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Women For Obama

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On Iran, US policy implosion causes grief for Europe International Herald Tribune
Human Evolution Speeding Up, Study Says
National Geographic The pace of change accelerated about 40,000 years ago and then picked up even more with the advent of agriculture about 10,000 years ago ...... while humans are evolving quickly around the world, local cultural and environmental factors are shaping evolution differently on different continents. ...... in Europe natural selection has favored genes for pigmentation like light skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. .......... "Europeans and Asians are both bleached Africans, but the way they got bleached is different in the two areas"
Israeli military rolls into Gaza Strip Los Angeles Times
Obama 'had a great weekend' with Oprah
Chicago Sun-Times
Hillary Clinton, according to Bill
Los Angeles Times
Hillary Clinton ties with Barack Obama in polls
Telegraph.co.uk Three weeks before voting begins, Hillary Clinton's lead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination has shrunk to a statistical tie with Barack Obama in the states that go to the polls first. ...... What was strongly forecast to be a procession to the finishing line has turned into a frantic scramble, with the former First Lady glancing anxiously over her shoulder towards the Illinois senator. ...... the candidates are effectively equal in all three states for the first time. ........ Though Mrs Clinton retains the lead in national polls, it has been cut by more than half in a couple of months to 10 points. ......... Yesterday a second Clinton volunteer in Iowa was forced to resign after forwarding a hoax email saying Mr Obama, a practising Christian, was a Muslim possibly intent on destroying the United States. ........... Mrs Clinton's support at its lowest yet in all three early states, which often set the tone for later results. ...... dated the start of her troubles to Oct 30, when at a televised debate ........ Her support had also dropped markedly among black Americans in South Carolina, who constitute 47 per cent of likely primary election voters, even before Mr Obama appeared with Oprah Winfrey before 50,000 people in the state on Sunday.
Saint Barack of Iowa Yahoo! News
Inside The New CBS/NYT Poll: Does Obama Have An Oprah Problem?
CBS News (Hillary Clinton's lead over Barack Obama has shrunk from 28 points to 17). ...... Iowa .... Fifty six percent of Democrats in the poll who are said they are supporting Clinton said they could change their minds. ....... Oprah Winfrey may not be having much of an impact on moving voters ...... Voters are paying more attention to the campaign at this point in the cycle than at any time since CBS News began asking the question in 1987. Among all registered voters, said they are paying a lot or some attention to the campaign, compared to just 76 percent61 percent at this point in the 2004 presidential campaign. ............ And among all registered voters, 48 percent said they would probably vote for the Democratic candidate while 31 said they would vote for the Republican presidential candidate.
Last duel for White House hopefuls before voting starts AFP a sunny former Arkansas governor ..... a come-from-nowhere surge ..... Huckabee is bracing for a ferocious grilling, amid unflattering scrutiny of his past life in the bear-pit politics of Arkansas. ..... While Obama is closing the gap on Clinton in some key polls, he has rarely shined in debates, sometimes coming across as long-winded and professorial in contrast to his fiery rhetoric in formal speeches. ........ John Edwards, the defeated vice-presidential nominee in 2004, banking on a strong performance in Iowa to stay alive in the race.
Giuliani has advice for SF on dealing with the homeless San Francisco Chronicle
Maoists attack Bihar village, kill four
Hindustan Times Hundreds of armed Maoists attacked a village in Bihar's Vaishali district on Monday night and killed four people in apparent retaliation for attacks on the rebels. ...... The rebels also attacked the house of the village body head and tried to set it ablaze. ..... Official sources said Sukki village was targeted as it is dominated by landed upper caste-Bhumihars, who have been countering Maoist rebels in the area. .... Armed Maoists surrounded the village from all sides and stood guard while their comrades carried out the attack.
