Friday, May 30, 2008

Druk Libra, High Five

I am sure that is what they call Drinking Liberally in some language somewhere Justin Krebs, Katrina, Josh, David and Amanda and others are not aware of.

At the fundraiser (Drinking Liberally, 2nd Annual Fundraiser, Chinatown), it occurred to me for the first time that I am in the presence of greatness: this guy Justin Krebs is going to be Time magazine's one of the most influential people in America.

Over the past weeks I have thought, his first big money will be made when he gets a book offer, some publisher giving him an advance to write his story, and the story of his organization. Then what's next? Your own TV show? He could start on that one right away: a Living Liberally videoblog.

Got to meet Justin's father for the first time. "Hi, I am Justin's father." I met the mother at the fundraiser. They must be a pretty liberal family, I am guessing.

I am more used to people trying to impress me by saying "Hi, I am a friend of Justin."

When Justin Krebs hugs a woman, he is saying hello. It is sign language.

After one of those he said, "I dated a girl for eight months last year." As in, don't be getting ideas now. Seeing is not believing. Pay attention to what I say.

It was amazing to meet people who hosted Drinking Liberally far, far away. There was the Reading, PA, guy.

"You look like Owen Wilson."

"I get that a lot," he said.

There were people from the Carolinas, and some Des Moines, IA, people. Amanda hosts the Drinking Liberally in Des Moines. There is Justin, there is Josh, and there is Amanda: three people on the organization's payroll.

When Amanda told me about her, I am like, that makes you a celebrity, I want my picture taken with you. She gave her camera to someone else. I thought I looked outright ugly in the shot.

Chapters in all 50 states: achieved. Now the goal is to have chapters in every congressional district.

This particular organization feels like a startup.

Happy 5th Birthday, Drinking Liberally. Building the progressive movement one pitcher at a time.

I have met Justin Krebs a few times. I have a feeling he might be a Liberal.

Justin also mentioned David Alpert quit his Google job in the city and moved to DC. His blog Greater Greater Washington was recently featured in the Washington Post. A side of David I did not know. I only knew him as the Google and the Drinking Liberally guy.

I think these two guys are plotting to take over the NYC-DC corridor.

Justin said David's newest post was about this cab driver in DC who gave him a hard time, but the cab driver did not know who he was dealing with, so he called the Commissioner of cab something this or that on him.

Tanya said Anthony Weiner has an Indian girlfriend. I think that makes for a qualified mayoral candidate.

Drinking Liberally, 2nd Annual Fundraiser, Chinatown
Liberal Guy Justin Krebs Is A Poet

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In The News

Obama's female VP hopefuls contrast with Clinton the three other women most frequently mentioned as possible running mates for Barack Obama are widely recognized as shrewd, trailblazing politicians who would provide critical ballast to an Obama-led presidential ticket. ...... Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill ...... they’ve shied away from emphasizing gender in their campaigns. ..... Napolitano and Sebelius made Time magazine’s “5 Best Governors” list in 2005. ...... Arizona Republicans describe the former federal prosecutor as extremely smart, noting that she has adeptly handled hot-button issues such as immigration. ...... Napolitano’s opponents also agree that her pragmatic approach is an asset — though critics say it reflects a lack of core principles. ....... She’s a highly calculating politician. She does not make a move without considering the political implications ...... Sebelius has managed to frustrate the Republican political establishment ....... conceding she is warm and persuasive in small settings, Republicans gleefully note that she fell flat in her first moment in the national spotlight — when she delivered the Democratic response to the president’s State of Union speech in January. ....... When Sebelius first captured the governorship in 2002, she did it with a Republican business executive as her running mate. ...... in her 2006 reelection, she stunned the state’s political establishment by selecting a new lieutenant governor candidate to run with — the state’s former Republican Party chairman. ....... “Kathleen has done a good job of walking through fissures in the Kansas Republican Party” .......... “I don’t know that [Sebelius’] gender has played a big role, other than that her percentage of female appointees has been greater than most governors
Rupert Murdoch predicts landslide for Democrats

One year of Drinking Liberally in Des Moines

Reverend Michael Pfleger Is Out Of Line On Hillary

The promise of a Barack Obama presidency is not that white people have been ruling and now black people are going to take over, the promise is that any person born in this country can grow up and aspire to be president, black, white, man, woman, anyone. A Barack Obama presidency is going to be a milestone for blacks, but it is also going to be a milestone for whites. Racism is not healthy for either side.

