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Saturday, June 18, 2022

18: Hillary Clinton

Three cheers for the dull, factually correct middle
Everything You Thought You Knew, and Why You’re Wrong Smil, who has taught at the University of Manitoba for half a century, rests his expertise on the strength of a polymathic pedigree nearly unmatched in North American academic life. Unlike Noam Chomsky — whose own breadth of expertise Smil ridicules in passing — Smil does not suffer polemics. Nor is he a forecaster, as he stresses repeatedly (with mounting exasperation). If anything he is an anti-forecaster, contemptuous of any prediction made about complex systems. Smil is a compiler of data, an indefatigable quantifier (to the 10th decimal), a summarizer, a pragmatist and a utilitarian. Or, as he puts it, “I am a scientist trying to explain how the world really works.” .......... mathematical calculations yield inexorably to ethical ones. ......... Smil summarizes the history of global energy, food, material production and trade. ....... Canada, blessed with greater forest acreage than any affluent nation, saves money by importing toothpicks from China. No country possesses sufficient rare earth metals to support its economy. The world throws out a third of its food. Human beings today enjoy, on average, the annual benefit of 34 gigajoules of energy. Expressed in units of human labor, that is “as if 60 adults would be working nonstop, day and night,” for each person. Residents of affluent countries have it better: An American family of four has more hired help than the Sun King at Versailles.

........the grim announcement that every fundamental aspect of modern civilization rests overwhelmingly on fossil fuel combustion....... and a supermarket tomato, which Smil describes as no more than “an appealingly shaped container of water” (apologies to Marcella Hazan), is the product of about six tablespoons of diesel. “How many vegans enjoying the salad,” he writes, “are aware of its substantial fossil fuel pedigree?” ....... “For the foreseeable future,” writes Smil, “we cannot feed the world without relying on fossil fuels.” He performs similar calculations for the world’s production of energy, cement, ammonia, steel and plastic, always reaching the same result: “A mass-scale, rapid retreat from the current state is impossible.” ....... We are slaves to fossil fuels. The global transition that we’ve only barely, unevenly, begun is not the work of years but decades, if not centuries. ....... humility — the rarest earth metal of all ....... Living with uncertainty, after all, “remains the essence of the human condition.” Even under the most optimistic scenario, the future will not resemble the past. We will have to navigate seemingly impossible conditions, relying on instinct and imperfect assumptions and our old familiar flaws (chiefly “our never-failing propensity to discount the future”). This may not be a particularly galvanizing conclusion, but it is, yes, how the world works.........

Geraldine Brooks Had an Unpleasant Surprise When She Taught at Harvard “Half my students had never read a Shakespeare play,” says the historical novelist, whose latest book is “Horse.” “That set my hair on fire.” ........ I taught writing at Harvard last year and half my students had never read a Shakespeare play. That set my hair on fire. ........ There was no train to Fitchburg in 1840. There were no camels in Israel before 2000 B.C. And no one used the word “mauve” for a color until at least 1796. ....... “The End of Nature,” by Bill McKibben, with the publication date of 1989 picked out in highlighter. It might remind him we’ve faffed about on this crisis for more than three decades so it’s time to stomp on Joe Manchin and get a climate package passed.

Hillary Clinton: ‘We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy’ I point out that for all my columns criticising her ill-fated 2016 campaign, I never told her what to wear or when to smile — unsolicited advice in which many male pundits seemed to revel. “That puts you in a small minority,” she says, laughing. .......... I consider it my goal to get Clinton to remove the mask she dons for interactions with people like me. Mutual friends say that in private she is funny and can be bitingly sarcastic. American media colleagues have a very different take on a woman with whom they have been feuding for decades. ........ Clinton has described herself as “the most investigated innocent person in America”. She is also a doyenne of practised legalese, which could smother this lunch before it gets going. .............. I note that one of her most recent meals was fish and chips at a traditional chippy in England’s Tyneside after she had delivered a lecture nearby. “I have to confess I thought chips were kind of fancy potato chips,” she says. “I thought they were with round cuts of potatoes.

You call them chips but they’re fries.”