Laureate Gore puts heat on US, China The Australian
Central US Reeling From Deadly Ice Storms
New York Times
Nokia Prepares for Fisticuffs with Google
PC World
Amitabh Bachchan gets clean chit in land scam
Hindustan Times The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday gave a clean chit to Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan in the Barabanki farmland scam. ...... Bachchan had challenged the order of the Faizabad additional commissioner who had dismissed his petition relating to purchase of government farmland at Daulatpur village in Uttar Pradesh`s Barabanki district
Kroger profit jumps 18%; grocer upbeat on full year MarketWatch
Dell Unveils Its First Tablet PC InformationWeek
Large Study Links Red, Processed Meat to Certain Cancers
FOX News
Culture Speeds Up Human Evolution Scientific American increased vastly in numbers over the past 50,000 years or so—from an estimated five million in 9000 B.C. to roughly 6.5 billion today. ....... in the past 10,000 years a host of changes to everything from digestion to bones has been taking place. ..... the rate of human evolution over the past few thousand years is far greater than it has been over the past few million years ...... Roughly 10,000 years ago, humanity made the transition from living off the land to actively raising crops ...... the new agriculturally based diet offered its own challenges—including iron deficiency from lack of meat, cavities and, ultimately, shorter stature due to poor nutrition ....... "Ten thousand years ago, no one on planet Earth had blue eyes," Hawks notes, because that gene—OCA2—had not yet developed. "We are different from people who lived only 400 generations ago in ways that are very obvious; that you can see with your eyes." .......... the pace of change has accelerated to 10 to 100 times the average long-term rate ...... Africans show a slightly lower mutation rate. "Africans haven't had to adapt to a fundamentally new climate ...... "Europeans and East Asians, living in environments very different from those of their African ancestors and early adopters of agriculture, were more maladapted, less fitted to their environments."
Do Film Critics Know Anything? TIME we're essentially passing notes to one another, admiring our connoisseurship at the risk of ignoring the vast audience that sees movies and the smaller one that reads us. ...... You will be forgiven if, like my friends at Time, you are scratching your head and feigning interest ....... the art-industrial complex. ..... Moviegoers who are TV viewers don't want horse races; they want coronations — validations that somebody in Hollywood is ready to honor the movies they love. ...... But the Golden Globes and the Oscars, if they follow the critics' lead, will have V.D.D. — viewer deficit disorder. ...... The Oscars are largely an affirmative action program, where the industry scratches its niche. The show is a conscience soother, but not a crowd pleaser. And it all starts here, with critics fighting over which hardly seen movie they want to call the best of the year.
Summing Up Oprah & Obama Almost all of the 8,500 people packing the Center were white — and they were there to see two black people. Neither of whom would sing or throw a ball. ...... The wave was just one of the ways the audience tried to work off its nervous energy. They danced, they chanted. ...... her patented mix of girlfriend-style dish ("When Gayle and I talk... mmmm-mmm... we also talk about real things...") and campaign-style sermonizing ("Experience... means nothing unless that person is accountable for the judgments they made during the time they had.") ......... Oprah's role as a cultural arbiter ...... The slave Jane Pittman, Oprah said, looks for the one who might free her for years ....... The frenzy that then greeted Obama .... awe and hysteria ..... A lot people get excited to shake a politician's hand; not so many greet one as though he were about to heal them by laying his on them. ......... Secret Service agents stood every ten feet at the edges of the in-the-round stage, their impassivity glaring ..... the four rallies Opr-ama did over the weekend were not intended to change people's minds. They were about creating the kind of audacious political theater that makes supporters believe they're going to win, and casual observers into interested ones ....... less as an outreach program than as a reward system, distributing tickets to volunteers and those who had pledged to volunteer with higher priority than the general public
Attack in Algiers: A Warning to Europe a pair of powerful car bombs exploded, and claimed what early estimates placed as 62 lives ..... the work of al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a group that formed an alliance with Osama bin Laden's global jihad in 2006. ...... AQIM is ramping up its violent struggle to bring down the Algerian government. And as the fourth big hit by AQIM in less than a year, the incident highlights the group's increasing organizational skills and establishes it as the greatest potential terror threat to continental Europe as well. ........ The point of impact was located outside two highly symbolic institutions of the Algerian state: the nation's supreme court, and neighboring constitutional court. ...... badly damaging the offices of two United Nations organizations: the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR), and the U.N. Development Program (UNDP). ....... The ability and determination of the AQIM to strike in stunning fashion was made even clearer two days earlier, when a suicide bomber charged the cortege of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika during a visit to the city of Batna, killing 22 people and injuring more than 100. ......... the effective recruitment among disenfranchised youths ....... The 15-year old terror group took on that name after affiliating with bin Laden on September 11, 2006. Since that time, AQIM has adopted the structured, stylized recruitment and attack methods of the original al-Qaeda. ........ The message is clear: We're now battling enemies wherever we can find them. ........ The threat of that kind of imported strike has grown since the AQIM promised to extend its Algerian jihad to Europe. Bin Laden deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri has repeatedly threatened Europe — and France in particular — as enemies of jihadist forces.
