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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Victory Now, Victory This Very Time, Victory On September 14

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This country needs its second stimulus bill now, not two years from now. (Reshma Saujani Is The Second Stimulus Bill This Country Needs) The New Woman needs to show up now, not two years from now. (September 14 Will Birth The New Woman) Obama needs help keeping Congress now, not two years from now. (Obama Needs To Ride The Reshma Insurgency Wave To November Victory)

And still the idiots in the media had to ask Reshma Saujani after the radio non debate - I DEMAND A TV DEBATE! - if she will vote for Maloney in November if she loses on September 14. Idiots. Reshma Saujani will be voting for herself in November.

Maloney Lied Repeatedly In Radio Debate
Radio Debate: Reshma Saujani, Carolyn Maloney
New York Observer Endorsement: Reshma 2010 Now Unstoppable
Maloney Reshma Radio Debate Aftermath
New York Daily News Is Da Bomb
New York Times Also Endorsed David Yassky: Yassky Who?

It is time for Maloney and Rangel to go into retirement.

Maloney Dismantled Glass-Steagall And Gave Us Great Recession
Maloney Should Concede To Reshma Saujani
Maloney's Fantassy: That Reshma Had Not Run
We Intend To Swamp Maloney: The East Side Is Going Electric

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Radio Debate: Reshma Saujani, Carolyn Maloney

If FDR were around today, he would NOT be doing radio chats. He would disapprove of these two East Side politicians doing a radio chat. FDR would be doing YouTube, like Barack Obama is. I don't understand Maloney's love for radio technology. Or maybe I do.

Audio Of The Debate
Another Audio
New York Times: Debate In House Race Stirs Big Passions For A Small Audience: a long-awaited radio debate .... abruptly hit Ms. Maloney with a tough question about her ethics..... when Ms. Saujani chimed in that “Carolyn Maloney just lied,” Mr. Louis left the accusation hanging ..... WWRL-AM (1600), which ranks about 50th among stations in the metropolitan area ....... The primary contest has grown increasingly heated as election day draws near, with each woman calling the other dishonest and desperate. ..... refused several invitations to debate her rival on television ..... Saujani had raised $1.36 million ..... Saujani pounded her again and again, belittling her recent legislative record by calling her a “member of Congress emeritus” and denigrating her intellect by questioning Ms. Maloney’s mastery of Wall Street jargon. ..... “If I were to ask Carolyn Maloney what a basis point is, she probably doesn’t know,” Ms. Saujani said. ..... “People are sick and tired of the corruption and lack of ethics and integrity,” Ms. Saujani said. ...... Ms. Maloney seemed to stumble here, saying, “I was not involved in fund-raising,” though she did not deny having attended the two events or that her campaign team, in which she presumably has some role, had arranged them. ......Saujani kept on the attack until the end, accusing Ms. Maloney of doing too little for Queens and of taking sole credit for achievements that were not hers alone, from the Second Avenue subway line to the establishment of a new bank in Queensbridge. And she tried to deflate Ms. Maloney’s passage of credit card reform legislation last year by noting that a delay in its implementation allowed card issuers to raise interest rates.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Maloney Reshma Radio Debate Aftermath

I am still trying to locate the audio of the radio non debate. I mean, come on. A radio debate at 11 AM on a Tuesday on a station no one has heard of?

But when I look at these two video clips, looks to me like Maloney is tired and "maxed out," as noted in the New York Daily News endorsement of my candidate. Reshma looks fresh and ready to go get things done. Her sharps stand out. She is whip smart, she is ready. She is prepared. She is reading the pulse of the nation right.

I demand a TV debate one evening before September 14. I think the two candidates owe that to this city.

New York Daily News
The Big Debate: Rep. Carolyn Maloney Vs. Reshma Saujani - Liveblog
Carolyn Maloney/Reshma Saujani Debate Aftermath, Part I
Carolyn Maloney/Reshma Saujani Debate Aftermath, Part II

I have not gotten my TV debate yet. But based on these two YouTube clips, I am declaring this a no contest. Maloney is nowhere in the picture.

The "debate" I am really waiting for is when Reshma is going to appear on NY1 for half an hour all by herself because Maloney has refused to show up. That is when the tidal wave of victory will begin. If you think the New York Daily News endorsement was a big deal, wait until Reshma shows up on NY1 for 30 minutes. You will be blown away. She will be talking about her vision for the future, about creating jobs.

NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Brian Lehrer Show: Reshma Saujani, Carolyn Maloney

Primary Season: NY's 14th Congressional District
The Brian Lehrer Show

Brian Lehrer is a known name unlike the no name radio journalist who is hosting the September 7 radio debate between Reshma Saujani and Carolyn Maloney. And still after listening to this audio clip my suspicions have been confirmed. What we need is TV debates.

Maloney does not even deserve credit for the credit card bill but in this interview she goes ahead and takes credit for the entire Wall Street reform bill. Give a finger and she bites the entire hand.

She dodges the ethics question. She sounds just like Rangel. I might have violated ethics on a few specific occasions, but look at all the other good things I have done.

Reshma, on the other hand, is completely oozing with new ideas and with promise. She is one of those who show up once in a generation, if that.

Maloney is mediocre. Reshma is excellent. I'd vote for excellent.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Maloney Should Skip Radio Debate And Create Jobs For An Hour Instead

This is me feeling Baruch College's pain. This is me feeling the pain of NY1. This is me feeling the pain of the League Of Women Voters. Maloney disrespected each of them and it is still not too late to remedy the situation.

Maloney kept saying she is too busy creating jobs for America to bother accepting debate invitations. Now I know how the unemployment rate went down from 12% to a measly 10%. I want it to go down to 8%. And I want Maloney to not show up for her radio debate on September 7. Because I care. Because I think it is important that jobs are created.

