Saturday, April 01, 2023

1: Trump

Zelensky invites China’s Xi to visit Ukraine
How Should Gwyneth Paltrow Dress for Court? At the celebrity ski trial of the century, Ms. Paltrow can’t deny her own profile, but she can’t fully lean into it either. .......... and streaming on the Law & Crime network, a new style subgenre that ought henceforth to be known as courtcore. ........ but is more broadly about celebrity — and the place it occupies in our mental and cultural landscape. ....... Ms. Paltrow claims that Mr. Sanderson skied into her and is countersuing for $1 and legal fees. ......... Ms. Paltrow’s lawyers have suggested that Mr. Sanderson is trying to exploit her high profile, perhaps in the hopes she will settle the suit to avoid the public humiliation of having to show up in court (or describe, as she did, the “strange grunting noises” made by someone allegedly crashing into her back with his skis between her legs). ........ “She can’t dress down too much or she’ll be criticized, but she can’t dress up too much or she’ll be criticized.” ........ She can’t be too much of an entitled, out-of-touch rich person, and she can’t be too woo-woo about “her truth.” She can’t deny her own profile, but she can’t lean into it. She can’t risk playing into the many stereotypes that already exist in the public mind about who she is and what her value system may be. ....... Ms. Paltrow, however, has carefully walked the fine line between obviously rich and successful but respectful of both the venue and the location. ....... (also a reusable water bottle). Some commentators have suggested that Ms. Paltrow is using the opportunity to shill for her company, Goop, identifying various items as from its clothing line or for sale on the site. ............ a woman who defied the Hollywood odds and achieved financial independence by building a direct-to-consumer brand on the basis of … vagina-scented candles ........ Jen Shufro, another resident, noted that it was rare to “see Chanel and Louis Vuitton” or other recognizable luxury brands. By eschewing the blingy logos in favor of stealth-wealth style, Ms. Paltrow is playing to the local crowd........ In a city that is used to the sudden appearance of famous faces — Park City has been home to the Sundance Film Festival since 1985 .......... the sentiment in Park City at least seems to be leaning toward Ms. Paltrow. Which suggests that when it comes to image-making in court, “know your audience” is as much a legal maxim as a Hollywood one.
Ultramassive black hole discovered by UK astronomers Durham University scientists say black hole about 30 billion times the mass of the Sun is first to be found with gravitational lensing ........ An ultramassive black hole about 30bn times the mass of the Sun ........ and on the upper limit of how large we believe black holes can theoretically become ......... Ultramassive black holes are the most massive objects in the universe, at between 10bn and 40bn times the mass of the Sun. Astronomers believe they can be found at the centre of all large galaxies, such as the Milky Way. ....... Ultramassive black holes are rare and elusive, and their origins are unclear. Some believe they were formed from the extreme merger of massive galaxies billions of years ago when the universe was still young. ........ “Most of the biggest black holes that we know about are in an active state, where matter pulled in close to the black hole heats up and releases energy in the form of light, X-rays and other radiation”

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