Thursday, September 10, 2020

Coronavirus News (230)

 A New Breakthrough Just Brought City-Wide Quantum Communication Into Reach 

An Army of Microscopic Robots Is Ready to Patrol Your Body

How Firms Can Become More Resilient in the New Normal

Getting the Job Done: How Immigrants Expand the U.S. Economy

What Will the World Look Like in 2030?

Oxford Scientists: These Are Final Steps We’re Taking to Get Our Coronavirus Vaccine Approved

Covid-19 vaccine coronavirus

Yes, COVID-19 Kills Younger Adults, Too"A life-threatening disease for people of all ages"

Coronavirus has sped up the digital revolution, with China leading the way From live-streaming sales to building lasting business relationships online to adopting AI in manufacturing, Chinese companies have risen to the challenge of the pandemic and offer the rest of the world a glimpse of the future

With Shenzhen poised in the wings, is Hong Kong’s time in the sun over after protests, Covid-19 pandemic and US-China row? Hong Kong’s premier position has weakened in the past year as it was rocked by months-long civil unrest and hit by economic recession amid pandemic Shenzhen appeals to investors, start-ups, but experts say former British colony still has the edge, for now

China’s inward-facing ‘dual circulation’ strategy leaves many wondering where domestic demand will come from A lack of purchasing power among the people is flying in the face of Beijing’s economic plan to create a massive domestic market to curb nation’s reliance on exports Beneath surface of China’s weak consumer spending is a national wealth-distribution system that favours the state and the wealthy instead of average households

Covid-19: A bad flu season colliding with the pandemic could be overwhelming 

Experts project autumn surge in coronavirus cases, with a peak after Election Day


Gene-Hacked “Bodybuilder” Mice Stayed Ripped on Space Station Eventually, they want to try the same genetic modification on human astronauts.

Facebook wants its AR glasses to give wearers superhearing

AngelList pioneers rolling VC funds in pivot to SaaS

Peloton is betting you'll never go back to the gym

Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving Capability' falls short of its name

Coronavirus: what does suspension of Oxford-AstraZeneca trials tell us about vaccine development? Independent committee must investigate any possible link between participant’s unexplained illness and the trial vaccine Thousands have received test vaccine and the company plans to enrol up to 50,000 volunteers worldwide for the last stage of trials

India-China border: Tibetans at Pangong Tso race to help amid warnings military face-off could take ‘any trajectory’ Families of those who fled after Beijing sent troops into Tibet in 1950 are now helping New Delhi supply its forward bases in the icy heights of Ladakh Soldiers from both sides are reportedly in eyeball-to-eyeball proximity as foreign ministers Wang Yi and S. Jaishankar are expected to meet in Moscow

China debates cutting US access to drugs as hostilities spike Some government advisers say China should cut drug exports to the US if Washington increases sanctions Others contend it could be immoral and speed up relocation of US pharmaceutical firms out of China

China-India border dispute: armed parachute drills by elite PLA forces point to military build-up CCTV reports over 300 Chinese troops conducted a jump over the Tibetan Plateau Drawing on elite forces from various units for high-altitude airdrops suggests China is preparing for potential conflict, analyst says

How does the COVID recession compare? 

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