I have always known Maloney is kind of on the old side. But I did not realize how old until she expressed her preference for FDR era technology.

I hereby propose as one of Barack's earliest and strongest supporters in the country that Barack switch from his weekly addresses on YouTube to exclusive radio addresses. Pay homage to FDR, yo. He was a great president. Even Newt Grinch thinks he was a great president.

I am so offended by the radio format of the September 7 debate that I am going to actively campaign for Carolyn Maloney to not show up for the debate. Carolyn, I don't want you there. Stay put in DC, go create some jobs. You have overstayed your welcome. How I know that is because you got a serious attitude problem. Somewhere along the way you acquired senioritis.

If you ask me, I think this whole debate circus has gone way out of hand. Folks, we got a situation on our hands. Are you paying attention?

The Debate Format
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The Debate Format

United States political activist and former di...Image via Wikipedia

Baruch Plus Radio Plus NY1 Could Work
Carolyn Maloney: Feeling Ugly?
Carolyn Maloney's Newest Lie
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Charlie Rangel, Carolyn Maloney And Their Ethics Violations
Charlie Rangel: Motherfucker

So I guess the debate is happening after all. The clock on the Reshma 2010 site has been pulled down. After 100 days Carolyn Maloney has finally agreed to a debate. That is one mean record to have for 100 days.

It is going to be a radio debate, but I think TV cameras will be allowed. And I really hope the whole debate ends up on YouTube. In this day and age, I mean. I am opposed to the idea of physically carrying Maloney to weekly debates as a matter of principle, (How My Grandfather Became Mayor The First Time) otherwise what I would really have liked is weekly debates. But looks like we are getting just that one debate. Maloney is not going to be creating jobs for those two hours. What a loss!

I look forward to the debate. What I am really looking forward to this moment is the event this evening on the Lower East Side. (Arthur Schwartz, Jeff Kurzon, Reshma 2010)

Mainstream Media Kept Saying John Liu Was Losing
An Empire State Of Mind: The Final Countdown
Baruch Plus Radio Plus NY1 Could Work
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Reshma Saujani Loves America
Carolyn Maloney: Feeling Ugly?
Barack Obama Just Endorsed Reshma Saujani
Carolyn Maloney's Newest Lie
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carolyn Maloney: Feeling Ugly?

Carolyn Maloney's Newest Lie
Finally A Debate? Is A Non Debate A Debate?
Debating Is Not About Media Attention To Reshma Saujani
Maloney Refuses Debate Yet Again
Carolyn Maloney: Chicken

And this entire time I have been giving Carolyn Maloney too much credit, I have been suggesting Carolyn Maloney is too scared of Reshma's smarts to show up for weekly debates. Well, Carolyn Maloney has just showed to be the most sexist of women. Apparently what she is scared of is Reshma's looks, or so Maloney would have you believe.

Maloney lied in suggesting she negotiated the details with Reshma and they together decided on debating each other on September 7 on a radio program I have never heard of in the middle of a work day when noone is expected to tune in. And I think the time allotted is 10 minutes, commercials included.

Carolyn Maloney is the most sexist of women. We just found out. Although this should not be news. I know enough about prejudice and internalized prejudice, I know enough about racism and internalized racism, I know plenty about sexism and internalized sexism.

To say the September 14 primary is about which candidate is the most beautiful is absolutely the most sexist suggestion to make. Carolyn Maloney is suggesting that if the debate is held on TV when people are actually watching, people might find out Reshma Saujani is actually a good looking woman, and they might vote for her. How sexist is that thought!

Are you telling me people have been voting for Carolyn Maloney for the past nine elections because they think she is beautiful? I find that hard to believe.

Debating is about ideas and policies. Debating is not a beauty contest. All media forms have to be invited. It should be a TV debate, but radio stations should also be invited. The debate should also end up on YouTube. There should be a feedback mechanism. People should have the option to chime in. As many people as possible should have the option to participate.

We are fooling ourselves if we are thinking this debate is only about District 14. There is national interest in this debate.

Sep 15 - Oct 31: Obama-Reshma Should Crisscross The Country
September 14 Will Birth The New Woman

This is not about Carolyn Maloney being an ugly duckling, this is about Carolyn Maloney being an incompetent lawmaker whose time is up. (Al Hagan, Carolyn Maloney: Did They Apologize Yet?)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carolyn Maloney's Newest Lie

Fisher 500 AM/FM hi-fi receiver from 1959. Cou...Image via WikipediaCarolyn Maloney met Reshma Saujani long weeks ago at an event. Reshma Saujani proposed they debate, Maloney said sure. The following day Maloney put out a statement saying she never agreed to such a debate. Maloney lied.

Only a few days back a promising, young, female TV reporter asked Maloney point blank if she will debate Reshma Saujani. Maloney danced around the question. The reporter asked again, point blank. Maloney said her staff was in conversation with Reshma's staff about the details of such a thing. Maloney lied. Her staff has n-e-v-e-r been in conversation with Reshma's staff. Maloney lied.

A day later she put out a press release saying a debate has been fixed for September 7. There never was a negotiation, how can a debate have been fixed? Maloney is making it sound like she and Reshma talked about it, and together they decided they are going to hold a debate on radio - alarm bells ringing (Reshma is too digitally savvy to agree to a FDR era technology) - during the work day on September 7. I have not bothered to ask Reshma to ask if it is true. Because it is so obvious to me that Maloney is lying, again. Reshma would not agree to such outmoded technology. She is a YouTube/Facebook/Twitter kind of person. She will agree to nothing less than a TV debate that a bunch of TV channels are eager to host.

Maloney. Lied. Again.

No wonder we have suffered from the Great Rececession and the Big Oil Spill. Maloney is a big reason why.
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