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Monday, November 15, 2021

Bernie: The Elon Musk Of Politics

That designation is not to be taken at face value. He might have been if he had gotten himself elected president. But the execution part of him has been mush. Maybe AOC? She could be the Elon Musk of politics. But spare me the exactitude. I am only reacting to Elon Musk's disrespect of Bernie. Do not respect old people. That does not sound right.

I just finished reading Eizabeth Warren's book Persist a few weeks ago. I am all for the wealth tax. Without the wealth tax America as a country will kill itself. The inequality in America is civilization ending.

I would propose a 10% wealth tax on all billionaires.

That will not take away from innovation. That will not mean Elon Musk will have less money to invest in Tesla, or SpaceX. When was the last time Elon sold his shares in Tesla to put money back in Tesla? Instead I have seen him and Jeff Bezos do the my thing is bigger than yours thing. Give them marbles. Take the money to the homeless, and the hungry.

Knowing God Named by Christianity Today as one of the top fifty books that have shaped evangelicals, Knowing God is now among the iconic books featured in the IVP Signature Collection. ....... "A hundred years from now only a handful of books written today will still be widely read and accepted as Christian classics. Dr. James I. Packer's Knowing God may well prove to be one of them. A gifted theologian and writer, Dr. Packer has the rare ability to deal with profound and basic spiritual truths in a practical and highly readable way. This book will help every reader grasp in a fuller way one of the Bible's greatest truths: that we can know God personally because God wants us to know him." ..... Billy Graham .......... As it would be cruel to an Amazonian tribesman to fly him to London, put him down without explanation in Trafalgar Square and leave him, as one who knew nothing of English or England, to fend for himself, so we are cruel to ourselves if we try to live in this world without knowing about the God whose world it is and who runs it. The world becomes a strange, mad, painful place, and life in it a disappointing and unpleasant business, for those who do not know about God. ............. “God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.” .........

Why You Need to Read ‘Knowing God’ by JI Packer Christians have become confused as a result of their dealings with modern skepticism. Lacking a strong Biblical understanding of God, believers have become less certain about both God and His Word. The truth of Scripture is routinely questioned, and even the very concept of truth is itself been put up for debate. ........ there is an important distinction between knowing about God and knowing God. Whereas we can know a lot about God by reading Scripture and studying what theologians have to say on the topic, we can only know God by entering into a right relationship with Him ........ “Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problems fall into place of their own accord.” ........ God is “immutable,” which is a fancy seminary word for “doesn’t change” or “unchangeable.” This is a very helpful reminder for the Christian. There is not a discontinuity between God as He is revealed in the Old Testament and how He is revealed in the New. He is unchanging in His truth, in His ways, and His purposes ......... being more diligent in our spiritual duties of prayer and reading His Word, of course, but we also must be more aware of the blessings which come from His hand. .......... how inward trials can be used by God to chastise us for sin, to guide us, and to draw us to fuller reliance on Him .........

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Elizabeth Warren Would Be A Great Choice

In some quarters they are talking about Elizabeth Warren as being the VP pick for Biden. I think that would be a wonderful choice to make. It would certainly be the most democratic choice. There were two clear streams this primary season. Biden represents one. The other can be represented by Warren. She is a progressive who is clearly not a socialist. And she goes low when Trump goes low. She goes toe to toe. Politics is war by other means.

Picking Warren would be great to bring about party unity. And we can expect to see AOC back on the campaign trail with Warren. She will do for Warren this Fall what she did for the B man last Fall. Warren wanted AOC to do that for her last Fall, but then B man went ahead and had a heart attack. That tugged at AOC's heart. Besides, Bernie only popped up because Warren refused to run in 2016. Hillary was the Biden of 2016.

If Warren is on the ticket no lefty will be talking about if Biden went far enough for them or not. You get Warren, all such anxieties are soothed. Besides, this pandemic makes Bernie look like a Wall Street don.

Biden should pick Warren. Wait, the names even rhyme. I just noticed.

They both can retire and make room for AOC in 2028.

Warren hits Trump: He's trying to turn a health crisis into 'a political rally for himself'

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Mike Warren Ticket

Right now it is looking like it is going to be a Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren ticket, and it will be a fair ticket, fair in that Warren represents the Bernie wing of the party and Mike represents moderates like Pete and Klobuchar, and it is going to be a strong ticket because I trust Warren more than Mike on being able to go toe to toe to the inevitable pettiness of Donald Trump. With Mike Bloomberg clocking at 20% to Bernie's 30, for the first time I am breathing easy that Trump will be out. The fucker lacks basic decency. Get him out. (Robert De Niro on Trump has been one of the great comedies of the past four years.)