The Top 10 Everything of 2007
The Early Word: Storming Iowa New York Times the last debate in this state before the Jan. 3 caucuses. ..... Not one of the Republican candidates is viewed favorably by even half the Republican electorate ..... Democrats are happier with their field and more settled in their decisions. For all the problems Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to be having holding off her rivals in Iowa and New Hampshire, she remains strong nationally ..... what her aides acknowledge have been two of the roughest months of her candidacy ........ As governor of Arkansas, he implored President Bush to end the trade embargo with the communist nation ....... As governor, Huckabee supported in-state college tuition for children of illegal immigrants and stood up for illegal workers caught in a raid of a meatpacking plant. Now he wants all illegal immigrants to return to their native countries within 120 days. ....... he wrote a letter to Bush in 2002 describing how the Cuba trade embargo was hurting Arkansas rice growers. ...... Romney is broadcasting the first — well, sort of the first, negative ad of the campaign ..... the Arkansas Republican firing off yet another one of his memorable one-liners ...... You can expect immigration to continue to boil over at tomorrow’s debate. ...... “The correct, loving, caring social policy is to engage, not ignore … to discourage, not encourage” ..... “We would tell them, you can’t live on the street; you’re not allowed to.” ...... “If you need help finding something, we’re here to help … the one thing we’re not going to allow is just to live on the street,” he said. “That isn’t a good right. It’s not good for them. It’s not good for the city … it means they are crying out for help, and it should not be ignored.” ....... a grassroots Ron Paul home office in Manchester, N.H., and came out with frat house-like tales of cheese pizza, chips — even Coronas served in mugs ....... At first glance, the abundance of T-shirted youths with laptops gives this outpost the air of a fraternity or an Internet startup. Instead it represents a new type of political fundraising and may be a sneak peek at campaigns to come. … ...... He spends his days online ...... When filled, each of these houses — soon to number 20 across the state—will have different people and missions. But all will share certain tools of success: new technology, little hierarchy, microdonations and a democratic delegation of work. You could call it wiki-paigning. ......... “Innovation often comes from outsiders. It’s the people who have to throw the long bomb” ....... The country has not elected a bachelor president since 1884 ..... The last unwed candidate chosen by a major party was Adlai Stevenson, the divorced Democrat ...... his star-studded past love life ..... Ms. Shea-Porter earlier said she would remain neutral in the race, but now she’ll join the state’s other representative, Paul Hodes, in supporting Mr. Obama. ........ Michelle Obama campaigns in Iowa City, Sigourney, Fairfield, Mount Pleasant and Burlington, Iowa. ...... Hillary Rodham Clinton attends a “Conversation with Warren Buffett” in San Francisco.
Starting Gate: The Fog Of Primaries CBS News an opportunity for his primary opponents to try and define him on their own terms, and those efforts are well underway. ....... "I'm convinced as people take a good hard look at Mike Huckabee's record, they'll see this is a guy who is soft on criminals, soft on illegal aliens, but hard on taxpayers. ....... 96 percent of GOP primary voters in the CBS poll say illegal immigration is a "very serious or somewhat serious" problem and the issue tops the list of concerns for activists in Iowa in most surveys. ...... While Huckabee has blown up in the polls, he faces money and organizational problems. ..... Giuliani has pegged Florida for his big breakthrough but Romney, Thompson and now Huckabee are making noise there as well. ....... a Baptist minister from a town called Hope. And the forecast is for fog with a chance of severe surprises. ....... Noting the failed health care reform push the former First Lady led in the 1990s, Clinton insisted, "when she got beat she did what she’s always done when we got beat, she didn’t fold her tent. She started working for the Children’s Health Insurance program, which today insures 6 million kids in America, the biggest expansion since Medicare. We got better health care for cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes. We immunized 90 percent of our kids against serious illness for the first time in the history of the country and guess what? For the first time in a dozen years, the number of people with health insurance went down, not up like it is today.” .......... Clinton claimed yesterday that "over half of all the bankruptcies in this decade can be tied to personal health emergencies." ..... A day after Oprah-palooza, Obama goes Hollywood. ..... From The Road .... Renowned poet Maya Angelou voices a new radio ad for Clinton in South Carolina in which she refers to the candidate as, "my girl." ...... In yet another sign that the nation's media is desperate for a Bloomberg independent candidacy, the AP reports that the New York City Mayor is – a bachelor.
