Friday, March 03, 2023

3: Navalny

As Heat Pumps Go Mainstream, a Big Question: Can They Handle Real Cold? . An electric heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling unit, essentially an air-conditioner that runs in two directions. ........ Heat pumps, in contrast, don’t generate heat. They transfer it. That allows them to achieve more than 300 percent efficiency in some cases. ........ a federal tax credit from last year’s climate and tax law can cover 30 percent of the costs of purchase and installation, up to $2,000. .

And Child Care for All Earlier in the pandemic, the federal government did more to help parents than it ever did before. Washington temporarily mandated paid leave for many workers, it gave billions of dollars in aid to child care businesses, and for several glorious months in 2021, it even expanded the child tax credit to provide assistance to most families with children. .

The Era of Shutting Others Out of New York’s Suburbs Is Ending . For much of the 20th century, towns surrounding New York City used a stomach-churning mix of racial covenants and restrictive zoning laws to shut out Black Americans and others considered undesirable from thriving suburbs. The federal government supported this system in myriad ways, including by denying government backing for mortgage loans in Black neighborhoods, a practice known as redlining, which hardened segregation and sharply restricted the ability of Black Americans to secure mortgages and buy homes. After World War II, the government greatly expanded its role in residential segregation by backing large suburban developments across the United States like Levittown, on Long Island, on the condition that they exclude Black buyers. ........ more than half of renters in New York City and its suburbs are paying one-third or more of their income on rent......... The proposal would also require New York City and its suburbs to rezone areas immediately surrounding subway and commuter rail stations to allow for greater housing density. ...... In suburban New York, local zoning control is king and has been used to jealously guard access to some of the best public amenities in the United States, including public services, swimming pools, beaches and especially schools. ......... The Nassau County executive, Bruce Blakeman, in an interview with Politico warned of a “suburban uprising.” .

The Brave Man Whom Putin Wants to Kill Aleksei Navalny, Russia’s leading dissident and opposition leader, may be something of a Mandela of our age. Poisoned, imprisoned, brutalized, Navalny stands unbroken in his cell: still mocking Putin and scathing in his denunciation of the invasion of Ukraine. ....... his 21-year-old daughter, Dasha Navalnaya (the feminine form of the family name). She’s a junior at Stanford University, and while navigating exams and term papers, she is also campaigning for her dad and promoting a superb documentary about him, “Navalny.” It won the award for best documentary this month at the British Academy Film Awards. .......... “I sort of perceive the documentary as this ‘get out of death’ card,” she told me in flawless, lightly accented English. “The more awareness that we create, the less Putin and his posse would be tempted to kill my dad.” ......... “He is sort of living vicariously through me, through a college experience in America, which is very fun for him,” she said wistfully. ......... Navalny today seems so committed to democratic and European values that he is risking his life for them.

Big Money, Big Houses and Big Problems in Brooklyn Heights In Jenny Jackson’s debut novel, “Pineapple Street,” readers get a tour of a world they might learn not to envy by the end of the book. .

For Thomas Mann, the World’s Chaos Is Inside the House A newly translated story by the German master explores a father’s feelings for his children in a time of fierce social change. ....... “When a man has six children, he can’t love them all equally,” Mann claimed. ....... While the family in the story, like the Manns themselves, has not been made destitute by the nation’s collapsing currency, it takes planning and ingenuity to procure even the most basic groceries. ........... The story is also set in a time of fierce social change, during which the two eldest Mann children began to fascinate their father. They dressed as they pleased, said whatever they liked and slept with anyone who struck their fancy. In a letter, their father made his jealousy of their freedom clear: “Why should you be the only ones who constantly sin?” .

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