Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chuck Huckabee

This guy is really coming along, isn't he? He says, I am from Hope, Arkansas, give us another chance. Ha.

Right now it looks like it will be Barack Obama versus Mike Huckabee.

Neither Hillary, Nor Rudy (September 4)

First it looked like it will be Hillary Vs. McCain. Then it looked like it will be Hillary Vs. Rudy. Now it is Obama Vs. Huckabee. A month before Iowa, that is a good place to be.

First time I saw the Huckabee face was when Dave Pollak posted the Chuck Norris ad on his profile page at Facebook and it showed up on my updates page. I clicked on it and left a comment: first time I am seeing the Huckabee face, I guess the ad worked.

He is for eliminating the IRS. A revenue neutral sales tax only proposal.

He says he is for sanctity of life, but not only of the life in the womb. He says we sometimes forget the life after birth. I guess he is talking of the deprived kids. I hope he means globally.

Either all Americans have the health care Congress members have, or Congress members get the health insurance of the average American. Hmm.

Big Party: December 18

DL21C Annual Summer Bash: Barack Won The Straw Poll

Another party to crash?

To members of New York State Democratic Party
5:00pm Dec 3rd
Democrats have a lot to celebrate this Holiday Season and a lot to look forward to in 2008.

Please join us for a Holiday Party brought to you by the New York State Democratic Party, DL21C, and other progressive organizations in New York. *

Tuesday, December 18th
8:30 pm
Taj Lounge
48 W 21st St.
B/D/F/V/1/N/R to 23rd St.

$7 suggested contribution at the door. RSVP in advance to Marie Parker at / 212-725-8825. There will be a cash bar.