It has been my personal experience in New York City that the vast majority of people who support Barack just so happen to be white. These are not self-flagellating whites, or whites who lack confidence, or guilty whites, or white people who hate white people. These white people, their motives are positive and about the future. They are not supporting Barack because he is black, but because he is the best candidate. He inspires. He promises a future that these white people want to relate to. And they are not supporting Barack as white people, or they would be hostile to me when I show up for meetings, and they have not been so.

There is an understanding that this is not about race. This is a job application and Barack is applying. May the best, most qualified candidate win.

Hillary's tears in New Hampshire were not an act of racism. How ridiculous to suggest they were? (Hillary Cried, Women Responded, She Won) If she had lost in New Hampshire, this fight would have been over by February 5. That would have been total humiliation to Hillary, who she is, what her qualities are in terms of brain and heart, what she has already done, what she means to the women of America and the world. She was under enormous personal stress, and she cried. When I am under stress, I cry, what about you?

I have been one of those who has not been happy that I have had to choose between Barack and Hillary. If Barack had not run, I would have been as fanatically behind Hillary and I am on record saying so in real time. But I have tried to stay positive. (Switching To Obama)

Then I decided my first choice was a Barack-Hillary ticket, and my second choice was a Hillary-Barack ticket. And I thought we were headed towards a Barack-Hillary ticket and we still might be, but Hillary's Bobby Kennedy remark shook me. (Hillary's Bobby Kennedy Comment: Bitter Heart, Bad Taste)

We Can Put Hillary On The Ticket, But What Are We Going To Do With Bill Clinton?

The idea of the first woman president is the idea of taking gender relations in this country and across the world to new heights. The focus has to be on that gender agenda. You respect the democratic result and you realize you lost and then you go for the second best option: how to meld the gender agenda into a Barack presidency.

I am willing to give Hillary the benefit of doubt. All I know about her from before tells me she just meant to refer to the timeline. Bobby Kennedy was still campaigning in June. Don't push me over, don't ask me to quit. (But, Hillary, Quit)

When Barack Obama was running for the US Senate, Hillary once fought bad weather to fly over to make a campaign appearance for him. After Barack got elected, like Ted Kennedy, she showed him the ropes. Hillary is not my idea of a racist person. Besides, I personally know too many sexist and super sexist minority males to get too hard on Hillary.

The Barack loyalist in me says keep your running mate options open, the Hillary admirer in me says it is Hillary or it is nobody. It is not just about putting any random woman on the ticket. Hillary was the woman who got crucified in the 1990s. Hillary has been the woman who has embodied the aspirations of many women in 2008. It is Hillary or it is nobody.

Women have to express their feelings. And after they do that, they come around. Hillary and her supporters are understandably frustrated. They are having to face an outcome that they did not want, they did not foresee, they are refusing to face, and that denial is going to be a brief phase whose reality we are going to have to accept. I can understand that. I doubt I would have been any less frustrated if Barack had been the one who had lost the nomination battle. So we have to allow for the period of mourning. Then we have to allow for a period of healing. Then step three would be melding. We bring the party together. We make all the Hillary supporters feel this was no defeat. Barack's victory is theirs to share. We march ahead together.

Let's face it, race and gender are extremely volatile issues to talk about. We should be ready for more emotional, incendiary outbursts by more people. We can't get overly defensive when those outbursts take place. To get too defensive is to snuff out discussion on race and gender, and that is not a welcome attitude. We should encourage conversations on race and gender. We should not try to snuff out the emotional outbursts. Instead we should channelize. Those of us who think we can do better when talking about race and gender need to step out, step up, speak out, take charge.

