Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brian Lehrer's Message To TV Journalists In Town

The Brian Lehrer Show: Reshma Saujani, Carolyn Maloney

Brian Lehrer is a journalist with entrepreneurial tendencies. He just showed his chops to me. You can be working for a big company and get entrepreneurial inside of it. You can be running a NGO and get entrepreneurial.

Carolyn Maloney has decided that the hottest primary race in all of America (Reshma's Is Top Primary Race To Watch In America: BusinessWeek In May) is going to have to suffer a TV blackout. What I want to see is if the TV journalists in this town will let her get away with that.

Brian Lehrer just called Carolyn Maloney's bluff. He figured she is not going to show up if he calls it a debate, so he invited her for an interview instead. And it was not much of a time commitment. All she needed to do was get on the phone for 10 minutes. And Brian Lehrer invited Reshma Saujani for an interview. And he ran the interview one after the other. And it felt like a debate.

This makes Brian Lehrer the top journalist of his kind in this town, print, radio, TV and online included. This guy surely has a trick or two up his sleeves.

I think it is high time TV journalists in this town followed in Brian Lehrer's footsteps.

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