We’re still divided by a common language, I suggest............ Her great-grandfather, Jonathan Rodham, was a coal miner recruited to cross the Atlantic with his family in the 1880s. They settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania. ......... Clinton is puzzled why people are so nostalgic about the mining life. “Whether they were from West Virginia or Tyneside, their lives were so grim and disease-prone and unhygienic — but the nostalgia for those days. I don’t know,” she says, trailing off.......... Some people blame Clinton’s 2016 loss on her remarks about putting coal mines out of business (Trump promised a mining boom). But identifying one culprit for her 2016 defeat is like Murder on the Orient Express — the dagger is covered with fingerprints. In her memoir of that campaign, What Happened, Clinton takes the primary blame and also points to the FBI’s investigation into her home server emails, her gaffe about half of Trump’s base being “deplorables” and his skill at giving the media a “new rabbit every day [knowing] they’d never catch any of them”. ........... I tell Clinton that on learning of her defeat in 2016 my then nine-year-old daughter stopped taking my word as gospel. I had somewhat rashly reassured her that Trump would not win. ......... “If you go down the rabbit hole of far right intellectuals, you see that birth control, gay marriage — all of it is at risk,” she replies. .......... My question triggers a passionate response. Clinton speaks about how some states will make it illegal to abort after rape and incest if Roe vs Wade is overturned. One state — “and this is hard even to speak about”, she says — would require the woman to get the permission of her rapist before aborting. Others plan to criminalise women who have the procedure in states where it is legal. .......... “The level of insidious rulemaking to further oppress women almost knows no end,” Clinton says. “You look at this and how could you not but think that Margaret Atwood was a prophet? She’s not just a brilliant writer, she was a prophet.” Clinton adds that when she was a senator, she voted against the confirmation of Samuel Alito, one of this court’s most conservative judges. “I found Alito was the kind of young man who when he was at Princeton railed against coeducation, railed against letting women into the eating clubs, and that was all in the background that I read,” she recalls. “He honestly struck me as one of those very self-righteous types seeking to remake society.” ............ “Literally within hours of the polls closing in 2016, we had so much evidence pouring in about voters being turned away in Milwaukee and not being able to vote in Detroit,” she replies. .......... “These states were run by Republicans so there was no way to find out the truth about any of them. I also believe in peaceful succession and transition and all of that.” At that point she says she was unaware of Cambridge Analytica and the role of social-media algorithms — “all of the stuff that was convincing people that I was a murderer or a child trafficker”. She reminds me that she won the popular vote by nearly 3mn but lost the electoral college by 78,000 votes. Biden won the popular vote by more than 7mn but barely scraped the electoral college by 43,000 votes. “That tells you everything you need to know about Republican strategy for 2024. Even in his reptilian brain, Trump has to know that he lost this time. He refuses to accept it because it wasn’t supposed to happen.” ......... . . . I don’t know who will challenge him in the Republican primary.” ......... Though Clinton talks about today’s situation in Ukraine, she keeps referring back to Putin’s role in America’s 2016 election, which she believes was in revenge for an “anodyne” statement she had made as secretary of state in 2012 in support of the pro-democracy protests against his return to Russia’s presidency. ......... “Yes, he was very sexist towards me. We had some interesting, even helpful, interactions in private and then the press would be invited in and he would say something insulting about America. He would then manspread for effect.” ........ I say that Democrats seem to be going out of their way to lose elections by elevating activist causes, notably the transgender debate, which are relevant only to a small minority. .......

“We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window,” she says.

“Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.” .......... . . . Politics should be the art of addition not subtraction.”

This book helped me understand modern politics better

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A Tale Of Two Cities

'Unhinged': President Trump and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz trade insults over Puerto Rico relief "Pres Trump continues to embarrass himself & the Office he holds," she tweeted. "He is unhinged & thus lies about the $ received by PR.".... Resuming the argument Tuesday morning, Trump again claimed that "Puerto Rico got 91 Billion Dollars for the hurricane," but it is not clear where he got that figure, and actual spending is not close to that. A FEMA report said it passed the $3 billion mark in public assistance to Puerto Rico in August........Ricardo Rossello, the governor of Puerto Rico, admonished Trump over his false claim of $91 billion......."Mr. President: STOP spreading misinformation!" he tweeted. "#PuertoRico has not received $91b (only 300M in permanent work). It's not 'us' vs 'them'. It's about Americans in need."
Trump claims Puerto Ricans ‘take from USA,’ criticizes hurricane relief funding President Donald Trump claimed Puerto Ricans “take from USA” in a series of tweets Tuesday, despite Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory and its more than 3 million residents are American citizens..... By comparison, $120 billion has been spent on damages from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump Locking Horns With China And Arabia