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In The News

Democrats Push For Quick End To Nomination Battle Yahoo "By this time next week, it will all be over, give or take a day," Reid said Thursday. ..... Obama picked up two more superdelegates Friday, bringing him within 42 delegates of clinching the nomination ..... leads Clinton by 200 delegates. .... Obama stands to gain a minimum of roughly 20 delegates in the three remaining primaries .... even if he loses all three. ...... Obama's campaign is willing to give Clinton the major share of delegates from Florida and Michigan .... Nationally, Obama has developed a clear lead over Clinton — 54 percent to 41 percent
Obama rejects pastor in latest Church flap AFP
On Policy, Obama Breaks Little New Ground at The Washington Post
Obama used party rules to foil Clinton AP
Obama distances himself from another clergyman AP
Condi Rice enlists in Kiss Army AP

NASA Spacecraft Appears to Have Landed on Mars
New York Times
Clinton speaks of faith in face of adversity
The Associated Press just 51 delegates short of the 2,026 needed to clinch the nomination. ....... "I was making the simple point that given our history, the length of this year's primary contest is nothing unusual," Clinton wrote. "But I was deeply dismayed and disturbed that my comment would be construed in a way that flies in the face of everything I stand for — and for everything I am fighting for in this election."
Hillary's Latest Delusion: It's Obama's Fault Houston Chronicle blamed the Obama campaign for Hillary’s remarks about Bobby Kennedy ...... "She was making a point merely about the time line." ....... "If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn't find offense to it, why is it that everybody else should?"
Clinton Camp Stokes RFK Flap by Blaming Obama Washington Post The Obama campaign, meanwhile, delivered a strong signal that it expects the nomination contest to wrap up in the next 10 days, after the final primaries. ....... Axelrod acknowledged, "There's an enormous amount of pride and investment in Senator Clinton among millions of women across this country" ........ a unity ticket
McCain Hosts Three Possible Running Mates Washington Post
Obama Stands In for Kennedy at Wesleyan New York Times
Michelle Obama is fair game Boston Globe
Clinton struggles to quell Kennedy furore Independent "Some took my comments entirely out of context and interpreted them to mean something completely different – and completely unthinkable," she wrote in a front-page commentary in The New York Daily News. "I want to set the record straight: I was making the simple point that given our history, the length of this year's primary contest is nothing unusual." ........ Charles Rangel, the New York congressman and a Clinton supporter, said that she had said "the dumbest thing you could have possibly said". ......... Mr Obama himself said Mrs Clinton had made an understandable mistake. "When you are campaigning for as many months as Senator Clinton and I have ...sometimes you get careless," he said. "I think that is what happened here." The son of the murdered Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jnr, said he had not taken offence.
Clinton Soaks Up Warmth in Puerto Rico New York Times
Obama Reminds Grads What They Can Do for Country Washington Post

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary's Bobby Kennedy Comment: Bitter Heart, Bad Taste

Why Is There Secret Service Protection For White Male Presidents?

The Clintons should not think that they are going to force Barack to put Hillary on the ticket. I think Barack should put a woman on the ticket, but that woman need not be Hillary. Kathleen Sebelius would do just fine. (Running Mate) She might actually do better. She will bring a freshness to the scene that Hillary can't. There is a Clinton fatigue going on across the country.

Barack's first term is not going to be Bill Clinton's third term. Bill Clinton is an amazing political talent, but Barack is more amazing. (Bill Clinton In Top 10, Barack Obama In Top 5)

Hillary did the best she could. If this bitterness is about not having been able to advance the cause of gender, she needs to realize that preparing to be running mate would be the best thing to do on gender. Instead Hillary sounds like those West Virginia and Kentucky whites who votes against Barack in droves. Oh no a black guy is about to go to the White House.

And I am not worried that the groups that went for Hillary will not go for Barack. Iowa is not exactly Harlem, and we know how Iowa went. A Barack-Kathleen ticket will get all the voters that a Barack-Hillary ticket will. The party will unite just fine.

Besides Kathleen Sebelius has her own bonafides. She is more like Barack in that she has a track record of bringing Democrats and Republicans together.

One Senator and one Governor might also be a better mix than two Senators.

Hillary's Bobby Kennedy comment is like when Trent Lott made his lightning strike comment on Hillary herself. It is unfortunate.

And The British Left India On Their Own
Hillary's Racist Twang: Between Hope And Hard Work

This was not exactly Hillary's most progressive moment under the sun.

Smoothing Out Bobby's Rough Edges

Bobby For McCain's VP?
Bobby Jindal For President Of The United States 2016

No To Abortion

Roe V Wade will not overturned. So abortion will continue to be legal. But if you are staunchly against the very idea of abortion, what you do is you explore every possible way to make sure there are as few abortions as possible. You get into social programs, and sex education, and calls to abstinence.

