Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Final Inch

Forecaster sees 6 Atlantic hurricanes in 2009 Reuters a period of heightened Atlantic hurricane activity started around 1995 and was expected to last 25 to 40 years.
CEO confidence falls to record low Reuters
Disappointed Nepal Army boycotts 5th National games Press Trust of India
Now Bihar’s deputy chief minister in trouble for anti-women remarks
Obama's Support May Boost Turkey's EU Bid
Sin Chew Jit Poh
Unidentified armed group storms police post in W Nepal
Clinton urges controls on Antarctic tourism
Reuters UK
First 100 days: A poll bump for Obama?
ULFA wages virtual war against India: Home Ministry
South African leader says he is innocent
CNN International
GM, Segway team up on 200-mpg 2-seater
USA Today
GM and Segway create new vehicle BBC News
GM, Segway think 2 wheels Los Angeles Times
China Aims to Improve Health Care
Wall Street Journal
China's health care reform aims at public interests Xinhua
China launches sweeping health care reform plan AFP
AP cracks down on aggregators. Watch out, Google.
Global Soccer Rich Keep Winning, but Poor Still Have Their Joys New York Times
Dell Working on Mini 11 Netbook
New Data Show Rapid Arctic Ice Decline Washington Post
Arctic ice shows winter thinning BBC News
Arctic ice getting thinner, fading fast San Francisco Chronicle

Gates Unveils Overhaul of Weapons Priorities Wall Street Journal
Bihar unit of Samajwadi Party merges with JD(U)
In pictures: India election campaign
BBC News
Marta Dazzles New York Times
Henry Kissinger: Diplomat, Nobel laureate, soccer fan
Reuters UK
Police Will Probe Gun Attack at Tom-Gisele Wedding People Magazine

Amitabh BachchanAmitabh Bachchan (via

Treasury Chief Says He’s Open to Ousting Heads of Frail Banks New York Times
Election race divides India like never before
New Straits Times
Sri Lanka’s Army Says Tamil Rebels Driven Into Security Zone
Day of Suicide Attacks Displays Strength of Pakistani Taliban
New York Times
New GM Chief Doesn’t Rule Out Bankruptcy
New York Times
Google's interest in Twitter is all about the consciousness search
Twitter ‘the target of Google search’ Times Online
Amitabh Bachchan tops India celeb power list
Reuters India
IBM-Sun Merger Talks Off BusinessWeek
Dell Netbook Roadmap Leaked Hard OCP
Google Acquisition Rumors Reflect Twitter's Importance PC World
Twitter Co-Founder Addresses Google Rumors PC Magazine
Twitter: Building Businesses Tweet by Tweet BusinessWeek
'Fast & Furious' roars into first place at the box office Los Angeles Times
'Fast & Furious' speeds to No. 1 worldwide Reuters

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