On the campaign trail Donald Trump fearlessly locked horns with China and Arabia, the two parts of the world that stand in the way of a total spread of democracy, and in so doing Donald Trump has aligned himself with America's founding mission. Curious though that liberals claim he will end democracy in America itself!

Lies are sin. Slander is sin. The media and the political space could try better about not sinning. And elevate the political culture.

But free speech is sacrosanct.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

There Is Unfair, And Then There Is Politics

The FBI was unfair. Before that Trump. His saying sex crimes in the army was normal and the blame went to women who joined the army, that was meant an attack on Hillary, like him saying Jeb Bush was "low energy and a disgrace to his family," or calling Marco "Little Marco." Hillary's literal "collapse" can be traced to that precise attack. An attack like that can weaken your immune system if it captures your thought process. Her counter was feeble. Basket of deplorables?

The FBI attack was a naked sexist political attack. It totally changed the race.

But the real political story is that Hillary did not hit back hard and it cost her.

There are people who did not vote but who are now out protesting. Hillary did not turn the Trump and FBI political attacks into counter attacks but, three days after the election, came out saying the FBI was unfair to her. Still not saying what the FBI did was outright illegal.

Sexism aside, the presidential race is also designed to see how you respond to unforeseen situations by actors who absolutely don't care about fair. ISIS would not think twice about detonating a dirty bomb. You could not argue they would be unfair to do so. How would you deal with it?

Long story short, Trump is in for four years. That asks for strategy. Some Dems are saying partial, selective cooperation. Because this guy does not seem to get along with the Republican establishment either.

And then there are protesters. Inauguration day should be colorful. Talk about orange and Ukraine.

There are checks and balances. There's the street. There are global players like Germany and China. There's Canada, if the West Coast wants to secede. There are the Senate Democrats who can filibuster.

And there's the 2018 opportunity to take Congress.

And there's always 2020.

Trump has already talked down immigration and the wall. His deportation numbers now are more Obama like. And he has started to say "fence." The pivot many expected after the Republican primary elections is happening now.

Also, he does have some fresh ideas. If he could somehow end the Cold War with Russia once and for all, that would give him a big bang start.

If he could institute term limits for Congress, that would "drain the swamp," if he were to stick to his words on lobbyists.

And he has this idea of a one time 15% tax on the wealth of the rich to pay off a big chunk of the debt. If he were to do that for "the forgotten men and women," that would be a good thing.

This guy is in a position to do creative destruction to the Republican Party. The brand name remains, but it is like a whole new building inside.

Or he could give in to the base instincts of the Alt Right, the racism, sexism, anti semitism, deliver tax cuts for the rich to "the forgotten men and women" and start a trade war with China and we would all be in a Great Depression, greatly depressed. Then no matter who wins in 2020, when America finally wakes up it would wake up a Britain in 1952, a small island nation on which the sun never used to set.

Trump’s positions on trade and climate as stated on the campaign trail cedes the global stage to China on both. America's greatness perhaps never was small minded racism, sexism and anti semitism.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hillary Losing

Clinton need not have wholly ceded white working-class voters to Trump, who won them by a larger margin than Ronald Reagan in his 1984 landslide. Meanwhile, she failed to get young people and minorities—the too-aptly-named “Obama coalition”—excited about her candidacy. Both of those weaknesses, critics say, could be traced back to a message that emphasized social diversity over economic fairness.

her team’s focus on micro-messaging came at the expense of thematic unity. As another former Sanders adviser, Scott Goodsteinput it, “No amount of digital savvy will take you across the finish line if you don’t have a message that resonates.... The Clinton campaign too often chose gimmicks over real heartfelt messages.”

Clinton’s leisurely pace fed the perception that she thought she was marching to an inevitable coronation. Inevitability didn’t work out too well for Clinton in 2008, and it didn’t work this year, either.