Intelligent Design

If you are going to tell me you are for intelligent design, I am going to say I respect your religious beliefs. Christians say the Lord created this universe in six days, Muslims say seven. I respect both worldviews. I respect both religions.

The Dalai Lama has said every time new scientific views clash with his religious beliefs, he discards those religious beliefs. That is my religion Buddhism, but that does not have to be yours. I respect your religion, whichever it is.

No To Gun Control

Hunting should be cultivated as a sport. But then you don't need machine guns to go deer hunting. And urban areas are different from rural areas when it comes to guns. Noone is trying to ban hunting, but we all want lower crime rates.

Gay Marriage

Is the sex less good if it is called civil union as opposed to marriage? No discrimination based on sexual orientation is already the law of the land. The law has to be implemented.

In The News

WRAPUP 2-Obama empathizes with Clinton over Kennedy comment Reuters Clinton's remarks drew headlines and became a hot topic of debate on talk shows ..... There have long been concerns about the safety of Obama, who would be the first black U.S. president. The Illinois senator was given Secret Service protection 18 months before the November election -- earlier than any other candidate has received increased security. ...... Clinton's comment brought up the taboo topic of the possibility of a rival's assassination, and political analysts said the remark was a serious gaffe. .... "This is serious. It's more serious because there were already questions about why Hillary Clinton was still in the race and what she was hoping for," said Calvin Jillson ..... "What she articulated was the most catastrophic possibility," he said. Jillson said the reference to Kennedy's assassination made the chance of Clinton being asked to be Obama's vice presidential running mate even more unlikely.
Between McCain and Obama, it could get nasty
Clinton Apologizes for Referencing 1968 Kennedy Assassination Voice of America She said she was trying to make the point that in 1968, candidates were still campaigning in June when Kennedy was killed.
Clinton says sorry for Robert Kennedy remarks
Obama: campaigning gets 'careless' TVNZ
Obama has lost women 'with sexist campaign' Miss Ferraro, the losing Democratic candidate for vice-president in 1984, said that she might abandon her lifelong party loyalties and vote for the Republican John McCain if Mr Obama is confirmed as the nominee. .......... Some other partisan female Clinton supporters have already insisted that they will either vote for Mr McCain or write the former First Lady's name on the ballot in November, in retaliation for her allegedly sexist treatment by the media and fellow Democrats. ....... Mrs Clinton blamed the media rather than the Obama campaign, saying: "It's been deeply offensive to millions of women." ....... Obama also apologised to a female reporter he called "sweetie" in an aside that received widespread coverage. ........ several women media commentators have responded to the "sexist" allegations by insisting that Mrs Clinton's downfall is due to a badly-run campaign.
Obama Says Clinton Meant No Offense With RFK Comment CBS News
Obama Says Clinton's RFK Comment Was Merely 'Careless' Washington Post
Barack Obama-Ted Kennedy bond intensifies Boston Herald Kennedy quickly recognized Obama’s commitment and star power and took the Illinois senator under his wing ......... the senators talk on the phone almost daily ..... “Barack seeks out his opinions and advice whenever he can” ...... Perhaps the most telling sign of their bond came this week when Kennedy, 76, had to back out as commencement speaker at Wesleyan University because of his health woes. Kennedy chose Obama to fill in for him in speaking to the graduates, one of whom will be Kennedy’s stepdaughter. ..... In accepting the invitation, Obama said, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.”
You Get Careless': Obama Blames Clinton RFK Quip on Stress of ... ABC News
Clinton apologises for Kennedy remark Irish Times
Clinton: Rewriting history with June hopes
Baltimore Sun
Clinton Remark on Kennedy’s Killing Stirs Uproar New York Times
Obama accepts Clinton's explanation for RFK comment Chicago Tribune
Clinton remarks create new flap Seattle Times
Victim of Sexism? Women Rally 'Round Clinton ABC News
Hillary Clinton apologizes over Robert F. Kennedy remarks Los Angeles Times
How Clinton’s Comments Didn’t — Then Did — Catch Fire Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY
Killer gaffe: Hillary Clinton cites RFK assassination Boston Herald
Clinton apologizes for citing RFK killing Boston Globe
Clinton sorry for Kennedy gaffe Scotsman
Clinton apologises for Kennedy assassination remark Edmonton Sun
Clinton tries to move past Kennedy assassination comment
Clinton raises spectre of assassination Globe and Mail
Clinton Apologizes for Reference to Bobby Kennedy Assassination Bloomberg
Clinton's RFK analogy: Made, withdrawn Baltimore Sun

