Sunday, January 17, 2021

In The News (6)

This Spicy White Bean Soup Is a Poem in a Pot Filled with winter greens, savory beans and just a little bit of turkey, this piquant soup is both hearty and light. 

Meena Harris, Building That Brand Kamala Harris’s niece is building her own empire with statement T-shirts. Just don’t define her by her family. ......... Meena Harris, a lawyer and former tech executive, used to make statement T-shirts as a side job. Her most famous read, simply, “Phenomenal Woman.” .......... Ms. Harris’s passion project became her full-time job; she left her role as head of strategy and leadership at Uber to run her own company, called Phenomenal. She also picked up another side-gig — one that brought her more visibility than any prestigious job that came before it: campaign surrogate for her aunt, Kamala Harris, now the vice president-elect. ........... “I look at her as another figure in history and someone to be celebrated,” she said of her aunt — for example, with a holiday sweatshirt reading “Deck the halls with smart, strong women, Kamala-la-la-la-la-la-la.”  

This Year’s Underground Sensation: Modern Monetary Theory The economic ideas that once fueled deficit mythbusters and provided hope for a pandemic recovery have spawned a vibrant political subculture. ....... Modern Monetary Theory posits that a governing body like the United States federal government, which borrows and spends in the same currency it issues, can never run out of money and that taxes serve to take excess money out of circulation rather than to fund the government. ..............  The Cares Act, perhaps the most effective anti-poverty policy since the Great Society, really was “a few computer keystrokes ... without all that messy class conflict.” Since the 1970s, and especially since 2008, central banks have become the most powerful centers of economic power in the world by making money out of thin air, without spurring runaway inflation.  

2020 Shatters the Myth of American Exceptionalism We learned something about ourselves on that street corner in Minneapolis. 
The Mutated Virus Is a Ticking Time Bomb There is much we don’t know about the new COVID-19 variant—but everything we know so far suggests a huge danger.
Russia admits coronavirus death toll three times higher than reported New figures show that more than 186,000 Russians have died from the virus
As Trump meets with QAnon influencers, the conspiracy's adherents beg for dictatorship With Trump's days in office dwindling, QAnon influencers have become increasingly restless and militant, urging the president to "#crosstherubicon.”
Politics, Science and the Remarkable Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine The furious race to develop a coronavirus vaccine played out against a presidential election, between a pharmaceutical giant and a biotech upstart, with the stakes as high as they could get.

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