Saturday, September 30, 2023


Sam Altman tracked how quickly people responded to his texts and emails to distinguish between 'great and mediocre founders'

‘A jealous god’: China remakes religions in its own image
Centrist Dems and McCarthy’s allies are in secret talks to strike a deal Any Democratic participation in a plan to stop a shutdown — let alone save the speaker’s gavel — would have huge conditions attached.

Latest Prompt Engineering Technique Chain-Of-Verification Does A Sleek Job Of Keeping Generative AI Honest And Upright

Innovation, Not Trees. How Bill Gates Plans to Save the Planet. He has billions to donate for crises from coronavirus to climate change, and more hope now that Trump is out of office.

What to Know About the New Covid Shots The updated shots are now available in the U.S. Here’s who should get them and what to expect.

Dating After 60: A Lot of Roses, Some Thorns For “The Golden Bachelor” and other singles of a certain age, there may be bad dates and false starts. But romance can be infinitely better after decades of life experience.

The New ChatGPT Can ‘See’ and ‘Talk.’ Here’s What It’s Like. The image-recognition feature could have many uses, and the voice feature is even more intriguing......... OpenAI is offering them first to paying ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers over the next few weeks, and will make them more widely available after that. (The vision feature will work on both desktop and mobile, while the speech feature will be available only through ChatGPT’s iOS and Android apps.)

‘This Is Going to Be the Most Important Election Since 1860’

Amazon Is the Apex Predator of Our Platform Era
Rupert Murdoch Turned Passion and Grievance Into Money and Power The retiring Fox leader built a noise-and-propaganda machine by giving his people what they wanted — and sometimes by teaching them what to want.

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