Right now the arithmetic is in Mike's favor. Even in the best-case scenario, even if he leads, Bernie is looking at 25% of the delegates at the convention. He is going to do worse this time than last time when he lost. And that is assuming Mike stays at 20 and Bernie at 30. That needle will move. It is easy to imagine a scenario where most of the non-Bernie delegates switch to Mike and he clinches the nomination.

I thank Bernie. Four years ago Mike Bloomberg was worried the country might not be ready for a "Jewish divorcee." Bernie put that to rest. His Einstein hairstyle gives away his Jewishness. And he is right up there on the Trump scale on divorces and remarriages. Bernie pushed Mike into the ring and I thank him for that.

I wrote a 20-page memo late in 2015 that I hand-delivered to the Bloomberg Foundation Offices urging Mike to run. He did not. He did the Elizabeth Warren thing of thinking that was Hillary's year. And so it would be fair to blame Mike for Trump. Will you please wipe away this mess you gave to us? The blame is on you.

The big news today is not climate change. The big news today is the Age Of Abundance that is right around the corner. 2,000 years ago (and every year since) Jews rejected Jesus because they had been waiting for a messiah who would sit on a throne like David and usher in an Age Of Abundance. Like a rabbi said recently about that abundance, "I look outside my window, I don't see it!" Instead they saw a guy helplessly dangling from a cross.

Mike deserves to win because he is the only Steve Jobs in the race. And I mean that literally. He is not as big as Steve Jobs, but he is like Steve Jobs. He is a tech entrepreneur. It was a West Coast East Coast thing like among rappers. The Bloomberg Terminal has a PC form, and the PC form while pedestrian today was cutting edge when it came out. To start from zero and take it to 50 billion is something.

Some people ask, how old is Mike? Well, how old is Donald? How old is Bernie? Moses had seniority, so does Mike.

Mike Bloomberg has been spending a lot of money. Is that a billionaire buying an election? If it is, it is at least a self-made billionaire. But this is not a billionaire buying an election. This is someone who believes in campaign finance reform so much he is taking zero special interest and lobbyist money.

Mayor Mike was a Republican. But before that he was a Democrat. He saw what a mess the Democratic primary was going to be, and so he ran as a Republican and served three terms: best business move he ever made. It is the power of branding that the market value of his company went up substantially when he was doing nothing at the company except being in news all day long. That brings me to why Warren needs to be on the ticket. She understands the power of branding. She has been speaking for some of the same things as Bernie, but nobody can call her a socialist. I don't know what it is about this country, but the word socialist is toxic. It is like the gun laws. People in other countries scratch their head.

Mike was a partner at a firm on Wall Street. And his partners kicked him out. The guy was a troublemaker, always coming up with new ideas, giving everyone headaches. So they kicked him out. He did not choose to launch Bloomberg. He was forced into it. But that is not my favorite Bloomberg story. My favorite story is, after he had managed to build the Bloomberg Terminal, he needed people to buy them. So he would show up. But you can't get into those tall buildings unless you work there. And so he would buy coffee. When some of the top guys came along, he would say, "I bought you coffee." And I guess free coffee is appreciated in all income brackets. He would sneak into those buildings with them to sell his Bloomberg Terminals.

When he was Mayor I was in the city. What was most perplexing to me was Al Sharpton never saw a white politician he did not suspect. But here was Al getting along just fine with Mike. What is going on, I thought.

Stop and frisk is controversial because racism is America's original sin. Okay, so I have been stopped and frisked. I speak from experience. This was in Ridgewood, Queens. It was not even that late. I was walking from a friend's apartment to mine. Just when I crossed the street, I heard the police car siren and saw the flashing light. I turned around on instinct before I could figure out what was going on. A young, good looking woman police officer came straight towards me and reached for my pant pocket. She pulled out the pen. "Oh, it is a pen?" She thought the flash was that of a knife. She gave it back to me and equally swiftly went back to the older male police officer waiting by the car.

Better stop and frisk than shoot and kill. Because before Bloomberg, there was a Giuliani, and it was shoot to kill. Giuliani's slogan was, "We own the night."

