Thursday, July 22, 2010

Domestic Violence Can Be Ended Like Polio Could Be Cured

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Pro choice progressive women in this town drive me nuts. They talk like their pro choice stand is the ceiling I have to bang my head against. The pro choice stand has to be a floor they stand on, they have to walk, jump and fly.

More women than men are graduating from colleges today. But the leadership structures in all sectors of society, in all the major institutions are still male and archaic.

Little expressions of attitude are relevant. Sexist jokes are weapons of attrition thrown at the self esteem of women.

Life experiences have to be shared experiences.

"Bill Clinton is a good husband to keep for 30 years because he does the dishes."
- Hillary Clinton

Obama Has No Business Kissing Maloney

The information age and the post-industrial society should make it more possible for people to strike better life-work balances.

"I can't think in front of a computer."
- Hillary Clinton

A new generation has to step in to kick the ball further down the road.

When the mass rapes were happening in Liberia I figured the women in this town, the pro choice women, might rise up in arms, but no, not a whisper.

The Anti Maloney Brigade

Barack Obama achieved JFK status as a candidate. He achieved FDR status after he passed health care reform. All other items like Wall Street reform and immigration reform keep him at the FDR level. If he wants to achieve Lincoln status, he is going to have to end the global trafficking of women the way Lincoln ended slavery.

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