He received loud applause when he promised to end the Iraq war and end the genocide in Darfur. Obama also joked that
he will be releasing his kindergarten papers in the morning – a reference to a jab from Hillary Clinton who said recently that Obama has wanted to run for president since he was in kindergarten. ..... “There is some scandalous stuff,” Obama said, “I experimented with coloring outside the lines when I was in kindergarten. Pulled on a girl’s pony tail once…and liked it.”

Colorado killer 'hated Christians,' police official says Houston Chronicle
New poll shows big shake-up in GOP race
CNN Rudy Giuliani leads Mike Huckabee 24 percent to 22 percent in new poll ...... Clinton leading Sen. Barack Obama 40 percent to 30 percent ..... December 6-9 ...... Huckabee doubled his support in October and doubled it again in November, going from 5 percent in October ...... who has spent the least time criticizing his opponents ...... The race is also tightening on the Democratic side. Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York is still the front-runner, with 40 percent of Democratic voters backing her in the new CNN poll, down from 44 percent last month. ....... at 30 percent, up from 25 percent last month ..... "a similar thing is happening in both parties. Candidates are emerging who are likeable and who appeal to the party's base ....... "Obama's support has not hit 30 percent in any national poll since July; the fact that he has cracked that barrier this close to the start of the primary season indicates that he may finally be chipping away at Clinton's core constituency" ....... Forty percent in a late-December poll is a position most candidates in past years would envy.
Minister, 3 mps resign in Nepal Hindu Nepal’s Minister of Science and Technology, Mahantha Thakur, and three other lawmakers resigned from the government and interim Parliament on Monday to lead a separate political front in Terai. ..... would form a separate political front in Terai and launch an agitation to secure the rights of the Madhesi people. ..... “The government has failed to maintain even basic law and order in the Terai,” said Mr. Thakur. ..... The Madhesi lawmakers are uniting to give a “democratic” outlet to the Madhes crisis, Mr. Tripathi said. ..... He claimed that other Madhesi lawmakers would also soon resign from the interim Parliament and join them. ..... this will create a new political polarisation in Terai. ..... Various small political outfits, including Madhesi People’s Right Forum and splinter group of Nepal Sadbhabana Party, have already formed two separate political fronts in Terai. ........ More than a dozen armed outfits are currently engaged in armed rebellion along the Terai stretch, bordering India.
Nepal minister, mps resign over Terai problems Times of India vowing to launch an agitation to build a "peaceful and prosperous" Madhesh ... Thakur, who resigned from both the ministerial and party posts is one of the two powerful general secretaries of the ruling Nepali Congress party led by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala..... due to the "confusing attitude of the government" and the "vision-less moves" of the Seven Party Alliance, the southern Nepal plains is moving towards further conflict and violence..... "We want to see the formation of a peaceful, prosperous and autonomous Terai region and it is our common responsibility to achieve that goal through peaceful agitation," the statement said.
Nepal cabinet member, mps resign over unrest: officials AFP over the government's failure to tackle ethnic and communal violence in the south of the country ...... At least a dozen armed groups have sprung up in the last 12 months claiming to be fighting for increased autonomy for the region, home to around half on Nepal's 27 million people.
