Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Coronavirus News (186)

Coronavirus Cases Are Peaking Again. Here’s How It’s Different This Time. The first wave of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States never really ended, and cases are surging again. But this time, a different and much bigger swath of the country is feeling the effects.

How Fauci, 5 other health specialists deal with covid-19 risks in their everyday lives  Fauci: I do physically go to the grocery store, but I wear a mask and keep my distance. I usually go at odd times. ........  I don’t disinfect the bags. In general, I will take the materials out of the bags, then wash my hands with soap and water, and then use Purell, and let everything sit for a day. .........  Q: Do you take any precautions with your mail or packages? Fauci: I used to, but now I just bring the mail in, wash my hands, then let it lie around for a day or two before I open it. ..........   Q: Are you willing to fly? What about bus, train, subway? Fauci: I’m 79 years old. I am not getting on a plane. I have been on flights where I’ve been seated near people who were sneezing and coughing, and then three days later, I’ve got it. So, no chance. No Metro, no public transportation. I’m in a high risk group, and I don’t want to play around. ........  Q: What is your best guess about when a vaccine will be available? Fauci: We have multiple candidates, and my hope is that we will have more than one, probably by the end of this year or the beginning of 2021. 

Coronavirus: Quarantine hotel ‘acting like bandits’ in China During their mandatory quarantine stay, the returnees from Pakistan were provided meals that were found to contain maggots, ladybug or small pieces of metal scraps .........   Millions of Chinese citizens have been stranded overseas because of coronavirus-related travel restrictions, and many of them want nothing more than to return to a country that has largely gotten the coronavirus under control. ........... However, some of the overseas Chinese that have managed to go back to China said they were greeted with poor service, profiteering hotels and a lack of empathy from authorities and their countrymen, while they were under mandatory quarantine. ..........  there are about 10.7 million Chinese living overseas. Many have been unable to return to China as countries went into lockdown and imposed travel restrictions since earlier this year. But the ones who do manage to return are often viewed by their fellow citizens as being wealthy, unpatriotic and spoiled. ..........  the perception that those who could travel abroad are rich .........  In March, a report of a returnee from overseas asking for bottled water during quarantine sparked debate on the Chinese internet, with the majority of commentators accusing the returnee of being unappreciative and demanding.   

Even a coronavirus vaccine won’t offer an easy way out of the crisis The WHO chief and medical experts agree there is no going back to the “old normal” any time soon, and warn that how people and governments behave is critical to getting things under control. ...........    whether it will embed itself permanently in the population and circulate every year. ....... “We need to realize that this is truly an unprecedented virus for which there is no appropriate historical analogy” ......... Several places that appeared to have had the contagion under control saw case numbers spike after social distancing measures were eased. .........  Two factors that can drive these sudden increases are the spread of the disease by asymptomatic and mild cases, and the potential for superspreading events ...........  With a vaccine unlikely to be ready before the middle of next year, the public should be prepared to deal with these measures “at any time if there’s an outbreak… but it’s all very unsettling and uncertain” ........... While vaccines are seen as a way to control the crisis, they should not be the basis for long-term measures ..........  the virus is also taking hold in India – the world’s second-most populous country – and South Africa. ..........  “If there isn’t long-term immunity, [in the absence of a vaccine] it could just become a vicious cycle of ongoing infection” ............  early vaccines were not likely to “completely prevent any infection in anyone”, she said.Instead they could be used alongside other control measures to reduce transmission, especially for at-risk people.  

Melbourne in Australia recently went back into lockdown.

A vaccine may not be ready until the middle of next year.

Restaurants could face further restrictions after a coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s third wave of Covid-19 ‘getting a bit out of hand’  an international study indicated mutations in one strain of the virus had increased its infection rate by 30% ........  If people relax their guard, cases will shoot up and we will face a bigger outbreak .......  “I think both the government and the public may have to tighten up measures to maintain social distancing and avoid going out as much as possible.”  

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