Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Coronavirus News (177)

WHO ने 'हवा से कोरोना वायरस फैलने' के सबूतों को स्वीकार किया
The US is diving into a dark Covid hole -- and there's no plan to get out  the coronavirus task force does not hold daily briefings, and when it does, they are an exercise in dodging difficult questions and self-congratulation. ...........  Months into the worst domestic crisis since World War II, there is no sense that a fractured country is pulling together to confront a common enemy. People are still arguing about wearing masks -- a tiny infringement of personal freedoms that represents one of the few hopes of easing the contagion. The one federal official who does seem to have answers, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been banished to the podcast circuit by President Donald Trump, who was on Fox News Thursday night boasting about acing a cognitive test as the US hit another daily record of infections -- over 60,000 -- on a day on which more than 900 new deaths were reported. .............  It's unimaginable that any other modern President would have handled things this way. ..........   Belated attempts to halt the virus in southern and western states are being hampered by feuds between Democratic mayors who want mask mandates and Republican governors handcuffed by ideology. .......... It took the US 99 days to reach one million cases, 43 days to get to 2 million and 28 days to add another million. That's a horrific rate of increase. ..........  The massive disconnects between federal and state and local officials are making President George W. Bush's Hurricane Katrina disaster look like a trifle. .........  Trump's top aides bristle at any criticism, reflecting how lionizing a President who has navigated states of denial, ignorance, indifference and negligence about the virus is more important than looking reality in the eye. ........ In parts of the country -- in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts for instance -- there is some hope that after proper mitigation efforts and a tight hand on the reopening tap the virus can be kept at low levels, at least until a feared winter outbreak. Republican governors in Ohio and Maryland who heeded epidemiology suppressed vicious epidemics. In states and cities where trusted leaders give simple, honest messages, progress is possible. ...........   Early shutdowns, social distancing, the use of masks and prudent opening plans have helped lower new infections to manageable levels from New York City to Italy. Aggressive testing and tracing operations have kept a lid on the pandemic in South Korea and allowed officials in Singapore and Germany to quickly snuff out hotspots. .............  Only firm national leadership can plot a route out of the crisis and help states currently heading into the hot zone join those who have suppressed the virus    


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