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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Put On A Mask

Do you want to be
A superhero?
Put on a mask.

Now that you have 
Poked into
The hornet nest of nature
Just please
Put on a mask.

You can not see the virus
The virus need not see you
But in the sea of people
Coughes and sneezes
And heart attacks
To last
Put on a mask.

A strand of DNA
That fells titans
Of lies and disguise
To ask
Put on that damn mask. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Flower Unfurling

Tiny limbs 
That clutched my finger once 
The recent past 
Revisited in photos and videos 
To see you have grown 
To munch on a baby carrot 
And to already share jokes 
Inside jokes. 
My wonder wagon 
Who helps me look at the world 
Giddy and adamant and wailing 
High fiving, swiping and 
Finding new tricks on the phone 
May you lead the way. 
The glue that will 
Keep the family together 
No matter what 
My topsyturvy 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Much Too Much

Dry leaves 
Scavenged for fuel 
Tiny tracks to mud roads 
That wind down 
To engulf the village 
Into kerosene lamp dark 
That burts open into 
A rod red morning. 
Starry nights 
Time zones away from 
Big city lights 
That are a poor substitute. 
Hyperlinks that replace thoughts 
Stares that unblinkingly avoid 
The passersby 
The person next door 
And the coffee table mate 
Sitting across the table. 
When much is enough 
And much is too much 
Close your eyes and take a deep breath 
Of centering.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Roadside Twang

Will you 
For just once 
Give a glance 
And a coin 
To the Roadside twang? 
To give is to rejuvenate. 
Happiness is in giving 
With a little effort 
You might even 
Become happy. 
The music and the singing 
Is but bonus 
Roadside singing 
Is a stage all its own. 
The wisdom of small giving 
Is within your reach 
For it is a road 
Open to the public.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

One More Truck Stop

Missed exits 
Pop up billboards 
Of one more truck stop. 
The wheels that carry 
Souls across lifetimes. 
Banana bazooka 
Gunshot wounds 
After one more argument.

Fights are not supposed to be settled
On this side of the fence. 

Submission is peace. 

Hurl the red flag
The white and the green
Against the blue sky.

Fathom the bottom of seas
While you reach for
The stars.     

Thursday, October 08, 2020


The earth stands
In the middle of nowhere

Suspended in suspension
The fragile tango with the moon
Keeping alive the breath
That utters scripture

The vast universe
Extending beyond where light goes
Something out of nothing.

The span of time
But who is measuring
Time that stands still
And time that moves
God's artwork.

The beauty of delight
Of simple gestures of kindness
And love
That capture
The essence.