Barack Obama wants Bill to heal Hillary Times Online, UK She quickly apologised, ashen-faced, for a comment which appeared dangerously close to wishful thinking about Obama, but the damage was done. ........ After the Kennedy gaffe, however, the implausible has become the unthinkable. ....... “It would be hard to take the country in a new direction with the Clintons in the White House,” a source in the Obama campaign said. “They bring controversy.” ....... They both came from lower-income families with a strong mother and went on to become very well educated and devoted their lives to public service. ..... Bill Clinton predicted last week that Chelsea, his 28-year-old daughter, could one day enter politics.
Barack Obama is master of the new Facebook politics Times Online, UK a generation that is now used to relating, thinking, talking and meeting online. ....... she missed the key element of the new politics: social networking. She was still AOL; Obama was Facebook. ....... “What’s amazing is that Hillary built the best campaign that has ever been done in Democratic politics on the old model – she raised more money than anyone before her, she locked down all the party stalwarts, she assembled an all-star team of consultants and she really mastered this top-down, command-and-control type of outfit. And yet she’s getting beaten by this political start-up that is essentially a totally different model of the new politics.” ......... It transformed its website into a social networking zone ....... One of the men Obama hired to set up this new effort certainly knew what he was doing: Chris Hughes is a co-founder of Facebook. ...... Obama’s campaign has in fact been the least elitist and most democratic fundraising operation in the history of American politics. ...... he has a huge list of names to ask for more. This is a money machine unlike any other. ......... open-source, web-based operation: the personal drain on a candidate is lessened ......... Everyone who wanted to get into the 75,000-strong rally in Portland, Oregon, last weekend had to provide an e-mail address. ....... By the time they came home from the event, an e-mail was waiting for them, asking them for money or for referrals to other friends, and encouraging them to form “affinity groups” to spread the network wider and wider. ......... No one had asked them. They were arranging the parties or performances or gatherings through Facebook and MySpace, without any formal leadership from Obama headquarters. ........... the online president of social-networking democracy is imminent.
To Claim Popular Vote, Clinton Is Seeking Wins in Last 3 Primaries Washington Post, United States
Clinton's Loyalists Say They're Also in the Race `to the End' Bloomberg
Obama picks up two delegates, Clinton one
The Associated Press

Bobby For McCain's VP?

Don't accuse me of starting the rumors, but now Bobby is in contention to be McCain's running mate: Bobby Jindal For President Of The United States 2016. It is entirely possible he will be keynote speaker instead of running mate, but running mate is a big possibility. I think it will be good for the country if Bobby gets to be on the ticket. I take ethnic pride in him, but he is so much of a social conservative, he is scary. He is "100%" opposed to abortion, he is totally opposed to the very idea of gay marriage, he is for teaching intelligent design in schools, he is against gun control. A lot of Indians in the diaspora are pissed off enough that he converted to Catholicism - he was born a Hindu - and I am not one of them. I think he is an amazing political talent, but his social conservatism is hard on me. I can't bring myself to swallow. I am primarily a progressive, a Democrat for social reasons. On the economics the wisdom fluctuates, and sometimes the Republicans do make sense. But Bobby seems to want to turn the clock when it comes to social issues. How can you be so smart and so damn conservative? I mean, intelligent design, that is not education, that is superstition. But just like I accept white conservatives to be part of the political reality, and black conservatives, I am going to say Bobby is entitled to his views. He is as Indian as anyone else. Go rumbo. If someone of Bobby's ethnic background can run for Vice President of the United States, there is something very right about this country.

"Rush Limbaugh has described Jindal as "the next Ronald Reagan."" Hmm.

May 24, 3 PM

To: Tracey Denton

Hello Tracey.

The urgent aspects of my Nepal and Obama work are behind me. And my primary focus is on my young company, but I am a political animal and you know it. It is in my blood from both sides of my family. I can't stay away. I seek to become active. And I am thinking the first organization I got associated with after arriving in the city might be the best vehicle for the kind of work I seek to do.

