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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6,000 To 16,000 Votes

Do you think Reshma Saujani could move from 6,000 votes in 2010 to 16,000 votes in 2012? I very much think so. I can't wait for the rematch.

Charlie Rangel: Monkeyface
Carolyn Maloney: Radioface

New York Observer
Primary Night: Reshma Keeps Them Waiting, Wondering
Diana Taylor Stumps For Reshma Saujani on The Upper East Side Taylor admitted that it is "very unusual" for her to support a challenger to an entrenched office holder, but said she was immediately taken with Saujani, because "she knows what it is to work," which seemed to be a shot at Maloney, who has spent most of her career in public service. ....... She's smart, she's young, she works really hard and she has opinions about things. We tend to agree on a lot of things— jobs, the economy. She's actually had a job and she knows how jobs are created, she knows what it is to work. She is passionate about education, she is passionate about the economy. And quite frankly at this point the biggest issue we have facing us is jobs and she is really good on that issue. ....... Knowing that Taylor was making this stop with Saujani, Maloney's campaign flooded the area with supporters of their own, making for a crowded sidewalk and some grumbling among harried commuters. ..... "All politicians are fucking liars," shouted one man at Taylor as she tried to hand him a palm card for Saujani. ....."Except for this one," said Taylor.

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On To Reshma 2012

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Reshma Saujani: they all lost their first congressional races. Bill Clinton went on to run for Attorney General. Barack Obama went on to run for the US Senate. Reshma Saujani has the comparatively modest goal of running for the same seat again in 2012.

Barack Obama lost to Bobby Rush. That makes Carolyn Maloney the White Panther. Bobby Rush also did the radio debate thing like Carolyn Maloney did. Incumbents love FDR.

Reshma Saujani is the most amazing politician I ever met. That has not changed. She gave just the most amazing speech at the election watch party last night. Here was someone who deeply, deeply cared about her team, and it showed.

There is something about running for the first time. I showed up in America and I ran for Freshman Class President. Everyone else got more votes than me. I was not trounced. I was not even mentioned anywhere. Five months later I had got myself elected student body president. Forget Class President. And this was in the Deep South, Bible Belt, white country.

Corey Booker ran for Mayor. He lost. He ran again. He won by a landslide. Eliot Spitzer ran for Attorney General. He lost. Then he started going all over the state, attending every little political event by every little political club, collecting names and contacts. He ran again. He won by a landslide.

"Today has been the best day of my life," Reshma said. This woman is very much at home on the campaign trail. This is a political animal.

"You are still very much invited to the ANTA Convention as Chief Guest," I said to her. Take 10 days off, and you are right back on the campaign trail. How about that?

Reshma Saujani: My People's Chief Guest

I am going to show up for the ANTA Convention in my Reshma 2010 uniform all over again. The pride will never go away. This is just the beginning. Reshma's best political days lie ahead.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Bill Clinton Endorsed Maloney, Or Did He? Read Carefully

What Bill Clinton Said

The first bill I signed into law as President was the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993. Carolyn Maloney voted for it.
What Bill Clinton Really Said

Carolyn Maloney is someone who will fall in line. She is a pretty reliable Democrat. She is a checkbox Democrat. She is no leader, if that is what you are looking for, but she is not one of those who give you a hard time voting for what the rest of the party is very willing to vote for. That is an A on reliability.

What Bill Clinton Said

(S)he recently introduced a bill that would expand this act to include LGBT employees and their partners. That is how you effect real change— by figuring out how to build upon the progress we've made as a nation.
What Bill Clinton Really Said

Carolyn Maloney has not done dazzling work on gender. There is no pre-Maloney, post-Maloney thing on gender. She has been unremarkable, pretty much. But I don't think this is a quest to demolish Maloney and put in her place Reshma Saujani. If Reshma Saujani wins, she is going to have to build on some of the good work Maloney and others like Maloney have done. These early women have laid down the foundations. Women in future will have to build upon that. Reshma Saujani's quest is more to become the successor to Maloney, rather than to displace Maloney.

What Bill Clinton Said

(Maloney) passed anti-rape legislation .... (Maloney) succeeded in getting mammograms covered by Medicare
What Bill Clinton Really Said

See, I told you. Maloney has done some work for women. Women in future are going to have to build upon Maloney's work. What Maloney has done is not the total package, it is not a complete package, it is rather piecemeal and haphazard, but it is what it is.

