Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carolyn Maloney's Newest Lie

Fisher 500 AM/FM hi-fi receiver from 1959. Cou...Image via WikipediaCarolyn Maloney met Reshma Saujani long weeks ago at an event. Reshma Saujani proposed they debate, Maloney said sure. The following day Maloney put out a statement saying she never agreed to such a debate. Maloney lied.

Only a few days back a promising, young, female TV reporter asked Maloney point blank if she will debate Reshma Saujani. Maloney danced around the question. The reporter asked again, point blank. Maloney said her staff was in conversation with Reshma's staff about the details of such a thing. Maloney lied. Her staff has n-e-v-e-r been in conversation with Reshma's staff. Maloney lied.

A day later she put out a press release saying a debate has been fixed for September 7. There never was a negotiation, how can a debate have been fixed? Maloney is making it sound like she and Reshma talked about it, and together they decided they are going to hold a debate on radio - alarm bells ringing (Reshma is too digitally savvy to agree to a FDR era technology) - during the work day on September 7. I have not bothered to ask Reshma to ask if it is true. Because it is so obvious to me that Maloney is lying, again. Reshma would not agree to such outmoded technology. She is a YouTube/Facebook/Twitter kind of person. She will agree to nothing less than a TV debate that a bunch of TV channels are eager to host.

Maloney. Lied. Again.

No wonder we have suffered from the Great Rececession and the Big Oil Spill. Maloney is a big reason why.
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