It has to be situational. Great effort has to be made to make sure the sting of racism is taken out of the equation. It has to be data based. Collect all crime data in the country. And go by the crime rate. At particular crime rates, stop and frisk would make sense. On the other hand, that same community, once the crime rate has gone down enough shoud no longer be seeing stop and frisk.

Not to say there were not excesses. But let that who has not sinned cast the first stone. Who would you rather have? A guy who will apologize? Or some dude who never once apologized for his relentless racist comments? And is in the White House. Donald Trump is racist. Mike Bloomberg is not racist. I went to school in the South. There racist meant you said bad things about people like Mike.

When you are Mayor, even of NYC, it is not about ideology. It is about management. Mike brought good management skills to the table. His first act was to rearrange the furniture. The setup he asked for was more like Mark Zuckerberg has at Facebook. Anyone can readily come over to the boss.

This country has become so divided and hyperpartisan that alone might be a big enough reason to elect Mike. This guy is officially bipartisan. He was a Republican Mayor. Now he is a Democratic candidate. What do you do after you have held the second most visible political office in the land? You go for the most visible one.

Who conducts foreign policy as Mayor? This guy has. He got together lots of Mayors around the world on climate.

Talking about climate, I think a big part of the solution is that we need 10 Elon Musks. When Trump heaped praise on Musk about how he was a great American entrepreneur, Musk shot back: "I am from South Africa, you idiot." Musk is likely to see a fellow entrepreneur in Bloom and respect him. Only Kanye thinks Donald Trump is some sort of an entrepreneur.

A country where the Chancellor of Trump University can become president is not a country that is doing well. The guy is a scam.

Full disclosure: I have applied for a job as a political strategist. I have met Mike in person.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Bernie, Cybersecurity, Pete, TV, Warren

What Would the Bernie Presidency Really Look Like? It could happen, really. Vice President Warren is being considered, and plans are in the works to de-Trumpify immigration and climate. Much less likely: Medicare for All....... He is first in New Hampshire, and second in both Iowa and delegate-rich California ...... In terms of style, they envision a government driven by impatience, one that sees itself with a mandate to confront climate change vigorously, to shore up the nation’s labor unions and defend its immigrant populations. ..... Moderate Democrats would join Republicans in Washington to obstruct many of his initiatives, complicating his ability to use the full power of the party. So would much of corporate America. But Sanders’ supporters would start making noise, too, perhaps creating a newly potent political constituency of the working class and disaffected young people.....

“People will be demonstrating all over the world.”

...... Rep. Ro Khanna, Sanders’ campaign co-chairman and his partner in an effort to cut off U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, is frequently mentioned by Sanders supporters as a potential secretary of Defense. ..... He has praised Joseph Stiglitz, the economist and Nobel laureate. ...... Matt Duss, Sanders’ top foreign policy adviser and a progressive critic of much of Washington’s foreign policy apparatus, could be national security adviser. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, whose short-lived presidential campaign was built entirely around climate change, could helm Energy........ Cornel West, whom Sanders has called “one of the most important philosophers of our time,” put it, the Cabinet would be “much more relaxed. It’d be less dogmatic, it’d be more flexible, and it would respect the life of the mind.” ..... “On our first day in office, through executive order, we will overturn all of Trump’s racist executive orders.” ...... he would convene a “hemispheric summit” to address migration. .....

Sanders says his attorney general would open a criminal investigation into the fossil fuel industry, litigating over climate change as the government once did to the tobacco industry over smoking.

......... He would direct his administration to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, and he would end American support for the war in Yemen. ...... “Day One there would be a fundamental shift in foreign policy that emphasized restraint from intervention, that emphasized cooperation with other major powers on tackling climate change, that prioritized human rights and that aspired to make America a moral leader in the world and not just an economic leader,” Khanna said. ...... the full sweep of his legislative agenda can be felt plainly at any rally, where he paces in a sweater, railing against

“the oligarchy.”

...... he wants immigration reform, an “extreme wealth tax,” free college tuition at public colleges and universities and the elimination of $1.6 trillion in existing student loan debt. ...... “Right now, in New Hampshire your moose population, as I understand it, is suffering. You know why? Because with the warmer weather there are more ticks, and ticks are draining the blood out of moose.” .......

“Everything,” Sanders said, “is connected to everything.”