What Bill Clinton Said

with all the work she's done on financial issues.
What Bill Clinton Really Said

Look, both you and I know Maloney will bite the arm if you will give her a finger. She has been trying to take credit for all the financial reform work that has been done by two chambers of Congress these past few months, but this is election season, and she is facing a tough primary fight. I think she is entitled to take a little more credit than is due hers. What the heck, politicians do that all the time. Don't fault the woman for what is pretty mainstream behavior.

What Bill Clinton Said

As a father, I want what's best for my child and someday, her children. Decades from now, we will all still be reaping the benefits of Carolyn's extraordinary work.
What Bill Clinton Really Said

My daughter has never heard of Carolyn Maloney. But then she likes rap music too. It might be generational. I asked her, and she was wondering if Carolyn Maloney was one of our family friends from back in Arkansas. Carolyn does have a North Carolina accent, but that is not why Chelsea asked.

If you ask me, Carolyn Maloney is "maxed out" like the New York Daily News said, or was it the Observer? It is hard to keep track of New York newspapers, there are so many of them. I am from Arkansas. We like to keep it simple, one newspaper per town.

I was going to stay neutral. Reshma Saujani did raise a lot of money for Hillary 08. But Maloney kept bugging me. So I finally relented, and asked my staff in Harlem to prepare a little something. I said email. You know I don't send out emails. That just is not who I am. I am a robocall guy. So if Maloney is telling you I sent out an email on her behalf, she could not be telling the truth.

But what the heck. She reminds me of Clinton 92, and that is just the sweetest memory. And so I asked my staff to prepare a little something for her. With all the insurgency that is going on, she will likely not win, but September 15 is another day. You bet I will be placing a call to Reshma Saujani first chance I get. I am going to start the talk by saying thank you for all you did for Hillary. Yeah, I know. I read that power shoes story in the New York Times. These women are from a different planet. They speak a different language. It is code to guys like me.

Chelsea wants to come out for Saujani. And I am trying my best to not let that happen. How will that look? Father is for one candidate, the daughter for another? So far so good.

Just between you and me, Chelsea does NOT relate to Maloney. At all. So for anyone, even me, to say Chelsea's children might connect any dots going back to Maloney, I don't see that happening. But this is election season. The emphasis is not on accuracy, at least not for my and Carolyn's generation. We peaked out politically in the 1990s. Bush was an anomaly.

Chelsea and Hillary have both been ganging up on me. Hillary says if she were not Secretary of State, she would outright endorse Reshma Saujani. But since it is not legal for her to endorse, she did the shoe thing.

My mother, though, if she had been around, I think she would have sided with me. It is a South thing. Maloney has just the accent. But truth be told, I am not for Maloney either. Sitting and former presidents don't have the luxury to not endorse an incumbent. I mean look at my man Barack. He kept Maloney dangling on the 9/11 health bill. He is feeling like Maloney is taking too much credit for finance reform. So he left her dangling. But he did endorse her first, back in April. It is not like he had the option to not endorse her. But then now he has gone and undercut her. He has pulled the rug. I understand politics speak. By now Barack is neutral, if not tilting Saujani.

And if you watched Reshma Saujani on NY1, I am neutral too. But it takes some political sophistication to be able to read that. (Bill Clinton Just Endorsed Reshma Saujani)

Barack is pissed Maloney is taking too much credit for finance reform. Hillary is pissed Maloney is taking too much credit for the work on the health of the 9/11 first responders. My man Charlie Schumer is pissed Maloney is taking too much credit for the Second Avenue subway line. Now that is one trick I would like to learn from Maloney. How do you take credit for something that does not even exist? I am pissed Maloney has tried to take too much credit for my Family Leave Act. "We all worked together," Maloney says to me about my Family Leave Act.

So far Maloney has not taken credit for anything Bloomberg has done. How does Bloomberg do that? Barack, Hillary, Schumer and me, we would all like to know how.

What Bill Clinton Said

Carolyn is what I call a "how" politician
What Bill Clinton Really Said

All my grey hair aside, I am still a politician. Don't you call me no philanthropist! I feel like I am entitled to at least one lie in one email. And this is my lie. The truth is Carolyn Maloney has no clue how Congress works. Look at the woman's record. She says she has authored 70 bills. We all know what that means. Her staff authored those 70 bills. It is not like Maloney went to Yale Law School like me, and Hillary and Reshma Saujani. She does not know how to author bills. Of those 70 bills, three passed. If you can't connect the dots there, let me tell you in plain English. That is NOT good. That is NOT a good record.

