Friday, June 24, 2016

Warren, Wall Street, And The VP Ticket

No The world will go mad before it succumbs to climate catastrophe. You could argue The Donald is already taking the lead on the going mad part.

No Warren on the ticket and America ends up with not one but two fractured conventions. That will be like America went mad.

Sometimes I feel the Clintons think too much in terms of loyalty. Nobody is trying to be loyal to the Clintons. People are just trying to get the political work done.

You can get too good at building the political machine and end up the political IBM of the 1990s.

The people who tried and failed to draft Warren are the ones who voted for Bernie. Warren refused to be drafted in an obvious nod to Hillary. If Hillary had not been in the picture Warren would have run. And won.

That is not someone with rabble rousing intentions. That is someone with intentions to defer to Hillary's centrist instincts.

But what if Warren on the ticket gives Hillary the House? Then the center itself will have moved to the left.

About time.

The same voters who supported the Republican Party and prevented a three trillion stimulus in 2009 are complaining they are hurting and are siding with the Trump madness. Three trillion was what the best of economists wanted. A much bigger monetary stimulus was given and much of that money went to Wall Street. A three trillion financial stimulus would have gone primarily to Main Street. No, you were not misled by billionaires. You acted stupid.

Bill Clinton has a character flaw. It is that flaw that made him give in to Wall Street when Wall Street came knocking in 1998 wanting to do away with the firewall between traditional and investment banking. That snowballed into 2008.

There are media reports Bill Clinton yet again intends to cave in to Wall Street on Warren. How does this story end this time?

If Bill is going to decide on the VP, is Hillary but a Manchurian candidate? Will the real candidate please stand up?

Bill Clinton has a wonderful opportunity to play the politically gifted spouse. He is not the candidate. He is not going to be president.

The threat is if you put Warren on the ticket, we will not give you any more money. Ends up it might be a loss of 30 million dollars.

Talking just about money, that might be a loss of 30 million from Wall Street and a gain of 300 million from the grassroots. I say take the money.

The Blockchain will do to money what the Internet did to information. Too big to fail is not capitalism, it is monopoly. The market demands competition. The Wall Street firms are like the paper newspapers of 1990. They have no clue what is just round the corner. Nobody has heard of the Cisco, the Google, the Facebook, the Amazon of the Blockchain, because they have not even been incorporated yet.

This is not communism. This is not Bernie's socialism. This is technology and innovation. This is the market economy as it should be. This is common sense. This is being God loving.

You do not want to apply liquid water physics at 110 degrees. You want to do evidence based decision making. You want to take the temperature and you want to get into steam physics.

The world is at the cusp of the Age Of Abundance, made possible by technology. When the productivity gains are an unheard of 10,000%, you prepare the policy framework for a Universal Basic Income. In less than 10 years, America will have to do the sensible thing on Universal Basic Income. The Bernie/Warren crowd is not a throwback to another era. These are people who see what's around the corner.

And it is time Native Americans took over. I learned from The Donald Warren is part Native. It's about time.

The Native Americans had a much better score on the environment anyways.

Larry Ellison, the colorful founder of Oracle, was Bill Clinton's first and biggest donor in the 1992 cycle, a big move for a guy who had simply not cared about politics after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. But after Clinton put Al Gore on the ticket, he did not give "a dime," because Gore as Senator had sided with a tech rival of his who had been "good to me." That was before Larry discovered the art of funding politicians.

"Exactly what units of goodness are we talking about here, Senator? "

I have noticed in the recent months Zimbabwe and Venezuela have both ended up with similar predicaments. The only Mugabe I know is a dictator. I am not opposed to left leaning politics or even socialism as long human rights are not violated, but Hugo Chavez has never felt particularly inspiring to me.

But the ground reality in both countries have become identical. Ordinary people are suffering. Basically there seems to be a currency collapse. Not only that the media narrative on both seems to be identical. Well respected media brands have been peddling identical stories on both countries. It is their fault.

But it feels like the mighty dollar has been used to demolish the economies of two countries whose leaders challenged the wrong powers. But the punishment has to be meted out without being seen. And hence the orchestrated media campaigns of planted stories.

This were all good and dandy except I have seen a repeat of the same on the Elizabeth Warren meme. After the first story came out suggesting some Wall Street honchos were not only unhappy about the idea of Warren as veep, which is fine, you have the democratic right to be happy or unhappy, I am happy, but that they think Hillary really does not have the option to even consider the Warren name, for they are going to turn off the money tap, as if it is not for the Democratic nominee to decide who her running mate is going to be. For one that suggestion is grossly sexist.

Elizabeth Warren is no Robert Mugabe. Elizabeth Warren is no Hugo Chavez. I am absolutely clear on that.

And stop punishing the people of Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Don't blame the people for their leaders.

The Devil is capable of infiltrating institutions of law enforcement. The Devil is capable of infiltrating Wall Street institutions. You have to watch out.

Wall Street honchos should stoop down and do the citizen thing. If you don't like Hillary don't vote for Hillary. If you don't like Hillary don't make campaign contributions to her. But don't suggest the power to pick her running mate rests with anyone except her.

I am looking for a press release, frankly. Put your name down. We the here signed finance geniuses think Warren would be disastrous for the American economy for the following reasons.

And let the debate begin.


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