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Bad MySpace Move By Barack Obama

The Barack Obama MySpace page did look like it might be something run by the official campaign itself. And so the concern was legitimate.

Barack had 150,000 MySpace friends, and now that is down to 30,000. That is a huge loss. But that is momentary. Looks like the squatter guy took away all his "friends" and the Obama campaign is having to start afresh. I used to be a "friend" of Obama. And I realized I had been delisted. I promptly went back up. I am sure many others will as well. I expect the number to exceed 100,000 very fast, in a matter of weeks.

MySpace is the leading social networking site right now. It was but natural that Obama wanted to own his own name there. But the way his campaign handled it was not cool. The self-propelled volunteer guy should have been shown more respect. He should have been compensated perhaps. Heck, he should have been hired, I think. Google bought YouTube. The guy did something the Obama campaign did not for a long time. Like Rupert Murdoch said when he bought MySpace: "Noone on my team thought of it."

Obama has a robust presence also on Facebook.

Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)
Size: 323,985 members
Barack Obama for President in 2008
Size: 67,623 members
The Obama campaign needs to stay away from these groups. Don't mess with it. These things are supposed to be bottom up. Not even that. These things are grassroots energy, synergy.

The problem is not that Obama has lost his MySpace friends, he has not, he will rebound. The problem is the way his campaign handled it. It did not show enough respect to a volunteer. That is not okay. I hope that mistake is not repeated too often.

I don't fault MySpace though. It did the right thing.

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