When I say Carolyn Maloney is a HOW politician, that is an inside joke in Clintonland. Once Carolyn Maloney was overheard saying on the Hill: "People keep passing bill after bill. How?" That is when James Carville decided on that nickname for her, that Maloney is a HOW politician.

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Reshma's Afghanistan Remark And The Wise Guys/Gals At FireDogLake

During a Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) mis...Image via Wikipedia
New York Daily News Endorses Reshma Saujani, Who Thinks “Afghanistan Attacked Us” By Jane Hamsher, FireDogLake
The insinuation here is that Reshma Saujani is a green horn, especially on foreign policy, and does that not make the New York Daily News an ignorant little newspaper to have endorsed Reshma Saujani in the hottest primary in America?

First thing first, the New York Daily News is not some ignorant little newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper in New York City. Or maybe the FireDogLake people are based out of Utah, and they don't know that little fact.

As for Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden - or maybe the FireDogLake people think it was Saddam - masterminded and funded the most vicious attack on US territory since Pearl Harbor. Not even Pearl Harbor itself compares to 9/11. No attack on US soil compares to 9/11. 9/11 was the first attack of its kind on US territory.

The Al Qaeda did it. Osama Bin Laden was and is the chief of that organization. He was living in Afghanistan and might still be. At the time he was living under the direct protection of Mullah Omar, who was and is the head of the Taliban, and is also on the run. Osama Bin Laden played a key role in bringing the Taliban to power in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar were blood relatives in 2001. The Taliban was and is a regional organization. The Al Qaeda was and is global. The Al Qaeda continues to actively plot against the US. If they have not succeeded on a second attack, it has not been for lack of trying.

After 9/11 happened, the US asked Mullah Omar, the head of state of Afghanistan at the time - today it is Hamid Karzai - to hand over Osama Bin Laden. If he refused, that would be tantamount to a declaration of war. Mullah Omar refused. He claimed he had no knowledge of the 9/11 plot and that the US needed to submit proof that Osama Bin Laden had something to do with it in the first place. Maybe the blog FireDogLake is interested in that parsing of words, but my candidate is not.

It was Afghanistan, it was not Iraq. That was the whole Obama 08 plank, that the US needed to stay focused on Afghanistan and the Afghan-Pak border, that to go into Iraq was to take eyes off the Al Qaeda that never stopped plotting against the US in the first place.

That is why President Obama has increased military presence in Afghanistan but has pulled out of Iraq.

Are you still going to tell me Afghanistan did not attack the US? If the people in power at the time in Afghanistan had nothing to do with it before or after 9/11, they would have handed over Bin Laden. Instead they ran away with him and are perhaps hiding together as we speak. Why?

In The News

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Mayor Graham's View: DN For Saujani To Bring 'New Blood' To NY Delegation By Jeff Graham
Daily News Endorses Reshma Saujani, Francisco Moya, Lynn Nunes Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles
Daily News Endorses Reshma Saujani, Francisco Moya, Lynn Nunes

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Okay, So Maloney Has Been A Democrat, And A Woman

American political activist, Reverend Al Sharpton.Image via WikipediaCarolyn Maloney has been a Democrat. She has consistently voted the party line. But to say Maloney is a Democrat in the context of the September 14 primary is to insinuate Reshma Saujani is perhaps not a Democrat. That would be a lie. To point out that Maloney has voted the party line is to imply that perhaps Reshma has not been, or will not be a loyal Democrat. That amounts to slander.

No, Maloney did not wave a magic wand and turn a Republican district into a Democratic district. She did not benefit from her extraordinary political skills or rousing oratory in 1992, she benefited from redistricting that added big chunks of Democratic territory to District 14, namely Astoria and Roosevelt Island. So the suggestion that if Maloney is not on the ballot in November then somehow the dams will burst and the seat will go to some guy called Brumberg, that is, well, Baloney. Reshma is going to have an easy victory in November.