Putin Names A Successor Forbes Dmitry Medvedev, first deputy prime minister ..... Medvedev, at 42, is relatively young and modern, a lawyer by training who worked few of his adult years under the Soviet regime. ...... the siloviki, a powerful clique of former and current intelligence officials who hold jobs in government. ...... In choosing a less politically powerful ally, Putin may be trying to reverse a long-time Russian tradition: The successor undoing the authority of his predecessor. The pattern held throughout Soviet times, and has continued today. Yeltsin largely undid the legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev, and Putin then gave Yeltsin the same treatment. The chances that Medvedev could try to lessen Putin's power are lower, since Putin seems to plan to remain active from the sidelines. ....... His chairmanship of Gazprom, the publicly traded gas monopoly, is widely seen as evidence of the opacity--if not corruption--among Russian officialdom. If Medvedev is elected president, he would have to step down from the Gazprom chairmanship, a post which might then be filled by Putin himself.
On Iran, US stumbles and Europe grumbles International Herald Tribune Jalili's version of diplomatic outreach was to say: "Everything in the past is past, and with me, you start over. None of your proposals has any standing." ...... Another laugh-line for a world audience singled out from the NIE: "We assess with moderate confidence that convincing the Iranian leadership to forgo the eventual development of nuclear weapons will be difficult." ...... the report's finding that it was international pressure that led to Iran stopping its weapons program in 2003. ...... Jacques Chirac suggested as recently as this January that the world could well live with Iran producing a few nukes ..... an unhappy new reality: In this dispute, only the Iranians retain unpredictability as a credible weapon.
Letter from Washington: The faltering Clinton campaign 11 Democrats from Philadelphia who gathered last week to discuss the U.S. presidential race ..... were about equally balanced between the front-runners ..... Obama, they say, would be inspirational, motivating, charismatic and compassionate. ...... "Obama fits the year in terms of aspirations and hopes" ....... When these voters talk about America today, they want a picture that almost cries out for Obama. ..... she hasn't allowed voters to see who she is and her personal dimension ..... The Clinton camp has similar research. Things are tense in Hillaryland these days. ..... Her once-commanding advantage over Obama in Iowa and New Hampshire - the two critical initial contests - is evaporating. She has gotten the worst of recent exchanges over Iran and health care. There are political strains with her greatest asset and surrogate, Bill Clinton. The former president was quoted last month as saying he had really opposed the invasion of Iraq from the beginning. He later claimed he was misquoted. .... Top Clinton campaign officials were privately furious at the former president, saying he had revived the complaint that the Clintons lack credibility, unfairly tarnishing his wife in the process. For his part, the former president, one close associate says, is bouncing off the walls at the campaign's ineptitude in the past few weeks. (It is not known whether the Clintons shared any of these sentiments with each other.) ...... Hillary's campaign is off-balance. ....... Except her attacks were neither focused nor effective. This strategy raised more questions about her than about Obama. ..... her campaign has a near-obsession with what it perceives as a hostile press. ...... a good bet that Clinton, encouraged by her husband, is weighing a shake-up, like bringing in John Podesta, the former White House chief of staff, to direct the overall campaign .... she may well finish third in the Iowa caucuses and lose to Obama in New Hampshire. In the past 30 years, no candidate has lost both these tests and won the nomination.
Police Find Secret Passage Through a Wardrobe to Darwin's Hideout ABC News
Why Oprah Gives Obama Political Leeway
FOX News Oprah-palooza is a big test for her famous power to bring in women, particularly white women. White women are, of course, the basis of her great success. ....... So she is telling her female audience don't buy that solidarity thing and vote for a woman — Hillary — but telling black people do buy the solidarity thing and vote for the black man. ....... It's odd listening to her appearance before church people. She slipped easily into a slower and more sing-songy Southern cadence, and we know when Hillary tried the same thing she got slammed for it. Oprah won't be criticized. She can affect a "Color Purple" voice and get away with it. .... the messianic tone of her introduction to Barack Obama ..... when she's around, nobody notices anything else but Oprah.
Oprah leads the way for Obama Financial Times
The Daily Five: Shea-Porter Endorsing Obama?
Atlantic Online Obama has events out west; he'll start a 5-day bus tour on Friday ...... The New Hampshire Union Leader's breaking news alert has Rep. Carol Shea-Porter endorsing Sen. Barack Obama tomorrow
Clinton, Obama ads reveal the candidates Boston Globe
GOP Voters Are Uninspired by Candidates New York Times
Hillary Clinton as LBJ? Washington Post his wife on a detour through California ..... He compared her favorably to former President Lyndon Johnson ..... he did challenge Obama's ability to bring about change. "It's one thing to have good intentions; it's another thing altogether to change the reality of people's lives," Clinton said. "It's important, communication is. But it's also important to know how to get from a good intention to a specific result." ..... Both Clinton and Obama are on the West Coast, their schedules locked in by a previous commitment to attend a Democratic debate that was eventually cancelled due to the writers' strike.
