Wednesday, October 19, 2005

100 Hours Of Video Online Will Elect Ferrer

Polls show Bloomberg has a 27 point lead. That is inaccurate. He had a 14 point lead before he pulled his dishonest security stunt. (Bloomberg: No Mr. Security) I would say there is a 10 point error. I know enough about polling techniques to point out the inaccuracies, deliberate and otherwise. That still gives Bloomberg a five point lead or so.

Bloomberg has blanketed the media. He thinks the New York City media is like a house in the Bermuda where he goes for weekends - he is too good to enjoy NYC during weekends: it can be bought. And considering how the local media has been boycotting Ferrer events, makes you think he just might be right. Whatever happened to Thomas Jefferson's idea of a free press?

Ferrer has been doing a ton of events, Bloomberg hardly any. But the public thinks Ferrer has been hiding. New Yorkers don't have the time to show up for events. They are busy working. They are the ultimate worker bees.

The Ferrer campaign needs to video record all Ferrer events, hours and hours of them, and put them online at the campaign website. That is inexpensive, and the campaign's best shot at bridging the exposure gap. Hours and hours. Five hours of video a day or more. Show the crowds, the enthusiasm.

Ferrer is beyond qualified. He was Bronx Borough President from 1987 to 2001. That is not like being president, that is practically being the King of Bronx. Ferrer implemented urban renewal in the Bronx in ways that it became the talk of the planet, literally. Mayors all over the world wanted to know how he was doing it.

I have yet to meet a single Indian entrepreneur who has read a Bloomberg biography or thinks of him as an inspiration.

Ferrer is right on the policy, and he is right on the leadership.

But then a campaign has its own realities, and those have to be faced.

Do a ton of events, and video blog all of them. Bypass old media. If they were fair, they would have been showing the events on the evening news. But they are not. Maybe they are like those handful of white Democrats who are for Bloom.

100 hours of video online will elect Ferrer. That is to be the launch pad.

And the real clincher will be the two debates. Ferrer has to win both of them.

Jay Leno is the top comedian in the country and he rehearses all his lines. Nothing wrong with rehearsing lines. There has to be thorough preparation. Many mock debates. Ferrer should face all possible Bloomberg jibes in the rehearsals. And he should be ready with solid one liner rebuttals. And he should be willing to go on the attack, keep Bloomberg on the defensive.

Do events. Video blog events.

Hold many mock debates.

Might as well start with the event with Bill Clinton tomorrow. If the event lasts four hours, the video should be four plus hours. Make it possible for people to participate even if they can not attend.

Uh, I finally get to see Bill Clinton tomorrow. (Amitabh Bachchan, Bill Clinton, Amitabh In Town)

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