The biggest things people say about Maloney is that she has consistently voted the party line. They do that because there are no bigger things to say about Maloney. She has no national stature. She is a City Council woman who ended up in Congress by happenstance. She won because of redistricting and she has kept the seat by not allowing for any primary opponents. Her 18 years of reign have been a sham. The dirty guys on her payroll have kicked off all of her primary opponents over the decades. They tried the same with Reshma Saujani, but they found they instead have a fight on their hands. Because Reshma Saujani is a fighter.

To vote the party line on health care reform, and then to try and take credit for health care reform in a Democratic primary is dishonest. You can say that in November, but not in September. Reshma Saujani is a Democrat who is already dreaming in terms of Health Care Reform 2.0.

Maloney voted the party line on Wall Street reform. Reshma has been for Wall Street reform since day one. Her father lost a big chunk of his 401K to the mess that made the Maloney family 20 million dollars. Now tell me, who is Wall Street's candidate? Maloney showed up with the sheriff after the looting was over. The curious thing is that she was part of the looting. She watered down regulations in 1999. When people talk about the hypocrisy in Washington DC, they are talking about Maloney. You loot the people and then you show up on stage claiming you are their savior. But the people are smart. They are going to connect the dots on September 14, and they are going to blame Maloney for the Great Recession.

Things get much worse on gender. It is like saying because Al Sharpton is a bonafide civil rights leader - which he is - and so you should not vote for Barack Obama for president. They are both black, but they are apples and oranges. Carolyn Maloney and Reshma Saujani are both women but they are apples and oranges.

They say Maloney Baloney passed anti rape legislation. That really gets under my shirt because that is like suggesting if Reshma Saujani ends up in Congress, she is going to pass pro rape legislation, or something. Rape is a heinous crime, and anti rape law enforcement has to be funded to the teeth, and I am glad the US Congress took some steps in the 2000s. But why not the 1990s? Why not the 1980s? Why did Maloney wait a full decade and a half before she worked on anti rape legislation? That is the real question.

This mediocre, reliable, token woman Democrat reminds me of Charlie Rangel. Charlie Rangel is that black dude that white folks choose to be nice to. Charlie, I am going to show up for your birthday party, I just want you to keep saying race is no longer an issue, or at least not between us.

Men on Capitol Hill have been hoodwinking Carolyn Maloney. They say, Carolyn, so here's 10 million dollars for anti rape legislation, now please make this gender thing go away please, enough.

Charlie Rangel is not my idea of progress on race. Carolyn Maloney is not my idea of progress on gender. The women on the East Side need to wake up. They live in a city whose local news is national news, global news. The choice they will make on September 14 will reverberate around the country, around the world. This is not just about the East Side.

Maloney is an abject failure on all counts. But I don't really blame her. I suspect she was born mediocre. She did her stint. Now say bye bye Maloney Baloney.

Bill Clinton has also managed to put a few tens of billions into the Global South. That is like Maloney putting tens of millions into anti rape legislation. There are three billion needy people in the Global South. 20 billion from Bill Clinton and 40 billion from Bill Gates are drops in the ocean. I want Reshma to figure out a way to pump a trillion dollars in Wall Street for-profit money into global microfinance. Now that would not be a drop, but a full bucket.

Carolyn Maloney needs to retire already.

Baloney Maloney will tell you she has authored 70 bills in Congress. What she will not tell you is only three of those have actually passed, one was to do with renaming some post office. So if you one day find yourself at a Carolyn Maloney Post Office, now you know how that happened.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Radio Debate: Reshma Saujani, Carolyn Maloney

If FDR were around today, he would NOT be doing radio chats. He would disapprove of these two East Side politicians doing a radio chat. FDR would be doing YouTube, like Barack Obama is. I don't understand Maloney's love for radio technology. Or maybe I do.

