Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reshma: Obama's Number One Weapon For November 2010

After his congratulatory phone call on September 14, Barack should just go ahead and totally take over Reshma 2010. That is the single most important thing he could do to keep the House in November.

He should say, look Reshma, I don't think you are sweating to win in November. Your victory party is the only thing you needed to do to ensure your personal victory in November. But I am sweating and I could use your help. Make me the Democrat from Punjab. And crisscross with me across the country, because I would really like to keep the House.

I think she is going to be happy to help.

She has not been a member of the New York congressional delegation that has stood by Charlie Rangel as his nefarious ways have come to light. She has not been part of Wall Street demonization. She is one politician in America best positioned to give the country its next stimulus bill. It is called mending the frayed relationship between Wall Street and Main Street.

She will be a new face. If you want a new Congress, vote Democratic. That will be the message.

Can't beat two Chicago people.

Their names rhyme: Reshma, Obama. Bara, Para. My name struggles in the race.

NYDailyNews: End Game: Maghabe notes Reshma Saujani, Rep. Carolyn Maloney's primary challenger, has hired Obama voter microtargeter Ken Strasma of Strategic Telemetry.
Politico: Saujani Hires Obama, Bloomy Microtargeter: to do microtargeting and voter modeling for her campaign. .... Strasma did that kind of work for Team Obama in 2008 and for Mayor Bloomberg in his third-term effort last year. ..... an interesting hire, especially because Saujani is operating with a smaller war chest than her rival, and because which voters will turn out in the primary will depend on GOTV and strong targeting.
PoliticalDog101: Reshma Saujani Blasts Maloney And The Entire NY Delegation In Congress Over The 9/11 Bill Failure…… Talk about getting everyone’s attention! .... Democrats have pledged to bring it up again after the August recess.....Saujani seems to have stirred up a hornet’s nest with her comments, which were part of a broader story about one of the attorneys on a 9/11 health care lawsuit contributing to Saujani’s campaign.

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