Monday, November 07, 2022

7: India

Biden Just Clobbered China’s Chip Industry A typical chip might be designed with blueprints from the Japanese-owned, U.K.-based company called Arm, by a team of engineers in California and Israel, using design software from the United States. When a design is complete, it’s sent to a facility in Taiwan, which buys ultrapure silicon wafers and specialized gases from Japan. The design is carved into silicon using some of the world’s most precise machinery, which can etch, deposit and measure layers of materials a few atoms thick. These tools are produced primarily by five companies, one Dutch, one Japanese and three Californian, without which advanced chips are basically impossible to make. Then the chip is packaged and tested, often in Southeast Asia, before being sent to China for assembly into a phone or computer......... The fragility of this convoluted process became apparent in last year’s Covid-induced chip shortage, which the White House has estimated cost the United States a full percentage point of economic output, or hundreds of billions of dollars.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay. Lean In, Employers. “fully in-office workers are the least satisfied with their working arrangements: they report significantly worse employee experience scores compared to hybrid and full-time remote employees, most notably for work-life balance and work-related stress and anxiety.” ...... the all-day electronic communication that is the backdrop to our modern lives

Xi Jinping Expands His Power, Elevating Loyalists, Forcing Out Moderates
Not-So-Great Britain’s Conservative Crackup
Wonking Out: Facts, Feelings and Rural Politics
The Ruination of Britain Like the Republicans in the United States, the Conservatives are detached from reality. In a generation, they have become a party of monomaniacs, incompetents and ideologues. ...... After a decade or two in the wilderness, perhaps the party can recover — though let’s not rule out the possibility it is finished once and for all....... The party is so riven by internal feuds, personal hatred and ideological disagreements that it has become ungovernable.

Taylor Swift, Caught Between Yesterday and Tomorrow on ‘Midnights’

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