Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Homs Is Benghazi

English: Brasilia - The president of the Syria...Image via WikipediaAnd it is time for international military action.

The reason China and Russia are opposed is the reason the Burmese General shifted his capital to some remote location once Bush did what he did to Saddam. The Burmese dictator identified closely with Saddam.

Working to get China and Russia to come on board is less about Syria and more about China and Russia.

The Response To Benghazi Has To Be In Tripoli
The Military Options
Don't Let Benghazi Fall

The Guardian: Inside Homs: 'We are seriously dying here. It is really war'
the Syrian army is carrying out a ferocious bombardment against helpless civilians ..... Elsewhere in Syria there appears to be growing evidence that in the wake of diplomatic failure, and Russia and China's veto of a UN resolution to end the bloodshed in the country, Bashar al-Assad, Syria's president, has decided to launch a conclusive military offensive against the rebels. ...... Activists in the former opposition stronghold of Zabadani, 20 miles north-west of Damascus, described how hundreds of tanks were pounding the town. The opposition Free Syrian Army effectively took control of Zabadani last month. Now, the Syrian army was on the brink of taking it back. ...... "There are about 300 tanks besieging the city from four positions. I saw so many tanks I couldn't count them," activist Fares Mohamad told the Guardian, using the town's only functioning phone. ...... more than 1,200 families had fled to Bloudan, to the east of Zabadani, adding that the encircled town had no gas or fuel or communications. ...... The regime's tactics had been entirely cynical, he said, with the mountain town's fire station and hospital among the first targets, so there was nowhere to treat the injured. ...... "I call upon Erdogan in Turkey. I call upon Emir Hamad of Qatar. I call upon King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. I call upon all the Muslims of the world to put pressure on Bashar, the monster." ...... The prospects for the civilians stuck in Homs appear bleak. Raji said there was now no way in or out of the town, with residents sheltering in the ground floor or basements of houses. "I myself am trying to get my family out, especially my sisters. But the problem is that no-one can get out," he said...... he said there was perplexity that the world was taking its cue from Russia and China ...... "We don't believe that Russia and China are more powerful than the whole world. And we don't understand why the world can't open a humanitarian corridor to help us."
'Syrian uprising has sparked proxy regional war' - video

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