....... James Carville, the former Bill Clinton strategist, said a magazine article like this one about a Sanders presidency belongs in the “fiction section.” ..... said of McConnell, “I don’t know if his heart’s going to grow three sizes.” ...... He advocates not just for nonintervention, but also an international movement of workers. Reengaging the world on climate change, as Sanders would certainly do, would itself be significant. ..... on foreign policy, much of what has unnerved foreign governments is “the predictable unpredictability of the American president.” ...... Sanders’ own view of the Bernie era appears to be that of one long campaign, reliant less on his ability to work within Washington than to bend the capital to his will by rallying the forces outside it. ..... “The press was saying, ‘Bernie can’t win,’ ‘Bernie can’t win,’ ‘Bernie can’t win,’ and he wins and shocks the world,” Tulchin said of this scenario. “The grassroots movement that he has built to date just explodes exponentially.” ...... And once it does, said West, the intellectual and activist, the transformation Sanders is promising would resemble those brought about by Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. ..... “All three of them were thermostats, they were not thermometers. They didn’t just reflect opinion, they shaped opinion,” West said. “It’s going to be a beautiful thing.”

DHS Was Finally Getting Serious About Cybersecurity. Then Came Trump. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen came in with the potential to be the most effective cyber leader in agency history—only to be sideswiped by the president’s fixation on the Mexican border.

Is Pete Buttigieg the Next Emmanuel Macron? They’re both young, brainy, global in their thinking and determined to thwart Donald Trump.

How TV Predicted Politics in the 2010s This was the decade that idealism vanished from political TV. That might not be a coincidence.

The Key to Elizabeth Warren’s Crisis Moment? Outside the organized women’s movement, she cracked the walls of the boys’ club in her own way. Will it help or hurt her in 2020?

President: Bernie Sanders
Vice President: Elizabeth Warren
Shadow Vice President: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Secretary Of Urban Affairs: Pete Buttigieg
Attorney General: Kamala Devi Harris
Secretary Of Labor: Andrew Yang
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard

Sanders surges ahead of Iowa caucuses
Bernie Sanders Is Not Only Back, He Has The Best Shot At The Nomination Right Now
Despite Iowa poll average showing Sanders in solid 2nd, CNN uses old poll to show him in 4th

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Warren's Lead: Expected

ELIZABETH WARREN LEADS JOE BIDEN BY DOUBLE DIGITS IN LATEST 2020 POLL Warren tops the Democratic candidate field with 28 percent of the vote while Sanders comes in second with 21 percent. Biden, who has maintained his status as Democratic front-runner since entering the race in the spring, has fallen to just 18 percent....... Warren is holding steady as primary voters' second choice, meaning she is in good position to rise as other candidates drop out of the race...... Warren, 70, is the only top-three candidate who beats Trump on perceptions of how health impacts their ability to govern. Two-thirds of voters said they believe Warren's physical condition is good enough

Right now it is looking like:

President: Elizabeth Warren
Vice President: Bernie Sanders
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Secretary Of Urban Affairs: Pete
Secretary Of Labor: Andrew Yang
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard
Texas Governor: Beto
Chancellor, Obama Library: Joe Biden

Monday, September 23, 2019

Capitalism's Own Propaganda Machine

Look at this.

News: Hong Kong, Vancouver, Diaspora Nationalism

Over a hundred million Chinese travel outside China every year. And, out of their own seeming free will, they travel back. China, obviously, is no North Korea. A lot of them will tell you, they support their government. They will line up arguments in its defense. What is going on? It is conditioning. And it is so total.

There is a similar conditioning in America. It is capitalist conditioning. The corporations that so own the political process, that so own the media, have also similarly conditioned 300 million Americans.

China needs a heavy dose of democracy. China needs to open up. That is the only way it will avoid the middle income trap. The only way China can hope to become a high tech superpower that it aspires to be is if there is free speech in China.

America also needs a fair dose of democracy. Right now it is not a democracy. America is corporate socialism. It is a corporate welfare state. It is a political system designed to work for the biggest corporation and its richest citizens. Not even the top 1% but 1% of that 1%.

The CCP has a political monopoly in China that needs to be broken. Similarly, the stranglehold of the 0.01% in America has to be broken. Then America will become a democracy.

There is need for triangulation. We want post-capitalism. We want post-communism. We want democracy. We want a market economy devoid of monopolies and oligarchies and one party ownerships.