Showing signs of vulnerability, Hillary Clinton shifts her focus ... International Herald Tribune The sense of inevitability that her campaign once stoked had dissipated. And rather than discussing her candidacy, Clinton explained the caucus process and showed a video entitled, "Caucusing is easy." ....... giving her Democratic opponents a chance to show that she can be beaten. ..... the Clinton campaign, which to some Iowans had appeared ignorant of the political subtleties here if not arrogant about them ....... "Here's the bottom line: they had not worked this state" ...... Her aides said she has largely cleared her schedule this week to prepare for the Democratic debate here Thursday sponsored by the Des Moines Register, the final encounter here among all the candidates before the caucuses. ..... a private dinner Friday evening with David Yepsen, the influential Des Moines Register columnist, who has repeatedly question whether Clinton appreciates the nuances of the state. ....... Most of her senior staff have moved from the campaign's national headquarters in Virginia to a windowless cluster of desks in Mrs. Clinton's headquarters in an office complex on the east side of Des Moines. Over the next few days, Howard Wolfson, the face of the Clinton war room, is driving out here from Washington. .......... Clinton has begun displaying a level of personal interest in the details of the campaign here that is unusual for even a presidential candidate named Clinton. ..... her aides acknowledged that, tactical problems aside, Iowans might well have taken a long and informed look at Clinton and decided not to vote for her. ...... Clinton was having trouble mastering the political intricacies of this significant if idiosyncratic state was echoed by Democrats in other campaigns, and reflected by the evidence of the sometimes tin-ear quality of the Clinton campaign in this state. ....... On her first trip here last January, one adviser said, Mrs. Clinton repeatedly expressed frustration, confiding to one associate that she "had no feel for the place." In one example of that, she responded with bewilderment when informed that she should not assume that she now had the support of an Iowa Democratic leader even after spending 40 minutes over coffee with him. ..... Clinton spent much of the early part of the year working huge rallies in big media market in the belief that the coverage from those rallies would reverberate into the more sparsely populated rural areas. But that is not the way things work in Iowa. ..... methodically worked rural areas, appreciating the importance of personal appeals to small groups of voters - but also, the peculiarity of caucus vote allocation that gives outsized influence to rural areas.
Clinton Shies From Full Iowa Schedule New York Times Mrs. Clinton stayed off the campaign trail Sunday and has no public events today; on Tuesday, her only event is in San Francisco (a good deal west of Iowa), where she will appear at a lunchtime “conversation” with Warren Buffett. To be sure, she is returning to Iowa Wednesday to campaign, and then taking part in the big Democratic debate in Des Moines on Thursday, before returning to New York for a gala fundraiser on Friday. ...... two days out of six in Iowa – less than four weeks before the caucuses – is pretty unusual ..... and New York lieutenant governor David Paterson are campaigning here as well. ...... One other detail: There are more than 400 people here for Mr. Clinton’s event at the Fisher Theater here on the Iowa State campus. Still, there are about 25 empty seats in the audience; at a university with 26,000 students, is it unusual that the theater isn’t standing-room-only? ....... And as it happens, not everyone here is a Clinton supporter; the woman who just sat next to me happens to be an Obama supporter, and is talking to reporters around us about how important Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of Mr. Obama is.
Giuliani, Huckabee Tied; Clinton Up The Associated Press
Clinton Says Hillary Was Always the One The Associated Press Campaigning for his wife, former President Clinton says that when they were starting out he was and ability so struck by her intellecthe once suggested she should just dump him and jump into her own political career. ...... "She laughed and said, 'First I love you and, second, I'm not going to run for anything, I'm too hardheaded.'" ....... "I thought she was the most gifted person of our generation," said Clinton, who said he told her, "You know, you really should dump me and go back home to Chicago or go to New York and take one of those offers you've got and run for office." ........ she has "the best combination of mind and heart." ...... "When she came down there and we got married, I was a defeated candidate for Congress with a $26,000 salary and a $42,000 campaign debt," said Clinton. "If she were half as calculating as someone said, that's a really great way to run for president." ......... "She's the best non-incumbent I have ever had a chance to vote for. In my whole life I've never met anyone like her." ...... "He did an excellent job as president and we need some changes," said 82-year-old Morris Mericle, who attended Monday's event and said he wanted to see a former president he had voted for. ...... "I'm out of politics now except every two years the Democrats kind of haul me out of the barn like an old horse to see if I can make it around the track one more time," he said. ....... "They always send me to rural areas," said Clinton. "I've got boots that have been worn and I know one end of a horse from the other."