Audio Of The Debate
Another Audio
New York Times: Debate In House Race Stirs Big Passions For A Small Audience: a long-awaited radio debate .... abruptly hit Ms. Maloney with a tough question about her ethics..... when Ms. Saujani chimed in that “Carolyn Maloney just lied,” Mr. Louis left the accusation hanging ..... WWRL-AM (1600), which ranks about 50th among stations in the metropolitan area ....... The primary contest has grown increasingly heated as election day draws near, with each woman calling the other dishonest and desperate. ..... refused several invitations to debate her rival on television ..... Saujani had raised $1.36 million ..... Saujani pounded her again and again, belittling her recent legislative record by calling her a “member of Congress emeritus” and denigrating her intellect by questioning Ms. Maloney’s mastery of Wall Street jargon. ..... “If I were to ask Carolyn Maloney what a basis point is, she probably doesn’t know,” Ms. Saujani said. ..... “People are sick and tired of the corruption and lack of ethics and integrity,” Ms. Saujani said. ...... Ms. Maloney seemed to stumble here, saying, “I was not involved in fund-raising,” though she did not deny having attended the two events or that her campaign team, in which she presumably has some role, had arranged them. ......Saujani kept on the attack until the end, accusing Ms. Maloney of doing too little for Queens and of taking sole credit for achievements that were not hers alone, from the Second Avenue subway line to the establishment of a new bank in Queensbridge. And she tried to deflate Ms. Maloney’s passage of credit card reform legislation last year by noting that a delay in its implementation allowed card issuers to raise interest rates.

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New York Observer Endorsement: Reshma 2010 Now Unstoppable

Reshma Saujani

Carolyn Maloney has represented Manhattan's old silk-stocking Congressional district—once the home of John Lindsay and Ed Koch since 1992. It seems fair to say that she hasn't had to break a sweat ever since. Token opponents have been swatted away without much discussion or debate. Every two years, voters in the 14th Congressional District on the Upper East Side and in Queens have marched to the polls and given Ms. Maloney virtually uncontested victories. Not this year.

A 34-year-old hedge-fund lawyer named Reshma Saujani has emerged as a refreshing, energetic alterative to Ms. Maloney. We support her bid to unseat the incumbent as the Democratic Party's nominee in the 14th District. Ms. Saujani is the sort of Democrat who understands that faux populism won't bring back jobs to New York. Ms. Maloney jumped on the bandwagon to "punish" Wall Street after the catastrophes of the last two years, supporting job-killing regulation and interference. Ms. Saujani, who has worked for three hedge funds, has a more sophisticated understanding of the relationship between Wall Street and government. She believes New York and the nation will prosper when politicians stop blaming bankers and financial institutions for the country's economic malaise.

Carolyn Maloney has been a capable if unspectacular member of Congress for nearly 20 years. It's time to bring new energy and fresh ideas to the House. Democrats should choose Reshma Saujani.
The New York Observer
The New York Observer’s Primary Choices
Last Word On Reshma/Maloney General Election
Gillibrand To Raise For Maloney

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Maloney Reshma Radio Debate Aftermath

I am still trying to locate the audio of the radio non debate. I mean, come on. A radio debate at 11 AM on a Tuesday on a station no one has heard of?

But when I look at these two video clips, looks to me like Maloney is tired and "maxed out," as noted in the New York Daily News endorsement of my candidate. Reshma looks fresh and ready to go get things done. Her sharps stand out. She is whip smart, she is ready. She is prepared. She is reading the pulse of the nation right.

I demand a TV debate one evening before September 14. I think the two candidates owe that to this city.

New York Daily News
The Big Debate: Rep. Carolyn Maloney Vs. Reshma Saujani - Liveblog
Carolyn Maloney/Reshma Saujani Debate Aftermath, Part I
Carolyn Maloney/Reshma Saujani Debate Aftermath, Part II

I have not gotten my TV debate yet. But based on these two YouTube clips, I am declaring this a no contest. Maloney is nowhere in the picture.

The "debate" I am really waiting for is when Reshma is going to appear on NY1 for half an hour all by herself because Maloney has refused to show up. That is when the tidal wave of victory will begin. If you think the New York Daily News endorsement was a big deal, wait until Reshma shows up on NY1 for 30 minutes. You will be blown away. She will be talking about her vision for the future, about creating jobs.

NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

New York Times Also Endorsed David Yassky: Yassky Who?

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...Image via CrunchBase

Mainstream Media Kept Saying John Liu Was Losing
John Liu: Mayor Of NYC: 2013
Politico: The N.Y. Times Endorsement Edition: Against Rangel, For Lazio And Maloney
It is a testimony to the white racialism within the power structure of the New York Times that the newspaper should go ahead and endorse the Reshma Saujani opponent. It is not racism, but it sure is racialism. (Charlie Rangel: Monkeyface, Carolyn Maloney: Radioface)

The New York Times has a lot of catching up to do. The Times does not seem to have a clue as to where this country and this world is headed. The Times is not even making an attempt as to grasp the strong insurgency mood sweeping this country as we speak. Tectonic shifts are underway, and the Times is asleep at the wheel. Tomorrow is another day, but today I am not feeling particularly proud of my hometown newspaper.