I instigated a French Revolution in Nepal, and you watched it in the local media in April 2006. None of the DFNYC Executive Directors have done anything like that. I want to be made the fifth Executive Director. Step one would be a one on one conversation with you. You are the organization's dynamo. I would want to put across 10-20 questions that will help me understand DFNYC and DFA the way you don't understand by just showing up for events. Then I would want to carve out a role for me. I am not a loner seeking to become a team player. I am a digital democrat wanting to digitize all aspects of DFNYC and possibly even DFA. We are the original grassroots people.

In short, give me a conversation. But if you don't, I will understand DFNYC is not interested in my active participation. And I will show up for select events, and DFNYC will be a spectator sport to me like it was in the early months, for some very different reasons.

It was good to see you the other day do your video camera thing.

Take care.

The Drinking Liberally Charm

I think there is a certain charm to simply showing up at Rudy's and making small talk with all sorts of liberals. Politics does not seem to dominate the conversations, not at all.

In The News

Hillary's Vice-Presidential Tango Time the Naval Observatory, where vice presidents live in Washington ....... the Clintons tried something similar — though far more muted — about this time four years ago ...... a "whisper" that never amounted to "pressure," but was an unmistakable pass nonetheless. ..... female voters who had backed Clinton and were reluctant to transfer their loyalties. ...... the female-voter-threat idea
What Does Hillary Want? a business as fraught with ego and ambition ....... key supporters of Hillary Clinton who are showing signs of wanting to jump ship ....... In Bill Clinton's view, she has earned nothing short of an offer to be Obama's running mate ....... her lopsided victories in Kentucky and West Virginia have helped her narrow his lead in the popular-vote count to a virtual tie. ....... crucial voter groups that Clinton won — women, Latinos, older voters, blue-collar whites — ........ she is likely to insist that her name be placed in nomination on the first ballot, opening up all the divisions once again.
The Keys to McCain's VP Pick He said that while he liked Quayle, he felt the former vice president had "not been briefed and prepared for some of the questions." ........ and Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard
Scouting Micro Social Networks, which is sort of like a slow-going, pared-down Facebook.

