mindless assaults of today. Just like major riches are not possible in a society where physical assaults are the norm, a racist, sexist society is fundamentally kneecapped. It is an unnecessary disadvantage to have.

Your (and everyone else's) soul is unique in the history and future of time. That eternal spiritual truth is the basis for the political and social concepts of equality. To accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior is to accept that spiritual truth. Which means if you don't believe in political and social equality, you don't accept that eternal spiritual truth, and if you don't, then you don't accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior. So help me God.     


Friday, May 20, 2016

Bill Clinton: Amigo?

Bill Clinton used to be black. Now he is Mexican!? Trump just called Bill Clinton a rapist like he calls Mexicans.

I guess this is Trump's idea of being unpredictable! You flummox your opponent by being unpredictable.

Bill Clinton does not know what to do. He is flummoxed. He did not see this coming.

Hillary, on the other hand. She has an attack ad ready.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Drone Drump

When you are battling Donald Trump, the problem child of American politics, you are not battling a person, a human being. What you are battling is The Devil himself. The Devil is a master of deception and subterfuge. The Devil commands the drone called Drump.

Some day perhaps The Donald will see the light and switch sides and escape the trip to Hell. Hell is a Trump Tower size pain and more. But until then you gotta battle The Drump.

There is an epidemic of Godlessness in America. Trump's rise so far is proof. Trump's political tactics are emotional distortions of a lost soul. There does not seem to be any shred of policy talk, or of legitimately competing political philosophies.

Drump is all about racism, sexism, xenophobia, and uncivil personal attacks. His "white nationalism" is not pride in language, culture, or heritage. It is rabid, naked racism. It does not even really include white women.

Racism is sin. Sexism is sin. Xenophobia is sin. America needs to build infrastructure in Mexico like it built infrastructure in Europe. Don't build a wall, build bridges, build roads, lay down train tracks.  

The Drump way will cause America to lose its number one status faster than anything. His support base is the chorus of losers.

America and the world stand at the cusp of the most exciting era in human history, but there are some clear choices to be made. 

(Photo below by Yours Truly, somewhere near the Queensboro Bridge)

Hillary's Enormous Responsibility

There is only one person standing between a Godless person and the White House, currently the most powerful political office on the planet. That one person is Hillary Clinton. Oh, the pressure! 

Kumar: Wake Up To God

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

When Ted Cruz Met Donald Trump

When Ted Cruz met Donald Trump
He asked, "How are you doing, Donald?"
"I've been better, " The Donald replied
When Cruz met Trump in Hell
The Donald said.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why Stop At Bill Clinton!

Why stop at Bill Clinton, I'd like to also go ahead and blame Hillary Clinton for some of the things Boris Yeltsin might have done. I can't pit it down right now, but I am sure that guy did something or the other.

Jesus. Donald Trump will have you believe Hillary Clinton had lesbian sex with Monica Lewinsky. Kevin Spacey and his wife have sex with this dude aide, at the same time, but that was on Netflix. I guess we all have our sources of news and information, and enlightenment.

Trump's top weapon is Benghazi II. Facts-free sexism, completely unhinged from facts and logic. At least on Benghazi no one is accusing Hillary of having pulled the trigger. But give Trump some time. With Trump, many things are possible.

Note: it is the Department Of Defense (not State) that protects embassies. But I guess if you can name only one Obama cabinet member, you are going to be tempted to use your limited vocabulary.