Did The White ISIS Just Take Over The White House?

because race comes up, a lot. Sometimes, in the form of a kind of racial psuedo-science that advocates use to explain the dynamics of heterosexual relations. The age-old racist argument – that black men are “taking our women” – is made regularly. Racist slurs are chucked around casually. There seems to be a significant overlap with organised white supremacy.

Now they’re celebrating openly. They’re gleeful about some of the harshest policies Trump promised: mass deportations, defunding Planned Parenthood, the wall. They feel like they have scored a victory against feminism and multiculturalism. They’re glad that white men are, once again, in control. They were filled with fury at the thought they had been toppled from their rightful place at the top of the social hierarchy; this is vindication. 

When we fret about young people leaving western countries and going to fight with Isis, it’s common to focus on the role of the internet in their political radicalisation. It’s time we discussed the radicalisation of angry, young white men in a similar way. 

 a cohesive ideology of white supremacy and misogyny. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

The FBI And The KKK

The FBI might be the real KKK in America. The KKK, for the most part for most people, is a little toothless organization. The FBI I have seen decide a mayoral election in New York City and it just played the deciding hand in the presidential election. It intervened at the most strategic moment in the most naked way possible. It was as brazen as Putin's cyber interventions.

It is not just the Chinese state, the American state also is knee deep in citizen surveillance. It is not just the KGB that is an active ingredient in Russia's domestic politics. The FBI is the same thing in America. The citizens have to worry. And many would except most Americans are not only happy about the racist ways of the American state, they cling to racism like it were their only religion.

Every terrorist attack in America the FBI has "foiled" since 9/11 has been a terrorist "attack" that was hatched by the FBI itself, from beginning to end. A few attacks that did happen the FBI had absolutely no clue about. Granted a terrorist attack is a needle in a haystack size problem but the racial profiling of minority communities is not a harmless proposition. It is that precise racism that fuels extremist thinking in the first place.

When Comey attacked Donald Trump was quick to note, and the military is not going to accept a woman for Commander In Chief either.

Indira Gandhi led the Indian army to war and victories like no Indian prime minister before and after. It is a woman taking salutes in Britain and Germany. This pussy won't do attitude must be a peculiarly American phenomenon.

But then a democracy can not get ahead of its people and might as well not. Most women in America prefer to be a racist than be a woman who has gender equality. That is exhibited in their electoral behavior. It is on record.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Abolish The Electoral College

Ms Clinton is on track to win the votes of 63.4 million people, compared with 61.2 million for Mr Trump.

Warren Harris 2020

There has to be a merciless postmortem of the sorry state the Democrats are in right now. It has become a municipal party of big city mayors. The Republicans have the White House, the Senate, the House and most state governments.

Barack Obama did not fight back birtherism hard enough. And it had real consequences like him not fulfilling his constitutional obligation to fill a Supreme Court slot. That is a signal to his supporters. I can't deliver on that one even though the constitution says I can.

Hillary Clinton’s disappearances and disengagements in August and October poured water on a winning convention and three won debates.

Bernie Sanders has made basic gutsy moves but his ideology feels like a throwback to another era. Health care for all through dramatic reductions in health expenses by better nutrition and exercise and saving a trillion dollars per year by taking obesity in America to 1980 levels is a more holistic approach. Education costs are supposed to go down like computer prices have gone down. The best way to empower women and minority groups is by opening access to credit for them so more of them can get into entrepreneurship.

Elizabeth Warren is a superior presence to Sanders and was the original choice of the crowd that swarmed to Sanders. Besides Sanders lost before Hillary did. He had a shot. Now make way.

And I really do like the idea of a woman president.

One thing I have noted about Warren is she has out loud worried that the tech giants Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple have become monopolies that might get in the way of the next wave of innovation. She is coming to the present from the future.

She has to take that approach to all policy issues including her signature issue of banking. She has to talk about the Age Of Abundance and she has to talk about Universal Basic Income. She has to talk about steam physics.

And she has to have the guts to put another woman on the ticket. My top choice would be Kamala Harris. She is Indian African American. India is the new Britain. That counts for something. Also you maybe don't want California to secede.