Jindal, McCain's probable running mate, India Bobby Jindal represents the same for the Republicans. ...... At 36, this second-generation Indian-American Rhodes Scholar is America's youngest governor in a southern state with a long history of racial discrimination. ...... a fervent opponent of embryonic stem cell research and abortion and even favours teaching ''intelligent design'' in schools as an alternative to evolution. .... This could help win votes among evangelicals who have not yet warmed up to McCain because of his moderate views. ..... a win-win situation for Jindal. .... 'He goes from being a state party leader to becoming a national Republican Party leader. Either way, he will be considered as a candidate for President in the next elections'' ...... the only grilling that will take place this weekend will be the steak. ..... Jindal's age, conservatism, and executive experience
Who wins if Bobby Jindal gets tapped for veep? American Thinker, WA the notorious Landrieu clan of Democrats ...... Jindal next to the top of the GOP ticket poses the most serious threat yet to Sen. Mary Landrieu's re-election.
10 Things You Didn't Know About Bobby Jindal
U.S. News & World Report, DC As a young convert, he wrote of the emotional and intellectual struggles of his spiritual journey in several articles that were published in the New Oxford Review, a Catholic magazine. ......... He turned down admissions to medical and law schools at Harvard and Yale to attend Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar. ....... While attending Oxford, Jindal contemplated joining the priesthood. ...... In 2006, Jindal and his wife, Supriya, delivered their third child at home. Barely able to call 911 before the delivery, Jindal received a nurse's coaching by phone. Just as he was completing the umbilical cord procedure with a shoestring, paramedics arrived. ....... Prior to public service, Jindal worked for the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. ...... Jindal's first bid for governor was unsuccessful. ...... In 2004, he sought the congressional seat from Louisiana's First District. He won with a whopping 78 percent of the vote and was re-elected in 2006 with almost 90 percent. ..... In 2007, Jindal ran for governor again and won. The victory was largely attributed to old-fashioned politicking, which included Jindal "giving testimony" in Pentecostal and Baptist churches in rural and remote sections of Louisiana.
Jindal Meets With McCain WDSU, LA Jindal is being seriously considered for a prominent role at the party convention this summer. .... one more chance for the nation to be focused on levees and wetlands restoration ....... Jindal has been positioned as a rising star in the Republican Party. Four years ago, another rising star was featured as a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. That speaker, Sen. Barack Obama, is now the likely presidential nominee for his party.
Who Is Bobby Jindal? Donklephant
Jindal heading to McCain's ranch, fueling speculation about ...
Leesville Daily Leader, LA
McCain invites VP frontrunner Jindal to weekend retreat
Hindu, India
Norquist likes Jindal for Veep
Politico, DC Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist believes Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal would be the strongest running mate for John McCain this fall. ..... a true movement conservative ...... Once thought of as something of a longshot, Jindal has now drawn praise from opposing factions of the GOP: from Rush Limbaugh, an early fan, and Norquist to McCain loyalists
Louisiana Jindal, McCain and Motivations Bayou Buzz, LA
Jindal Plans To Talk With McCain About LA, Not About VP
Jindal back in contention as McCain running mate
Hindustan Times, India
I Can’t Like Bobby Jindal, WI Jindal has embraced a really conservative version of Christianity ......... he is “100 percent against abortion, no exceptions.” He has supported the teaching of intelligent design and opposed stem-cell research. He is backing as governor a statehouse bill, with the Orwellian title of the Louisiana Science Education Act, to allow intelligent design in schools ......... He is adamantly pro-gun ...... favors a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning. ....... “Anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-secular, pro-war, anti-science . . . the list is endless” ...... he stooped to using timeworn coded racist language to deride Jena protesters as “outside agitators.” ........ And Jindal has run away from his Indian heritage as a way to ingratiate himself with the majority. Shashi Tharoor, former U.N. undersecretary general, reveals that Jindal once mangled the pronunciation of his own brother’s name while accepting an award. As a Congressman, Jindal pointedly skipped a function organized by the Indian community to commemorate Diwali, the festival of lights, the biggest religious celebration among Hindus. (Not that this has stopped him from showing up at Indian-American fundraising events.) ....... “Indians beam proudly at another Indian-American success story to go along with Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, Hargobind Khorana and Subramaniam Chandrasekhar, Kal Penn and Jhumpa Lahiri,” writes Tharoor. “But none of these Indian Americans expressed attitudes and beliefs so much at variance with the prevailing values of their community.” ....... now in the running for the second-highest office in the land, a startling achievement for someone who is a member of a tiny ethnic minority and so young.
Louisiana Gov. Denies Veep Rumors ABC News
Exclusive: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Family Security Matters, NJ
Invitation puts Jindal in pivotal position
2TheAdvocate, LA
• Jindal trying to quiet talk of McCain's No. 2
The Times-Picayune -, LA
Senator John McCain considers choosing Asian running mate to take ..., United Kingdom audition by barbecue ..... At 36, Mr Jindal is also half Mr McCain's age ...... parents who arrived from India in the 1970s ...... a staunch conservative on social issues such as abortion, stem cell research and gay marriage ..... a bit of a domestic policy wonk ...... Mr Jindal has followed protocol by saying he is not interested in the job but stopped short of ruling himself out of contention.
Roemer says Jindal is on McCain's VP list WWL, LA
Jindal restates intent to remain governor
Opelousas Daily World, LA “I don’t think Sen. McCain is going to offer it to me.” ..... Standing near Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, who would become governor if Jindal were elected vice president, Jindal said “I’ve teased Mitch about planting these rumors.”
Leave Jindal Alone! City Journal, NY
Jindal - 'I've got the job I want'
A Shot at Veep with McCain, Romney, Crist and Jindal
The Ledger, FL
McCain to vet Jindal as running mate
Calcutta Telegraph, India
McCain Veepstakes: Bobby Jindal
Human Events, DC
What About Jindal?
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Lack of Progress in McCain’s Bid Is GOP Concern
New York Times the holiday weekend at his Arizona ranch along with three Republicans assumed to be under consideration as his running mate ...... Although Mr. Obama has continued to raise far more money than Mr. McCain, Mr. Bush’s fund-raising machinery has helped keep the Republican Party competitive. The McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee, between them, have $11 million more on hand — about $62 million — than the combined cash-on-hand of Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee. ...... the Republican Party brand is very, very badly damaged, in some places broken ....... any Republican who doesn’t say panic is in the wind is lying through their shirt ...... part of a contrast he said they would draw with Mr. Obama for “giving great speeches” but having no record of accomplishment.
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The uproar over Clinton's RFK slaying analogy
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Clinton blames sexism for failure to overtake Obama
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Obama and Clinton Are Spending the Holiday Campaigning in Puerto Rico
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Clinton Remark on Kennedy’s Killing Stirs Uproar New York Times the comments touched on one of the most sensitive aspects of the current presidential campaign — concern for Mr. Obama’s safety ........ Bill Clinton is musing about the possibility that the vice presidency might be his wife’s best path to the presidency if she loses the nomination. ..... Privately, aides to Mr. Obama were furious about the remark. ..... Obama’s own remarks about “bitter” small-town voters ricocheted around the Internet. ...... “Earlier today I was discussing the Democratic primary history and in the course of that discussion mentioned the campaigns that both my husband and Senator Kennedy waged in California in June, in 1992 and 1968,” she said. “And I was referencing those to make the point that we have had nomination primary contests that go into June. That’s a historic fact.” ........ a new thematic landscape: a campaign that is more consumed by questions about its own future
McCain, at 71, fit to lead, doctors say Chicago Tribune
New questions about McCain's melanoma San Francisco Chronicle
A fit McCain set to audition Jindal, 2 others as running mate Sify three potential running mates including Bobby Jindal ..... his 96-year-old mother, Roberta, still trots the globe with her twin sister. ..... Heiress to a large Arizona beer distributorship, Cindy McCain's worth has been estimated at more than $100 million. ...... state Republican leaders across the US have given a tentative nod to Bobby Jindal, the first Indian American US governor and two others as McCain's potential running mates ..... Louisiana governor Jindal, Florida governor Charlie Crist and former rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney ..... Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Say What? Hillary Clinton Does it Again what, exactly, Hillary Clinton was thinking when she referred to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in explaining her decision to keep on campaigning ........ Clinton tried to excuse her inexcusable outburst by saying she was distracted by the shock of the news of Senator Edward Kennedy’s malignant brain tumor ...... “I think people have short memories. Primary contests used to last a lot longer. We all remember the great tragedy of Bobby Kennedy being assassinated in June in L.A.”
Obama Begins Search for Vice President Obama, who intends to wait until the final primaries end on June 3 before declaring victory in the presidential nominating fight

