Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Digital Cheerleader

The Windows Live Alerts logo.Image via WikipediaI have a Google Alerts thing set up in Reshma Saujani's name, and these past few days the number of items that show up in my inbox has gone up dramatically. I get a daily email. The email contains links to news articles and blog posts that mention Reshma. I guess this shows the campaign has hit its final stretch.

This increase in volume might also be a hint to me to focus more on digital cheerleading for the campaign.

I attended the Upper East Side event earlier. And it was very well organized, very well attended. It was good to reconnect with many of the staff members.

Instead of saying hello to many who attended, I focused on long conversations with a few.

These are tough times. The 10% unemployment rate is always the elephant in the room.
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