Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I Was Going To Say 330

November 4: Barack Obama elected President
November 4: Barack Obama elected President (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For real.

When I said over 300 I really wanted to say 330. But I ended up saying over 300.

332 it is.


I Told You So: 303 And Counting
Obama Will Cross 300 Electoral Votes

The 330 figure was based on this assertion: Romney Can Have North Carolina. I was not buying that this was a close election.

Barack Obama has won the American presidential election, gaining an expected 332 electoral-college votes to Mitt Romney’s 206, and taking about 50% of the popular vote to the Republican’s 48%.
Almost two million more votes is not close. Not in my book.

Looks like Barack Obama lost Indiana and North Carolina. Damn you, Mr. President!
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