Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reshma Saujani And The Chris Matthews Band

If this is the Reshma Saujani we are going to see on TV during her debates with Carolyn Maloney - i-f there are debates that is, and that is a big i-f, Maloney has been running scared, can you blame her? (Debating Is "Stunt" In A Maloney Democracy) - we win hands down. This woman is dynamo. This woman is brilliant. This woman is cutting edge. I have said this before and I will say this again, this woman is going to be hitting the national headlines on September 15.

Carolyn Maloney, dove, hawk or chicken? Dove on Wall Street reform. She has been taking all the Wall Street PAC money, has she not? Hawk on the Iraq War and the Patriot Act. I knew she was from North Jesse Helms Carolina, did you? Chicken on debating Reshma.

Carolyn Maloney, dove, hawk or chicken? All of the above.

Ugh, it's been a few weeks since my last Reshma event. There has been the World Cup. And there have been some stuff I have needed to work on. But I hope to stay in touch with the campaign, and I hope to keep volunteering.

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My favored way of volunteering is digital. When people google up her name, I want them to come across my blog. So my blogging for Reshma 2010 is a gift that will keep giving. And I want to show up at the campaign office here and there, pick up some literature and go work the nearest subway stop. And, of course, I want to show up for all the key events. You got to party. When you are having fun is when you know you are winning.

The Democratic Party is on its way to an intellectual bankruptcy by the time Obama's eight years are over. Reshma Saujani is the party's insurance against that bankruptcy.

Carolyn Maloney is too "ordinary" - as described in the Washington Post article - to keep representing District 14. District 14 functions as the ATM for the entire Democratic Party, it is a solidly Democratic district. You need a Super Star Congressperson to represent this district. Reshma is that Super Star. She is dazzling. Check out the video above.

The idea that Reshma Saujani is Wall Street's candidate was a lie six months ago, and it is a lie today. She does recognize the fact that Wall Street is an integral part of the New York economy, and indeed the national and the global economy. Many people who work on Wall Street live in her district, many of them have made individual contributions to her. You have to wonder. She is the stronger between the two for Wall Street reform, and still so many people on Wall Street support her. Why? Because the truth is a lot of people on Wall Street themselves are for reform. They realize Wall Street needs to reinvent itself if it is going to see robust days ahead. And that is Reshma's point. Work for meaningful reform. But stop demonizing Wall Street wholescale. Reform the bad aspects, keep the good aspects, and let's see brighter days ahead. Carolyn Maloney is slow. She is thick. When Maloney talks Wall Street reform, she does not know what she is talking about. When Reshma talks Wall Street reform, that is like a doctor talking medical issues. She knows what she is talking about. She has the vocabulary.

Get the debates on, yo! I think Maloney should do it, a debate a week. It is like dipping your toe into cold water. It is daunting, but you can do it. Maloney, you can do it. Let's get the game on.

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