Monday, August 23, 2010

Maloney Should Skip Radio Debate And Create Jobs For An Hour Instead

This is me feeling Baruch College's pain. This is me feeling the pain of NY1. This is me feeling the pain of the League Of Women Voters. Maloney disrespected each of them and it is still not too late to remedy the situation.

Maloney kept saying she is too busy creating jobs for America to bother accepting debate invitations. Now I know how the unemployment rate went down from 12% to a measly 10%. I want it to go down to 8%. And I want Maloney to not show up for her radio debate on September 7. Because I care. Because I think it is important that jobs are created.

I have always known Maloney is kind of on the old side. But I did not realize how old until she expressed her preference for FDR era technology.

I hereby propose as one of Barack's earliest and strongest supporters in the country that Barack switch from his weekly addresses on YouTube to exclusive radio addresses. Pay homage to FDR, yo. He was a great president. Even Newt Grinch thinks he was a great president.

I am so offended by the radio format of the September 7 debate that I am going to actively campaign for Carolyn Maloney to not show up for the debate. Carolyn, I don't want you there. Stay put in DC, go create some jobs. You have overstayed your welcome. How I know that is because you got a serious attitude problem. Somewhere along the way you acquired senioritis.

If you ask me, I think this whole debate circus has gone way out of hand. Folks, we got a situation on our hands. Are you paying attention?

The Debate Format
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