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Bobby Jindal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "one of America's top 10 extraordinary young people for the next millennium." ..... Rush Limbaugh has described Jindal as "the next Ronald Reagan." ...... at Oxford, he wrote an article for the New Oxford Review in which he described witnessing a friend being possessed by a demon ........ his work for Indian tycoon Lakshmi Mittal of Arcelor Mittal. ....... The meeting, however, may instead serve a different purpose, presenting Jindal with the opportunity to speak at the 2008 Republican National Convention, in a similar fashion to Barack Obama at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, cementing a place for him in the party and opening the gate for a future run for the presidency.
Jindal Triumphant in Louisiana - TIME
the youngest chief executive of any state. ...... the first non-white politician to hold the state's highest office since Reconstruction ...... "Don't let anyone talk badly about Louisana," he said during his Saturday night victory speech at a Baton Rouge Holiday Inn. "Those days [of corruption and incompetence] are officially over. ....... a region where college football is a religion ....... Jindal took almost 700,000 votes, the highest ballot numbers for a for a non-incumbent primary candidate in recent history ....... an ambitious policy whiz kid. ....... has traveled often to northern Louisiana, hitting up churches and pressing the flesh. ....... "the only colors that should matter are red, white and blue." ...... "pass ethics reforms with real teeth" and has promised to institute a variety of 10- to 31-point plans that reflect his policy wonkiness. As he put it on Saturday: "The rest of the country, keep your eyes on Louisiana."
Michelle Malkin » Smearing Bobby Jindal
I met Bobby Jindal two years ago, and what impressed me the most above everything else was how sincere and openly he talked about his Christian faith.......... Bobby will bring a new vision to Louisiana, removing the negative image of the past and present regarding corrupt elected officials. With Bobby Jindal as our Governor, a positive light will shine on Louisiana as other states look on. ....... we finally have a chance to change how the rest of the world looks at Louisiana if we elect Bobby as our next Governor