This is a mistake on the part of the New York Times just like endorsing David Yassky was a huge mistake.

Or perhaps we need to pay attention to the hidden message. The Times has endorsed Rick Lazio and Carolyn Maloney. Both will lose. Andrew Cuomo will win, as will Reshma Saujani. Yassky also lost. Go Times!

In The News

New York Post: Maloney's Big Money:ust-filed preprimary figures show Maloney, 64, with $207,268 raised between July 1 and Aug. 25 and Saujani, 34, with $165,664 raised during the same period .... And yet it was Saujani who outspent Maloney during the filing period, $366,000 to $300,000. ..... scandal-scarred .. Rangel, who faces a congressional disciplinary trial on ethics charges later this month, used a quarter of his $445,000 in campaign spending on legal fees.

New York Observer: Reshma Robos, Mails Against Maloney:Says Reshma spokesman James Allen, "It's disingenuous for Carolyn Maloney to accuse Reshma of negative and dishonest campaigning by sending negative and dishonest mailers to voters. Maloney's campaign has not disputed the fact that the Congresswoman held a fundraiser at the home of a financial services lobbyist while negotiating financial reform. Voters should know about these ethics transgressions — and we'll continue to make them aware of Maloney's questionable conduct."

The Lo Down NY: The Times Endorses Maloney: Reshma Saujani, an impressive and energetic young lawyer of Indian descent who argues that New York needs the voice of a new generation and a new slice of the city’s ethnic pie.

Capital Tonight: Times Dings Rangel, Boosts Maloney:The paper noted Johnson has been “a strong advocate for women’s rights and civil rights for many years” and said she’s the best choice of the field of Democrats trying to unseat Rangel, even though her campaign hasn’t received nearly as much attention as Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV’s bid to win back the seat Rangel took from his father in 1970..... (Interestingly, the same day the Times is endorsing someone against Rangel, it’s also running a story about a poll it commissioned on the congressman’s future that found an “overwhelming majority” of Manhattan voters think he should either resign of end his re-election bid to clear his name).

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Or Maybe Bill Clinton Is Running On Empty

Newsweek: Bill Clinton Campaigns for Obama ... or Does He?: So into the top-of-the-ticket, presidential-level campaign void has (happily) stepped Bubba, as charming as ever, as sharp as ever at stating his case to voters. Plans are still “up in the air, but expect to see him out quite a bit” ..... “Somebody’s got to get out and make the case nationally for a Democratic Congress...... As a lawyer and salesman, Clinton knows that touting Obama as The One is a nonstarter given the president’s plummeting job-approval numbers. ...... I always love listening to Bill Clinton. If you listen carefully, you can see all the gears in motion: he makes himself clear to people who bother to take him seriously. ...... So what is he saying? That this president has “done a better job than he has gotten credit for so far.” (Which is not the same thing as saying that Obama has done a good job.) And: “All elections are about the future, so what is the alternative?” (Pay no attention to Obama, look at those scary Republicans!) And: “Give us two more years—two more years until another election. If we fail, you can throw us all out.” (Hillary will then be free to pick up the pieces!)
  1. "This president has done a better job than he has gotten credit for so far.” (Which is not the same thing as saying that Obama has done a good job.)
  2. “All elections are about the future, so what is the alternative?” (Pay no attention to Obama, look at those scary Republicans!)
  3. “Give us two more years—two more years until another election. If we fail, you can throw us all out.” (Hillary will then be free to pick up the pieces!)
Hillary is nowhere in the picture for 2012. This Newsweek writer is also running on empty.

The country is in an insurgency mood, and it is hard for a two term president to pose as an insurgent. Bill Clinton is a Democratic asset going into November, but he is not in the best position to capture the mood of the country right now. Reshma is.

Bill Clinton has the option to be the master of disaster to Carolyn Maloney during these final 10 days and help out Reshma Saujani. If all elections are about the future, Reshma Saujani is that future. Bill Clinton is still sharp, but he himself will admit, he is the past. He has said he is too old to sit on the Supreme Court. He knows.