Gordon Brown asks Google to help the poor Telegraph.co.uk The Prime Minister is in talks to involve leading international companies, including internet giant Google and investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, to tackle a “development emergency” in the world’s poorest countries. ..... telecoms company Vodafone, and American supermarket firm Wal-Mart. ..... “There are 72 million children not going to primary school, in some countries one woman in six dies in childbirth, over a billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. ...... "The key to achieving the development goals is to concentrate on helping the very poor.” .... the prospect of initiatives in financial services, mobile telephones and agriculture
Office Live Workspace narrows Google App gap while playing to MS ... ZDNet the Redmond-based company is not about to get caught with its pants down the way it did in the mid-1990s when it was forced to regroup after being blind-sided by the Web. ....... OLW is primarily designed to use the Web as a shared workspace through which people collaborate on Microsoft Office-based documents. Much the same way the standard edition of Google Apps is free, OLW, which includes 500MB of free storage, will be available to users for free. Though they may not get to take full advantage of all that OLW has to offer, users need not have a copy of Microsoft Office to initiate and use an Office Live Workspace. Microsoft plans to support the service with advertising ..... it’s clear that Microsoft is really only a few lines of code away (code that’s probably already finished, but not activated yet) from offering a fully Web-based suite of its own ...... a matter of choice more than it is any inability to produce such an offering ...... “an extension” to Microsoft Office. ..... from within Microsoft Office, users can check-out documents (Word, Excel, etc.) from the shared workspace for editing at which point others must wait until that copy is checked back-in before they can edit it ...... Whereas Google’s approach to this sort of collaboration drives like a platform-independent Ferrari, Microsoft’s is still the same old Edsel.
Auction will alter wireless world Chicago Tribune the potential to make talking on cell phones, surfing the Web on a mobile device and watching TV on your handset easier and less expensive. ...... lead to the creation of the long-desired "third pipe" of high-speed Internet access to compete with phone and cable service. ........ a new era of wireless communications where networks are open to whatever devices or applications people want to use, and scanning Web sites and watching streaming video are as common as making phone calls and sending text messages. ....... The spectrum promises to help the U.S. catch up to Asia and Europe in the availability and speeds of wireless Internet and other mobile services. ....... Google, which wants to extend its Internet empire to the wireless world. ....... more choices than ever before in how they access the Internet ...... Mobile advertising, which is expected to grow dramatically, is one of Google's biggest potential new markets. ...... "Their basic strategic objective is to make sure that the wireless Internet resembles the wired Internet" ........ The airwaves are considered the beachfront of the wireless landscape.
Why Sprint should promote wimax to Wall Street until they get it ZDNet
Reliance leading the wimax Charge in India Words that Work
Amitabh Bachchan in DON sequel ! India Target
Harvard overhauls financial aid to cut tuition costs Reuters
Harvard Steps Up Aid for Middle-Class Students New York Times
Why Dell needs a handheld CNET News.com
Motorola to Be Taken Over by RIM, HP or Dell: CNBC SYS-CON Media
linkedin Makes Its Move BusinessWeek (Facebook is mostly for socializing with people you already know, while LinkedIn is for meeting people you don’t know, for professional purposes, through people you do know). ...... LinkedIn News starts by delivering news about key daily topics: a user's company, products, industry, and competitors, drawn from more than 10,000 publishers and blogs. Then, LinkedIn News uses the wisdom of each user's "crowd" of colleagues to determine the handful of articles that are the most important to their business -- the articles they need to read that day. ..... 17 million LinkedIn users ...... (LinkedIn is projecting it will have $75 million to $100 million in revenues next year.)

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