Hong Kong should not try to imitate America. Hong Kong needs to show America the way.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Andrew Yang MSNBC Climate Forum Town Hall

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Dem Debate: Texas Edition

Elizabeth Warren: Plus 10 Points

This would be my first choice ticket. Warren Harris 2020. Because, as far as I am concerned, gender is the number one issue. Bigger than inequality, bigger than poverty, much bigger than Donald Trump. It is about time. UBI is an idea whose time has come, true. But I don't see how President Warren could avoid that.

My current lineup:

President: Elizabeth Warren
Vice President: Kamala Devi Harris
Secretary of Labor: Andrew Yang
Secretary of Urban Affairs: Pete Buttiegieg
Senate Lion: Bernie Sanders
Chancellor of the Obama Library: Joe Biden
Texas Governor: Beto (I will make no attempt to spell out his last name.)
UN Ambassador: Tulsi Gabbard
New Jersey Senator: Corey Booker
New York Senator: Kristen Gillibrand

Elizabeth Warren's top quality for 2020 is that there is no way she will be bullied by Donald Trump. She will go toe to toe. She will fight. She will turn Trump into mush. And she will swamp him with her ideas.

She will not be bullied. She will not be denied.

When it comes to the wealth tax, Larry Summers is a bonehead.

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“I feel really accepting of the things I used to be insecure about. I have gone through eating disorders and body shaming, and here I am today doing this shoot for millions of people to see.” ~Katelyn Ohashi (Gymnast; @katelyn_ohashi) . Katelyn, a 2018 NCAA team champion with UCLA, shares a sentiment that resonates with all of us, athletes and non-athletes alike. As an athlete, I work hard to get where I have gone and have to work harder to get where I will go. I’m not naturally muscular, I’m not naturally fat adapted. It takes months and years of endurance and strength training and constant mindful nutrition. I struggle, as everyone does, with how my body doesn’t fit into the box. These images of great athletes are not just a nod to those who are in the spotlight, but also a nod to those that aren’t. The silent crushers that no one has heard of in *all* sports. It’s also a nod to all that struggle daily through insecurity, self-doubt, the mental training to get through that no one sees… We all have it in us to be exceptional, and we all have it in us to find excuses not to show up and do the work. . So, as I board a flight now to speak on a panel for @ESPN, I complete yesterday’s accolades to all the athletes and photographers highlighted in this years issue, and end these series of posts by giving respect to all those out there who try just as hard, who work for it. Who earn it regardless of whether they are seen or not. . ▪️Katelyn Ohashi (@katelyn_ohashi) by Dana Scruggs (@danascruggs) ▪️Nancy Lieberman (@nancylieberman) by Ramona Rosales (@ramonarosales) ▪️Amanda Nunes (@amanda_leoa) by Marcus Smith (@marcus.chi) ▪️Kelley O’Hara (@kelleyohara) by Heather Hazzan (@heatherhazzan) ▪️Chris Paul (@cp3) by Gary Land (@garyland) ▪️Lakey Peterson (@lakeypeterson) by Sarah Lee (@hisarahlee) ▪️Michael Thomas (@cantguardmike) by Peter Hapak (@peterhapak) ▪️Christian Yelich (@christianyelich by Joe Pugliese (@joepug
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Warren is the only winner in polls after previous Democratic debates
Warren unveils far-reaching Social Security plan
‘Why Are You Pissing In Our Face?’: Inside Warren’s War With the Obama Team “I was not going to set that agency up asking Tim Geithner every day ‘Mother may I?’” Warren says now. “It just wasn't going to work.” ..... she reserved her real fury for Geithner and White House National Economic Council chief Larry Summers, whom she regarded as predisposed towards big banks over families struggling to save their homes....... the conviction at the heart of her presidential candidacy: that the system is rigged. ..... while former Vice President Joe Biden often boasts on the campaign trail that his and Obama’s efforts saved the economy from another Great Depression, Warren regards the Obama administration’s top-down response to the financial crisis as part of the reason a man like Donald Trump won the White House eight years later. ...... As for the Obama team’s arguments that the financial rescue was a success -- the bank bailouts ultimately made a profit, a depression was averted, and GDP growth resumed faster than the aftermath of most financial crises -- Warren considers them obscene self-congratulation. ....... “When I raised it with Tim, he reassured me that they'd done the calculations and it was all going to work out. And what he meant was the survival of the banks,” Warren says, recalling a meeting in the Treasury building in the fall of 2009. “He says ‘We’ve foamed the runway -- enough that the big banks can land.’ And the fact that millions of families were losing their homes, that millions of people lost their jobs, you know, savings, just wasn't part of that calculation.” ...... “Tim and Larry and those guys, they are the villains of the Woody Guthrie song,” says one, a reference to the lyric “Some will rob you with a six-gun, And some with a fountain pen” in ‘Pretty Boy Floyd.’..... top administration officials remember Obama spending an inordinate amount of time going back and forth about what to do with Warren...... she “broke a lot of eggs.” ...... “That the survival of the big banks is not the measure of recovery.” ....... “I started to understand in that process, how the only way to get Congress on the side of families that were broke was to bring public pressure on them. So in that space of time, during the ‘Bankruptcy Wars,’ I must have spent a million hours on the telephone with reporters

