Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Men's Genius On Abortion

That the way to eliminate abortions in society is by making abortions illegal, I have no idea who wrote those laws when they existed, but if I had to guess, those laws were written by men. Only manly genius could have come up with such a thing.

Like some dude said only a few years ago, the way to stop rape was for women to "shut the whole thing down," which takes us right down to Anatomy 101, back to the basics, as they say.

You could not make poverty illegal and thus end it. You end poverty through economic growth and public policy. That there is any trace of poverty on earth is a failure of public policy.

Abortion is the same way. You have to tackle it through a wide range of policy initiatives. Helping women attain purchasing power parity with men tops my list on abortion. Treating domestic violence as the top global security threat is right up there. Universal and easy availability of family planning services is a no brainer, and by universal I mean global. Sex education (yes, that would mean Anatomy 101) for men has got to be top priority, but not just sex as biology, but broadly speaking gender, with the social, cultural aspects. A sex educated man will not crack sexist jokes, will not make demeaning sexist comments, will complain about a sexist media, etc. Sex illiterates should not be able to survive a primary season.  

(I am starting to sound more and more like Elizabeth Warren. I guess I do admire her. She is the only person who seems to know how to absolutely demolish Trump. When Warren goes after Trump, it feels like Mike Tyson stepped into the ring. The fight might be over in a few minutes. She is so good at it, many Republicans wish she had her on their side during the primaries. And to think once upon a time early in life, she was a Republican indeed, just like Hillary was.)

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