Warren has to talk the Blockchain when she talks banking. Warren has to talk the fourth industrial revolution. Warren has to talk nanotechnology, biotechnology, clean energy, robotics and artificial intelligence.

She has to talk about both America and the planet. Because America is on a planet.

She has to talk about banks like someone who knows the Internet is coming might talk about the paper newspapers of 1990, for that is precisely what the Blockchain is.

And if Warren is to run, as she should, she has about one year to decide. Just like Barack Obama in 2006 Warren has to crisscross the country through 2018 all year from the beginning of the year and take the House and the Senate. Then, early in 2019, in Boston harbor, she has to announce she is running, or the West Coast might secede.

She has to marry 2008 grassroots organizing to the 2020 technologies. 10 times more has become possible.

Gender is specific to the flesh body. It is not a feature of the soul. All human beings have been created equal and special by the Creator. Mother Mary desires gender equality on earth, even as she wears a non gendered perfect spirit body in heaven.

Warren Harris 2020 is unstoppable.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Impossible Situation

The day before the election Bill Clinton bemoaned "a great president who has been term limited."

Barack Obama said on the same stage, "The sun will shine tomorrow no matter what happens."

That is not a fighting spirit.

The Comey strike was quite a blow. Here were white men saying, it is not about collecting votes, it is about acceptance, and we simply will not accept you.

The FBI is a white male bastion, obviously.

Prominent liberal newspapers wrote Hillary Clinton saw this coming. She was expecting an October surprise.

The liberal media had its own October surprise. It talked about a Latino surge in early voting to create a white surge on Election Day.

White women across the board voted against the idea of a woman president.

The chosen liberated people harassed Moses in the desert. Why did you bring us here? We were better off in Egypt.

Hillary Clinton herself did not give a single gender speech. It was as if she was trying to become the first female president without anyone noticing she was female.

She won the convention and the aftermath and completely lost August by disengaging and disappearing. She won three debates and earned double digit leads and again disengaged and squandered it. Comey would not have attacked if he had not seen an opening.

Hillary Clinton has that Jeb Bush quality like she does not really want to be there.

Not picking Elizabeth Warren for running mate was such a waste. This would have been a 55% victory for Clinton.

But those are mechanics. The people have spoken. Americans just got themselves an Aexit. The post World War II and the post Cold War world order is now over. America has now exited the world stage by popular opinion. NATO and the dollar will go under a fundamental rethink.

Glass Ceiling: 60 Million Cracks

Why So Many Women Abandoned Hillary Clinton

60 million cracks in a still unbroken glass ceiling.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Victory Demolishes Old World Order

The fact of Mr Trump’s victory and the way it came about are hammer blows both to the norms that underpin politics in the United States and also to America’s role as the world’s pre-eminent power.

Americans have not shared in their country’s prosperity. In real terms median male earnings are still lower than they were in the 1970s. In the past 50 years, barring the expansion of the 1990s, middle-ranking households have taken longer to claw back lost income with each recession. Social mobility is too low to hold out the promise of something better. The resulting loss of self-respect is not neutralised by a few quarters of rising wages.

his voters took Mr Trump seriously but not literally, even as his critics took him literally but not seriously. 

might even model himself on Ronald Reagan, a conservative hero who was mocked and underestimated, too.

whereas Reagan was an optimist, Mr Trump rails against the loss of an imagined past. We are deeply sceptical that he will make a good president—because of his policies, his temperament and the demands of political office.

After the sugar rush, populist policies eventually collapse under their own contradictions. Mr Trump has pledged to scrap the hated Obamacare. But that threatens to deprive over 20m hard-up Americans of health insurance. His tax cuts would chiefly benefit the rich and they would be financed by deficits that would increase debt-to-GDP by 25 percentage points by 2026. Even if he does not actually deport illegal immigrants, he will foment the divisive politics of race. Mr Trump has demanded trade concessions from China, Mexico and Canada on threat of tariffs and the scrapping of the North American Free Trade Agreement. His protectionism would further impoverish poor Americans, who gain more as consumers from cheap imports than they would as producers from suppressed competition. If he caused a trade war, the fragile global economy could tip into a recession. With interest rates near zero, policymakers would struggle to respond.