Throwing his weight behind Reshma, however indirectly (Hillary Clinton Just Endorsed Reshma Saujani, Credit For Credit Card Bill Goes To Barack Obama, Barack Obama Just Endorsed Reshma Saujani), is the single best thing Bill Clinton could do to ensure a Democratic victory in November. If nothing else Bill Clinton needs to say thank you to Reshma Saujani for all she did for Hillary 08. Reshma gave Obama 08 its first scare. Remember the Democrat from Punjab? The New Hampshire victory was the second scare in which Bill Clinton played a major behind the scenes role.

This Is Not 1994
Obama Needs To Ride The Reshma Insurgency Wave To November Victory
A President Is Like A Political Billionaire

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Maloney Dismantled Glass-Steagall And Gave Us Great Recession

I read a reader comment at the New York Daily News that tells you all you need to know about Carolyn Maloney and the dismantling of the Glass-Steagall Act. That dismantling is what brought about the Great Recession, it is now widely believed in most intelligent circles. And this entire time Maloney has been telling the media and whoever else will listen that Reshma Saujani is the Wall Street's candidate.

In The News

New York Daily News: Reshma Saujani Launches New Anti-Carolyn Maloney Site: Updated:
Comment by Jonri: I live in the district. Way back when, I voted for Maloney when she ran against Bill Green. She won because of redistricting. The redistricting included Roosevelt Island, Astoria, LIC,etc.--areas which Green had not represented. Green carried the areas that had been part of his district. Maloney won because of Roosevelt Island and Queens. Since then, Maloney has ignored the rest of the district and catered to big money donors from the Upper East Side and from outside the district. I really chuckle when Maloney claims that she is in favor the small fry and anti the financial industry. Go back and check the record. Like a lot of people, I think the current economic mess, especially in New York, was caused by the dismantling of Glass-Steagall. That bill created lines of separation between banks and riskier investments. It was dismantled by the Gramm-Leach-Biley bill. Maloney not only voted in favor of the bill, she was one of the conferees. Yes, the bill had a few consumer protection clauses in it and that's what Maloney touts. But the whole subprime mortgage fiasco is in part the result of the gutting of Glass-Steagall and Maloney was an active participant in the gutting. Maloney was more than willing to do what the BANKS (not the securities firms) wanted her to do back then. And the result was a disaster. When the crisis hit, Congress didn't react quickly enough. And given her committee position, Maloney is responsible for that too. I've gotten invited to several Maloney events. The cheapest ticket to any of them was $1,000--out of my league. I saw Maloney at a community event a couple of months ago--the first time she's attended in over a decade. I tried to talk to her--a line formed. Maloney ignored all of us and talked to local elected officials--people she already knows. I gave up and left the line. Got about 2 feet when 2 of her campaign workers blocked my path and asked me to sign her petition. Of course, I said no--but now at least I knew why she bothered to attend this annual event after so many years of absence.
Our Town NY: Reshma Saujani: New Solutions To East Side Problems: a jobless recovery with no end in sight and politicians in Washington and Albany that are failing to act...... Public spaces like Ruppert Park may close, bus lines are being cut and bedbugs are a growing problem.......Right now, creating jobs must be our first priority ...... I’ve proposed a new 21st Century Jobs Corps to provide educational training grants to help unemployed Americans, like construction workers, find work in emerging sectors. I’ve also proposed a National Innovation Fund—a public-private partnership to invest seed money into start-up businesses in next-generation industries. I believe we should eliminate capital gains taxes on investments in micro-enterprises to empower entrepreneurs with innovative new business ideas. And I am calling for a $15,000 student loan credit for math, science or engineering college graduates who go to work for a clean-tech, biotech or high-tech start-up in New York for at least three years. We should also double the $2 billion in grants awarded to our entrepreneurs through the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs......... I will push for a national Tenants’ Bill of Rights to protect homeowners and oppose plans to privatize public housing...... The completion of the East Side Greenway must be a priority. I’m also concerned about the potential construction of a high-rise at the Ruppert Playground on 92nd Street........ The Second Avenue subway will ultimately be a positive addition to the community. But we need to engage the community throughout the building process. ...... New York is the greatest city in the world, but our politicians in Washington and Albany are failing to lead.

The Lo Down NY: Maloney/Saujani Quizzed On WNYC: The back-to-back interviews on WNYC last Friday will give you a pretty good idea what to expect during that midday radio-only encounter