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In The News

Huckabee Catching Up to Giuliani as Top Republican (Update1) Bloomberg Huckabee, with 17 percent support, trails only longtime front-runner Rudy Giuliani, with 23 ...... The new poll shows Obama doing better than Clinton in theoretical matchups against leading Republicans. ..... the Iowa caucuses, which are less than a month away, may dramatically change the national rankings ...... Carolyn Mashburn, 64, who owns a small grocery store with her husband in Marvell, Arkansas. Mashburn says she didn't pay much attention to Huckabee when he was governor and wasn't very impressed by him as a presidential candidate at first. She changed her mind after seeing him in debates.
Bihar grinds a halt The Statesman
Facebook's Zuckerberg: 'We simply did a bad job' handling Beacon CNET
Clinton Volunteer Quits Over Obama Email
The Associated Press A volunteer Iowa county coordinator for Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign has resigned after forwarding a chain e-mail that suggests Barack Obama is a Muslim who wants to destroy the United States by being elected to its highest office. ....... Zimmerman said the Clinton campaign never talked to Rose about why she sent it but simply demanded her resignation after another recipient decried the e-mail in a post on the liberal blog Daily Kos. ..... The e-mail that Rose forwarded points out that Obama's father and stepfather were Muslim and that Obama lived in Indonesia for part of his childhood. ....... or that he ever "admitted" to being a Muslim.
Clinton Campaign Volunteer Out Over False Obama Rumors Washington Post
Clinton Holding Off Obama in New Hampshire ABC News Clinton is holding off Barack Obama in New Hampshire with a single-digit but seemingly solid lead ....... Obama is challenging Clinton in Iowa, and this ABC News/Washington Post poll puts him potentially within striking distance in New Hampshire as well. ........ Clinton has 35 percent support, Obama 29 percent ...... compares to a 30-26 percent Obama-Clinton race in Iowa in an ABC/Post poll there two weeks ago. ....... one in four likely voters who say there's a good chance they may change their minds ...... a majority of likely voters in the state seek "a new direction and new ideas" -- a page from Obama's playbook -- rather than strength and experience. ..... "new direction" voters favor Obama over Clinton by 44 percent to 19 percent ........ a total of 51 percent of Democratic likely voters in New Hampshire say they still might change their minds ...... 27 percent say they may take the results of the Iowa caucuses, five days before the New Hampshire primary, into account ....... Obama's helped by the fact that an unusually large number of independents participate (46 percent in this poll are registered independents ...... the fact that she'd be the first woman president makes them more likely to support her. Women are twice as likely as men to say so, 24 percent vs. 12 percent, rising to 32 percent of single women (which includes divorced and widowed women as well as those never married) ........ Obama easily trumps Clinton as the candidate who's the "most inspiring," leads her on honesty and trustworthiness (a Clinton weakness nationally and in Iowa as well) and challenges her on empathy
Hillary Clinton was supposed to know how to fight. Slate The snack-food barb is also a sign that at the moment, Obama is taking Clinton's lunch. Allies must make dire threats about the future because the present isn't looking so good for their candidate. ....... In some of the back-and-forth, Hillary Clinton's campaign has looked amateurish. ..... "Why is HRC Stooping So Low?" former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich ..... he has gone up in the polls since he started challenging her. ..... pulling even with her in Iowa and moving within single digits in New Hampshire ..... Her unfavorable rating has gone up in the latest Gallup poll.
Obama calling youth to service Chicago Tribune
Obama: Expand National Service Programs The Associated Press
Obama, donning Kennedy's cloak, issues "call to serve" Boston Globe
Obama joins Wyden credit card reform efforts
Wyden, Obama introduce credit card safety Star Act of 2007 KTVZ
Obama Seeks Consumer Credit Guards The Associated Press
Clinton leads in crucial vote state: polls AFP Hillary Clinton had just a six-point lead over Democratic White House rival Barack Obama in a new poll in the crucial state of New Hampshire ....... Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee, who has rocked the race with a come-from-nowhere charge in leadoff voting state Iowa, is also picking up steam nationally
Obama adds Huck to list MSNBC Obama said: “Triangulating and poll-testing our positions because we’re worried about what Mitt or Rudy or Fred or Mike might say about us just won’t do.” What’s different this time? The addition of Mike Huckabee to that quick rundown of potential GOP nominees, who Obama hopes to be challenging next year.
Clinton Urges Foreclosures Moratorium The Associated Press
World's biggest Asian elephant missing in Nepal Reuters South Africa
World's Largest Asian Elephant May Be Dead FOX News
Florida, Google collaborate to ease search for state records Computerworld
Google Gets Chatty With AOL Washington Post frees you of AOL's bloated, ad-riddled AIM software.
Partial Recall: Why Memory Fades with Age Scientific American
Why Is IRC Stooping So Low? Robert Reich
I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the stridency and inaccuracy of charges in Iowa -- especially coming from my old friend. ...... (Bill Gates satisfies his yearly Social Security obligations a few minutes past midnight on January 1 every year.) ...... maybe to $115,00 ..... when HRC charges that Obama's plan would "raise taxes" and her plan wouldn't, she's simply not telling the truth. ....... I've compared the two plans in detail. Both of them are big advances over what we have now. But in my view Obama's would insure more people, not fewer, than HRC's. ........ we're learning from what's happening in Massachusetts where health insurance is now being mandated -- that mandates still leave out a lot of people at the lower end who can't afford to insure themselves even when they're required to do so. HRC doesn't indicate how she'd enforce her mandate, and I can't find enough money in HRC's plan to help all those who won't be able to afford to buy it. I'm also impressed by the up-front investments in information technology in O's plan, and the reinsurance mechanism for coping with the costs of catastrophic illness. ...... They're both advances, but O's is the better of the two. HRC has no grounds for alleging that O's would leave out 15 million people. ....... I just don't get it. If there's anyone in the race whose history shows unique courage and character, it's Barack Obama. HRC's campaign, by contrast, is singularly lacking in conviction about anything. Her pollster, Mark Penn, has advised her to take no bold positions and continuously seek the political center, which is exactly what she's been doing. ......... this series of slurs doesn't serve HRC well. It will turn off voters in Iowa, as in the rest of the country. If she's worried her polls are dropping, this is not the way to build them back up.
Robert Reich's blog.

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