Trump says he hates the deal freezing Iran’s nuclear programme. If it fails, he would have to choose between attacking Iran’s nuclear sites and seeing nuclear proliferation in the Middle East (see article). He wants to reverse the Paris agreement on climate change; apart from harming the planet, that would undermine America as a negotiating partner. Above all, he would erode America’s alliances—its greatest strength. Mr Trump has demanded that other countries pay more towards their security or he will walk away. His bargaining would weaken NATO, leaving front-line eastern European states vulnerable to Russia. It would encourage Chinese expansion in the South China Sea. Japan and South Korea may be tempted to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.

Trump was narcissistic, thin-skinned and ill-disciplined. Yet the job of the most powerful man in the world constantly entails daily humiliations at home and abroad. When congressmen mock him, insult him and twist his words, his effectiveness will depend on his willingness to turn the other cheek and work for a deal. When a judge hears a case for fraud against Trump University in the coming weeks, or rules against his administration’s policies when he is in office, he must stand back (self-restraint that proved beyond him when he was a candidate). When journalists ridiculed him in the campaign he threatened to open up libel laws. In office he must ignore them or try to talk them round. When sovereign governments snub him he must calculate his response according to America’s interests, not his own wounded pride. If Mr Trump fails to master his resentments, his presidency will soon become bogged down in a morass of petty conflicts.

No problem comes to the president unless it is fiendishly complicated. Yet Mr Trump has shown no evidence that he has the mastery of detail or sustained concentration that the Oval Office demands. 

The danger with popular anger, though, is that disillusion with Mr Trump will only add to the discontent that put him there in the first place. If so, his failure would pave the way for someone even more bent on breaking the system.

The open markets and classically liberal democracy that we defend, and which had seemed to be affirmed in 1989, have been rejected by the electorate first in Britain and now in America. 

Liberals Actually Dislike Power

We liberal elitists are now completely in the clear. The government is in Republican hands. Let them deal with him. Democrats can spend four years raising heirloom tomatoes, meditating, reading Jane Austen, traveling around the country, tasting artisan beers, and let the Republicans build the wall and carry on the trade war with China and deport the undocumented and deal with opioids, and we Democrats can go for a long , brisk walk and smell the roses.

A Facebook Election?

If you thought radio changed politics, just wait till television. And if you thought television changed politics, just wait until Facebook really hits its stride. Or. Well. I guess it just did.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Trump Recession Can't Be More Than Two Years Away

Trump's trade and immigration policies lead straight to recession. That can't be more than two years away.

A whole bunch of people would be crying hoarse next year when they lose their health care. But most of them did not even bother to vote. And many of them voted for Trump. They are white and poor.

Ah, democracy. 

It Is Not Easy To Lead The Powerless

Lord God led the chosen people away from slavery in Egypt through many signs and wonders. But many a time the people told Moses, why did you bring us here, we were better off in Egypt.

It is not easy to lead the powerless.

And to think a majority of white women voted for Trump, one third of Asians and Hispanics voted for Trump.

It is not easy to lead the powerless.


American sexism runs deep. White women lost it for her. Internalized sexism is a problem.

Hillary herself did not make one gender speech.

If she had picked Elizabeth Warren she would have won with 55% of the vote. She would have also taken the House.

But the number one problem is the sexism and the racism. This was founded a racist, sexist country. It has not grown up still.

This Was A Stolen Election

Vote suppression in North Carolina was thorough and supported by the courts even.

Threats of violence at a Trump loss, threats to not accept the results should he lose by Trump himself are further signs this was not a democratic but a stolen election.

Hillary got gored.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

The FBI Might Have Overplayed Its Hand

Some smart asses at the FBI thought they could sink Hillary Clinton. Instead they might have ended up giving her a last minute bounce. Early voting records are being broken.

Another white institution that sounds like it is issuing empty threats is the Republican Party. It is sounding like they are threatening to end American democracy. The American democracy is going to be just fine. What is not going to survive is the Republican Party. This country will never again see a Republican president.

But the FBI has exposed itself to be a white male club and that will not stand. People into early voting are also paying taxes. And they will demand accountability.

Not American Democracy But The Republican Party Is Ending

This country will never again see a Republican president.