starting with ‘B is for bankruptcy.’”

...... “If you've got no stories to tell, there are a lot of reporters who won’t talk about it,” she explains. “And if the reporters won’t talk about it, then the world isn't going to hear about it.” ....... It would begin before dawn with an aide bringing her an Egg McMuffin but no coffee (

“Can you imagine me on coffee?!,”

she once explained to an aide who asked how she didn’t drink it.) ........ Warren surprised members of her own staff by producing monthly videos of herself explaining each report. She and aides also created a comprehensive website with a regularly updated “blog.” Commonplace now, these digital tools weren't being used by many members of Congress in 2008. ..... “He meets with bankers. He doesn’t meet with me.” ....... Her national profile reached the point-of-no-return in April 2009 after an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. “That is the first time in six months to a year that I felt better,” Stewart said after she summed up the financial crisis. “I don’t know what you did just there but for a second that was like financial chicken soup for me.”........ A former student once dubbed Warren’s teaching method as “Socratic with a machine gun,” and in 2009 and 2010 Geithner was at the end of the barrel. Her questioning was so brutal at times that it stunned some of the Republicans working on the oversight panel. ....... As Obama positioned himself between the bankers and the pitchforks and took a hard turn from campaign poetry to governing prose,

Warren’s furious rhetoric filled a populist void that many on the left had hoped Obama would occupy.

Her response to the financial crisis led New York Magazine to declare in 2011 that “in large swathes of blue America, Warren’s star actually eclipses Obama’s.” ........ Reid, who appointed Warren to the oversight panel and has been an admirer of her presidential run, says he thought Warren clashed so fiercely with Geithner and Summers in part because she understood financial markets well enough that they couldn’t condescend to her......... Warren came from a working-class family in Oklahoma that faced its own micro financial crisis when her father had a heart attack. She earned a debate scholarship to George Washington University, but dropped out to marry her high school boyfriend whom she later divorced. She ultimately graduated from the University of Houston and Rutgers Law School and worked her way up to the highest rungs of legal academia -- from teaching at the University of Houston to Harvard and becoming one of the country’s foremost experts on bankruptcy. ..... She spoke unapologetically and bluntly....... When the crash came, Warren saw a reckoning for a system she had long said was fraudulent and the chance to revamp it entirely. Geithner felt his first, second and third priority was to save that same system from collapse because then no other goals were possible. ...... “After the rush-rush-rush to bail out the big banks with giant buckets of money, this plan seemed designed to deliver foreclosure relief with all the urgency of putting out a forest fire with an eyedropper,” Warren wrote in her 2014 memoir, A Fighting Chance. ....... One former Treasury official says people in the department were glad Warren addressed the letter to Obama so he could finally understand what it was like to have to deal with her on a daily basis. ....... Warren insists that she doesn’t question the motives of the people who served in Obama’s Treasury Department. But asked if she thought they had been “sort of captured by the system--” Warren jumps in: “That’s it. They just they saw the world differently. They had spent all their time with giant banks and their representatives. This is my point about how Washington works.” ....... Beyond the question of her loyalty, some question the soundness of her ideas. Summers, for one, has co-written two op-eds arguing against the underlying math in Warren’s wealth tax, the central means for how she says she will pay for her ambitious liberal agenda. ...... “Ironically, and I give her credit on this, part of the reason she’s doing well politically today is that she has put forward plans that have details,” the former official says. “I certainly like this Elizabeth Warren more than the Elizabeth Warren of that era."

Hillary Clinton reads her emails at Venice art exhibit