Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carolyn Maloney: Feeling Ugly?

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And this entire time I have been giving Carolyn Maloney too much credit, I have been suggesting Carolyn Maloney is too scared of Reshma's smarts to show up for weekly debates. Well, Carolyn Maloney has just showed to be the most sexist of women. Apparently what she is scared of is Reshma's looks, or so Maloney would have you believe.

Maloney lied in suggesting she negotiated the details with Reshma and they together decided on debating each other on September 7 on a radio program I have never heard of in the middle of a work day when noone is expected to tune in. And I think the time allotted is 10 minutes, commercials included.

Carolyn Maloney is the most sexist of women. We just found out. Although this should not be news. I know enough about prejudice and internalized prejudice, I know enough about racism and internalized racism, I know plenty about sexism and internalized sexism.

To say the September 14 primary is about which candidate is the most beautiful is absolutely the most sexist suggestion to make. Carolyn Maloney is suggesting that if the debate is held on TV when people are actually watching, people might find out Reshma Saujani is actually a good looking woman, and they might vote for her. How sexist is that thought!

Are you telling me people have been voting for Carolyn Maloney for the past nine elections because they think she is beautiful? I find that hard to believe.

Debating is about ideas and policies. Debating is not a beauty contest. All media forms have to be invited. It should be a TV debate, but radio stations should also be invited. The debate should also end up on YouTube. There should be a feedback mechanism. People should have the option to chime in. As many people as possible should have the option to participate.

We are fooling ourselves if we are thinking this debate is only about District 14. There is national interest in this debate.

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This is not about Carolyn Maloney being an ugly duckling, this is about Carolyn Maloney being an incompetent lawmaker whose time is up. (Al Hagan, Carolyn Maloney: Did They Apologize Yet?)

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